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  1. brickbuilder711

    [MOC] Modular Toy Store

    Really nice, and really cohesive.
  2. Hats off to TLG for producing the visors. Now what's kind of interesting is you can see the clear plastic really resembling the clear elements they made of late, in terms of their holographic glow and what not, and hopefully they fixed QC issues with that plastic. Online sales are doing quite well. I think online PAB is in a predicament with fewer workers, but perhaps lower demand. It is hard to say if this will pin a nail in the coffin for in-store PAB and BAM, let alone the play areas. A lot of hands touch the latter, and a few hands touch the former. If resumption of business as usual is phased, I'd expect just sets to be marketed until the situation normalizes further. LEGO is nonetheless quite an essential product, for state of mind
  3. brickbuilder711

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Just cleaned the Aventura (Miami) LEGO store dry of any and all dark turquoise 1x2 bricks. This has been a long time coming, folks! They also had the dark green wedge curved bows, dark red macaroni, dark green1x4 tile, dark purple 1x2 brick, dark gray 1x6 plate, white quarter domes, clear 1x2 brick among others.
  4. brickbuilder711

    FEC #153 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive

    Thanks guys! I love these MOC prototype showdowns too.
  5. brickbuilder711

    Cement Plant

    This is a beautiful MOC! Great work! Love heavy industry like this.
  6. brickbuilder711

    FEC #153 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive

    Thanks! Yes she is finnicky, and definitely needs some kind of lubrication. I don't expect to run her much though. The real thing doesn't. Thanks!! I agree it makes the real thing look humongous lol.
  7. brickbuilder711

    FEC #153 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive

    Hi friends, Those that know me know I'm a diesel guy so I stepped into foreign territory LOL. But I had the pleasure of building Florida East Coast #153, an ALCO 4-6-2 Pacific Type that is on display at Gold Coast Railroad Museum. As a volunteer/model railroad operator in their Models room, at will I had the opportunity to get several reference pictures of the engine to build the MOC. In exchange the MOC will be taken and displayed in many venues both in and outside of the Museum to promote GCRM. The MOC was rendered in LDD. I admit I cheated a bit and followed the plan somewhat for the Emerald Night since the wheel rig was mostly the same. Given the unforgiving R40 curves one would think there are so many ways to do a 4-6-2, right? However the originality is all in the unique details of the Pacific that had to be captured. I put together a video showcasing both the real engine and the model in full for the 'showdown'. Enjoy!
  8. brickbuilder711

    Miami Freedom Tower

    Hi friends, So I decided to build a historic icon from the City of Miami for GFLUG displays present and future. The Freedom Tower had use as a news building, then became sort of Miami's version of Ellis Island for Cubans under Castro regime, and now is preserved and used as an art museum by the nearby Miami-Dade College. The LTC (LEGO Train Club) benefit is that this building is adjacent to Florida East Coast's Dodge Island Lead, so it's considerably a trackside building. The MOC was designed in LDD, imported into where it came up with some really sick render, and made the instructions to do this. LDD's instructions mode is horribly obsolete in comparison, but had its place. 3,800 pcs with about half of the stuck acquired over a five month period... the payoff?... a 3 night build. The front side retains all the detail while the backside, an apparent expansion, was simplified. Video presentation: Cheers!
  9. brickbuilder711

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    Maybe a train with loop and Main Street USA station? Likely to be in VC since Robin W. (may he RIP) did a version in sand red years prior?
  10. brickbuilder711

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    I saw most of the selection at the Dadeland Mall LEGO store in Miami today. Just in time for 4/20! JK For me though, I prioritized the white 1x2 brick, 1x2 plate, 1x4 plate, and LBG 1x4 plate. I desperately needed those in quantity so I spent a good two hours filling away at the wall. P/P ratio should be very good as a result. I also got a hold of some cabbage, flowers in LRB and dark pink, and some leftover 1x1 plates in some trippy colors. (Vice colors if a hint is needed). Of course I snagged some VC pieces too. I ignored anything in yellow, orange, and those ugly MdAzure petals. Sadly no baguettes. The recently popular idea of mixing is a double edge sword. You end up with a lot of white elephants if you fill quickly, but if you're patient enough, you have a great chance of getting what you really would like to have. A number of parts I wouldn't have expected to fill appeared today.
  11. brickbuilder711

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Some of what the lucky redditor got was for Easter apparently. There are a couple mix match bins for the holiday as I see on AC Pin's Flickr.
  12. brickbuilder711

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    <<Cancelled post... please delete, thanks>>
  13. brickbuilder711

    GFLUG Tampa Show Coverage

    Sure! And thanks!
  14. brickbuilder711

    MOC: 2 Midtown, Miami, FL

    Hi friends, Completed a new MOC for GFLUG city layouts. The build takes advantage of certain modeling techniques including forced perspective, selective compression, etc. The prototype is along the FEC Railway mainline in Miami, FL and is among four buildings. I hope to do them all. That way I start capturing some of Miami's large, large skyline. Video shows how it's done with a tour of the details as well. Enjoy!
  15. brickbuilder711

    GFLUG Tampa Show Coverage

    Thanks! 1. Not too much as far as I know, looks Lone Ranger-y 2. I think it uses something called SBricks it was a custom job by James Burrows and he took it well across the country, and I believe it is a Cedar Point coaster.