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  1. At the end of the day what matters is if you like it or not and about half the people don't like this movie. I consider that a failure. It's more divisive than Rogue One. It's the most controversial Star Wars since the prequels. It's getting a lot of hate and a lot of love. Rain FAILED to make a movie that is widely accepted by both critics and the fanbase. That's just a fact. The wide appeal was lost. If you think TLJ was better than TFA, well I'm not going to argue with you. You're entitled to an opinion. But the FACT of the matter is this movie failed when it comes to being loved by (generally) all people compared to the other Star Wars movies that aren't the prequels. And if it failed at that even if you love TLJ you've gotta ask yourself if they did something wrong to piss off so many people and have so many people just actively dislike the movie. They gambled with a new strategy and it did NOT pan out. The details of the movie aren't super important. We can argue why X and Y sucked or didn't. We can compare the movies endlessly. Opinions are opinions. But facts are facts and this movie is just not getting the love that IV, V, VI, or VII did.
  2. I have no idea how anyone can make the claim that there aren't many superfluous scenes. Like half of the scenes were superfluous. The script sucked. So many useless scenes. So much failed humor.
  3. It wasn't a flash. He basically pointed a gun at him. "My nephew is so potentially evil in the future I'm going to point a gun at him and then change my mind" Replace the saber with the gun and you've got someone who needs to go to jail. It wasn't JUST a thought or Flash. He freakin' pulled his saber out and ignited it in order to KILL HIM even if he changed his mind.
  4. Star Wars

    But honestly that's all bullcrap. There's no way a single ship is SOOO important. It doesn't make sense with any logic or math. Heck, they were running away and ships were dropping. Why not do that at the beginning? There's no way any single medium or even large size ship is more important than destroying an entire fleet! Heck why does ANY battle not have them doing this? They should do this in every battle. Imagine if those bombers at the beginning didn't... Just fly up and mostly die. Imagine if one simply light speeded into the bridge. They could take out that Dreadnaught or ANY ship with a single much smaller ship! There is no way the resources are THAT sacred especially when they loose a lot more in traditional combat. They should just be sending in kamekazi ships and saving lives. A New Hope: Rebel ship launches escape pods with people and the droids. Lightspeed into the Star Destroyer. Saves tons of lives. Saves the crew who would have all died except for Leia and R2 and 3PO. Empire: Lightspeed an X-Wing into those AT-ATs. Lightspeed a transport or two into the Star Destroyers (there were a lot of transports). So many losses could have been avoided. RotJ: Honestly Darth Vader would be dead by now because you've lightspeed killed him. Just lightspeed an A-Wing into the Emperor. Send the Empire into dissaray with 1/100 the resources lost. Install new government and lightspeed any Sith or Sith-like Snokeish characters. You cannot possibly say correctly that the ships are such valuable resources they don't want to destroy them in suicide attacks because clearly if they'd just do that strategy sooner they'd have a lot more resources left. Imagine if Holdo rammed the fleet at the beginning. Resistance would be in a much better position and with other ships left!
  5. Marvel Cinematic Universe

    X-Men don't fit in the current universe at all. Heck, they didn't fit in the same universe in the comics. Why there's a whole theme of racism but in the same universe people don't have the same issue with other powered, non-mutant beings just makes no sense. Plus this universe is already overstuffed. Keep it simple. I think the FF might be able to fit (especially Galactus if they can get the rights he'd be a great next big baddie) but not the X-Men at all.
