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  1. Very nice development. Chassis looks really good
  2. ...and just before Nurmberg toy fair first images of 2H will be displayed. So as @Ngoc Nguyen nicely mentioned we should enjoy 1H sets
  3. Just simple comment @Ngoc Nguyeninteresting is that before 2010 sets with some 700 parts were perfect like 8455
  4. [MOC] Dodge Monaco

    It looks a bit colorfull, but you caught the essence of model. Just don't order 4 fried chicken
  5. I must admit - very original crossower if not wacky crossower. With some secret wepon you could easily enter last content [TC 12]
  6. Effe's MOC Corner

    Micha with such number of parts it could have been flagtrailer (not flagship) of the convention. "Towing" is impressive indeed
  7. 600 x 600 is not to big (I had to calm down after excitement...to answer you )
  8. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    @shimon very good replica
  9. 24R20.5 I did not notice, but I know thtlots of machinery uses 24R21 which are some 1420 in diameter. Thanks for additional info... thanks, but I have this document already, but only in German, still I know only about smallest and biggest tire available, but what is the rest?
  10. Here I see 3 of them, so 4 is quite possible. It would be very interesting start of new year where I live...Thank you
  11. I would like to see bigger image of it, so can you please post a link? Images seen so far here are relatively small...
  12. Thank you very much. Tires are more or less the same like on Unimog implement carrier U423-U530. Now I have to find the same document for Unimog Extreme offroader U4023 and U5023
  13. ...or pick up the line... Model looks nice, association with 60s and 70s is achieved
  14. I think there are 2; one at the front suspension and one housing differential at the rear
  15. ...and in virtiul world caps are symbolizing anger, screaming, yelling, shouting, roaring, howling...