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    Star Wars

    Like the Mandalorian the characters in Boba are boring (not 100% of the time hopefully). -spoilers- Mandalorian has the main character who is as stoic as they come. Too much so. His character development is basically "I won't take off my mask" to "I will now take off my mask because I like you" could have been done in two episodes. He's a stale and slow moving character. He's outshined by other characters massively (the IG unit was the best character and DIED, Cara Dune was okay but she's gone forever due to Twitter stuff). But I still am okay with Mandalorian as an "average" show. But I have higher expectations of Star Wars I guess, despite the fact that most Star Wars TV is trash. I'd still rate this show okay. It's just REALLY slow and took some time to get anywhere. The first episodes with that old man were incredibly dull and that was the most boring character I've seen on TV lol. Now we have Boba. It feels very much the same as the early Mandalorian. Boba Fett is too stoic. He's got lofty goals that I don't understand how he plans to enact them (or at least it seems unrealistic). His whole "respect" thing is kind of dumb. But I think I'm most annoyed by the fact that they're trying to turn him into a bit of a hero. He's never been pure villain but I mean he's known for disintegration... I want to see that! But right now he's just dull. The sandpeople story is dull as heck (why do I want to watch a dumb sandpeople dance?). Everything is dull. I forget the woman's name who he's got as a partner but she's incredibly stoic too. WHY DOES STAR WARS KEEP GOING FULL STOIC!? The original Star Wars movies had great characters WITH great character. You could explain them in a word and know immidiatly who it is. They were easy to describe and just were oozing with character. Han being the dashing rogue with a heart. Leia being the rebelious and strong princess not afraid of a fight. Luke being the whiny kid (I wanted to go to Toshi station to pick up some power converters!) with a hidden potential and a lot to learn. Etc etc. Most of the Mandalorian and Boba characters are just... stoic. Also the Gamorrean Guard costumes look ridiculously bad. They look like painted fat dudes in rubber masks. But more to the point they look worse than the original somehow lol. While I appreciate Star Wars using phsyical stuff rather than CGI a lot of the time, the physical stuff doesn't ALWAYS work. The way the Gamorrean Guards have almost no articulation to the faces is bad. I mean, the old Ninja Turtle movies had 10000x the character on their masks. These dudes can like twitch slightly. And the bodies just look like some hobbiest body painter went to town on them... It's been a LONG time since the original Star Wars and I think we MUST have gotten better at these things since then, why does it look worse? On the COMPLETE opposite spectrum (I can't be pleased!) the Hutts were CGI and looked like the Special Edition Hutt. I would have loved to see why a physical puppet could have done for those two. Again, all they would need to do would be make it like the originals but... better! And some shows even use a mix of puppet and CGI to enhance them and it often looks good. We're only two episodes in though. Maybe it'll get "average" like Mandalorian.
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    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    The LEGO video games have basically not changed in any meaningful way since their conception and are therefore bad, and have been bad for a lot of years now. At least to people who have played more than a few of them.
  3. BrickG

    Would you rather build in person or online?

    I actually think LEGO is terrible to build with in software. It's too complicated. Few know the names of pieces or how to find the right ones. While LEGO is the staple of the building toys in the physical world (because it's different for various reasons) it's pretty bad to sift through digitally and build with LEGO. I know some people here would disagree but there's a reason digital LEGO creation software never exploded outside of hardcore fans. It's just too complicated! It's one thing to have your own physical pieces you're looking for. Another thing to comb through a massive library and get overwhelmed immediately. Minecraft is the ultimate digital builder because most pieces are just a different colored square :P. So easy, so approachable. But it works digitally. Nobody would like that in physical form. Stacking just cubes.
  4. BrickG

    Super Mario 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Hmmm if there's movie tie in stuff I'd at least hope for actual sets and not this game stuff. The gamey stuff is just not for me... give me my dream of real Mario minifigures...
  5. Gave up years ago. It's a full time job to keep track of it all and I'd need to dedicate a whole room or two...
  6. Hmmm well I don't think anyone can legitimately complain abou the diversity of masked characters... So it's all good. I haven't been paying attention to LEGO sets much lately because new baby and job, but geeze, I hope this thing is still around in a year or two! And I hope I find myself falling into money because I want to recreate the Battle of Hoth lol! BAH! I want the set!!! Can't... justify........ wife... will murder...
  7. I might be visiting the US soon soooo if my wife somehow lets me... I'll smuggle one in my luggage somehow and avoid that pesky VAT. Where's pics of the faces of the Snowtroopers? I don't understand the "diversity" comment. Are they like not all white and/or male? 'Cause why does it matter? It's not like you could see behind the armour in the movies.
  8. BrickG

