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    [MOC] LEGO Group's Köf Ⅱ

    Hello. This is my first post, so let me tell you about my story. When I was elementary school, fascinated 12v trains by watching nickname2002's #7740 speed build video. However, as you know they're not sold in Asia (including Japan where I live), so it was very difficult to get them. I've been wanted them over 10 years, so last year finally started collecting parts from BrickLink and eBay to copying sets and making MOCs. LEGO Group's Köf Ⅱ by Kento Tanaka, on Flickr LEGO Group's Köf Ⅱ by Kento Tanaka, on Flickr This LEGO Group's Köf Ⅱ is the latest MOC. Original locomotive used from 1987 to 2002 at LEGO GmbH in Hohenwestedt, Germany. This is the first 8 studs wide train I made. LEGO Group's Köf Ⅱ by Kento Tanaka, on Flickr This is an updated build of the rendering image I entered in Brick Train Awards 2022. LEGO Group's Köf Ⅱ by Kento Tanaka, on Flickr I watched a video of the 12v Crocodile MOC by @HoMa and impressed with it running with 70's pickups and technic motors. I inspired by it, wanted build a locomotive using same motor. This is what it turned out to be, and lucky it was cheaper than normal pack motor. When I making a 12v train MOC, my concept is to incorporate the latest parts and expand the range of expression while creating a style that is appropriate for the “gray era”. So I use parts from wide range of eras, from 70's printed bricks to modern brackets. This shows the high compatibility of LEGO bricks. The wheels are also appear from the 2006 “RC era” with technic axle hole, but the steps and cab are very low, so they works well without spoiling the visual. But it has 2 drawbacks. First, due to low power of the motor, it's the limit to pull 2 wagons. (couldn't down gear for lack of space!) Second, there is no place for minifigure in the cab due to the wiring from pickups. (so I put only torso and head in the cab) LEGO Group's Köf Ⅱ by Kento Tanaka, on Flickr Lastly, I built 2 #7823 container wagon copies and LEGO containers. I don't think I've actually pulled these wagons, but they looks great and I love them. LEGO Group's Köf Ⅱ by Kento Tanaka, on Flickr The container probably holds a full load of LEGO sets… Thank you for reading to the end.
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    [MOC] LEGO Group's Köf Ⅱ

    @zephyr1934 Thank you! They are old parts, so it was difficult to find individuals with less damage. I have a lot of scratched spares in my house
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    [MOC] LEGO Group's Köf Ⅱ

    @Duq It was fun to see other works! Great gallery. Oh, I didn't know about that. I will replace immediately.
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    [MOC] LEGO Group's Köf Ⅱ

    @Shiva That's right. Employee overloaded the sets @Feuer Zug Thanks for the comment! The Wolfpack fits the story perfectly. @Selander Thank you! @XG BC I'm glad you said so! Yes, building MOC is always a fight against space.