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  1. BrickG

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Just give me a new Rebel Trooper battle pack please... It's been so long and it's so tough to get many of them since they're just in 1 expensive set and 1 crap baby set.
  2. BrickG

    Cancelled Lego Batman Movie 2 sets

    The Lego Batman Movie 2 is/was scheduled for 2022. I think it's a bit early to have cancelled sets. I know the movie rights moved to Universal like last month or something which might complicate the movie getting done but I'm not sure I've heard the movie was officially canned yet? Any links? I know Lego Movie 2 did poorly compared to the original and they might think Lego Batman 2 would do even more poorly.
  3. BrickG

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm disappointed that there's been a drop in quality of minifigures since the LEGO Batman movie. Those were the most beautifully designed minifigures that ever hit LEGO. Yet I see the sets are reverting to old and worse designs. Poison Ivy for example... was just sooooo much better. I know they probably had an unusual budget for designing those minifigures but I don't see why they didn't stick with some of those molds. They were GREAT. Even the DC Minifigure Series isn't up to the quality of those absolutely beautiful minifigures.
  4. BrickG

    Cancelled Lego Batman Movie 2 sets

    Did Deathstroke or Ra's Al Ghul appear in the movie? I don't remember them. I think literally all the minifigures that are in sets appeared in the movie at least for a split second.
  5. BrickG

    New VIP system

    Can you share the 5/20/etc pounds off codes so anyone can use them or are they tied to your account somehow (despite emailing you a number)? My wife gave me 30 worth of codes. If I ever solve my USA / UK issue (they've not responded but I finally got out an email) I would like to combine my points with her point numbers she's shared with me and buy on one account. Is that doable?
  6. BrickG

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Bought some blind bags randomly and was reminded why I hate blind bags. Got too many freakin' Aqua Mans... Sometimes there's points to having duplicate but there's basically no point to have any duplicates here.
  7. BrickG

    New VIP system

    Yeah I've tried that. I'm in the UK in there but it just switches to the US in the rewards (oddly while saying IN THE ADDRESS BAR that it's Great Britain...). Thanks though!
  8. BrickG

    New VIP system

    Hey people! So I HAVE A QUESTION AND I NEED HELP! Yeeaaars ago I lived in the US so when I made my LEGO account it was US based. The old VIP system didn't give me any trouble when I moved to the UK. I could actually obtain and use the points in any country. So for the first time I tried the new VIP system. I've been gathering points. I have 50 pounds to spend. Well I go to the rewards section and it's automatically going to the USA based rewards. $$$ off and not pounds. I can't find any settings in the account settings to change the region within the rewards section (it's easily done at I've tried erasing my cookies and stuff. Nothing has worked. I can't seem to get UK based rewards. So I'd email LEGO. 5-9 day responses though... I thought I'd try anyways. "Something went wrong. Try again later" every time, on multiple computers. Anyone have experience with this? I was pro the new VIP system until this despite it's cumbersomeness. Now I just hate it :P.
  9. There's more than one measure of success. When I said TLJ did bad I didn't mean financially. I meant in the eyes in a lot of the viewers which would almost certainly lead to lower merchandising sales than they wanted. Also, you can fail upwards. Plenty of examples of that. TLJ made lots of $$$ because it was Star Wars. It being bad was mostly irrelevant to it, itself. But it would affect future Star Wars mainly (and RoS is underperforming atm according to Dinsey's forecasts).
  10. BrickG

