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  1. Perhaps real source is someone who do not want to be banned or something like that. Usually things are completely different than they look like and completely different than for example you can read in mainstream media so there is always good reason to hide source
  2. Actually it makes me worry (please look above). In reality I plan to make small telehandler, but there is only light bluish gray and red gear rack that I can use and no black. Real booms are indeed very slim. Perhaps instead curved panels 11 X 3, ordinary panel 11 X 3 would be more usable; this one https://rebrickable.com/parts/15458/technic-panel-3-x-11-x-1/
  3. That is probably the only way but crane should be short πŸ€”
  4. I meant under Volvo whole group
  5. Nice progress, but I hope that someday 4 X 4 section Crane will be working properly. I would like to have 3 studs wide crane...
  6. That could be (win - win situation for both TLG and Manufacturers) and Unimog, Arocs and Volvo models are great IMHO
  7. I_Igor

    General Part Discussion

    Thank you ☺️ (But in Croatia it is not available )
  8. What i see is that you are lowering / rising stabilizers manually with air of gear 8 tooth?
  9. I_Igor

    General Part Discussion

    I would like to know which, because my current project stuck because I need one of those gears and Chiron is simply too expensive for just one gear. So far I really do not know in which set it appears. In Brookline database is only lists Blue from Chiron πŸ€”
  10. That makes sense, but I do not know what I'll be; dozer? Cherry picker? ...
  11. What could it be? I suppose we already have 2 pullbacks...πŸ€”
  12. Good point, licences sets have potential for future speculations and are only display models as members pointed out in their mods and improvements topics, but non-licensed sets have greater level of playability and functionality But now we have to wail for leaked images or new info...if only some higher force could help us with leaked images πŸ€”