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  1. Bricksbypidy

    Settlement: Port Raleigh, Annetta, Corrington

    Lotii Garden, Port Raleigh Large Art & Culture, but will not be licensed.
  2. Bricksbypidy

    [COR - FB - GOC] Lotii Garden, Port Raleigh

    Yeah! I really like the GOC system. It gives me some direction/task to create new stuff. It helps me a lot!
  3. 8. The Lotii Connection - Task 1 - Lotii Garden, Port Raleigh Will not be licensed. (Port Raleigh)
  4. A snapshot of a Lotii Garden in Port Raleigh. It shows some Lotii inhabitants enjoying the peaceful vibe of a colorful, green environment. It's based on the traditional Eastern Asia Lotii culture. --- Unfortunately will not be licensed. Completing GoC task 8.1 The Lotii Connection with this build. Property type: Large Art and Culture (but cannot be licensed, because I have reached the maximum) Dimensions: 98 x 82 studs Total parts: ~12,700 Credits: - Path technique by Toltomeja (Flickr)
  5. Bricksbypidy

    [ SR - FB ] The Cocovian Job : Part 2

    Nice little moc! Love the night scene with the lighting!
  6. Bricksbypidy

    [Lotus - Seawatch campaign] Counterstrike.

    Haha.. I like the tree costumes! Well done! What program did you use? Are these just print screens or actual renders?
  7. Bricksbypidy

    [COR - FB - GOC] Horse logging, Elizabethville

    @evancelt @NOD @Justsomebrix @Jeff of Clubs @Kai NRG @Fraunces Thanks all for your positive feedback! Glad you like it! @Kwatchi @Captain Braunsfeld Thanks for the compliments! About the snow.... we had some snow before in Elizabethville: (but yes maybe some kind of climate changes )
  8. Large Artisan Horse Logging, Elizabethville Licensed by @Bricksbypidy
  9. Bricksbypidy

    Oleon - Kojima settlement

    Love the curved roof design! Well done! Nice longhouse!
  10. 9. Equines for Elizabethville - Task 3 - Horse logging, Elizabethville Completed 3 out of 3 for this task. Will be licensed as a Large Artisan in Elizabethville by @Bricksbypidy.
  11. Peter Nash (architect) was still in Elizabethville. After winning the horse race in the hippodrome, he was now visiting an old friend deep in the woods. The weather had turned. A lot of snow had fallen. This did not stop his friend from going about his day job. He, Richard Lynn Carpenter, was a forestry worker near Elizabethville. Elizabethville was known for the best horses in the world, and these animals were also used extensively in forestry. They helped the lumberjacks transport chopped trees, also known as horse logging. Meanwhile, Peter Nash enjoyed a well-earned whiskey by the fireplace in Richard's wooden cottage. You may have seen his hat and scarf hanging next to the front door... --- Will be licensed as a Large Artisan in Elizabethville, by @Bricksbypidy. Completing GoC task 9.3 Equines for Elizabethville with this build. Finished 3 out of 3 for this task. Property type: Large Artisan Dimensions: 66 x 66 studs Total parts: ~10,500 Credits: - None
  12. Great massive digital build! Love it! Sometimes it feels a bit too much repetition. My advice would be to let the minifigures be a little more unique, for example the pose: arms, legs, direction of view of the head. But overall, really cool build!
  13. 9. Equines for Elizabethville - Task 2 - Hippodrome, Elizabethville Will be licensed as a Royal Art & Culture in Elizabethville, by @SilentWolf The build will be purchased by @SilentWolf
  14. Will be licensed as a Royal Art & Culture in Elizabethville, by @SilentWolf The build will be purchased by @SilentWolf
  15. "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new hippodrome of Elizabethville! Today we present to you a competition between four factions. In lane 1 Fabio Montinelli starts on behalf of Eslandola! In lane 2 I present to you Fabrice Dubois the forward man for Oleon! In lane 3 is starts on behalf of Corrington, Sir Peter Nash, Knight in the Order of Corrington! A highly skilled horseman. And finally in lane 4, Cromwell Huckabee will defend the honor of the Sea Rats!" *Cheering Audience* "Are all participants ready?! In 3, 2, 1, start!" And there they go! Cromwell Huckabee takes charge! At the first corner he distances himself more and more from the other three participants. Fabio Montilelli and Sir Peter Nash follow, followed by Fabrice Dubois!" *Screaming and cheering men and women* *Sea Rats supporters of Cromwell Huckabee go quiet... very quiet...* "Oh no! What's going on here...!! Summer Flower, Cromwell's horse comes to an abrupt halt! With a thump, Cromwell Huckabee falls to the ground. Summer Flower is leisurely nibbling on a juicy dandelion! Trying with all his might Cromwell still trying to push Huckabee into motion, but to no avail..." *Cursing Sea Rats in the stands* "Fabio Montinelli and Sir Peter Nash approach in the background, with Fabrice Dubois in tow. They pass Cromwell Huckabee, who pushes against the horse's bum, sighing and puffing. But to no avail..." *Unintelligible chants by angry Sea Rats* "Sir Peter Nash comes alongside Fabio Montinelli with the finish line already in sight! Peter encouraged his horse again and with a last effort he squeezed out another powerful final sprint." *A frenzied crowd of Corrington supporters* "And after a spectacular race, Sir Peter Nash, on behalf of Corrington, is finally the first to cross the finish line! Followed by Fabio Montinelli (Eslandola) and shortly behind him, Fabrice Dubois (Oleon). Cromwell Huckabee (Sea Rats) finally finished a few minutes later, when his horse Summer Flower trudged across the finish line satisfied." --- Will be licensed as a Royal Art & Culture in Elizabethville, by @SilentWolf The build will be purchased by @SilentWolf Completing GoC task 9.2 Equines for Elizabethville with this build. Property type: Royal Art & Culture Dimensions: 142 x 111 studs Total parts: ~14,000 Credits: - None