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  1. Masquerade

    Lego deterioration?

    I’ve read on this and is it the same luster as lego? For some reason I’m a nit picker sadly :(
  2. Masquerade

    Lego deterioration?

    I mean I’ve noticed it happen a lot with my Star Wars figures and I’ve only really started collecting 2 years ago.
  3. Masquerade

    Lego deterioration?

    Have you tried doing the nail varnish? I am tempted to but I just don’t want them to end up getting brittle and breaking.I hate being so OCD about this type of stuff.
  4. Masquerade

    Lego deterioration?

    Im not sure if this is a problem to anyone else but searching around the web has not yielded anything recent. But does any one else notice minifigures tend to get loose even when not played with? I guess call me a control freak but I’ve noticed several of my figures tend to get flimsy ie their arms and legs getting super loose. I realize it’s plastic and not meant to last forever, but these haven’t been played and I bought all of them brand new there is no direct sunlight hitting them and they are always in a room control temp home. Just yesterday I noticed my Anakin hair piece from set 75214 is not even clutching on to the head properly. Sigh how good is the clear nail polish technique I don’t want to ruin any minifigs accidentally.