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  1. I_Igor

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    This could be good B model...
  2. Lines looks very smooth
  3. I_Igor

    Ford RS200 MOC FINISHED?

    It looks really nice; excellent shaping and instantly recognizable
  4. Since it turned out that proper line is very very hard to achieve without holes, I have another try but it is not finished due to missing some parts (which will arrive until mid of July). I use older bonnet as comparison with latest...any comments is appreciated...
  5. Here is another version; not so curvy but proportions are much better; I'll probably make proper part over battery box with slopes 1 x 10 because actually "curvy" part is in the middle... Sorry for bad photo quality...
  6. @Mechbuilds this is a position that I was writing...
  7. My suggestion is - always use direct connection - only one gear and gear rack to prevent slack as much as possible. You can always connect gear 12 tooth directly near servo and use one liftarm behind it since servo has number of connection points... You can also turn it upside down and have 2 studs shorter setup (based on image above)
  8. Due to LEGO limitations it looks to me as very good MOC, but if I understand correctly no suspension and no drivetrain (rear wheel drive + engine)?
  9. I_Igor

    [WIP] CASE IH Steiger/Quadtrac Tractor

    You can calculate (but you made proper calculation real drive wheel has 914mm diameter and turntable has 56mm. Just to point out this is a display model so my current project is wheeled tractor...
  10. I_Igor

    [WIP] CASE IH Steiger/Quadtrac Tractor

    Because if you do not use rubber pins from 42069 set you will have lots of slipping and those pins are expensive
  11. I_Igor

    [WIP] CASE IH Steiger/Quadtrac Tractor

    If you decide to make Quadtrac then you should use portal axle hub turned upside down because drive wheel (upper is driven and lower are idlers) is higher positioned than center of wheel in Steiger... Kind regards
  12. I_Igor

    [WIP] CASE IH Steiger/Quadtrac Tractor

    Years ago I made this one http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=365319 Despite it is full manual MOC (before PF) perhaps you can use some idea...my suggestion is to make wheeled version (Steiger) and not tracked (Quadtrac)... Looking forward...
  13. It is the same situation with every PF servo that I have (4 of them)
  14. Hi Miha, I plan to make longer front part (the one with lights), but it wold go over front chassis part (where is vertical M-motor). From side I plan to use plates to cover battery box as much as I can; keep in mind that bonnet is thinner near the cab... To get this shape I had spent dozens of hours (luckily I have all those parts in different colors so this yellow did not become loose ). I really hope to finish bonnet in next 5 - 7 days and worm gear based front hitch... since few other projects are waiting...like smallest Unimog with new 68.7x27 tires (full manual version) or JCB loadall...or... ...one vehicle that uses both tracks and tractor tires...
  15. ...bonnet line finally suits scaled images of real tractor, but I need to adjust black and yellow color. Main goal was to make bonnet mostly with Technic parts as you can see ...