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  1. Benk

    EB Pirates News - Edition 1

    Thanks everyone for the positive feedback! Took me like 10 minutes Then again I only took some pics... credit really goes to the CGH and Tiber - Nice work guys -Benk
  2. Benk

    Port teasers

    Troops have arrived!!!!!!!!! I am just adding them now.... @Infomaniac: the cave turns a corner actually and comes out the back with a treasure store Pictures will come soon.... -Benk
  3. Benk

    Port teasers

    Thanks! @Wes: I live in the uk and know nothing of those lots -Benk
  4. Benk

    Port teasers

    Well I am finished everyone . I am bidding on some troops at the moment, when I get some I will take pics and make a proper thread for it. here is a taster: -Benk
  5. Benk

    MOC: German BR 22 Steam Engine

    Fantastic detailing throughout Captain. Good job -Benk
  6. Benk

    Dr. Able Tosplice, Ph.D.

    Diggin that microscope! good work SirNadroj I also see the new Obi-Wan hair piece -Benk
  7. Benk

    Good red paint

    Thanks Hinckley. The marker didnt work wonders but not to fear because I have found a way to do it without the dishes and it looks pretty good. Guess it wasnt that important -Benk
  8. Benk

    Good red paint

    Thanks guys, I have bought some permanent markers and if they don't work I shall go out and find the right paint. -Benk
  9. Ok I need help here The 3 x 3 dish does not come in red and I desperately need one for my new top secret project. I was wondering if any of you had found a perfect TLC red paint out there or at least a very close match. Please this is important to me . -Benk
  10. Benk

    Port teasers

    Update #1. -Benk
  11. Benk

    Port teasers

    Thanks for the positive coments I am still making good progress - I even have a lighthouse now! Thanks! I actually was talking to Captain Greenhair and he said I might be able to have it in the story. Please let me know if you don't, but I think it could work Um... I haven't ordered it right yet, I am still working out exactly what I need so this can be my last order. -Benk
  12. Benk

    Port teasers

    As promised here is my teaser thread . It should be finished after 1 bricklink order and a bit of time so stay tuned. These pics dont give away too much but they give an idea of what it will look like: -Benk
  13. Benk

    Matrix helicopter

    Good idea! Although in this particular scene Morpheus just has a black shirt on. But this will not be my last Matrix moc...... -Benk
  14. Benk

    Matrix helicopter

    Thanks everyone ! I have made some changes already: the tail is longer, the minigun is way more movie accurate (shorter barrel), skids look a lot better and are more sturdy, the cockpit has an interior, the thing in the middle of the rotors is more detailed and I am detailing the main interior. @JimButcher: Wait till you see the new gun! Pics will be taken of figs once I finalise them. I need to get a Catwoman torso for Trinity and make a face decal for Morpheus @Darth_Legois: 1. A Black Hawk is a much longer helicopter 2. I am leaving the windscreen as it is. Maybe if you could say what is wrong with it I may change it but it was quite hard to get the shape -Benk
  15. Benk

    Matrix helicopter

    Here is my bell 212 helicopter off the Matrix It is not quite finished yet and I apolagise for the low quality picture. C&C welcome as it will probably be a while before I refine it and take pictures. -Benk