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  1. It's not unethical. It simply isn't. It's supply and demand. Especially of retired sets which you can't really control how wanted they are. The only places this becomes unethical is if someone buys out an entire stock to sell things for Markup (like Playstation 5s, iPhones, whatever). At that point the stores should impose a 1 per person thing. There's other areas it might become unethical (like making medicine overpriced, whatever) but geeze, if a retired set is selling for 5x the amount because it's retired and hard to find and people want it, there's literally nothing wrong with that. Scalpers are bad under some circumstances. But this thread doesn't seem to be foucsed on those circumstances. I'd say the most possibly arguably unethical LEGO related thing like this are the comic-con figures and other things that are so exclusive and hard to find that it's like $500 for one minifigure. But even with that we're just talking about a small plastic character and I'm not sure it's unethical but more like... really annoying :P. Now if someone bought all of the Comic Con figures and controlled the market and made it bad... I don't think not being able to afford something = it's automatically unethical. I can't get a Tesla. I want a Tesla. Is it unethical for the Tesla to exist? Before the UCS Falcon got rereleased I desperately wanted one of the original ones. Those were going for ridiculous prices. But it's because the set was retired and really wanted. Was it unethical for someone to sell one for $3k? I don't think so. Was I upset I couldn't afford it? Yes. Idunno I still have my opinion that this thread is kind of dumb. At the end of the day it's also TOYS. Not medicine. Not something people need. I understand anti-capitalist sentiments to an extent but when you're talking about stuff that at the end of the day doesn't really matter (sorry LEGO but you're not THAT important ultimately) and you're not talking about someone charging 5000x the price for insulin, which is clearly wrong. And WHO is buying 1000s of sets that aren't retired? Lego 6399 as is mentioned in the first post... wasn't that made in like 1990? Am I missing something? Was it rereleased? It seems totally reasonable that it would be expensive (it's not 4k though, seems to be about 500-1k max in the places I look).
  2. BrickG

    How does Lego figure out sets prices?

    I wonder if Disney will ever hit the limit of what cut they can take. Seems like they up their cut (therefore upping the price) every now and then which is why Star Wars sets are so expensive and getting more expensive. When will people STOP paying those prices? What price will people stop paying for Obiwan's Hut? 50? 100?
  3. What a weird thread. People can like what they like. If they like and want a 30 year old expensive Lego set, let them. It's not up to them to have their likes be understood by you. I wouldn't buy those things. They're not for me. But geeze, why so much hate in this set for people having their own opinions and tastes and desires? Oh no someone wants a collectable! Oh no! The price is going up because there's few of them and enough people want them! OH MY GOOOOSSSH!!! What? Stop judging people based on something like this :P. "I never really understood" geeze, what kind of attitude is that? I don't understand freeform jazz or country music but I'm not going to take a dump on people who like it. People like different things. This is a needless thread.
  4. BrickG

    Star Wars

    Lets see if they screw this up. KOTOR is the best Star Wars story in a video game, and better than the prequels and sequels. I have high hopes but I've had high hopes for Star Wars things and almost universally been disappointed :D .
  5. BrickG

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I had a bad day so I treated myself to watching the new Black Widow movie. It's stupid expensive since they try to make up for ticket sales and it was ONLY me watching it. It was pretty good. A stronger Marvel movie. I had really only 1 or 2 nitpicks but I won't get into it. On a slightly related note there was talk about Black Widow being really sexualized, and this movie kind of taking her more seriously and trying to address that. And it does pretty well, but there's still an inordinate amount of scenes where it's basically her doing something and you have a ridiculous focus on her butt that didn't need to be shot that way at all. Clearly they were still going for plenty of butt scenes lol. I'm not trying to make a real comment on it, it's just an observation. The story was pretty good, the characters fun, if there's like 5 tiers of Marvel movies with Iron Man, Avengers 1, 3, 4 all at top (along with others maybe), and Avengers Age of Ultron on the bottom, this is firmly in like the tier just below the top tier. Good movie. Would recommend. The price though, maybe just wait for October when it's "free" on Disney+ or watch it now with more than just yourself to make it worth it.
  6. BrickG

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    The building looks kind of plain IMO. The minifigures are pretty darned good, though even as a Spider-man fan (comics, movies, tv) I don't remember who some of those characters are (Ben Urich, Robbie, Ron, Bernie). And a lot of the charactrers are already in another set. I'll probably bricklink a few of them (Punisher and Daredevil) and ignore the set itself.
  7. BrickG

    What are you reading?