    Star Wars

    (Assume spoilers) It was okay but if you watch the Red Letter Media review I think it's pretty accurate. Episode 7 was like "this is what Star Wars is! ENJOY!" Episode 8 was like "You THOUGHT you knew what Star Wars was but it's NOT THAT" and basically went back on 7. Then 9 was like "You THOUGHT you knew what Star Wars was and... yeah, turns out you were right!" and went back on 8. Basically 9 is a movie that tried to work with 8 being terrible, and backtracked on a lot of things in it. It basically admits 8 sucked and took back almost everything that movie did. Because of this... the movie was... just REALLY fast. They were in a new place every 5 minutes. It was too much. New character? 2 minutes screen time. Old character? Rose got like 2 minutes screen time too (another thing in 8 that was basically cut back). It's a SUPER DENSE movie. It really didn't need to be quite so fast and dense. But it was okay. Much better than 8. I was surprised at how much I liked parts of it. They might have done as good as they could have considering 8 was complete garbage and it's hard to recover from that. I really think if JJ had done all 3 movies we'd have a really REALLY solid trilogy here. Instead we have a trilogy with a giant terrible middle and is surrounded by decent movies. It's just a shame they didn't have more time to have more interactions between characters. We get ONE scene with Poe and Rey which is pretty funny and promising. Then they're never really together again. Finn and Rey had great scenes in 7 but once again, they dodn't do much of anything together in favor of the Kylo/Rey thing (which IS the best thing, though it makes no sense why Rey would fall in love with an evil person who helped murder billions and constantly abused her...). And c3PO making the "big sacrifice" then it being taken back 5 minutes later was really freakin' dumb. R2 did basically nothing. BB8 didn't even really do anything. The new characters were made to sell toys. Lando didn't do enough. Leia's scenes were awkward since they obviously wrote around what they had (but it was about as good as they could do, so props). I just... really wanted more Poe and Finn stuff.
  11. The film is devisive but seems to be, review wise, doing pretty poorly. The non-professional rotten tomatoes score is higher though. I think of course it would affect sales if it does really bad. But it doesn't look like it'll do Last Jedi bad. And they'll probably still sell well because most of the sales are for kids and kids have a lower bar (whereas after The Last Jedi I totally stopped buying the sets myself 'cause the movie was so trash). I mean the Prequels sets sold really well and adults didn't really like them that much but adults are less of the target of course... I think the most it'll affect, if this whole trilogy goes kind of bad, is long term sales. OT Lego sets seem to do better than prequel ones. I think OT sets will probably always have more legs for toys. Even if the movie bombs the current sets will probably do well enough but maybe in 5 years we rarely get sets from this triology.
  12. BrickG

    [SPOILER] The Mandalorian Discussion

    Last episode was probably the best episode so far but that doesn't mean it was really good. Cliche and trite but it was a bit of fun for an average TV show. Once again absolutely no development for the Mandalorian who still doesn't have character and things just kind of happen around him. He gets shot a LOT. He's got severe Superman syndrome. He should be dead 20x over. That armour is ridiculous and I don't see why they don't make more stuff out of that armour's metal. I know it's supposed to be valuable and rare but you'd think you'd have seen it before (outside of I guess Phasma). I think a comparison you can make where fights are good and the hero is struggling but NOT being shot a lot is Daredevil on Netflix. Some good fightscenes where Daredevil is just struggling to even catch his breath but it's believable that he still came out on the top (but just barely). This guy man... this Mando guy... the way he gets shot ALL the time... it takes away and sense of actual tenseness in the struggles because no matter what, he can always be shot 1000x and it doesn't matter. While everyone else dies in one shot. Even the ships (like in the previous episode). Tons of shows the heroes have this ridiculous invulnerability but it's rarely as ridiculous as in this show. Also I both enjoy and dislike the puppets. CGI wouldn't be the way to go for Baby Yoda but his puppet is so stiff. I swear it's got like as many points of articulation as a Lego Minifigure, probably less (but the Lego Movies animate the limited Minifigures beautifully while Baby Yoda moves like a lifeless doll). I wish they'd mix the puppet with selective CGI a bit more. Some movies and shows mix the practical effects with occasional CGI blended in when it's called for so that they can have the puppets do something they usually can't do. I mean, very selectively. They're doing it alraedy sometimes like when Baby Yoda falls or walks he's occassionally a bit of CGI. They just need to do it a bit more. Especially with the arms and hands which just look bad and like an action figure. Sometimes you can go full puppet (like with the Banthas in the original still look AMAZING). I don't think I like HOW puppet this stupid little baby is though. It's 2019 and I feel like I'm watching a show with a lot of really cool effects but then I get someone using a pretty unconvincing puppet.
  13. BrickG

