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  1. Marvel Cinematic Universe

    The Defenders is out on Netflix. It has 8 episodes. It's... okay. I feel like Daredevil and Jessica Jones were excellent series. Luke Cage had an amazing first half and a much weaker second half. Iron Fist was just bad. And this is at best an average TV show. There was nothing amazing about The Defenders. It failed to be anywhere near comparable to what The Avengers did. Idunno it was just kind of meh. I've been worried that the Neftlix quality control has been down a lot the past year and this just worries me more. It's just okay. (And Danny Rand is still a moron).
  2. Star Wars

    I appreciate Rebels having new characters. And didn't mind Clone Wars business since it was wartime and a lot can happen then (though some stuff didn't make sense like when they met certain characters...). I'd love to see more stories with original characters and plots. More KOTOR and stuff. Maybe after Rogue One they'll take more risks with new characters... (though I didn't like Rogue One because the characters were bland and boring).
  3. Star Wars

    I've read some of the new comics and several characters seem to already being like Wolverine (Showing up everywhere all the time lol). I know the old lore was overstuffed and frankly... bad a lot. And that's what I hope they'd want to avoid again. But I honestly see it just going in the same direction of being overstuffed, over explained, and overdone. I know form a sales point of view it's unreasonable to ask them to LEAVE characters alone sometimes. Sometimes a character who is popular should have their story DONE. Characters don't need to be adventuring 100% of the time. I mean I'd be all for it if the writing quality was good throughout but I'd say at LEAST over half of the old Star Wars lore was trash lol. Idunno the outlook isn't good IMO. I might have to start to ignore the new "EU" completely like I did with the old EU if it gets too ridiculous. I already wish I could ignore half the canon movies XD.
  4. Star Wars

    Although it's kind of neat... I don't know what kind of story he could have in between IV and VI. And I don't think it's a story that NEEDS to be told. Disney is going to milk Star Wars until there's nothing left. It's feeling like the comics where they just make every character go on a new adventure just because it sells, not because it's a good idea. These heroes just literally never get a vacation because they're adventuring 100% of the time. I think it actually makes the stories more special if they're not just casually doing adventuring and beating badguys constantly... It might be good. I just don't think "hey this character is cool" is a good enough reason to make a new movie.
  5. Game of Thrones Discussion

    Well I was slightly concerned about these last two seasons because there's no book to go by. IMO it's been slightly noticeable. The dialogue isn't as good and the plot is just suddenly hurrying along MUCH quicker without as much care to set up things. But I've still been enjoying it and it's understandable. However... this last episode (the leaked one)... makes zero sense. (P.S. I can watch leaked episodes guilt free because I do pay for HBO :P). MAJOR spoilers for the LEAKED episode not yet aired in most countries:
  6. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I think the most obvious thing in terms of scale is the cockpit. I think the cockpit NEEDS to be able to fit four minifigures just like in the movies. If it's big enough to do that I'll be happy enough. I would hope they'd do that!
  7. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I wouldn't mind if it was smaller but not TOO much smaller. So I agree. If it was 33% smaller... that would be pretty massively disappointing.
  8. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I'm quite happy about this. Buying two! The only way they can ruin it is if they've sacrificed the overall look for playability to a significant extent.
  9. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    If they offered a falcon with a switchable radar dish I would 100% think they'd offer some old and new characters. Maybe not EVERYONE who has been on there and is a main character because you'd end up with like 16 or something. But maybe both the old and new versions of Han. Luke too if he goes in the Falcon in the next movie (I assume he does). I'd bet we'd get numbers comparable to the original set though unless all the extra pieces go to minifigures! But if there's no interior that would probably point to less minifigures too. Blablabla I can only guess at stuff! I'm excited to find out. If the announcement comes on September 1st that'll be awesome!
  10. Star Trek

