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  1. Ugly and stinking beast (in real life), but on other hand great B model
  2. After some "Sisyphus" job over current telehandlers projects I want to make something else for a change, but when reorganizing parts I found tumbler tires. Since I'm not satisfied with LEGOs limited tire size (and choices) I start to think how to make those tumblers a bit narrower. Solution was to put 81.6 balloon tire inside tumbler and to put both of them on wheel racing small to get tire with following dimensions: 84 x 38, so I decided to make another shot on telehandler and current state of project is like this (in order to make steering I had to make huge changes on gear rack; I think @eric trax's CLAAS Scorpion has something similar on front axle if I saw correctly)... Real 541/542-70 is 2340mm wide which gives ~~ 20 studs in 1:15 scale (I do not know it this is final since I found that 4220 Fastrac's are sold with 620/75R30 tires that give perfect 1:16 scale) ...bonnet slots idea... Any comment is welcome
  3. I_Igor

    Axle Collection Thread

    Speaking about frames, why didn't you use 5 x 7 frames to house differential?
  4. I_Igor

    [MOC] Snow Dozer

    Here in Croatia it us the same situation, but since our winter service is always surprised by snow, I'll take this "Indian" Summer, at least less trouble on my way to work and back. Btw @desert752 great MOC
  5. I_Igor

    [MOC] 1968 Dodge Charger

    IMHO best car you made so far; rear axle remind me on studless version of your 2005 mustang studded rear axle.
  6. I_Igor

    MOC New Holland T7.315 HD Bluepower Tractor

    I was thinking selfishly on myself; for some my plans I need this tire size or 125mm
  7. I_Igor

    MOC New Holland T7.315 HD Bluepower Tractor

    Great model. Pity that Lego goes not make some 120mm tractor tires. Driving with only one XL motor looks very smooth in your video.
  8. IMHO it is a best description of a survey. I second that
  9. One of the reasons for ending with biggest Loadall 5series is that only on this model in 1:15 scale I was able to make RC functions without extension cables; for smaller (it has actually only one stud shorter wheelbase) 527-58 due to 4 studs smaller width I could only put m-motors like @eric trax did in his CLAAS Scorpion, but to maintain (approximately) correct proportions boom had to be 3 studs "tall" and 4 studs wide...so (for now) this 560-80 is most likely to be represented correctly. Thanks for wishes. I just hope to find hour or two to work on it few days a week and not only on Saturday or Sunday. Kind regards
  10. Today I had some cable work today...
  11. I_Igor

    [MOC] [WIP] Kramer 5065

    Looks very good. In my case XL motors have that issue of non continuous power output, so I try to use L-motors instead XL
  12. @MajklSpajkl thanks for credits, but I didn't do anything actually...
  13. Little bit of work on rear section is done; m-motors for raising boom, telescopic extracting and attachments tilting are in place. Since my XL-motor is striking I use 2 L-motors; one to power front axle and one to power rear... ...gears for boom... ...and telescopic boom in place... This is 23 studs long wheelbase chassis and will feature 94.3 tires to represent this model