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  1. Yes, probably. Thank god I'm an adult with some money. The original Falcon UCS that came out was such a far off dream that I could NEVER afford when I was that young... that was almost painful to bear. I can imagine being into LEGO as a kid these days and having to look at all the amazing stuff I couldn't have...
  2. BrickG

    Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    Overwatch I think was already dying (in LEGO form) and honestly, I'm probably boycotting Blizzard now (I play WoW sometimes and just pre-ordered WarCraft 3 remastered like a week ago...). I probably cannot let myself get Overwatch LEGO too. Oh well! I wasn't going to get MEI or TORB or the other characters as minifigures anyways due to the line's poor sales.
  3. BrickG

    Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    I was going to invest in the minifigures IF they had released more characters. They didn't release my mains (Mei and Torb) and the LEGO sets seem to be dying officially after these next two sets. It's too bad... HOW NO MEI!?
  4. BrickG

    LEGO Ideas - 123 Sesame Street

    Even though I grew up on Sesame Street I have no memory of the HUMAN characters. I didn't ever care about them. Just give me Kermit, Big Bird, Bert, Ernie, Snuffleupigus(sp?), Oscar, and The Count. I wouldn't mind if they didn't have any humans come with it but you know they probably will.
  5. BrickG

    What Exactly is Minifig Scale?

    I actually know the proper answer here. 100%. Completely true. It's witnessed in the LEGO Movie 2 when they drive into Emett's house. Everything is bigger on the inside. It's like Doctor Who. We just need to find a way to build sets in such a way that the dimensional area within it is larger than the area outside of it. It's that simple. That way you can have minifigures that fit inside things that they normally woudln't be able to. Now that I've revealed the truth I think we can all agree that this discussion is just plain over. It's done and dusted. It's solved. It's like when they discovered the number zero. It's just the default now. No need to ever mention that there wasn't a number zero for a while there. Lets just start building LEGO mocs with bigger insides. You're welcome.
  6. BrickG

    LEGO Ideas - 123 Sesame Street

    No chance I'll buy the set but if the minifigures are good enough (and I too kind of tink they'd often require new molds, especially Big Bird) I will buy them 100% from bricklink due to Childhood nostalgia. I'm really happy to see this set make it. It's a weird one because unless it changes drastically how big it is, it's going to be expensive and aimed at adults, yet it's Seasame Street lol. I do not think they'll make new molds. I only wish it would have Kermit...
  7. BrickG

    Which Themes Deserve a Reboot?

    It was a Lego Movie quote. ;)
  8. BrickG

    What Exactly is Minifig Scale?

    But the proportions and accuracy are horrible wrong. Look at those people. Do they have no bodies? They seem to have shoulders that immediately turn into really long legs. And the sun has a SMILE. The sun isn't sentient! What kind of terrible artist drew this!? Are you suggesting we get minifigures that look like: IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT!?
  9. BrickG

    Which Themes Deserve a Reboot?

    That's a suggestion. They have to put it on there.
  10. BrickG

    Which Themes Deserve a Reboot?

    Nothing more than Castle. And not in the stupid forms of that Nexo Knights or whatever. Something universal and not kiddie.
  11. BrickG

    What Exactly is Minifig Scale?

    If you can't fit the minifigure in the car it ain't a car. You basically have to go microfiture scale to get a car that would be the right size for the height. Cars aren't very tall and would probably be up to a minifigure's shoulders or mouth. Good luck making a car make sense in a minifigure world if nothing can fit inside of it :P. GOTTA go by width. There is no other way. FITTING inside vehicles and other things takes priority. I DECLARE THAT MINIFIGURES ARE SHORT AND FAT! VERY SHORT! VERY FAT! (I'm feeling rambunctious)
  12. It looks good but it's no Falcon. I'm happy it exists but will skip it easily.
  13. BrickG

    LEGO half year financial report

    I think there's just a bit of a bubble growing that might burst. They're really heavily invested in a lot of stuff. Some will work. I don't think others will work as well. Also the freakin' economy isn't that great in a lot of western countries. I don't think it'll be that bad when it bursts. Nothing like that other LEGO bubble. Also it might not if the economy starts looking better (and we get rid of Trump and Brexit, getting political, whoops!).
  14. BrickG

    What Exactly is Minifig Scale?

    As people have said it's vague. However I think a general rule of thumb is you should go by the width of the minifigures more often than the height. Otherwise it just doesn't work with vehicles. What does this mean? Well, if the minifigure had an offical lifesize height I think the minifigure would be incredibly short and fat. I'm talking shorter and wider than the international treasure that is Danny DeVito. A minifigure is 4cm by 1.6cm (at the feet, not the arms). If we simply convert that to feet we get 4 feet by 1.6 feet. 1.6 feet is kind of wide but it'll still fit in your average office chair with arms. But obviously 4 feet is quite short.... However, at least you can make a car that all minifigures can sit in and I think that's the more important thing. If you made a minifigure sized car that was scaled compared to their height they couldn't fit in it! So in my mind minifigures are shorties 4 feet tall by 1.6 feet wide, also with unusually wide shoulders and arms :).
  15. BrickG

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Glad to see She-Hulk. Could get some cool lawyer super hero stuff (maybe with more lawyer focus than Daredevil had...). I've never been into Moon Knight at all though.