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  1. moschino

    Sexism in Lego

    You said this is an unnecessarily representation. If I agree with that, then the mustache, the beard, the hair and many others are unnecessarily too. I think this solves the solution. Here is no sexism at all and no racism. No blue or brown eyes. No blonde or red hair. In this set there's nothing sexist. Some years ago, there was a petition to introduce these torsos to Lego and TLG refused it arguing there's too much detail and because Lego is for kids, they don't want to represent women like that. Kids shouldn't associate women with humans with such large breasts and that would be sexism. Somehow they said this will never happen and breasts are not something to represent the women in toys for kids. However, you are upset for Lego representing a basic shape which is just something real and somehow you're upset the female body is not the same with the man body. Otherwise I see no reason to be upset for that printing which represent the female waist.
  2. moschino

    Long Term Sail Storage (advice, tips, and tricks?)

    The moisture is something natural if you keep them in a plastic bag and the humidity is high. However, you shouldn't be worried about the sails, they are maybe the last Lego piece you should worry. Perhaps, would be better to close the zip lock, and there will be created a sealed environment where theoretically should be impossible to be moisture. If that zip bag is well done, even if you throw it underwater, the environment shouldn't get any moisture. Otherwise, is something natural to be moisture, if you put your hand inside of a plastic bag you'll notice sweat and the same thing may happen with the sails. What I do recommend, is to keep them inside of a paper envelope so the cloth could breathe and of course keep it in an environment with normal humidity, not the house basement or attic. The best way to prevent the dust while exposed would be to keep the Lego inside of an acrylic box. Otherwise, it just depends of how clean is the environment.
  3. moschino

    Lego Catalogs from Japan or Australia?

    That helped a lot, thank you.
  4. moschino

    Lego Catalogs from Japan or Australia?

    Japanbuilder, thank you very much for your search and help. I found Lego7205 before as I said, and I also contacted him. He scanned for me the pages I was interested from 1997, 1998 and 1999, Western and Adventurers. If anyone is interested, I can upload them here. Unfortunately, he doesn't have any catalog under 1990 and I'm still looking for 1988 and 1989. I also applied on OZLUG and someone scanned for me Castle 1987 and Castle and Pirates from1989 Catalogs from Australia. What I would really like to see now is 1988, 1989 Castle and Pirates from Japan and 1998, 1999 Western and Adventurers from Australia. Artanis I, yes, they are just the Europe sheets and they don't represent anything related to Australia, but the other catalogs should. If you don't have time to scan the whole catalog, please just make a photo to Castle 1996 and Adventurers and Western 1998. Thank you
  5. moschino

    Lego Catalogs from Japan or Australia?

    I applied to join OZLUG, thank you. Artanis, that would be great. If scanning requires much time, you can just make some photos with a photo camera or even smartphone. What interests me the most at this point would be 89 Castle & Pirates, 90 Castle & Pirates, 95 Castle, 97 Western and 99 ADventurers. Of course, all other years and pages are welcome.
  6. moschino

    Lego Catalogs from Japan or Australia?

    They exist. I found this: Unfortunately this site only has catalogs from 90 to 99 and I'd like to see something more. Thank you, I'll contact him.
  7. Hello, I'm interested in how Lego was advertised in Japan and Australia especially between 1988 to 1999. Unfortunately this part of the world is pretty ignored and I barely can find few catalogs with a lot of searching. Brickfactory and Worldofbricks doesn't have such catalogs. On BrickLink I hardly found 1997 from Australia, and on eBay I couldn't find anything. I'm not starting this topic in order to search someone who sell such catalogs because I'm more interested in information rather than collecting, however, I'd buy them if there's no other way to get the information. If any of you have any of these catalogs or know where I should search, please let me know.
  8. Hello, Does anyone has Guarded Inn US version? I tried to find it on eBay and BrickLink and there's no way to find it. Everywhere just EU version and rarely Canada version. If someone has it, can you please upload few pictures with the box. I wonder how it is comparing with EU version.
  9. Hello, I recently tried to create some stats about Adventurers series and I kinda got stuck at Jungle series in Europe. I remember when few years ago, I asked on this forum if Adventurers Jungle series are limited or not available in Europe because trying to find them on eBay in Europe is almost impossible and someone answered me they are not limited but I should just continue to search. It took me about 3 years to find 5976 EU version, boxed and I still couldn't find yet 5986 EU boxed. Same situation for 5956, 5936 and 5925. There are plenty in US, and especially the smaller sets such as 5925 are extremely easy to find, but not in Europe. I started to believe these are not US Exclusive, but they are pretty limited edition in US and extremely limited edition in EU. Right now there's only one single 5986 available for sale on BrickLink, and there were only 11 sets sold during the past 6 months, most of them in US. This set is more rare than a lot of sets released 10 years before it and if Adventurers Jungle weren't limited release, shouldn't be so hard to find. I really doubt people around the world sell every Lego excepting Adventurers Jungle because they're so awesome. However, doing my statistics, I noticed this series is missing in UK/DE Catalogues. Initially I thought I missed the page, but after more time searching I found that this series is present only in Eastern Europe Catalogues Poland/Romania and partially in France. If these sets were not promoted in UK, Germany and Netherlands, this explains my theory. If they were not promoted, they were probably not sold there (at least not as any other sets, maybe some particular store imported few of them from Eastern Europe), and if they were not sold there is normal to not find them now on eBay and BrickLink. So, I would like Adventurers Fans all over the world to share with me their experience in finding these Jungle series sets, especially in 1999 when they were supposed to be in stores. If any of you has the catalogue from 1999 and can make a picture with smartphone or something to the Adventurers page, that would be extremely welcome. I'm very curious to see Adventurers catalogues especially from Eastern Europe Countries and Australia/Japan. Of course, catalogues from Western Europe will be welcomed too.
  10. Hello, I attached an image regarding quality of rendering in LDD2POV. When I use the first setting, it renders quite fast, about 15 minutes, but the quality is poor. If I use the second setting, it takes about 3-5 hours to render and indeed, the quality is very good, but also takes my CPU up to 92 degrees. Isn't there any intermediate option? The difference between one step to another is too big, and a render of 1-2 hours may be just what I need having a happy combination between time, quality and use of CPU. Any suggestions?
  11. I get the same error. Is there a problem with Bricklink? Can anyone please try and tell me if it works for you?
  12. Thank you very much. Apparently I get this error: Lot #1 in your file shown above has the following error(s): Wanted List ID 3077 Not Found I can guarantee the Wanted List was created and should have been found. Any ideas?
  13. Somewhere I've read that there should be an option so I can export the parts list from LDraw to BrickLink. I tried to find again, but I couldn't so I'm sorry if there's a thread about this and I start a new one. However, what should I do so I can have my BrickLink wanted list without adding every part one by one?
  14. I don't see the archive. Where can I find it?