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  1. Yup. Bought series 1 Mixels and an Evil Business Lair from them at 20%-off as I had missed easy access in store specials on those sets. Lair is still on backorder but my Mixels arrived in a couple of days via courier (left at my PO as I wasn't home). Shipping was about $7 I think - covering the two deliveries. No hassles so far, so long as my Lair turns up this week as projected. Theyre based in outer eastern burbs of Melbs. And yes, I thought the rescue set was a TRU exclusive? Could be wrong.
  2. Thanks for the replies about the construct o mech pricing.
  3. Do we know what the Aus RRP of the Constructo-Mech is going to be?
  4. Apparently they were there on display at the launch at Coles but my person didn't know what the deal was with that set (he only went along to look and wait in the line because I'd asked him to!)...
  5. No provs :) Hmm my person works in corporate there so didn't have any idea... My guess would be no, perhaps get chummy with your local CE franchisee/owner/manager!
  6. For OzBen and those who were interested... link to some photos my 'insider' took at the Coles Express Launch... (didn't think it worthy to create a new thread seeings everyone who was talking about it is in this thread anyway, and it's evidence of a 'deal' ) http://www.flickr.com/photos/94113151@N08/
  7. Btw have a photo of the F1 if anyone is interested I can post when I get home...
  8. Yes, my reliable family member told me one of the polys he saw has three minifigs in it, so hopefully that'll be that one? He also confirmed all those other details as written above . Also, he was lucky enough to have his photo taken in the car! Which I have to say looked pretty impressive! He thought the car sets weren't very impressive though....
  9. [quote name=TanTile' timestamp=' 1363076348' post='1540466] A little info I have Just found out from a friend who works at a Coles express store... Tomorrow at their head office there will be a fullsize F1 race Car made from Lego to promote something to do with the Grand Prix here in Melbourne, apparently Coles express will have some sort of Lego Promo going... more details as I get them... As I've a family member who works at head office I'll be able to find out if that's true today!
  10. DrWeevil

    Occupation thread

    I'm intruiged! What does that actually entail? We don't have those here in Aus...
  11. No TMNTat Doncaster Myer, though their selection usually stinks
  12. Given the Emerald Night and other trains have been Myer exclusives, along with the other 'adult' exclusives like sculptures. Given that, I'd say it's a pretty safe bet it'll be a Myer exclusive!
  13. Myer - until Monday its Buy 2 get 1 free on toys. Go! Spend!
  14. Agree! If they put up some of the others I'll buy from there! If you do want to do a pooled order at some stage, drop me a PM. I've done group buys with a couple of Melb folks before...
  15. I could be interested, but I'm thinking I might wait and see for a bit to see if they list some of the other sets as well, for if they do and they're at US retaion, I might pick up a couple. They've put up all the LoTR ones, but I don't know what the timeline was for them adding those sets to the store to then predict what will happen with the Hobbit sets... Actually you could add in some of the new DC sets to that list too... Still kicking myself that I ummed and aahed too long when this set was 25% off at Amazon UK :-/