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  1. RebelRock

    Castle Rockenstein

    I haven't measured but it looks about four feet(120cm) tall.
  2. RebelRock

    Castle Rockenstein

    Hello everyone! I haven't had time for posting on forums for a while due to life business. Luckily I have just enough time to get some building done now and then. This is castle Rockenstein. It's shape is mainly a ripoff of a portion of SchloƟ Lichtenstein castle. Adios!
  3. RebelRock

    King's Castle

    Hello Eurobricks! Here's my CCCVI castle entry. More detailed photos in my Brickshelf and Flickr soon. Here's the gallery. > Bam! Edit: I just had to deeplink this beautiful castle
  4. RebelRock

    Bay Castle

    Well, I had some pretty major problems to work out at the beginning of September but things seem to be getting back on track. Not building for a month was depressing and I don't recommend it. Also, I haven't checked in here at Eurobricks for a while. Hello everybody! Picture is Brickshelf gallery link. There's a few more shots that I'll upload later.
  5. RebelRock

    Calrissian Fortress

    A desert fortress to house my new faction, the Calrissians. :P Image is gallery when public. One side. Another side. Let's skip to the punchline. Some dudes. A brotha's gotta eat, don't he? Straight blingin'.
  6. RebelRock


    No, it wouldn't look right with the background and the way things are attached. Also, I wanted it all to be in focus.
  7. RebelRock


    B-V-1F When the Rapture comes, don't forget your monkey.
  8. RebelRock


    Only one shot. Note my highly original use of minifig hands in a MOC. Maybe someone on flickr will point out how revolutionary that technique is. I'm finally unveiling this bad boy after weeks of toiling at building this masterpiece.
  9. RebelRock

    Wizard's Castle

    Yep, pretty much studless. I like my structures to have a smooth look, not like an acne ridden teenager's face. I leave the studs for landscape, it adds contrast. Anyone who tries to whip me is going to get punched in the face.
  10. I kind of think that new armor looks dumb. It doesn't look very "castle" to me. Otherwise I'm liking that Tower Raid set. Lots of dark brown and other goodies. It has a lot of parts that make it worthwhile for MOCers to buy multiples of it.
  11. RebelRock

    Wizard's Castle

    Hell no. I'm tired of building this.
  12. RebelRock

    Wizard's Castle

    Image is gallery when public. Free Sample! Where did that come from? The castle. Rear. Some more rears.
  13. RebelRock

    One of those days...

    Image is gallery. Full Frontal. This guy. My bus. Alien hijinks. Two car pileup. Let the good times roll. Zombies. Broke down bridge. Grim Reaper(not the band) Snake Plissken Some bum with a cool hat. The real disaster.
  14. RebelRock

    Castle Month Caption Contest

    "You want me to stick this where???"
  15. RebelRock

    Undead Gentlemen's Club

    Where the undead go to wind down after a long day. Bone jokes welcome. $$$ $$$