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  1. I know about engine scale problem - this was the reason for abandoing few telehandler projects (for now)...
  2. I see some progress, but my verdict will have to wait until you have bigger tires that you wrote about few days ago. The onl thing that is not my cup of tea is engine with axles instead of pistons...
  3. I better should not mention that Arocs was 2015 flagship, but Xerion could be a flagship some other year like 2012 or even 2008...
  4. Don't worry, it could be a typing error because nr.6 and nr.7 are side by side on every keyboard
  5. I'm i the phase of reguilding Unimog for smaller battery box, so modifications to the chassis are necessary. Now I got an idea to use XL motor to act as bigger fuel tank on swb chassis. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your next project to be as good (or even better) as Zetros
  6. Small correctio ...sure it is one of the best 2h 2016 sets
  7. ...or you can simply use 9398 chassis and put 42038 bodywork on it. It does not have to be red chassis, you can make light bluish geay and it would look great. Just download 9398 / 41999 instruction and parts - list to see what you need Wellcome to Eurobricks forum
  8. New 8446 set - yes but with smaller CLAAS tires Futuristic Mack, whell anthem is futuristic. It does not have to fly to be futuristic Or the back? Good question. I saw aerodynamic roof on daily cab for new Anthem, perhaps final version would have a daily cab?
  9. Well from leaked image that you know how I got it ,it looks like new Mack Anthem is A model, so no worries there
  10. I have a big list of (possible) mocs, but there is always question of time and availabe LEGO parts; just one example - there is no LEGO tire with tread patter for UGE Unimog (models U4023 and U5023)...so far there is only one proper tractor tire and so on and on... That is why I want to make perfect (as possible) U423 and then to go on next project. Of course there is also a daily job, family, pets (you see one on my avatar, another is like @efferman's avarar...), so usually I have few hours per week for LEGO and then when I put parts back to the box I got some new idea and write it into notebook ar make simple illustraton
  11. Agree, B model could be R series Mack truck
  12. It would be great model indeed, but first things first; Unimog U423, Self-propelled sprayer, Mack truck, then probably Zetros or Econic Airport cattering truck and then Zetros (if I don't change my mind and make Unimog U5023 offroader)
  13. Wellcome on Eurobricks forum. For first model (posted here) I can only say good job (in development)
  14. [WIP] Porsche 918 Spyder

    Front part is starting to look good