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  1. Trexxen

    Hero Factory 2010

    Ironically enough, the 4l Technic Beam w/ cap is not new (it was used in some Atlantis sets, among other things I'm sure - I have some nearby right now), while I'm fairly sure that other part is at least new to Bionicle/Hero Factory, if not COMPLETELY new. I'm actually a fan of Von Nebula; his nearly-all-black with hints of blue color scheme is really nice, and those new armor parts with the spikes look like they have a lot of awesome uses. =D Aside from him and obviously Furno Bike, not a lot stands out to me, and even the bike will likely be a no-buy things to the absolutely atrocious price-to-part ratio. And by the way, to those of you that noted the Jimi Stringer/Jimi Hendrix thing, and the speakers/sine wave motif, two more things point to sonic power for him: One, the "barrel" of the weapon looks a LOT like a conventional conical speaker, and most importantly, two, the card shows his name as "Riff". <_< So folks, it looks like the black hero figures went from the power of rock to the POWER OF ROCK! =D ~Trexxen
  2. Trexxen

    Your dream Lego theme

    I'm sure someone's already posted it (hell, I may have at some point in the past XD), but I'd like to see a Warcraft license. (In general, my examples will likely be more geared to World Of Warcraft, but still.) Some general ideas on sets: -Alliance Battle Pack (Human, Night Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Draenei, and Worgen figures; a couple of mounts [Horse and maybe a buildable Mechanostrider?] and customizable armor sets for each class; about $20) -Horde Battle Pack (Orc, Troll, Forsaken/Undead, Tauren, Blood Elf, and Goblin figures; mounts [in this case, probably a Raptor and whatever the Goblin's mount will be, since I imagine it would be nice and mechanical too], and customizable armor sets for each class; again, about $20) -Small set ideas: Market stalls, City Gates, Mekgineer's Chopper -Medium set ideas: Blood Elf Outpost, Profession Shops (Like the Alchemy shop in Orgrimmar), perhaps a Dungeon boss room? -Large set ideas: Nerubian Ziggurat (perhaps a midi-scale Naxxramas?), Onyxia's Lair -Giant/UCS/Exclusive set ideas: Stormwind/Orgrimmar/Dalaran (small portions of course, like perhaps Stormwind Harbor, or Grommash Hold, or Runeweaver Square); The Frozen Throne (large open-roofed area; one section being the room where Frostmourne is located while the other being the actual Throne itself, with Arthas/The Lich King) Of course, that's just my nerdy side speaking. =D ~Trexxen
  3. Trexxen

    What are you listening to?

    I just listened to The Who's Super Bowl medley. It was amazing. Even if the vocals haven't aged very well, it was still an amazing song. =D (I hate football, and yet I watched the halftime show just for that. XD) ~Trexxen
  4. Trexxen

    Is your sig-fig similiar to you?

    Hmm...I don't think it looks particularly like me. The hair color is off (Sigfig is black, mine's dark brown), and I don't rock the awesome facial hair that it has (although I'm considering changing that)...however, the generally messy hair is right, as well as the outfit if I could find clothes like that. =P ~Trexxen (BTW: My sigfig's torso is Snake Oiler's.)
  5. Trexxen

    9 Year Old Suspended because of "LEGO" Gun

    Although I really feel for the principals (especially since there was a shooting at a school not far from where I live about a year ago), I really, REALLY believe that this is way overboard. I know schools aren't fair (5th grade, I got punched in the face, guess who got in trouble and who didn't?), but really? I'm glad the boy didn't get suspended and I hope that principal is forced to make a public apology...stuff like that can really mess with a kid, to see adults do something so [to them] horribly wrong and unfair and not be reprimanded. Just my two studs, though. ~Trexxen
  6. Trexxen

    Eurobricks Target Age Group

    Well, as to why younger members don't get watched if they don't say anything, that's because there's no feasible way for the mods/admins to know their age. =P But as for the rest of the argument, I think it all depends on how the member admits to their age. If, for instance, their sig says something like "14 and proud of it!" (and if anyone has that actually in their sig, uh...sorry XD), yes, I believe they should be potentially watched. However, in the same vein, if someone brings it up as part of a casual conversation or because they are asked, and plays it off coolly or doesn't make a big deal of it (Example: "...and since you asked, I'm 14"), then I feel that's acceptable and shows a bit of maturity. Basically, don't make a big deal of your age. If you walk around basically saying "HA! I'm 16 and I'm on an adults only site! Suck it!" then yeah, you're going to get watched/chambered/banned. But if you just play it cool, I don't see the big deal as long as it's not a focal point of a conversation. =P ~Trexxen
  7. Trexxen

    Do you like studs hidden or showing?

