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  1. Whoa, Nexo Knights looks pretty sweet.

  2. Xand0r

    [SPC] Cat A - The Flying Gang

    I really like this crew. They all look unique and yet they look like they belong as together as a team. Well done!
  3. Xand0r

    Neo Blacktron Stuff

    Sadly, I know better! I've taken much nicer shots int he past, but I didn't have my lightbox setup and just wanted to grab some pics! Thanks for all the tips and comments! Very kind of you! I think you'll agree the pictures are much nicer than the above! Hah.
  4. Xand0r

    Neo Blacktron Stuff

    Hi everyone! Having been inspired by Matthias Riedel's Blacktron MOCs, I've been making some builds using the same colour scheme. Namely Black, Dark Bley and Trans Neon Green, which is inspired by the Rench minifig from Raid VPR (5981-1) and the Space Villain minifig (8803-6). I want to say in advance that I was very unhappy with my photography. Sorry about that! Some Notes! - The halftrack is originally by Matthias Riedel: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mr_blacktron/ - The crawler is based on a Nova Crawler, which is an alternate build of the Exo-Force kit, Supernova (7712), inspired by Matthias Riedel's blacktron MOC of same: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=412775 - The racer is a recolour of the Agents kit, Infearno Interception (70162). - The walker is an updated Sub Orbital Guardian (6878-1) from Blacktron II. - The fighter is a recolour of the Ice Planet 2002 set Blizzard Baron (6879). - The submersible is a MOC with it's main design forms coming from the Aquazone set, Crystal Scavenger (2160-1). Many more pics in my Flickr album: I've also ordered components for 8 more Neo Blacktron minifigs, and am eagerly anticipating their arrival! Comments welcome!
  5. Xand0r

    Neo Blacktron Stuff

    You are in luck, that's an old MOC of mine with TONS of great quality photos to look at: Thanks for the kinds words!
  6. Xand0r

    [MOC] orbikoma (mixels orbitrons combiner)

    That's pretty sweet! Nice job. :)
  7. Xand0r

    Fvork U1821

    What's the context for this? I am not familiar with it. It looks cool though. More angles?
  8. Xand0r

    [MOC] Neo Blacktron Allied Invader

    Sweet build, very sleek looking. I've been building some Neo Blacktron MOCs too. Pics coming soon. :)
  9. Xand0r

    [MOC] Galaxy Patrol + Trooper Combat Exo-suit

    Awesome stuff! Galaxy Patrol for the win. :) Looks like you had a lot of fun making this.
  10. I stumbled upon a great photoshop tutorial for adding muzzle flares to guns. Has anyone tried inserting their lego work into space scenes and adding effects like this to make the pictures more dynamic? I need to give this a try!
  11. Xand0r

    Your favourite droid minifig?

    http://www.mocpages.com/image_zoom.php?mocid=324736&id=/user_images/83718/1337682814m_DISPLAY.jpg Looks like he's already used this idea. :D
  12. MOCed up a nice little Fighter using only the Glowkies Mixels: a perfect match for colour-scheme. Comments welcome! :)
  13. You can't still be using ICQ, can you? Time to update those IM options! :P

  14. Xand0r

    Your favourite droid minifig?

    *goes to check out the Ice Planet MOCs!*
  15. Xand0r

    Adding Muzzle Flashes to Photos

    Your photography is certainly stunning, so I can see why you'd hesitate! I think it appeals to me, especially for Lego Space MOCs, because you often want to put the craft in space or some other environment that might contain planets or other impractical-to-build objects. Muzzle flashes are useful in simulating that "if-these-were-real" feeling. I haven't watched many Lego TV Shows, but I have to think they use non-brick effects for things of this kind, no? I don't think it entirely undermines the use of bricks if it's only a slight enhancement. Though I take your point! :) Samples?
  16. Xand0r

    Galaxy Patrol Fighter - Glowkies Mixels MOC

    Hah! It's certainly possible considering it only takes the 3 mixel kits. For sure! :)
  17. Xand0r

    MOC - LL Gouw - Neo Classic Space

    Awesome ship and great box art!
  18. Xand0r

    Galaxy Patrol Fighter - Glowkies Mixels MOC

    Thanks! Maybe it ought to be my entry! Either this or my Galaxy Patrol Exo-Suit... I should look into this. Thanks Balthazar! Do eeet! They are a fantastic set. I just bought a second set of them so I can make more Galaxy Patrol MOCs. Thanks Wallace. :) Thanks. Yeah, all together it's about 150 pieces, which isn't too shabby at all. Yeah, I really like the dark blue. I also noticed I knocked the guns so that they are not pointing straight in the photos! Annoying! :P
  19. Xand0r

    Your favourite droid minifig?

    Gotta be Spyrius, but I also love the Exploriens. I often mod the Exploriens one for my Ice Planet sets. ;)
  20. Xand0r

    Glowkies Mixel Chub Frame - MFZ

    Thanks bacem! The mixels really are the MFZ enthusiasts dream. They have exactly the kind of components you are looking for at a really great price. Thanks LJ! I also get to use these Mixels for Galaxy Patrol MOCs. I have one built that I intend to take pics of tonight. Thanks for the kind words, Balbo!
  21. Frame made using only parts from the Glowkies Mixels, Series 4: Globert (41533), Vampos (41534) and Boogly (41535). Classic Chub frame used as inspiration. More pics: https://www.flickr.c...57648450512154/ Time to disassemble and try another! These mixels are great for MFZ Frames!
  22. Xand0r

    Glowkies Mixel Chub Frame - MFZ

    An update! So, mimicking the single-set-challenge, I've made 3 frames using a single series of Mixels. Not quite the same, I know, but I had fun doing it all the same! Some pics! I liked some of the forms I came up with, so I was pretty pleased overall. :)
  23. I've added parts to his back to give him a sort of jet-pack. Haven't done much with his front.
  24. Xand0r

    [MOC] legoformer pheonix.

    I should really try to make one of these, they look fun. I definitely like your use of that orange helmet for the robot form.