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    HMS Surprise WIP

    1/4/2012-- Stared working on hull 2/4/2012-- Started lower deck and gun deck 3/4/2012-- Finished lower deck and gun deck, started weather deck 22/5/2012-- Modified broadsides 22/5 - 27/5/2012-- Modify hold and gundeck Most recent update Thats the main hatch and the stairs After watching POTC last year, I was in love with sailing ships, well, particularly the Endeavour featuring in the film. Since then, I've been building up my knowledge of it, from absolutely ZERO at the beginning to a tiny little bit now. I then bought the 10210, and apply what I know to modify it by rigging the whole ship and adding sails et al. By that time, I've always wanted to build a ship of my own and when I finish watching Master and Commander, I just couldn't resist the charm of the surprise so I decided that I might be wanting to build it. As I've never tried it before (except the failed Constitution I've done), I would like to share my whole proccess with you, from LDD to the real deal, to let me have some feedbacks from you.
  2. hobbes5a

    English warship "Revenge" from 1577 in minifigscale 1:50

    The mere idea of finishing this in just 9 months awestrucks me. Such AMAZING detail and proportion! As Sebeus said, enlighten us please.
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    HMS Surprise WIP

    No, it seems................
  4. hobbes5a

    HMS Surprise WIP

    Really really really bad news guy: I've lost my LXF file of the ship......which means i have to start from scratches again :(
  5. hobbes5a


    Oh this is all coming together nicely but it is a bit of a mess at the bow. I think you could reduce the number of bricks used so that it would look less messy and complicated. (IMO some are not necessary) Keep it up!!
  6. hobbes5a

    Do you have a MOC that has not been indexed?

    here it is, thanks! http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=75284
  7. hobbes5a

    HMS Surprise WIP

    Thx, will try that on this coming weekend. (I am thinking about uploading the LXF file so that you all could have a clearer idea...) No worries, I sort of get it, will try that out. Thx=]
  8. hobbes5a

    Merchant Brig: Sptifire

    [pid][/pid] 143C Avast mateys!! The story goes like this: So I was bored today and I started cleaning my 10210 (which in Hong Kong could gather TONS of dust in a short period) and eventually it got obliterated because of my aggressive cleaning methods. So I started building this brig using parts from it. (it's not as you can see, but..um...you know, I only used parts from 10210) (lol) And sorry for the blurry photos... Enough guff, I'll let the pictures speak. the stern the hold and spare guns and the weather deck C&C are always welcomed!! =]
  9. hobbes5a

    HMS Surprise WIP

    Hi guys, long time no see. Gonna need some help here. As you can see, there is a huge gap here and here I've tried to close the first one with normal plates but, sadly, it didn't work. As for the second one, I have no idea what to do. Thanks in advance!! =]
  10. hobbes5a

    Spanish Galleon Project (WIP)

    conquistador!! That reminds me of Pirate of the Burning Sea...lol Anyway, it's a very nice galleon and keep it up! Although IMO your black to brown ratio in the mass is not very accurate.
  11. resolution = 1024x768 no Idea where to find that. Firefox 15.0.1
  12. hobbes5a

    Invert Island

    You're a GENIUS!!!!
  13. hobbes5a

    Merchant Brig

    Impressive! You're such a talented builder with loads of ideas and always come up with new techniques! Really hope to see the youtube video as promised, lol.
  14. hobbes5a

    Spanish Galleon Project (WIP)

    The bow looks marvelous, love the stripes and the technique! Really Hope to see more pics.^^ And good luck with the rest of the ship!
  15. hobbes5a

    [MOC] HMS Victory

    I think this is a really adorable moc. ( really, cute.) But aren't the flag should be like this? http://www.britishflag.us/downloads/print/uk-royal-navy1.jp
  16. hobbes5a

    [MOC] Midi-Scale Venator V.2

    This is truly amazing, it's even better than some larger scale models! Good job! It really shows all the key features of the real one.
  17. hobbes5a

    [Flickr Find ]Pointe Pescade Lighthouse

    What a great find! The Lighthouse is cool and the rocks are real realistic. However, the sloop (judging with the masts) is quite absurd(IMO) because a sloop would not have a rear castle (forgot the name ).
  18. hobbes5a

    [WIP] Desmond's Revenge

    Are u using parts from 10210?? Looks great!
  19. hobbes5a


    I'm first to comment!! Like the idea of recoil very much, the whole set is quite natural too. Keep it up! (I am also planning the carronades on my Surprise)
  20. Well actually that's a find from a Hong Kong LEGO forum called minifigs.net that I figure might interest you. The colosseum was made by member rack911. Here it is - minifigs.net
  21. hobbes5a

    HMS Surprise WIP

    This is the most recent update, reworked on the hold and the gundeck, as well as the great cabin. There won't be updates until April 2013 since I need to have my public examination (HKDSE) .....sigh... But um... anyway, here it is. C&C are always welcomed.
  22. hobbes5a

    Class II Imperial Star Destroyer "Avenger"

    This is so AWESOME!!! Great detail with full interior! Love it! :wub:
  23. hobbes5a

    Flying Dutchman

    Wow! 100 minifigs on board is cool! And congrats for the 1000 milestone! EDIT: The woody at the gunport is a nice touch.
  24. hobbes5a

    Dutch VOC ship the Prins Willim, minifig scale!

    That's a truly EPIC project! Hope that everything's going smoothly on your new house so that you can start working on her again.