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  1. E.Nygma

    Your LEGO regrets

    My biggest Lego regret. Eating a brick seperator. Goes down smooth. Comes out hard.
  2. E.Nygma

    Non-Lego skills

    Im pretty fantastic at everything to be honest ;)
  3. E.Nygma

    [MOC] Trebuchet Emplacement

    Thats an amazing interpretation of my fav war machine!
  4. E.Nygma

    MOC of Jabba's Palace Doors..

    I prefer your simpler approach, especially love the partially opened variation! Shame Blu-Ray made this MASSIVE though.
  5. E.Nygma

    CAT2: Nightwing Hoverbike

    This blew my mind as I came in here expecting somthing related to Nightwing (Dick Grayson).
  6. Riddle me this!

    What gets wetter the more it dries?

  7. E.Nygma


    Love you long time <3
  8. E.Nygma

    MOC: Transforming Batmobile

    The last one lol!
  9. E.Nygma

    CAT 2 : Alfred's Tower

    Should have made it like the silverware closet from the Burton films. Looks great though :)
  10. E.Nygma

    CAT 1: Joker makes a withdrawal...

    Thats one deadly cheque he is cashing in ;)
  11. E.Nygma

    CAT 1: Burning down Wayne Manor.

    Looks great! Michal Cane has his work cut out for him there!
  12. E.Nygma

    CAT 2: The Horrible Henchman's Hopeless Home

    That guy has a dark knight ahead of him ;)
  13. E.Nygma

    MOC: Cabinet of Commissioner Gordon

    About time Gordon came out of the closet! Lol looks great :)
  14. E.Nygma

    CAT 1: Birth of Joker

    Ace! ;)