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  1. SpiralSJ

    REVIEW: 3221 City Truck

    Finally got a chance to get this set! I'm getting 2 from Amazon right now!
  2. SpiralSJ

    Modular Madness: Parking Tower

    This is interesting, unlike other mocs which focus on residential buildings. I like your idea and will buy it over the 4207 garage. Good job man!
  3. SpiralSJ

    LEGO Superheroes 2012 Rumours & Discussion

    Wow, thanks for the info! But isn't the offer valid only till the 10th of August? "Offer is valid August 1st until August 10th 2012, or while supplies last only". It is stated in that same link you showed. Also, is the offer only valid when you purchase a Superheroes set, not any other themes? Thank you!
  4. SpiralSJ

    Your dream Lego theme

    Hi all LEGO fans, Just wondering what you guys think of turning the number 1 manga in Japan, One Piece, into a licensed LEGO series. I'm a big fan of LEGO as well as One Piece. Seeing this come to life would be a dream come true. Just wanna hear your opinions!
  5. SpiralSJ

    Review: 6866 Wolverine's Chopper Showdown

    Haha love this set! I got mine a month ago but haven't fixed it yet cos' I've run out of shelf space. Really wanna get the Quinjet soon. Really hoping to see more Xmen-centric sets in future! Storm, Gambit, Beast, Nightcrawler, Juggernaut, and hopefully a masked Wolverine!
  6. SpiralSJ

    Which set should I buy?

    hey. thanks! actually i've skipped every set except for wolverine's chopper showdown because I adore the X-men. Haha. This also means that I don't have any Avengers minifigures. I was actually thinking of buying a larger set which contains more minifigs so i won't get repeats, and i was tied between the helicarrier and quinjet. but i guess i'll go for the quinjet because i don't really like the hulk and i think the quinjet is built cooler. haha. and also because i'm in singapore, the polybags that are shipped from the US really cost a bomb here. Yep, that's why :)
  7. hmm... the female elf just looks like a girl dressing up during halloween. not that cool imo. :/
  8. SpiralSJ

    Which set should I buy?

    should i get the Avengers Quinjet set? i don't really like the giant hulk in the helicarrier set. and i want the thor and iron man figure haha.
  9. SpiralSJ

    MOC: Lapland Cabin with Two Seasons

    awesome! put this on cuusoo so i can buy it!
  10. SpiralSJ

    MOC: Lego Animals

    Hey I love your work! Please continue adding more animals! I've always hope LEGO would produce a ZOO (not Duplo) for its City theme. Hope this will encourage them to look into such a possibility!
  11. SpiralSJ

    MOC : an antique shop

    Hey, this is awesome! I really like the colors and the interior! I would buy it to add to the line of modulars hahaha.
  12. SpiralSJ

    New modular building? 10224 Town Hall

    But I don't understand why all the minifigures in this line have the standard smiley!
  13. SpiralSJ

    My town, New Legoredo

    Hey that's awesome! But I've always worried about dust when you leave those buildings in the open. Don't you get those problems too?
  14. SpiralSJ

    Minifigures Series 8 Guessing Game

    This is interesting. Haha. I'm a fond collector of warriors and mythical creatures as well as city dwellers (2 ends of the spectrum haha). So this is just a list of minifigs I hope I will see in the future series. :) 1. Persian Warrior (by BasOne) 2. Knight Templar (by BasOne) 3. Female Elf (with a different bow or a sceptre) 4. Amazon Warrior (by Legoist) 5. Zulu Warrior (by KnightSnap) 6. Spanish Soldier 7. Mongolian Warrior (by PirateMatt) 8. Chinese Emperor (by PirateMatt) 9. Conquistador 10. Modern Soldier/Army (with Rifle, Field Pack and Camo outfit) 11. Kungfu Master (by Legoist) 12. Dragon Warrior (with a dragon-crusted sword and shield, and a cool helm) 13. Chinese Dynasty Warrior (like that: http://pic4.nipic.com/20091015/1874089_100030001688_2.jpg) 14. Doctor/Dentist 15. Basketball player 16. Chef/Female Teacher
  15. Haha I think the Roman soldier is super cool. It's probably on par with the Spartan after so many series. The surgeon, teddy-guy and butcher look great as well. The surgeon could probably go well with the S1 Nurse, but a pity he's holding another syringe. IMO, the minotaur looks a little kiddish although it's definitely a novel figure to add to the current collection - the length of the axe is too short and doesn't look deadly enough. Haha just my opinion. I'd really like to see a hospital or a clinic set under the City Theme. :) And of course, more warriors and soldiers cos' they are way too cool.