  6. Star Wars

    *spoilers* Using lightspeed to ram ships. THere is no logical reason why both sides don't use this tactic. They could build small, personless ships and just ram other ships and decimate whole fleets. It's ridiculous. Why did they do that at the start? Why don't they do it ever again? :/
  7. The humor wouldn't have been bad but there was just too much. I swear every scene between scenes was another gag. I laughed at first but then I just wanted to get to the freakin' story. The ironing board scene is when I was just DONE with the constant jokes and gags. Plus half of them just failed. The OT had humor but it was more subtle, less spammed, less SLAPSTICK. HUX was made nothing but a joke. I want them to show him SOME respect. He commands most of the First Order. Instead he gets whipped around by both Snoke and Kylo Ren like he's nothing. Just slapped around. His smarter subordinates like that older guy who saw his death coming because of Hux's inability to use proper strategy just sighed as they died as if to suggest they knew this was coming because Hux is an idiot. Hux is supposed to be a scarey, military guy. Yeah in the original trilogy Vader had a habit of killing the people who failed him. But they kept up the military and threatening facade and maintained some level of respectability by not grovelling so much and being a little baby-man. Like that one guy who went and took full responsibility and Vader was like "apology accepted". Something about that made it more respectable than Hux just serving as a whipping boy. They died with a sort of honor despite having failed. Phasma had no real improvement. She died because Finn got lucky and simply lucked his way to survival. Finn has no real skills and has almost died like half a dozen times now and just survived because of stupid luck. Whether it be a well timed saving of him by Rose or Han, or falling onto an elevator, or having the ship he was on kind of half blow up just a second before he was going to be executed. Phasma should have probably been given more of a role or been left alone and never come back because her role here was equally as pointless as in The Force Awakens (as much as I hate to say it because the actress is great, her character is just wasted). Rose was okay but her and Finn's little journey for the codebreaker was pointless. It failed. The life lesson the codebreaker gave with pointing out that the weapon dealers sell to both sides was an old and tried lesson that is boring, not very Star Wars and has been told in so many movies already. It didn't need such a huge chunk of the movie. The whole Canto scenes were useless and stupid and the orphans were dumb and the end was stupider (stupid force kid...). Poe was an idiot. He rebelled against the rebels. His whole thing didn't help and his actions probably just got a lot more people killed. The life lesson he was learning was to be less of a hothead and not get people killed quite so much! His point in this movie was to show he's a failure basically. But honestly there's no good reason Holdo didn't share her plans and if she did then ALL of Poe's and Finn's and Rose's scenes wouldn't have happened. The whole story for Finn, Rose, and Poe were TOTALLY USELESS and brought on by their incompetence. I think the movie would have been so much better if they focused on... anything else here. It's like they struggled to find a good story for these three characters. Holdo... why don't the Rebels just send small(ish) unmanned ships to light speed ram their enemies? Imagine if they did that from the beginning. Imagine all the lives they would have saved. I'm not all for suicide missions but EVEN if it's a suicide mission freakin' DO IT and RAM YOUR SHIP to save everyone else! (P.S. maybe if they could have edited it so that Leia suicided it would make dealing with Episode 9 easier, even if they just CGI her into the scene because I don't know why Leia allowed the younger Holdo to do it). I mean seriously. Build ships to ram the enemy. There's no logical reason they wouldn't do this. Just take an old junker. Ram all the enemy fleets. You can probably decimate the entire first order with 1% of the ships and resources the First Order spends. HECK, why doesn't the First Order do this? They're probably not as against suicide missions as the resistance. Send a single small lightspeed vessel. Aim. RAM the fudge out of those running Resistance ships. WHY NOT!!?? I keep trying to like it. But I keep liking it less and less each time... I should stop giving them my money :P