    Studs out all the way! I can see where it would make sense to cover the studs, such as on Atlantis-style MOCs (where preserving the smooth curves is important) or sleek futuristic models, but even then it somewhat detracts from the Lego aspect and turns it into something less...pure. I mean, don't get me wrong, tiles definitely have their place. However, I just like the more natural studded approach. Besides, I have an old house with old floors - if I put my minifigs on tiles, they'd never stay up when someone walked by! XD ~Trexxen
  8. I love the telescope, but I hate that it came in gold - not a big fan of that myself; especially for the pirates! Where did a lowly stranded pirate find a shiny gold eyepiece from?! It works for a high-ranking Imperial officer, though...but enough on that =P My three favorite parts, in order: 1. Admiral Torso - It's so awesome, and the best part, it's blue! It's my pirate sigfig's torso of choice, too. =D 2. The double-sided Soldier torso, and really all the double sided torsos in the line. They're all so awesome, but the little details on the soldier one make it the best! 3. This was tough, but in the end I had to go with the new printed Shako parts. Putting them in such cheap sets was a brilliant move; I'd love to see just how many of these they moved throughout 09! ~Trexxen
  9. *signs up* I just know this game is going to be excellent! =D And what better way to make a return than with my beloved bluecoats...<3 ~Trexxen
  10. Trexxen

    Lego Universe demo gameplay

    "where the Pirates have locked up their mortal enemies, the Ninjas" Buying this game now. =O Seriously though, this game looks amazing - and I'm only through Video 2! ~Trexxen
  11. Trexxen

    What are you listening to?

    Just throwing this link out here; it's from that album "Relics of the Chozo" I mentioned last post. It's quickly become my favorite song from the album (which, by the way, is designed to flow almost like one giant song - so if you like this, definitely get the album!), and if you like Metroid or Metal you should definitely give it a listen. =D (By the way, the whole album isn't metal, it's really an all-encompassing album - it goes from stuff I'd play with a thrash metal band to stuff I'd play with a marching band, and everything between =P) ~Trexxen
  12. Trexxen

    Eurobricks Target Age Group

    KimT, I think he means that we'd lose the TFOL members on the site that are able to actively participate in discussions and be mature about it. (Sorry for answering for you, Zuloo! =P) MetroiD and peterab are, to some extent, right; however, there are three problems with that rule. The first is, like Zuloo said, those TFOL exceptions that make the effort to get away from the stigma surrounding their age. Those people are living proof that age does NOT equal maturity; I've met preteens that are more capable of being respectful and contributing constructively than many adults, while I've met people well into their 20s and 30s that are incapable of finishing a sentence without messing it up badly. Secondly, as KimT pointed out, removing all the TFOLs from this site would get rid of a fairly significant portion of the members here. I'd hazard a guess that at least 20% of this forum is made up of TFOL members, and a good majority of them are great, insightful posters. And then finally there's the main problem, which has been brought up time and time again in this thread: It's statistically impossible to tell whether or not someone is being truthful about their age online. I could say I'm ten years old or thirty years old; that doesn't make either of them true, and yet, I could feasibly pull off an impression of either depending on how I choose to post. Unless this site begins requiring legal document proof of age upon signup (and even then, you could just get someone else's or use a fake ID), there will never be a time where the community is solely 18+. Oh, and just because I like irony (sorry peterab!): ~Trexxen
  13. Trexxen

    What are you listening to?

    Right now I'm on an Electric Six splurge; my favorite songs by them are Gay Bar, Improper Dancing, and Danger! High Voltage!. Other things I'm listening to right now include Relics of the Chozo (an AMAZING Super Metroid remix album; if you haven't heard it, look it up - even if you don't like Metroid, it's a real musical masterpiece and I love it so. =D), and Turn The Page (since I'm going to be singing it [both the Bob Seger and Metallica versions, but combined - gotta decide which vocal style to use...] for a contest soon...=D) ~Trexxen
  14. Trexxen

    Trexxen's Trade Topic!

    When I said small I mainly meant $10 or less, but some of those sets I've been looking for a long time anyways, so I'm shooting you a PM. =D ~Trexxen
  15. Trexxen

    MOC: The four things a man needs

    Haha, oh wow - that's brilliant! I've gotta say, I've heard that joke, but I've never imagined it as a MOC until now...simply brilliant! My favorite aspect of it, though, is that it may be a joke MOC, but it still has an impressive amount of detail in each scene. The cobblestone driveway, the uh...bottles in the bedroom, the oven, the fireplace - all of it is stuff that didn't have to be there to make the joke work, but it still is. Great job on this; I'm going to go check out the rest of them ~Trexxen