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  2. Antsa Antero

    Governor By Me Onesies

    Very creative and one of the best moc I've ever seen. But the thing that the lifeboat isnt wreck at all is not good. That simple detail makes it look like it's above the water
  3. Antsa Antero

    Oceans on End #1 - The Island

    Good animation but voice acting could be better. Speaking is way too monotonic
  4. Antsa Antero

    No Pirates in 2009 LEGO lineup?

    No we won't. This is what forums are for. To speculate, talk and make wild guesses what the future will be like. And this exactly the place where we all can share our thoughts
  5. Antsa Antero

    No Pirates in 2009 LEGO lineup?

    I hope they withdrawn the current line and create a new. Maybe we could then see a bit better ship
  6. Antsa Antero

    Black Seas Barracuda vs Skull's Eye Schooner

    Well said mate! Now where are the SES defenders? We need some opposition or the SES will sink soon!
  7. Antsa Antero

    LEGO Pirates Movie

    I usually don't like watching Lego stop motion movies, but this is an exception! What makes this so great are the voices. It's sounds a bit like Mr. Bean :) Music works really well with the scenes. Good Job and please make more with the same greeat voice acting
  8. Antsa Antero

    New 2009 Pirates Sets - NEW closeups of the wench & mermaid added

    Its great they finally did this! Altough I can't help feeling a bit disappointed about the new designs It looks like they are made for young kids. But still, that new ship is better than Red Beard Runner. Not bad opening lego, not bad Is that ship only we get, or will there be pics from the bigger one soon?
  9. Antsa Antero

    Will there ever be a newer better ship than the BSB or SES?

    When I was a child Pirates were in theyre golden age. So as I grew in that time it's feels really strange that they are currently not in production. I always thought Pirates are something like the Lego's city sets, they would exist all the time!! I agree seeing ships of RBR quality would be a nice suprise! What's wrong with the kids nowdays? I thought Pirates- theme would be everlasting
  10. I guess majority of Pirate fans can agree on that Black Seas Barracuda and Skulls Eye Schooner are the best ships lego has ever come up with. Red Beard Runner released in 1996 was a big disappointment for many and it's not nearly as admired set as older ships. I guess when you make something legendary as BSB or SES it's going to be really hard to beat them with the new stuff. For me, it's hard to believe they ever will do that. I think it would demand them to go back to pretty simple and traditional look they once had. But going back in time is something lego probably won't do. But we need more great pirate ship from Lego don't we? There's no doubt one couldnt build ship good as these old ones were, afterall all the MOCs here are good prove of that. But will Lego ever gonna release a big ship that could in time even pass old ships in popularity? Will they ever gonna release a ship that you think will be better than BSB or SES? PS. Maybe a mod could add a vote for this topic ;) Edited by CGH: Poll added and title fixed.
  11. Antsa Antero

    Primage Rock Lighthouse

    Nice! But I think the glass top of that lighthouse looks kind of too modern
  12. Antsa Antero

    Which Official Pirate LEGO Sets Do You Have?

    At the moment I've got Renegade Runner, 1989 Black Seas Barracuda (available for sell if someone intrested in), and 2002 Legend Barracuda.
  13. Antsa Antero

    Buy ships for your MIGHTY fleet

    One really annoying thing about purchasing legos from ebay is that even though seller says all pieces are included it hardly never is true. I could bet 100$ that there's at least a few missing pieces in RBR altough seller says it has all. Recently I bough two BSBs from ebay and there were pretty much missing pieces in both cases. But all ended well, I asked and got discount because of that When ordinary (non legofans) sell legos it's almost a rule that something is missing, but what can you expect when there are hundred and hundred of pieces
  14. Antsa Antero

    Dart Shooter & Ice cube tray

    I wanna one of those ice cube makers! First I waas pretty suspicious about pirates returning but now after seeing this I wanna believe. Can't wait to see the next big pirate ship
  15. Antsa Antero

    Mint in Sealed Box MADNESS!

    Only IF i could go back in time and be a child again what a joy it would be open all those boxes