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  1. That is something I'm still struggling how to put 2 L-motors, one m-motor and technic battery box inside "box" with 7 studs height, 19 studs wide and 9 studs long without using bevel gears...
  2. As usual, @M_longer and @eric trax tandem are doing their job very professionally
  3. Thank you Jan. Today I have finished about 1.1% of project that has highest priority because all data has to be multiply checked to be 100% sure. Kind regards
  4. I see, my friend. I have oposite situation, no time for Fastrac RC version 2, and telehandler medium size awaits 4 68.8x24 tires and Syn-trac waits for 2 servos to be tested and continued... Currently I'm on one bigger project... Regards
  5. I see that after several months (or even a year) you manage to finish it. Great effort Jan
  6. I_Igor

    Generic machinery

    I understand, the way I see that when using RC controller it is optimal to have pair of functions...
  7. I_Igor

    Generic machinery

    If I counted correctly, this way you have 3 functions via remote controller? So basically if you want to use linear actuators you get the same principle, but there are people who are specialized in pneumatics and people specialized in linear actuators
  8. I_Igor

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Or new light orange like on 42099 set?
  9. I_Igor

    Generic machinery

    Something like that I plan for my Fastrac RC v2; or is it better to use XL motor? Something like that I plan for my Fastrac RC v2; or is it better to use XL motor? IMHO optimal will be one L-MOTOR for drive, one m-motor for steering, one m-motor for compressor and one servo for valve.
  10. I_Igor

    Generic machinery

    What I can not see is how powered is dump truck?
  11. I_Igor

    42095 model C - Tracked Tractor

    Nice, but IMHO it looks like it has a bit to longer wheelbase compared to rear sprockets...
  12. I_Igor

    Generic machinery

    I really like dumper construction
  13. I_Igor

    Generic machinery

    Lucky you, I'm not good in time organisation and I'm not good when I have to squeeze XL-motor, m-motor and Battery box in 19 x 9 x 7 space Perhaps your subconscious is trying to tell you to make autonomous machinery
  14. I_Igor

    42100 Liebherr R 9800 MODs

    @suffocation it looks like undercarriage for Saturn V transporter which has 4 tracks...
  15. I_Igor

    Instructions: Paper vs. Digital

    Could not agree more. And if you want to build in Sunshine I doubt that tablet / Notebook is welcome in that case. @nerdsforprez good that someone started such topic. Sometimes we are starting like technology addicted and u think we have to loose at least a bit