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  1. And I'm waiting for madium set with smaller tractor tires (at least we ageee about face)
  2. That would be interesting to see on @Jim's review I know that there will be excellent photos showing the whole solution
  3. Honestly details are very good and Chiron looks very promising At the first sight hub looks like old one, but...
  4. Lets talk color vomit

    Bottom line is that you can not satisfy everyone, and there will always be needed something what we can call 'acceptable compromise'. 42009 is great example of good color combination
  5. Lets talk color vomit

    Well we could look like this, just forgot about 8283 set, despite it is nice small telehandler...but I do not mind color vomit if there will be useful new parts like new tractor / forestry tires or similar
  6. Lets talk color vomit

    Yes if there were not such things as license...
  7. Lets talk color vomit

    Look at this from economic point, there is limitation on number of different parts through year and colors, TLC does not make just Technic line and the same principle is presented in every LEGO production line because everything is connected. If anyone does not like this or that color combo, he or she can always buy some extra parts in "desired" color and make their "wish" model. When doing so you can improve economic situation of whole LEGO Group (they will sell more sets / parts)
  8. I agree, but as I already said you made very good effort to present your solution
  9. I see what you mean, but it would look more authentic like this
  10. Specially when driving Chiron over rough surfaces like desk in living room or over polish parquet It could look like this, but somehow I think that curved surface will "follow" rim line...or other words curved part will be turned 90 degrees to outside of the wheel in comparison to your solution, but it is good step forward in "brainstorming" for next ten days...
  11. There is something dealing with brakes; in 1920s drivers were complaining that brakes on Bugatti cars are much worse than on competition, so Ettore Bugatti answered them that he is making cars to drive and not to stop...so irronicaly you are probably right - there will be no functional brakes
  12. [WIP] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    It looks great Jeroen
  13. [WIP] Unimog U423

    In the meanwhile I have solved problem with too soft tire 68.8 x 24. When I have put one tire 62.4 inside and both on wheel 32004 result looks like this As you can see ow it has some 71mm overall diameter which multiplied by 15 gives 1066mm (real 385/65R22.5 tire). Mentioned tire is very often used on Unimogs, and other trucks like Arocs, M.A,N TGS...but on "classic" trucks (not special like Unimog) more and more are used smaller tires like full rubber tire 315/60R22.5, but that is another story, now I'm stil waiting for some parts to arrive... Hope this idea could be usable for someone as I continue on building second chassis with 2 studs bigger wheelbase to include proper central differential.