  8. To be fair I liked a few things. Unlike most people I wanted Rey to have unimportant parents. I like that she came from nothing. I want this to not change. Not EVERYTHING has to be connected. Anakin was made by Plaguis, who had Luke, who thankfully isn't Rey's father and nobody else important seems to be. I liked this theme of coming from nothing. Yeah, it doesn't explain why she's so POWERFUL. But I don't think it has to. She's a random aberration and seemingly nothing more. And we've not seen enough of the Star Wars universe (espeically now that canon has changed) to say that isn't possible. Snoke I'm still upset had so much buildup and turned out to be nothing. ANY time buildup is so BIG and it turns out to be nothing it's just disappointing to me. Phasma was equally as lame. She fought and beat Finn who was LUCKY and saved by an elevator. The she died. I'd rather she lived. I read the BOOKS and like Snoke she has a LOT of build-up outside of the movies. Then she just dies in a disappointing way. Well, she fell in a fireball which we know it's recoverable in TV and movies lol... I also have issues with some of the force powers used. Well, just a bit. I think VII really did better though. I loved in VII Kylo Ren's like ability to "pause" things. It looked cool and meanacing. We got almost none of that here aside from Snoke doing it to Rey (but more effectively). Snoke has some cool moments and seems legit INCREDIBLY powerful but he just dies because Kylo is able to pass Snoke's lie detector. I guess that's fiiiine but whatever. Superman Leia was lame. Illusion luke was nice. Honestly I was worried he'd just be alive because he, like Leia, is also Superman. I'm glad it was an illusion and that makes sense. I thinkt he Force just didn't seem as mysterious and more of a superpower in this. I mean the old Expanded Universe did the same thing sometimes and the Force wasn't mysterious at all in EU. But with the new canon came the mystery again and BAM, they just overexplain stuff too much and just make it look like super powers. I did not need that one slowmotion scene too. Maz's appearance was lame. She didn't really have a legit reason to appear except as a cameo. I did not like ANYTHING in the Casino scenes. DJ was a life lesson we didn't need. The CGI was incredibly bad. R2D2 did nothing. I kind of wish they gave him something to do. But I guess "in with the old out with the new" is one of the themes. Too many battles. I never thought I'd say that about Star Wars. Each Star Wars basically had like 2-3 battles. New Hope: Escape the Star Destroyer, death star insides and the slow but effective Obi vs Vader, Death Star ESB: Hoth, cloud city fights, Luke vs Vader. RotJ: Jabba's palace, Ewoks part 1 and 2, Death Star The Last Jedi: I can't even freakin' remember. I remember when the Crait stuff happened I was like "again? Is this a Micheal Bay movie?". So many large battles. So much going on. The whole movie was overstuffed in general. I feel like if you cut like 30 minutes of the fluff this movie would be much better... I enjoyed the themes. I had much fewer issues with the non-fluff stuff and the CORE of the movie. In fact I think I liked the CORE of the movie. I'd probably still have issues with Snoke but I like that part. It's just there's so much unnessesary stuff EVERYWHERE. Cheesy scenes every couple minutes (looking at you lame ironing thing), cheesy lines ("REBEL scum"), blablabla. Can't wait for a fan edit...
  9. Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Okay so when Luke Skywalker and Rey in The Last Jedi.... oh wait... Marvel movies... Same thing aren't they now?
  10. I can't help but go on... WHY was the entire Republic fleet around those destroyed world's? The Republic is thousands of smaller governments, millions of worlds. Destroy one and everything falls? This movie does terrible with scale. Its like the Clone Wars TV show how the fate of entire world's with BILLIONs comes down to a single battle that involves a few dozen people. Makes no sense. Another annoying scene that was just for spectacle... There is too much spectacle... BB8 stealing the ATST. Okay it could have been cool. But honestly when the armies got ripped off you might as well have had BB8 there waving his arms talking in English " HELLO I AM BB8 AND I STOLE THIS ATST!!! I STOLE IT!!! IM BB8!!!! LOOOK AT ME!!!! ATSTS ARE COOL!!! IM BB8 ARENT I SO COOL?" What this film lacks is subtly. Think when Cheque stole the ATST. It was well done. He's blowing up people with the Ewoks. Comes across Han and Leia who for a second think they're screwed then Chewie pops his head out. In this they rip the whole armorial section off so BB8 becomes a freakin' Transformer. Why not just show the ATST destroying stuff and show BB8 inside of it? Maybe the heroes being confused for a minute only to have BB8 pop out? Then the ending... The needless scene with the stupid kid who force powered the broom to his hands (I think) and had that rebel alliance ring. Looking at the stars. Being a stupid kid. Too on the nose. Half the movie felt like when Rick talks to the audience from Rick and Morty "WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB LOOK AT THIS STAR WARS IS COOOLL!!! ATST ATST!!! FOOORCE POWERS!!! KIDS IS PART OF THE REBEL ALLIANCE THERE IS HOOOOPE!!!! STAR WARS STAR WARS!!!! POOOOORGS!!!!" God darn it. Disney sucked the soul out of this one.
