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    I have a great interest in Lego and enjoy being able to build MOCS to explain a message. I am mainly a Lego Pirates fan, but I also enjoy Star Wars, Harry Potter, Castle, Vikings, and Orient Expedtion.


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  1. Hiawatha

    [MOC] HMS Victory

    Excellent job on this MOC! I really like the detail you put inside it.
  2. Hiawatha

    Hovel of the Bride

    Very creative idea and I like the story that goes with it. Islander MOCs are always fun! PS: That VOC coin is incredible!
  3. Hiawatha

    Pirates Lagoon

    That's very neat that you based it off of a Playmobil set. It turned out great!
  4. Hiawatha

    Big Redcoat

    That's amazing, congrats on this build!
  5. Hiawatha

    French Spanish Skirmish

    This is a very creative scene and the figures are perfect.
  6. Hiawatha

    Hut and Statue

    Very unique and excellent build.
  7. Hiawatha

    Polacca: the Beauty

    Excellent work on the ship and the story!
  8. Hiawatha

    Pirates Era Minifigures

    I agree, he is my favorite figure. Excellent work.
  9. Hiawatha

    MOC: HMS Phoenix

    Very nice vessel. I really like the custom cannon.
  10. Hiawatha

    Spanish Mission

    Sorry for the late reply, I was away. Thank you for all of the comments and I appreciate it being Blogged. I wanted to go with an all white colorscheme for this one and I did try and make it have a lot of playability as I do most of my MOCs. For more information on this MOC, I really wanted to try and do something historic realating to Florida. I figured a mission would be prefect in the fact that I had the type of pieces that can pull off that look. Tha Alamo in Texas was a loose model for this church.
  11. Hiawatha

    Spanish Mission

    [pid][/pid]217A As the sun sets on 16th Century Florida, a Spanish captain seeks spiritual peace at the local Catholic Mission. Pictures: Here is the mission. Other view A Spanish soldier stands guard in the grass. Entrance. Side view of the mission The Spanish captain enters the mission The priest and a statue of Joseph in the back. A monk and the Holy Water. The inside of the building. The roof workings and the cross I hope you enjoyed this. I wanted to create something using the Armada theme and I thought this worked out well. Thanks for reading!
  12. Hiawatha

    [Brickshelf Find] Lighthouse

    Thanks for sharing this! I like the little toy ship and the bird's nest.
  13. Hiawatha

    WIP: Matterhorn

    I like the fact that you topped off the decks with the smooth tiles. Judging by the colorscheme of the ship, are you planning on making it American?
  14. Hiawatha

    MOC: Ghostbusters Containment Grid

    I love this movie! Those figures are very accurate as well.
  15. Hiawatha

    MOC: Berlin 1939

    Excellent MOC, I really like the train.