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  1. Future Star Wars Minifigs

    I want some droids like the GNK droid with proper molds. Maybe a small Mouse droid with a proper mold. Some droids fit with being brick built. Others to not. I would like to see more unique molds for droids.
  2. Idunno about other people but for me Monster Fighters was neat... around Halloween... I'm not sure there's enough interest in those kind of classical monsters to really high levels outside of the niche and a certain time of year. I mean just looking at more recent takes on those kind of monsters in movies... I think the general audience finds it cheesy. :P I don't think there was much disdain for the theme. But I just don't think it captured enough interest form people. It's more niche than most other Lego themes like City or Star Wars or Ninjas or whatever.
  3. Places like that. It's "at least" November too.
  4. They said the set would only be for VIP members through November. This kind of makes me think there probably won't be a general restock online until December. At which point a second race would happen and it would be out of stock again for a few months. lol
  5. Ooooh that would be cool. I doubt they'll do it though.
  6. Next UCS Set

    1:1 scale lightsabers. They would come with the lightsaber, a stand, the colored kyber crystal, and a minifigure of the saber's user. They'd likely be small for UCS sets. Cheaper too. I think it would be nice to start a series of them. Maybe even have some light pieces so that they're really nice to display with a glowy end to the saber (the color of the blade), and crystal and light it from the bottom a bit. Idunno. Imagine something like this but LEGO and with a crystal and minifigure: Then imagine having like 2 come out a year. So you can collect different character's saber. I think it would be cool anyways. I might try it myself. XD
  7. I see your point. A rose specific hair/hat and like molds aren't really usable ANYWHERE else. And it would be cool to get more unique aliens and stuff (Zuckass! The only bounty hunter we still don't have from ESB). But I also think you underestimate the appeal of alternative looks for known characters. Some kids love those disguise molds! Just look at all the Batmans minifigures! XD I want molded porgs though. The the Mynoc from the MF is actually the worse thing about that set. It's so ugly!
  8. MOC IG-88

    EDIT: Okay I did ANOTHER variation. It's even lower. Is double posting frowned upon here?... heh... I think I finished him. I'm real happy. I might have cheated though. For example, the "chain" piece at the armpits (I like how it looks) well, used to be a chain, but I chopped off the center of it. I didn't feel bad because the ends of the chain are still full, unedited pieces. It's a loophole! The chest band thingy is legit lego too buuuut I may have shortened it... Anyways I had a surprising amount of fun working on this. I think that since I'm so freakin' busy I can't do much more than tiny projects when it comes to MOCs. But they're really fun. EDIT: Here's my ACTUAL final version? The head is no longer upside-down. The light-grey pieces have mostly been replaced. I'm very happy with him. I studied the mocs here and a few more around the web and I came up with my own variation. It was very fun! I want to build more droids now XD.
  9. What precedes a dark ages?

    I've got a dark age coming next year. I'm setting up a business and it would be unwise to spend so much on Lego with a business that I need to make a success. The earlier dark ages were caused by a lack of money. All of my dark ages are money motivated XD. If I had unlimited funds I'd never have a dark age of Lego.
  10. Oh god the skin colors printed on the minifigures is a huge pet peeve of mine. It means you can't use them on anyone else... :/ I mean sometimes it's unavoidable like with a bikini or anything that shows a LOT of skin, but 90% of the time they can leave the skin out and make it so that the torso or legs are usable by any skin tone.
  11. MOC IG-88

    Too late to bump this? I was not happy with the IG-88 provided by Lego in any of it's forms. Same with pretty much any Lego droid that uses battle droid style parts. They're stiff, flimsy and un-Lego IMO. So I saw things like this and decided to try to make my own inspired by the ones here. (no idea if I should have just made a new thread since this one is so old! Wish I could photograph mine as well as these ones) Honestly I just mostly chose what pieces to use based on what I had :P. Based lots off the one here made back in 2011.. XD EDIT: This is another version. The colors are worse but the stability is far better. His legs were too difficult to pose before. Now he's mostly stable. Do those little 1x1 dot pieces with holes come in dark grey? Does the T piece come in a darker grey too? I also don't like the gap between his torso and waist. NOT DONE! :O
  12. Jurassic World 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Brontosaurus please. Anything that has not been done and isn't a stupid mutant.
  13. Star Wars

    The Force Awakens trailers were intentionally misleading (especially about Finn and that lightsaber). I would not be surprised if this was in some way too. Also Rogue One went out of it's way to create footage specifically for a trailer. They might do that here too. I'm not sure if we can really decide anything from this trailer besides the basics when it comes to spoilers.
  14. Star Wars

    The classic AT-ATs and AT-STs aren't classic. They, like the Ties, are slightly updated and more modern models it seems. The Star Wars universe doesn't make huge leaps in tech except for a few cases like the Death Star so it's not surprising some of the stuff looks the same'ish. Here's a picture of the new AT-ST. They're clearly not the old ones but more like AT-ST Mark II. They look sleeker like the First Order does in general.
  15. The new AT-ATs and AT-STs are neat. They're kind of light the new Tie Fighters, barely different but still different. I hope we get Lego sets of them some time. Here's the new AT-ST. The best picture I could find: The main difference is the window and it look sa biiit sleeker. I want one. The AT-ST that is currently out is one of my favorite sets already.