    [SPOILER] The Mandalorian Discussion

    The latest episode just had bad dialogue. Filled to the brim with cliches. The dialogue between the dude and the gal, it was pretty cringe-worthy. It's not bad still just... kind of average. The other bounty hunter dude just made me cringe the entire time. And his acting wasn't very good. Also he keeps getting SHOT! How many times can this Mando guy get shot? I know he's got expensive crazy armour but if it's THAT good why doesn't ever rich person/admiral/etc wear it? That freakin' stuff is ridiculous. Ever episode he seems to get shot twice, always in the armour, what a lucky guy. It's got hero syndrome HARD. That first scene with the other ship shooting Mando's ship lots of times only to get 1-hit... Idunno man. Too many cliches. Too average in storytelling, acting, character, music, etc. Though still the production values are of course high and the art is great. And stoic boring guy continues to be stoic and boring. I don't buy that he's changed. He's been the same. He was presented as a bounty hunter and the only thing we've seen about his character is he has a sense of honour (apparently with all the Mandalorians who backed him). Every episode so far is the same. Bounty Hunter gets shot a few times and saves a baby. Look, he's honourable because he saves a baby. Look at the baby! LOOK AT THE BABY IT IS SO CUTE! Bounty Hunter protects baby so bounty hunter must be GOOD GUY with HONOUR! BABY CUTE! BOUNTY HUNTER GOOD! LOOK AT THE BABY!!! OH GOD LOOK AT THE BABY!!! JUST LOOK AT THE @#%ING BABY! SO MUCH CUTE! SO MUCH HONOUR!!!
  14. BrickG

    [SPOILER] The Mandalorian Discussion

    Uh since spoiler is in the title I'm going to not put my stuff in spoiler things? Anyways... I don't think it's as great as people are saying. So far it's... fine. It feels Star Warsy. The art is spot on. As always. The music is... well nothing can match John Williams and we've felt it in the non-main Star Wars movies and we feel it here. The music is average. The story is okay. I don't know where it's going. It could get great. But it doesn't exactly pull you in as well as other great TV shows. I expect the BEST OF THE BEST from Star Wars in some manner. Shows like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones (earlier seasons) have upped the quality of storytelling on TV. I don't think this has matched those... But it's still decent. The place it lacks the most is character. The main character... has no character. It's a stoic boring guy. Seems to have a sense of honor or something. Stoic. Might have feelings. Has hinted as such especially in the last episode. But they're trying to keep him mysterious which IMO doesn't work and just makes him a boring stoic guy. And the only main supporting character is a baby... who while cute... has barely more personality than a light saber. Baby does cute things. Baby does more cute things. Baby has unrealistically powerful powers (come on man, the power boost baby Yoda has is ridiculous... it's even farther than Rey and I loved Episode 7). The supporting non-main characters... I think the lady had promise. But I think she was a one-off character. The first old man that lasted two episodes and said "I have spoken" too much was boring and kind of lame. I'm glad he didn't last. It's looking like it's going down the Rogue One route of a story that can be interesting but bland characters. But we're only 4 episodes in. Maybe once we actually see this guy's face we'll see SOME character. I assume we're not seeing his face until like the last episode. This series feels more like a series that would be AMAZING if it released in the early 2000s. But at this point it's kind of... well if you took out the Star Wars and put in a generic scifi or fantasy instead, I bam sure it would get a fraction of the praise. I really do. It's not as good as some other Sci-Fis or Fantasy series out there. Frankly it's not in my top 10. Probably not in my top 20. But it's only 4 episodes in so... maybe it grows on me assuming it's character gets less boring and gets some supporting characters besides a baby designed to sell merchandise. I cannot for the life of me see why it's getting so much praise. It's just NOT that good. So far I'd give it a 7/10.