    There's rumors going around right now that they're working on a second new Star Trek TV series. This is rumored to be in response to the fact that the new series isn't testing so well with either Trekkies/Trekkers or people who don't really know Star Trek. Apparently the canon issues are really worrying some people and general excitement (or lack of) has CBS worried also. Star Trek's licenses are still split in two companies which has really made it difficult for them to produce anything really. Until they sort out the constant licensing issues they'll likely continue to have difficulties which including a show or movie potentially not being allowed to use anything visually too similar with the older Trek TV shows or even use names or anything that could help link it to the older stuff. There's rumors that the new Klingon look might be caused by licensing issues somehow, likely the new show possibly wanting to be able to have merc of it's own Klingons. For example the Tribble in Into Darkness was allowed after making a separate licensing deal where the movie could not make merchandise of them because the other company owns it's visuals. The motivation here being for the new Klingons being visually different enough to be able to merchandise them without need of negotiating for the license for their visuals. Sounds ridiculous because it is. Since Star Trek is split into two companies atm every little freakin' detail has to be negotiated between two corporate entities who want it all for themselves and can't really cooperate. If they'd get off their butts and do one giant negotiation to give control of the franchise to a single source it would be much better (think Spiderman and Marvel right now even though that's temporary and will only last with the current agreement like 2 more movies with him or something).
  11. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    While it's not impossible for it to have an interior with those extra pieces... just looking at Lego's more recent history of using significantly more Lego to make the SAME things doesn't suggest that it would be likely. But I can only guess and if it did have an interior it's not like I actively don't want one, I just don't need one. As someone said before, Lego does seem to focus on little details and greebles a lot more now. Like the older A-Wing is like 75% the pieces of the new one. I wouldn't be surprised if they used all those extra rumored pieces to simply make the outside look more accurate and detailed. But who knows? Not me. XD
  12. Star Trek

    The Klingon Empire is basically Klingons and then a lot of subject species without the same level of rights (which is why you don't hear about them!). I think they're just needlessly redesigned Klingons. I don't mind them being bald though. I kind of hope they really are an ancient race of Klingons. More akin to just the difference in appearance between a European and an Asian or something. I'd be fine with that I guess. I'd hope they'd also explain why the heck we don't see them later. Maybe the Klingons are just super racist sometimes and almost/did wiped them out by the time TNG happens. BUT I'd bet that they're just your everyday Klingons looking different. Because producers and stuff are LAME like that. It's too much of a coincidence that we'd never have seen them, and Klingon designs are ICONIC and did NOT need to change.
  13. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Finn: The box for this one said "Ages 8 to 14"! The Man Upstairs: That's a suggestion. They have to put that on there.
  14. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I really do not care about having an interior. It would be nice but only if it really didn't interfere with the looks of the outside. This thing is going on DISPLAY and won't be touched for long periods of time and if I display it I'm not displaying the interior. I really hope there's no stupid kid features. The dumb fireable blaster things. No handle for children (no offense). I hate all of these features because they take away from the accuracy and look dumb and I don't play with my Lego, I display it. (I'm the kind of guy who thought the kid in The Lego Movie was the badguy and the dad was the goodguy... even WITH Glue). If it's a total remake of the older one I'd be a bit disappointed (I think the cockpit is the main piece that could have been done better) as I'm hoping for a bit of and upgrade but honestly I'd still love to buy it. If it was just a Death Star-like playset that might be enough to make me NOT buy it if it just makes it inaccurate. EDIT: Come to think of it if ANY kid gets a set THIS expensive they're 99.999% chance spoiled rotten hahaha. So there's no need for kid features because no kids should be able to get this anyways!!!
  15. Star Trek

    Okay so after months of thinking I've decided... The U.S.S. Discovery is incredibly ugly. Some producer or something somewhere thought it would be a great idea to base it off the old Motion Picture concept art. But that concept art sucked and this ship is just UGLY. The U.S.S. Shenzou looks AMAZING though. This is what a designer can do when the producer doesn't lock them into a dumb idea. I really wish the Shenzou was our "hero ship" and not the incredibly ugly, unbalanced, wreck that is the Discovery. Also the Klingons did NOT need to change appearance yet again. They look like generic sci-fi baddies that are in every sci-fi these days now. I know there are rumors that we might get more traditional looking Klingons and I hope it's true. I don't mind that they're Bald (not the first time we've had bald klingons) but there's literally NO reason for yet another redesign aside from, probably another producer having another stupid idea. I'll remain open minded about the rest of the show. I don't mind that the tech doesn't match the time period (you cannot expect them to match with TOS...). I don't mind that Spock has more secret relations. But the ugliness of the Discovery and the change in the new Klingons are just bad.