  11. Okay so... I don't think it's... very good... I think this movie was very Disneyfied... There was too much humor. Too many useless scenes. All Star Wars movies have a few but this was JAM PACKED with little scenes meant to be clever or get a laugh that ultimately add nothing. I couldn't help but think Rain Johnson has George Lucased this movie, in a prequel way... Like when BB8 is dealing with the cartoon alien at the casino who puts coins in him. Useless. I'd say not funny too. Looked bad. Or when the Iron scene acted like it was a spaceship. But it ended up being a stupid transition to an iron. I even thought "this looks like and iron, it had better not be an iron, oh look it's and iron..." Or the blue milk scene... Or the "look at all the porgs in the falcon"... Blablablabla... There were literally dozens of them. Useless little dumb scenes that tried to be funny and clever. And honestly I was eating it up until I noticed half the freakin' movie was this stuff. I dream of an edited version of the movie where most of this crap is taken out. It was just bad. Waaaay too much. Then there's the scene where that lady light speeds her ship into the enemy fleet. WHY THE FUDGE DIDNT SHE DO THAY EARLIER? WHY DONT THEY DO THAT ALL THE TIME? Heck, set up your ships to autopilot so you don't have to kill yourself and lightspeed a single tiny less valuable ship to destroy FLEETS of enemy ships! It makes NO sense. Why don't they use this tactic ALL THE TIME? CGI spectacle was over the top. From some of the aliens, to simply some scenes like when Rey is sitting outside the mountain. So many fake looking scenes and characters. Flying Leia. Come on. Please be more subtle or something. Snoke. I get that he was just a plot device. I mean the Emperor was. He had very little backstory and even in the prequels he doesn't have much. But something about how "sudden" Snoke's death was is disappointing. He was built up a lot. Especially in the external media and books and stuff. I mean a LOT as some kind of ancient being who say the rise and fall of the Empire. Then he just died pretty easily. I get that he was a plot device. But there was so much buildup about possibly getting answers... That there's no way it isn't disappointing. We never say the "completed" training. We never learned anything about him. I get that they wanted to shock us by killing the big baddie so quickly. But that just leaves him feeling underutilized. It feels BAD and was not a good choice. Its also a modern common trope I keep seeing the past year or two; they build up a bad guy, make them seem like the ultimate evil, then BAM! Kill them! Didn't expect that did ya? Well honestly maybe not but it doesn't matter because it doesn't work sometimes. Such as with Snoke. I'm just DIASAPPIONTED. Palpatine was just a plot device but the buildup and release was satisfying. The story had a proper end for him and it worked. Not only didn't Snoke's death NOT work but it felt as useless as the Porg... Honestly I haven't been as disappointed in a Star Wars movie since the prequels. Its not THAT bad but it's super Disneyfied and JJ should have never left (glad he's back for 9). It also makes me absolutely not be excited for Rain Johnson's trilogy which will enevitably be kind of bad. :(
  12. I can't for the life of me find the FO AT-ST pictures. I don't see how they could mess it up. The AT-ST was wonderful (though lacked good articulation). They'd just need to edit that wouldn't they?...
  13. TLG to Axe 1400 Jobs

    A Lego MMO will never do that well. Lego building is honestly, too complex. Going into one of those Lego editors and browsing and searching through 10,000 pieces is ridiculous. The amount of depth to it is both good and bad. Right now Minecraft like simple square building things will always win on the creation side in a video game. Lego is too clunky, too bulky and too cumbersome for a video game to do THAT well on when focused on building. That's why you never see online awesome DIGITAL Lego builds being shown to the masses (outside of Lego specific places) unlike Minecraft which gets videos everywhere and to everyone. Lego is too hardcore for a proper building experience. Little kids can't generally do it and the barrier to learn it is ridiculous. Anyways, the Lego Ninjago movie's subpar earnings couldn't have helped. Heck, almost all of the movies and digital stuff (aside from The Lego Movie and possibly The Lego Batman Movie) under performed. They had LOFTY goals though and Lego has seemed to discount the very real possibility of Lego overload which will happen if they just release 1-2 movies every freakin' year. Lego has always done less good in general, to potentially DANGEROUS extents, to their non-physical toy stuff.
  14. Marvel Cinematic Universe

    I'm.... worried.... there's just too many characters... What is each one going to have two lines? Looks cool but I'm wary.
  15. Future Marvel Superheroes Rumors & Speculation

    I love getting variants of costumes like Batman and Ironman and Spiderman. Though the Ironman ones are often too similar and the Batman ones just get silly. :P I want that new Spiderman costume!