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  1. Purist Superhero Figures

    Made Cash Takinson from The Batman 2004-2008 animated series today. I think he worked out pretty well.
  2. Purist Superhero Figures

    Awesome! I really like your Mysterio, and Scorpion. Will you be making more Spidey villains after Lizard and Electro? Cause you're doing a great job so far!
  3. Can confirm. Got 5 of each color for the dual coloured legs yesterday.
  4. Purist Superhero Figures

    Got a bunch of those legs from Fun at the Beach. So I decided to make Phoenix and Dark Phoenix.
  5. DC Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    I ordered the legs just a couple days ago, so they are on bricks and pieces.
  6. Purist Superhero Figures

    If any of you are frequent Bricks and Pieces buyers, and want the 3 different legs from the city fun at the beach set, it's up. To help perfect your Deadshot, Flash, or whoever else. Just thought I'd mention it here.
  7. Not really licensed, but the parts from fun on the beach are available. So for those of you who want the dual coloured legs, now is the time.
  8. Purist Superhero Figures

    So I decided to make Blood Rose today. A green arrow villain that I haven't seen done. So here she is. Lemme know what you think! :)
  9. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Looks like I'll just be bricklinking Nya and Lloyd. Their arm print is the only interesting new pieces minifigure wise that really interest me. The villain figures are not very good, and I've never cared for builds..
  10. Purist Superhero Figures

    I've made Mammoth, Gizmo, and the Hive Queen from New 52 comics. https://www.flickr.com/photos/125931999@N02/albums/72157658988560195 is the album I have on flickr with the 3 of them.
  11. DC Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    Yikess. Well, I'll still be getting Raven just to say I have her, but I can definitely pass on that Starfire.. Either that or just order a regular head sometime.. Beast Boy's expression kind of works, but the torso and short legs are meh.
  12. Future DC Super Heroes Rumors & Speculation

    If these sets are indeed based upon Justice League Action, I think it would be kind of cool if Lex Luthor in the set was actually him as Repulse. The likelihood of it is very low, but I thought I'd point it out anyway. Anyway, very excited to get Killer Frost, Firestorm, Cheetah, and Reverse Flash!! My Flash rogues gallery is slowly growing. I love it! :)
  13. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Yeah I'll bricklink a couple of the ninja's, but other then that, it's really not worth it. These villain figs are really disappointing, and I have no need for the civvies. Oh well, I'll be saving lots of money.
  14. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    These sets are pretty underwhelming to be honest. I was hoping for some good villain figs, but they are all subpar at best. Oh well, guess I'll be saving some money this summer.
  15. Marvel Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    Bricklinking figs, as the builds are disturbingly bad. I already have some ideas for how to use those berserkers too! Awesome figs, but builds are crap.