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  1. I have the feeling that we could see Lego Bad Batch sets next year or 2022 depending on what their plan is for the future.
  2. CT-88 Demotan

    Quick question

    Hi. I'm new here and I'm wondering if there are anywhere on this site where I can upload Lego Star Wars fanart? I've made drawing of Clone Trooper minifigures that I want to share.
  3. CT-88 Demotan

    Future Star Wars Sets

    My hopes and dreams for the next CW/PT era sets: Clone Battle Pack ($14.99 USD) Main Vehicle: BARC Speeder with Side Car Minifigures: x1 332nd Clone Trooper, x1 212th Clone Trooper, x1 "Shiny" Clone Trooper and either x1 Clone Shock Trooper or x1 Mace Windu's Clone Trooper Mandalorian Battle Pack ($14.99 USD) Main Vehicle: Mandalorian Speeder Minifigures: x1 Mandalorian Super Commando, x1 Horned Mandalorian Super Commando, x2 Night Owl Mandalorians (One male and one female). Republic Y-wing ($39.99-$49.99 USD) Main Vehicle: Blue Republic Y-Wing Bomber Minifigures: Ahsoka Tano, Captain Rex (Updated P2 Armor), ARC Trooper Jesse, R7-A7 (Updated version). Republic AT-TE ($99.99 USD) Main Vehicle: AT-TE Minifigures: x1 332nd Clone Trooper, x1 501st Clone Trooper, Bo-Katan, x1 Night Owl Mandalorian, x1 Mandalorian Super Commando Bad Batch Shuttle ($69.99 USD) Main Vehicle: Havoc Marauder Minifigures: Sergeant Hunter, Clone Commando Wrecker, Clone Commando Tech, Clone Commando Crosshair, Experimental ARC Trooper Echo