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  1. brickbuilder711

    New LEGO Store openings

    Dadeland Mall! Oh boy! I had a hunch when I saw you post a reply a Miami store was coming.
  2. brickbuilder711

    2018 Lego Trains

    Yeah, the coal tender is not a place to store luggage. LOL Otherwise nice
  3. brickbuilder711

    MOC - Brightline Higher-Speed Passenger Train

    Thank you guys!! 2 motors, but it will do just fine! I can try for at least three of the colors, orange and red dont look easy lol Thanks! I can modify the bars. The train can handle R40 if there are straights on both ends!
  4. brickbuilder711

    MOC - Brightline Higher-Speed Passenger Train

    Thanks! To kind of answer your comment neatly lol; Here's an image of the real thing. I had to modify it to please the LEGO design but it's as faithful as I can make it. Note this is the Orange train, Brightline has five color schemes. The nose is painfully hard to replicate Yeah I agree the handles look awkward but I'll try to manage a quick fix to that. Both locomotives have operating PF motors. Impossible to run otherwise!
  5. brickbuilder711

    2018 Lego Trains

    Good to hear that the lights are being updated. Only missing piece of the puzzle is a LiPo battery...
  6. Hi Friends! I probably felt that the new 60197 wasn't enough, so I went sort of one better and whipped together a MOC and that said I present you guys-- an entire Brightline trainset! The entire set is manufactured IRL by Siemens, an Americanized version of their European Viaggio models. The locomotives are Tier-4 Diesel Charger locomotives, with a nose mod to feature streamlining. Now I felt that to match the striping exactly with the correct angle would be cheating, so I brick built the wraps. The angle appears to be quite steeper as I feel it is between what I went with and what could have used 33 degree slopes (which I tried, but it would look messy in this rendition). From a certain distance, the pixelation isn't that noticeable so tradeoffs aside it will do for me. The video has some more details and plenty of runby footage. Enjoy! I need me some higher radius curves now.
  7. brickbuilder711

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'm pleasantly surprised by the amount of detail in the Hospital. It looks like they took a few key points from the Friends and Modulars and applied them to CITY. That's a move in the right direction. I observe minimal juniorization too.
  8. brickbuilder711

    Programming your LEGO Trains!

    Yes, but if anyone bought a new iPhone within, say, the last three years they should be in good shape. As for Androids I believe the same goes for them. Considering how we're in iOS11 today and it's been one every year. I am interested in following this development. It should procure a lot of creativity from AFOL at future events.
  9. brickbuilder711

    GFLUG at Plant City Train Show 2018

    Friends, Here's a video of the GFLUG's display at a train show in west Central Florida. While it was not the display our PR department would show off since it is a smaller show, it was still a fun operating day of LEGO trains and whatnot. Enjoy!
  10. brickbuilder711

    Modular Convenience Store [My First MOC]

    That's an awesome build, and a wonderful combination of those sets! Well done!
  11. brickbuilder711

    2018 Lego Trains

    Probably the same mentality as with Athearn model trains and their inaccuracies -- "who cares, people will still buy it!" I will say one thing, the nose on the pax train is UGLY with a capital UGLY. Being more of a custom MOC guy, as usual I will probably overlook these sets but keep an eye on the technology they use as it might be better than the existing system, which I feel has kind of failed me.
  12. brickbuilder711

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That is a great approach. I couldn't agree more. For me I stopped buying modulars after GG and despite having the opportunity to build the subsequent three, didn't go further because for my tastes all of the buildings, with the exception of the DD came across as out of my era. Boils down to personal taste really. I've been vouching for modern South Florida myself, and designed a fair amount of modern buildings in the system to create a "small town South Florida" (ie. Hollywood, Delray, etc). With this set came the realization I could pull the same stops for SoBe and that's why I've been doing some work transforming one to fit a SoBe building (my Pasion del Cielo modular). That being said it's up to the builder to guide his/her city as he/she sees fit. I like originality, which is why I razed my CC, MS and GG. Do I regret knocking down and even selling bits from CC? Maybe... but I am happier with the setup now and going forward.
  13. brickbuilder711

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    $300!!! Wow that's steep. I've taken up HO Scale models and I must say I'd rather buy a functioning sound locomotive for that price and still have money left over to give it a few train cars. We'll really wait and see on that one.
  14. brickbuilder711

    Union Pacific SD70ACe - 7 Wide, PFX Brick /w sound

    This is great man!
  15. brickbuilder711

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    My experiences and customization of the set: