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  1. Clonecommando007

    Holland 1944, Market Garden

    I came out of lurking to comment on this MOC, as I needed a study break, was looking for a military creation to peruse and this had no comments yet. As a big ABTF fan, the topic definitely grabbed my attention and the model does not disappoint! Items that stick out to me are the great looking pond with the off-colored green foliage, the angled barn which hits home the natural angles (or lack thereof) of this diorama, and the gratuitous amounts of irregular 1x1s which cement the natural feel. The choice to use tan for 'dirt' is great as it matches the uniforms of the allies, especially in the last overhead picture they really appear camouflaged.
  2. Clonecommando007

    MOC: Race to the Chopper

    A squad of ADU (Advanced Deployment Unit ) troopers is being chased by rebel "Reclaimers" to their evac point. The area has been overrun by rebels and the peacekeeping force is exfiltrating, but the rebels aren't letting them go without a fight. They have put a machine gun turret on a truck and even a mounted a light machine gun in the door of a light sports plane, and the Special Forces have been chased in their Puma Fast Attack Vehicle all the way to the extract point, where the chopper and it's crew have also been engaged by rebels. Will the Spec Ops in the Jeep make it into the chopper bed and lift off to safety, or will the rebels learn to shoot their rockets straight? DSCN0598 by Clonecommando007, on Flickr DSCN0600 by Clonecommando007, on Flickr DSCN0624 by Clonecommando007, on Flickr DSCN0607 by Clonecommando007, on Flickr Flickr Set Flickr Slideshow Comments and Criticism appreciated!
  3. Clonecommando007

    CH-106 Titan Helicopter

    Yea I got the idea for the color scheme from that line but honestly the yellow doesn't appeal to me so I left it out. With those kits you should for sure have enough to do a model like this! And I was going to take a picture of the internal system but opted not to. However; The rotors each have one of these gears that meshes with the main drive shaft: The main drive shaft has two of these gears; one for each rotor respectively: It takes a while playing around with the gears to figure it out but they end up meshing pretty well. I used plates with a round hole in the middle to steady the individual rotor technic pins, and of course the 1x2 round hole technic bricks to steady the main drive shaft. In order for the rotors to counterrotate (if you decide to build a dual rotor system like this they should) you just have to have the gearing face opposite directions. Aka on the front, the big gear's spokes face forwards to mesh with the rotor gear, and in the back the big gear's spokes face rearwards and mesh with the smaller rotor gear. Thus they counterrotate and at a very quick rate due to the size differential in gearing. Pretty much the first time I've worked too much with this so I am pretty proud of it.
  4. Clonecommando007

    CH-106 Titan Helicopter

    Over the past year or so I have succumbed to "Photo Block", being scared to take pictures of my creations because...I kinda suck at it. But I have been building the whole time! The Titan Helicopter is a heavy lift and transport helicopter, designed to operate directly in the battlesphere and conduct secondary missions as well. The cargo bay accomodates a Puma Fast Attack Vehicle, and a troop platform inside is fitted with a retractable minigun turret and door on either side. A rapel door is fitted in the helicopter, enabling the a line to be lowered by internal winch to carry equipment or conduct insertion or rescue missions. A knob on the back of the helicopter spins both rotor blades simultaneously in a counterrotating pattern, four revolutions per every one revolution of the knob. Features: - Opening Bay Door - Fits a Fast Attack Vehicle internally - Two retractable Minigun Turrets - Retractable Landing Gear - Dual Gear rotated rotors - Rapel Door opens on bottom - Internal Winch and Line system - Top slides off completely to reveal insides. Click the pictures to go to the flickr photos!
  5. Clonecommando007

    New General Grievous Figure for Trade

    The system will not allow you to receive messages either until you have the minimum post count, so just hit me up with a message whenever you have reached that point.
  6. Clonecommando007

    New General Grievous Figure for Trade

    I'm glad you are interested in trading, Jeff Lord! Just shoot me a PM once you have that post number down, thanks for the input Brickdoctor!
  7. Hello, I recieved the new Grievous starfighter for Christmas from my Grandparents, and being more into my own area of the SW universe than the canon plotline, I was uninterested in the Grievous minifigure. I used the parts from the fighter to make a military tiltrotor though. :P Anyways, I have this guy. (Picture from bricklink) ...for trade. Also I have all four lightsabers for trade WITH the figure! That's two blue and two green sabers, with the new style dull chrome hilts. The figure comes in a plastic wrap that has not been opened, so he is essentially MISB. If you want a high quality Grievous, get him here! Looking for: - Modern/Futuristic Brickarms weapons - World racers green minifigures (please tell me which set you have them from so I know which variation you have) - Space police / Astronaut new helmet style (grey or white) with visor - Old Team Extreme Minifigures (any color) This guy goes on bricklink for $20 without lightsabers! I would be willing to trade for even less of a value than that however, because I am nice. :) I am on the Eurobricks Straight shooter list, the FBTB straight shooter list, and the Clone Army Builders Guild Safe Traders list. Questions here, shoot me a PM if you want to trade!
  8. Clonecommando007