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    LEGO Batman the Movie figures were the best designed and produced Batman minifugres by far. Going back to the classics is a major step backwards. I fear that we won't get LEGO Batman figures as good as the movie ones were for a looooong looooooong time. Especially for some of them like Poison Ivy. It's just NO CONTEST. We got the best versions of Poison Ivy, Penguin, Riddler, etc. Some really good versions of Harley Quinn (quite good but not in her classic style, but still an amazing figure), Alfred, etc. I'm guessing the line had more resources put into the designs since it was going to be for a movie too but they were just amazing.
  9. Sometimes I walk past my collection of stuff (LEGO and Ninja Turtles and Star Wars and Star Trek, etc etc) and it puts a smile on my face. I've really stopped buying LEGO for the most part, except a few sets a year, because I don't have time to build MOCs or anything and I don't have infinity place to display them. But hey, I like 'em! Trying not to get caught up in the human "I need more and more and can never have enough" which people get caught up in. Though with every positive LEGO Minifigure update I'm tempted to go back... As for practical reasons... I've fixed some Ikea furniture with my LEGO before so there's that... Yes thousands and thousands in LEGO and I fixed a $70 bookshelf I messed up during putting it together. Good investment?
  10. BrickG

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    BIONICLE was dumb, bad, and boring. I'll see my way out.
  11. BrickG

    LEGO The Office (IDEAS) 2022

    I hope they have two sided heads. Half of them have a noteable expression that can help the minifigures. Jim looking at the camera look. Stanley being done with it: Michael realizing Toby is back: There's a lot of reference options that might fit the characters a lot.
  12. Yeah Janice is okay, just a lot more important muppets including ones in that band that have more lines in things than Janice. I think it's more concerning that representation is really weak in these old franchises rather than trying to hamfist representation through the selection process at LEGO maybe bring more relevant representation that sticks and is good to the franchises themselves :P. But I can't blame LEGO at all because it's not their franchise! If you look at a list of movie specific muppets (no muppet babies or muppets from like Sesame Street) of relevant and iconic and meaningful female Muppets it pretty much ends right after Ms Piggy. Seconded by Camilla the Chicken lol which I wouldn't be surprised if she came with Gonzo :P. Janice is I guess the only other one that isn't a one-off or barely existing female character. Sooo I won't REALLY complain (I'll just look like it!). Another Muppet Baby rep (lol) is 100x better than Janice is that Nanny. Just put a pair of legs into a bag! XD
  13. That's actually a really good list if the leak is true. But LEGO is kind of doing it again by throwing in a character I don't think many people care about (Janice...) to try to up represenation. I mean, Muppets like MANY properties has almost nothing but male characters. The Looney Tunes tried to throw in boring female rabbit and porky pig gal nobody remembers the name of. Other than Ms Piggy there's like barely any female muppets that have more than a line... Maybe Skeeter from Muppet Babies! Loved that show... she's not in the latest Muppet Babies but a dumb penguin character is. Speaking of Skeeter I'd also rather have Scooter.
  14. BrickG

    LEGO The Office (IDEAS) 2022

    I hope they can make the characters not look too generic. The Friends sets are pretty cool builds but the figures, nobody would really know who they are without the context of the build. Dwight is easy but the rest might be kind of hard! I want Creed to be in it... Michael, Dwight, Jim, Pam are 100% in. I honestly think the rest are at risk. But I would bet there's more than those 4, but there won't be all of the characters we want! I can't actually choose, they're all important! I'm pretty sure I'll buy this set. Also just because I'm a slight Troll... US Office >>>>> UK Office! Also 100x more well known. >:)
  15. I'm wondering what stats are the best for high quality prints. Though I work with computers I rarely print anything.
  16. It's not unethical. It simply isn't. It's supply and demand. Especially of retired sets which you can't really control how wanted they are. The only places this becomes unethical is if someone buys out an entire stock to sell things for Markup (like Playstation 5s, iPhones, whatever). At that point the stores should impose a 1 per person thing. There's other areas it might become unethical (like making medicine overpriced, whatever) but geeze, if a retired set is selling for 5x the amount because it's retired and hard to find and people want it, there's literally nothing wrong with that. Scalpers are bad under some circumstances. But this thread doesn't seem to be foucsed on those circumstances. I'd say the most possibly arguably unethical LEGO related thing like this are the comic-con figures and other things that are so exclusive and hard to find that it's like $500 for one minifigure. But even with that we're just talking about a small plastic character and I'm not sure it's unethical but more like... really annoying :P. Now if someone bought all of the Comic Con figures and controlled the market and made it bad... I don't think not being able to afford something = it's automatically unethical. I can't get a Tesla. I want a Tesla. Is it unethical for the Tesla to exist? Before the UCS Falcon got rereleased I desperately wanted one of the original ones. Those were going for ridiculous prices. But it's because the set was retired and really wanted. Was it unethical for someone to sell one for $3k? I don't think so. Was I upset I couldn't afford it? Yes. Idunno I still have my opinion that this thread is kind of dumb. At the end of the day it's also TOYS. Not medicine. Not something people need. I understand anti-capitalist sentiments to an extent but when you're talking about stuff that at the end of the day doesn't really matter (sorry LEGO but you're not THAT important ultimately) and you're not talking about someone charging 5000x the price for insulin, which is clearly wrong. And WHO is buying 1000s of sets that aren't retired? Lego 6399 as is mentioned in the first post... wasn't that made in like 1990? Am I missing something? Was it rereleased? It seems totally reasonable that it would be expensive (it's not 4k though, seems to be about 500-1k max in the places I look).
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    How does Lego figure out sets prices?

