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  1. brickbuilder711

    GFLUG Tampa Show Coverage

    Thank you guys! Slowly distributing more media with time. Plant City Depot, Derailment, and an onboard POV of the video to put you in the minifigure's perspective:
  2. brickbuilder711

    Do modern white bricks still turn yellow?

    I think heat is a strong reason why. I live in Florida and most of the parts I stored in an insulated room are okay, while most of the models I had to have stored in an uninsulated room have had the discoloration. Plus, models I noticed at the train show from GFLUG members that had been in storage presumably have been the most yellowed.
  3. brickbuilder711

    [MOC] CSX SD70ACe

    Really nice!
  4. brickbuilder711

    GFLUG Tampa Show Coverage

    Apologies if there is a separate board for train shows that this belongs better in. I just got home after a weekend of operating and manning a layout with fellow GFLUG members at the twice annual train show in Tampa, FL. This has historically been my most visited show, my 7th time in the Fairgrounds, and was quite a doozy with half of the club unfortunately down with the cold myself included, bleak weather, but on a far brighter note, tease tease, a lot of interesting and new features on display. A modular corner I built made its first appearance, and a railroad attraction from Plant City made its first major appearance. An amazing true to self MOC of the Orlando, FL Amtrak Station made its first ever appearance, on a fellow member's side. We worked on it the night prior up until 1AM! Barely any sleep ensued. For the first time in two years, the Downtown Tampa skyline started to return. A new member brought spaceport stuff. A giant amusement park was added. I'm starting to divulge the various media. I have a couple high res (automatically embedded here with some sort of resize) photos but one video as well, at this point the video more so showcases the layout in the eyes of chasing my Brightline set around as a teaser of the layout's details, but a walkthrough will follow.
  5. brickbuilder711

    MOC - Brightline Higher-Speed Passenger Train

    @Kieran: Thanks! The Siemens Chargers got some small mods... A little hard to tell just off this pic but if you look carefully enough, they'll be noticeable. I might address the excessive bar height within the week. And here is BrightBlue serving Christmas Tree duty with an appropriate soundtrack. Brightline picked up a contract hosting the Polar Express Train Ride which makes things much sweeter. Anyhow, for those in or near Florida this set will come with me to the GFLUG display in a few days.
  6. brickbuilder711

    10264 Corner Garage

    I like it. It looks like a property that suits a modern yuppie district pretty well. Dark orange has a fair void in my collection still as all I have are roof pieces, 1x6 brick in bulk and a handful of plates and bricks. Mike made the gaps work pretty well. I may buy it, we'll see.
  7. brickbuilder711

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Couple notes -If the relatively high PPP holds, it probably means some kind of rare part or color is included -I wouldn't mind a mechanic's garage. It really fits old time Americana. You go to a small town and you will surely encounter one. I think it'd go great in a town/train layout. A vet might fit, or be conducive to a modern aspect.
  8. brickbuilder711

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It's probably a curbside pump.
  9. brickbuilder711

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Miami, FL (Aventura) Stockpiled 1x2 clear bricks and 1x2x2 clear window panels for a highrise project. Stockpiled a whole cup of 2x2 tiles. Also of note, sand green 1x2 plate, 1x1 clip, 1x1 brick, 1x1 double erling, 2x2 curve slope Black cheese and double cheese, black 2x2 curve slope mixed with sand green. Yellow 2x2 jumper. DkPink 1x2 brick and basic stuff.
  10. brickbuilder711

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    I did hear there was some survey or request line for future PAB selections to appeal to AFOLs. This might have something to do it. Or, it can be an isolated incident. The last time the wall has looked THIS juicy was in 2007. If indeed, this becomes a regular occurrence in the states, I'll be so happy.
  11. brickbuilder711

    [REVIEW] 10268 - Vestas Wind Turbine

    Glad that the consumer can finally get a hold of this. Never made sense to go private on it. Nice slap in the face to scalpers too.
  12. brickbuilder711

    New Flickr limits

    Flickr's limit is 1TB until now. Well, we can use Brickshelf, because what's old is new again JK, I will probably cave and upgrade. If I uploaded LEGO pics alone I'd make the cut. However, I have a massive repository of train pictures on my page (Brickbuilder711) bringing me to 1,600 pics. And one wouldn't want to lose GFLUG pics from 2007-2010... I sure wouldn't. As I tell the train people, compared to the cost of actually doing the respective hobby, 4.17 USD per month is peanuts.
  13. brickbuilder711

    New LEGO Store openings

    Dadeland Mall! Oh boy! I had a hunch when I saw you post a reply a Miami store was coming.
  14. brickbuilder711

    2018 Lego Trains

    Yeah, the coal tender is not a place to store luggage. LOL Otherwise nice
  15. brickbuilder711

    MOC - Brightline Higher-Speed Passenger Train

    Thank you guys!! 2 motors, but it will do just fine! I can try for at least three of the colors, orange and red dont look easy lol Thanks! I can modify the bars. The train can handle R40 if there are straights on both ends!