    [Comic] 222nd Legion Chronicles - Dedicated Topic

    A new creation by Clonecommando007? Yes indeed! The set for this comic was constructed last summer actually, and photography took place during the fall, and editing in mostly January. That's how busy I've been, a half a year from start to finish to get this done! Below are the links to the previous of my action comics in order, if you'd like to check them out. Arrival On Helioscaunt Holding the Line Airborne Flash Advance The Lost Boys Men Down Back In White I really wanted to do a comic with an airborne insertion, which is kind of what this comic is all about. Enjoy! No Soldier Left Behind I would naturally appreciate any comments! Thank you for viewing! ~Clonecommando007
  9. Clonecommando007

    MOC: "We should have blown it after we left..."

    Thanks for the compliments guys! This is my first good attempt at realistic city building and though I still have a while to go, I think I did pretty good on the coloring and set up.
  10. The conflict continues! The rebel SBLF (South Brikarea Liberation Force) has sent a fire team to destroy a police substation in a heavily populated suburban area. The explosion was well contained and only the substation was effected, but the inexperienced SBLF Sergant triggered the explosion before his troops were evaced from the area! The Government quickly responded with 'Dark' heavy weapons teams and sealed off the area. It's only a matter of time before they move in... Click the main image below to go to the Flickr Slideshow: "We should have blown it after we left Sergant! Now how are we gonna get out of here?" Assorted other images: This is the fifth 'Battlefield' Diorama I've done for this conflict, and clearly my best and most recent attempt. If you are intrested, you can gaze upon my sub-par vignettes I've created starting about 2 years ago and ending about 1 1/2 years ago. They are the first four folders in This Gallery. Comments and Criticism would be appreciated!!! ~Clonecommando007
  11. Clonecommando007

    Chrome Darth Vader Raffle

    Interesting way to pick the best Star Wars MOC's on the site!! 1. A falling comrade by Parchioso 2. Venator Star Destroyer by thire5 3. Forward Position by Davor 4. Bounty Hunter - The Artemis by Vimes 5. Separatist Landing Craft- Rook
  12. Clonecommando007

    [Comic] 222nd Legion Chronicles - Dedicated Topic

    Greetings! This is my seventh comic in my Legion Chronicles series, "Back in White". This is a direct follow-up to my sixth comic, 'Men Down'. However, to understand what is going on with the plot, you'll definantly need to read all of the previous comics in this series. On with the comic! Well that's the seventh comic. The 9th Cavalry has joined the battle for Subterraintropolis! Please provide comments and constructive feedback. :)
  13. Clonecommando007

    [Comic] 222nd Legion Chronicles - Dedicated Topic

    Greetings! This is 222nd Legion Chronicles: Men Down This is the sixth installment in my Chronicles series. Originally this comic was to be 31 images long, but I split it into two. The seventh comic has been prepared and is ready to be released, but this one builds up tension. Please read all prior comics, or you will be completely lost to some of the plot! Hope you enjoyed it! This comic is shorter compared to my other ones, but the plot builds with this and there is quite a bit to read in the begining. Comments and constructive criticism, as well as anticipation for the fighting scenes can go here! :)
  14. Clonecommando007

    Clone trooper annoyance

    As you pointed out, tanotrooper, it's all for the marketing. Lucas makes millions of dollars through hasbro sales. What is at the top of hasbro's star wars line? Action figures. Currently; clone action figures. Now, what kid just wants white troopers? Obviously hasbro is going to make millions more in profit if they sell different colored/armored troopers. Lucas started out sheer white and black during Episode II, then his eyes were opened and he saw that more moeny could be made with unlimited varieties of troopers.
  15. Clonecommando007

    Venator MOC

    This is very interesing, It's cool that you were able to build this all out of the AT-TE! Though the thrusters are a bit numerous, this looks very nice! Great work!