    Winds of Winter. Just kidding, even if it comes out before GRRM dies there's no way he won't die before the last book is released. Too bad, it's my favorite book series. Just read "Lord of the Clans" which is a Warcraft book. Most of Warcraft's story after WoW came out is terrible but this Warcraft book is stand-out.
  8. BrickG

    Star Wars

    Resistance is the only one I haven't watched any of. I kind of faded out of Rebels because I didn't like the pink dude or kid at all. Good characterizations can help a lot and I often give up on shows if the characters aren't appealing (even if they're not bad, just not my taste, like Firefly where I hate every character but that's just a taste thing since they seem really well developed). The characters in this as it has been said are super on-dimensional so far. Especially Wrecker. I'm sick of "strong dumb guy" characters. They're just bad. Give us more "Beast" from X-Men or something half clever. (Beast is a fantasitic character!).
  9. BrickG

    Star Wars

    The Bad Batch is another grabagefest.
  10. BrickG

    Super Mario 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    It's weird 'cause the leaked Luigi just looks like Mario dressed as Luigi. Luigi's character does not come through. Slightly changing some limb proportions, his mustache, and hair, but keeping Mario's plump proportions just doesn't work. I'm guessing they were constrained for some reason. I'm just not 100% impressed.
  11. BrickG

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    My quoted text seems to ignore that in the same post later I was pro-personalization and was wrong. But also those minifigures in my mind aren't personalised except I guess the dog.
  12. BrickG

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    When minifigures started getting personalised and specific I didn't like it. Seemed anti-LEGO. But eventually I did a complete 180 and now love them. But I mean... the first ones were often pretty hideous. Look at that. Nobody wants that. The earliest totally custom minifigures were just terrible sometimes. Heck, even Chewie was incredibly basic for WAY TOO LONG. AND he has the "arrow" crossbow for a ridiculous amount of time. The soulless eyes... the absolute garbage printing... The quality of the first personalized LEGO minifigures was often just bad! But now they're pretty great so it's ALL GOOD. One of the appeals for minifigures for me is you get them all in the same format (mostly) across multiple franchises. So you can have Darth Vader next to Sponge Bob and have it still look right. AND it's all LEGO so the builds look right too. PLUS Minifigures just look good especially compared to the off-brands. I only wish all my favorite franchises would be adopted by LEGO. I had a dream just last night where they did Star Trek (not the new crap).
  13. BrickG

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I think there's two major aspects of Lego in that regard. You can be the creator. But then you can also, in a more model building way, simply follow the instructions and build a cool thing you like. Both are 100% legit. Yeah the creator requires more creativity. But the modeller is just as legit. When I was a kid I was more "creator" style. Now as an adult I have no time, so I'm the "modeller" style now. There's no need to be butting heads. It's harder to be creative with a Star Wars set which has a written script almost of creativity vs a pile of bricks? So what? LEGO is whatever the heck it wants to be and it can be different things.
  14. BrickG

    DC Comics Cinematic Universe

    I saw the Snyder Cut. It's till not really a good movie lol. It's not bad though. Actually better than the theatrical release because they EXPLAIN THINGS. If they use this to shoot off the rest of the franchise rather than going with the theatrical cut, I guess that's better? But it's still not that good. I mean, I guess I'm comparing it to Marvel and this whole time DC has been wanting to do their own Marvel, but it's just not nearly as good so... I don't care? Supermand and Batman are my favorite heroes. I just don't feel like these do them justice (heh..). I say reboot for the 100th time and just keep rebooting until you make something that is actually great! :D
  15. BrickG

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    There was a whole other discussion involving fleshies vs yellows. Lando pretty much showed people yellow does not represent darker toned skins in many people's eyes. I don't think yellow works anymore and don't think going colorblind is a good answer. I grew up in a very diverse place with kids of all races around me and simply having that exposure ensured I didn't end up racist. And I actually don't buy that the yellow helps kids in any real way. I think it's an old fashioned, kind of bad idea these days and stuff like skin color should be faced head-on and at least acknolwedged instead of basically ignoring it. My exposure to kids and cool characters of all races (looking at you Geordi LaForge!) did 100x more to help me not be racist and/or ignorant than playing with the yellow LEGO did which simply pushes the issue aside. Plus freakin' LEGO DUPLO for even smaller kids has gone fleshie... I mean there's some real awkward difficulties if you were to convert everything to have fleshies. Like the cops and robbers sets, the second you have a set where the robber is black and the cop white, you're going to make the news! I'm not saying it's easy or that everything has a clear answer. But I really think no matter the darned age, the best thing kids can do is BE EXPOSED to characters/people of all types and the yellow skin/colorblindness does absolutely nothing to help that and just sidesteps the issue (and again, DUPLO oddly doesn't). Over time I've come to believe that yellows are too old fashioned more and more. Had a ton of debates and maybe last year I was more on the fence and open to whatever. But I really think.. it's just not helpful. And I kind of believe it's a duty for kids toys to address things like that in the best way possible. The best arguement for yellows is they're iconic. But I think every other arguement is becoming less and less true. Meaning, in the past the yellow arguement was MUCH better due to the times, due to the state of the world and culture. So it fit, and it was good. But I think the world is outgrowing it and I wouldn't be surprised if LEGO adopted a new fleshie standard some day. I mean even the LEGO movie had Emmit and all the non-black characters yellow then Vesuvius was black when he could have been yellow too. I'm not saying that's racist. I'm not saying LEGO is doing bad. I'm saying I just think it's time for a change and if I have kids I'll probably be buying them fleshies instead of the "lets pretend everything is the same" when celebrating and acknoweledging the differences is IMO more important. And LEGO has historically done EVERY WELL but that doesn't mean a change wouldn't ever be necessary. Again, I cannot overstate enough how historically the yellows WORKED. A lot of the arguments I've seen worked. It's just it works less and less in the current environment and I think it's more helpful to have fleshies right now. And me saying I think they should move to fleshies from yellows, is NOT me saying LEGO = bad/racist but just me saying, maybe it's time for another change and evolution.