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  1. Thank you all. Secretly I also find the building in Lego more beautiful than the building in real life :-). It is almost an ideal building to rebuild. I've been inside. That will be quite a project to get it just as beautiful as the facade.

    And indeed, the building is built in Neo-Renaissance architecture.

  2. Hereby my gigantic facade of the Stadsgehoorzaal (music hall) in Leiden, the Netherlands. I really enjoyed it because there were many details in the facade to recreate. In the future I hope to extend this building by making the concert room with a large orchestra. :-)










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  3. Thanks.

    I have to admit that it is not possible to turn the mill in a circle of 360 degrees (although technically it is possible). Because there is too much "landscape" such as water, fences and the vegetable garden it is not possible. In my lego world the landcape goes before practical issues :classic:

  4. This moc is inspired by an old typical Dutch mill called Kikkermolen (frogmill). Dated from 1747.

    Always when I passes the mill on my bike I thought, what a sweet tiny beautiful red mill. Let's recreate it with bricks :-).


















  5. Hi all, when I was kid a played a lot with lego. For many years I'm a adult now and 3 years ago I found out that you can actually buy single bricks. I really didn't know that before (whaah). My imagination went sky high and exploding with all the posiblitities/ideas/creations I had in my mind since I was a kid. I really like creating moc's of historical buildings. This month the Colosseum is released. Very very cool set, but I rather made it myself :-).

    Very soon I want to share my historical city (which was inspired by buildings from Amsterdam and Leiden, Netherlands) which I made over the past 3 years.

    Below a sneak preview.