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    [MOC] HMS Victory

    Excellent job on this MOC! I really like the detail you put inside it.
  2. Hiawatha

    Hovel of the Bride

    Very creative idea and I like the story that goes with it. Islander MOCs are always fun! PS: That VOC coin is incredible!
  3. Hiawatha

    Pirates Lagoon

    That's very neat that you based it off of a Playmobil set. It turned out great!
  4. Hiawatha

    Big Redcoat

    That's amazing, congrats on this build!
  5. Hiawatha

    French Spanish Skirmish

    This is a very creative scene and the figures are perfect.
  6. Hiawatha

    Hut and Statue

    Very unique and excellent build.
  7. Hiawatha

    Polacca: the Beauty

    Excellent work on the ship and the story!
  8. Hiawatha

    Pirates Era Minifigures

    I agree, he is my favorite figure. Excellent work.
  9. Hiawatha

    MOC: HMS Phoenix

    Very nice vessel. I really like the custom cannon.
  10. Hiawatha

    Spanish Mission

    Sorry for the late reply, I was away. Thank you for all of the comments and I appreciate it being Blogged. I wanted to go with an all white colorscheme for this one and I did try and make it have a lot of playability as I do most of my MOCs. For more information on this MOC, I really wanted to try and do something historic realating to Florida. I figured a mission would be prefect in the fact that I had the type of pieces that can pull off that look. Tha Alamo in Texas was a loose model for this church.
  11. Hiawatha

    Spanish Mission

    [pid][/pid]217A As the sun sets on 16th Century Florida, a Spanish captain seeks spiritual peace at the local Catholic Mission. Pictures: Here is the mission. Other view A Spanish soldier stands guard in the grass. Entrance. Side view of the mission The Spanish captain enters the mission The priest and a statue of Joseph in the back. A monk and the Holy Water. The inside of the building. The roof workings and the cross I hope you enjoyed this. I wanted to create something using the Armada theme and I thought this worked out well. Thanks for reading!
  12. Hiawatha

    [Brickshelf Find] Lighthouse

    Thanks for sharing this! I like the little toy ship and the bird's nest.
  13. Hiawatha

    WIP: Matterhorn

    I like the fact that you topped off the decks with the smooth tiles. Judging by the colorscheme of the ship, are you planning on making it American?
  14. Hiawatha

    MOC: Ghostbusters Containment Grid

    I love this movie! Those figures are very accurate as well.
  15. Hiawatha

    MOC: Berlin 1939

    Excellent MOC, I really like the train.
  16. Hiawatha


    Wow, this is an excellent build. Is it Dutch?
  17. Hiawatha

    Tower Bridge Ready for the Olympics!

    I agree, excellent idea.
  18. Hiawatha

    LEGO Team GB Minifigures Discussion

    I was able to pick some up at Heathrow Airport in London. They are excellent figures, I was really stunned when I found them since I had never heard of them before. The gymnast is my favorite figure. I love the Team GB Lion logo.
  19. Hiawatha

    French sloop, Sophie

    The smooth tiles for the decks give the ship a very realistic look. Excellent job!
  20. Hiawatha

    la Flora de Muerta

    Excellent designs! Great ship overall.
  21. Hiawatha

    Tall Ships Races 2012

    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing these.
  22. Hiawatha

    Finnished 3 regiments

    This is amazing! I really like your Ney figure.
  23. Hiawatha


    I really like everything about this ship. The naming is excellent as well.
  24. Hiawatha

    Golden Whale

    The decoration on this ship is fantastic. Excellent work on the vessel and the battle going on inside it.
  25. Hiawatha

    Islanders Rocks

    I love the catamaran.