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  1. Palin Jax

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    I'm not entirely sure why everyone is obsecsed as to wether Rebels will be too "kiddie". The biggest reason that the look and feel of the show is based heavily on OT concepts, and is almost entirely based on Ralph McQuarrie art. If you get down to the brass tacks of it, this is Disney screaming "Hey, we get it! Please, watch our show, fanboys, and then buy our products." This is the chance for poor old shlubs like me to relive my childhood, while still getting new content that can draw in the current generation. It's also a huge tie in to episode VII. The first novel, A New Dawn, was so good I couldn't put it down. To be honest... I've almost feel the same giddiness of anticipation waiting for it to premiere as for episode III. With that said, I'll be getting all the new sets, but, the TIE advanced prototype and the AT/DP hold my attention the best:). (As a side note, waiting to get the Ghost/Phantom combo from TRU on Premiere night of Rebels... Like Christmas Day!). I'm looking forward to seeing the direction Rebels takes, but will be doing so with my... Daughters, and that, is something money can't buy. As always, this winter line looks fine, so it'll get my dime all the time... And yes, simply love the rebels stormies! Might not go with my Emperors arrival diorama, but will have to be displayed taking down those rebel scum:). Or maybe, old Palin Jax might finely pulled back... To the good side...
  2. Palin Jax

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    Now that is a ship... Worthy of the distinction, U.C.S! Magnificent, it made an instant change to my Christmas wish list. I don't think I've been this excited for a ship since the UCS shuttle. Well done Lego!
  3. Palin Jax

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    To clarify, I meant that I dislike the EU stories after ROTJ, not that the Defender belonged outside of the OT. I guess I should add though that I did mention the Phantom, and that I technically I am a Thrawn fan... But the pathetic-ness of the New Republic is almost as sad as the mighty Empires totally unrealistic defeat at the hands of those sadistic Teddy Bears with spears. Yes, it would seem I stand corrected Lego... please.... A redesign of the TIE Fighter you need... With spherical command pod!
  4. Palin Jax

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    Nothing personal. That is the one set I am looking forward to most, and I really, really dislike the post Battle of Endor EU stuff... You know, I would have preferred ROTS to have ended with a Yub Yub burgers and a side of crispy Luke, Empire wins... But of all the TIE variants, the Defender is by far the coolest, both in form and by function. Well, maybe that Phantom too, with a ship so small having that cloaking device. The Emperor is dead... Long live the Clone Emperor!
  5. Palin Jax

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    That could be used in the new GG starfighter, but I think it could also be used in a JSF as well. Personal opinion though... that Atlantis color will need to grow on me.
  6. Palin Jax

    Why do Star Wars fans hate Star Trek so much?

    Man I love topics like this one. From the above sampling of posts, and with the exception of 2, I think a majority of TRUE Star Wars AFOL'ers enjoy the Final Frontier from cockpit of the Millennium Falcon... or the bridge of a Star Destroyer as in my case! The two exception, one embracing the science of Roddenberry, the other not so much... Still, this leaves a clear consensus, in my opinion, that this stereotype is much to do about nothing. The latest installment of Star Trek left me bereft of only one thing... More! My only complaint... being that they should have gone small screen after relaunching the franchise. I stated this first, because I eat, breath, and spout Star Wars metaphors all the live long day. Heck... I am also a die hard Firefly and Battlestar nut... LOTR and Legend of the Seeker. I think to understand the rift that may appear to be between these two giants of the Galaxy, one needs to acknowledge there greatest differences. Star Trek embraces a "scientific" aspect. Roddenberry sought to expand our personal knowledge, while incorporating his own type of moral motifs. Lucas embraced the legendary, more fanciful aspect, while presenting them in a space opera format. George's newer films focus more heavily on equipment, warfare, and back-story than on the mythos of a bygone Jedi order. Still, a much richer story theme inspired from myths and moralities from the past is presented between those giant letter scrawls. I guess... For me at least, the escape has become the more meaningful muse, as the sciences can only ever be as good as the scientist whom discover them... Some theories die a "vi-o-lent deth", some go on to change our understanding of the cosmos... I happen to be a big proponent of the ion drive technologies NASA and other space agencies are developing for perhaps, one day, leave on our own sojourns towards galactic epics.
  7. Palin Jax

    Imperial monitoring station

    Impressive, mi lord Lion. We will begin mass-production of these prefabricated Imperial spy-posts and begin aggressive deployment of said installation in an attempt to quell the insurrection amoungst the denizenry of the Galactic Empire! Long live the Emperor.... Very nice design. I'm not usually one for mini's, but I make thee exception here.... It could be the whole Imperial thing though...
  8. Palin Jax