    I wonder if Disney will ever hit the limit of what cut they can take. Seems like they up their cut (therefore upping the price) every now and then which is why Star Wars sets are so expensive and getting more expensive. When will people STOP paying those prices? What price will people stop paying for Obiwan's Hut? 50? 100?
  18. What a weird thread. People can like what they like. If they like and want a 30 year old expensive Lego set, let them. It's not up to them to have their likes be understood by you. I wouldn't buy those things. They're not for me. But geeze, why so much hate in this set for people having their own opinions and tastes and desires? Oh no someone wants a collectable! Oh no! The price is going up because there's few of them and enough people want them! OH MY GOOOOSSSH!!! What? Stop judging people based on something like this :P. "I never really understood" geeze, what kind of attitude is that? I don't understand freeform jazz or country music but I'm not going to take a dump on people who like it. People like different things. This is a needless thread.
  19. BrickG

    Star Wars

    Lets see if they screw this up. KOTOR is the best Star Wars story in a video game, and better than the prequels and sequels. I have high hopes but I've had high hopes for Star Wars things and almost universally been disappointed :D .
  20. BrickG

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I had a bad day so I treated myself to watching the new Black Widow movie. It's stupid expensive since they try to make up for ticket sales and it was ONLY me watching it. It was pretty good. A stronger Marvel movie. I had really only 1 or 2 nitpicks but I won't get into it. On a slightly related note there was talk about Black Widow being really sexualized, and this movie kind of taking her more seriously and trying to address that. And it does pretty well, but there's still an inordinate amount of scenes where it's basically her doing something and you have a ridiculous focus on her butt that didn't need to be shot that way at all. Clearly they were still going for plenty of butt scenes lol. I'm not trying to make a real comment on it, it's just an observation. The story was pretty good, the characters fun, if there's like 5 tiers of Marvel movies with Iron Man, Avengers 1, 3, 4 all at top (along with others maybe), and Avengers Age of Ultron on the bottom, this is firmly in like the tier just below the top tier. Good movie. Would recommend. The price though, maybe just wait for October when it's "free" on Disney+ or watch it now with more than just yourself to make it worth it.
  21. BrickG

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    The building looks kind of plain IMO. The minifigures are pretty darned good, though even as a Spider-man fan (comics, movies, tv) I don't remember who some of those characters are (Ben Urich, Robbie, Ron, Bernie). And a lot of the charactrers are already in another set. I'll probably bricklink a few of them (Punisher and Daredevil) and ignore the set itself.
  22. BrickG

    What are you reading?

    Winds of Winter. Just kidding, even if it comes out before GRRM dies there's no way he won't die before the last book is released. Too bad, it's my favorite book series. Just read "Lord of the Clans" which is a Warcraft book. Most of Warcraft's story after WoW came out is terrible but this Warcraft book is stand-out.
  23. BrickG

    Star Wars

    Resistance is the only one I haven't watched any of. I kind of faded out of Rebels because I didn't like the pink dude or kid at all. Good characterizations can help a lot and I often give up on shows if the characters aren't appealing (even if they're not bad, just not my taste, like Firefly where I hate every character but that's just a taste thing since they seem really well developed). The characters in this as it has been said are super on-dimensional so far. Especially Wrecker. I'm sick of "strong dumb guy" characters. They're just bad. Give us more "Beast" from X-Men or something half clever. (Beast is a fantasitic character!).
  24. BrickG

    Star Wars

    The Bad Batch is another grabagefest.