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  1. I like rims from 41999 set
  2. I think this McLaren is designed to be build in LEGO Technic and you made really good job so far
  3. True dream car, when I see video I see that LEGO accepted great challenge
  4. I think this is your best MOC so far
  5. Nice first MOC perhaps you could use this part on chimney instead of gear 16 tooth
  6. @Maaboo35 don't worry, we all forget from time to time
  7. I have great respect for cranes, and like them, but have very limited space, so I control myself not to start building one... This Liebherr is impressive indeed
  8. ..and @Jim getting disturbed when enjoining morning coffee (or two)
  9. [WIP] The Medium Big

    How sturdy are axles Victor?
  10. You really have lots of bricks (and beams and space); it's huge I think it is great challenge to build something that big
  11. Axle Collection Thread

    Every start is bumpy, so don't worry, you'll learn with time
  12. I always start from tire size and then make something like blueprint (of course on ordinary white paper) and then go for chassis which must be sturdy and simple. After that drive-train, then gearbox and then bodywork. Hope this helps
  13. Space 2 horizon fertilizing trailer would be easier to make if we speak about shape..I also use separate treads because I do not make C-models or modifications to original sets