    Printed legs

    Speaking of which I just picked up (the pod bucket) at a consignment store with a moister vaporator set mixed in for $11.00. Ack... Now I remember why I passed on that bucket-o-slop the first time. And thanks for the info. I'm not as sure I like it... The larger helmet that is... But If Lego is teasing the Defender with it, it must be pretty nice. Heck, I really just want the Defender!
  9. Palin Jax

    Printed legs

    I agree. Another small problem, all of us AFOL army builders would go nuts trying to buy up replacement legs for our stormies if they did offer a bp off that nature. Just to get one pair off BL of printed stormie legs will set you back a pretty penny. Also, it makes sets like Imperial Inspection and Cloud City highly desirably because of those printed arms and legs. Try snagging a CC Boba... Lego has made them before for certain "important" characters, and while it wold be nice for all of the other SW minifigs... Lego is celebrating it's 10th anniversary in the line. They just started those aforementioned themes... It's would be the bley thing! I would watch the next few release, however, as they might swing in this new direction... I think the new Imp Pilot may be getting a new helmet, but it wouldn't "surprise" me any either to see printed legs... Although I can't think of the patterns they would use. After all, it's more like a jumpsuit anyway.
  10. Palin Jax

    CIS Hangar Diorama

    Very impressive! This should be used for a Lego stop motion film! Quality work!
  11. Palin Jax

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    Star has many sources listed on it, both EU and Canonical, ie the Films and now, by consensus, TCW. Just because it lists it on the site, this does not make it "canon". It just simply acknowledges that it exists, and can expand our Star Wars experience, as we are all now aware of the images existence. Mr. Lucas' original films scripts would then become canon by your definition... Anakin Starkiller would be canon. Heck, Lucas even dared the wraith of many a die hard OT fan by changing Anakin's on us... Even our Emperor... Boba Fett himself recieved a little tweaking. With that said, it is still a sweet image... Thanks very much for sharing it!
  12. Palin Jax

    The three SW sets you'd like TLG to release

    3. TIE Fighter Hangar. Redesigned TIE Fighters, perhaps 2, with a spherical command pod, (new parts needed) that could be suspended by wing pylons. Perhaps a wall for aesthetic appearances. A lifter to position the fighters in their respective racks. 1 TIE Bomber/Shuttle. 3 pilots, 2 Imperial technicians, 1 deck officer and 4 Storm Troopers. $125.00 2. UCS Imperial Inspection. Lambda class Shuttle, UCS Minfig design. 1 pilot, 4 Royal Guards, 1 Emperor, Darth Vader, Moff Jerrjerod, Admiral Piett, General Veers, (basically any officer so we could rack up some Imps! ) Ground equipment, 24 Stormtroopers with printed everything, $250 1. UCS Minifig Walking AT-AT. 5 speederbikes, 2 AT-AT drivers, General Veers, 20 Snowtroopers, and one that could actual house all that and still walk! Through snow even! $400 Long live the Empire!
  13. Palin Jax

    TIE Fighters

    This is my own, personal design...
  14. Salutations! I have been trying to make a definitive redesign of my own TIE command pod design over the last several months for my TIE RUMOR program, mainly to begin redesigning all of my custom fleet to match those standardizing ques. With all of the incarnation and new releases of the TIE series pod, Lego has been unsuccessful at capturing one of the key elements, the distinction if you will, of a TIE fighter and all it's variants. It is quite easy to build an X-wing or Delta 7b because all of these craft follow angular keys easily met by most standard brinks, although a few newer brink have been invented to follow a more distinctive trait. It surprises me that no one at Lego has thought to actual build a spherical pod. Most variants of the TIE series are wing redesigns, hence the reasoning for calling them all by the moniker arbitrative TIE. And now to the point. Lego should design 4 new half spherical mating bricks, 1X2 and 2X2 or 2X3 concave brick elements with matching concave inverses, to better reach the desired spherical pod effect. Since these elements could be used in a whole host of other applications, this would be a no brainer for the guru's of the geriatric plastic. Also, the front facial clear 6X6 brick with TIE windshield redesign would also be required to match. Another area of consideration would be a new hinge piece strong enough to withstand opening without constantly snapping off. I would like a TIE that could be hung in an under-pylon carrying harness so it would look more authentic. Thoughts?
  15. Palin Jax

    [Brick Flick] SWCG: The Animated Series

    Good... Good... About time someone took initative. We will shall watch for your creation with much interest...