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    Modular lighting kit

    I would love to light up my City and I like the way he has done it.
  2. Bricksan

    Brickworld Chicago - Best Group Layout!

    The layout is amazing, well done to all involved
  3. Bricksan

    Modular Madness: Hats & Clocks

    Thats ok, it is even better that you built it without LDD :)
  4. Bricksan

    Modular Madness: French Mansion

    I am drooling a this the entire design is beautiful and it reminds me of so many old style houses, good luck in the competition. Question after the contest will you be making the LDD available that is if you made one?
  5. Bricksan

    Modular Madness: Hats & Clocks

    I can't decide what I like more the interior or exterior, the judges are going to have a tough time in this contest. Well done, Question after the contest will you be making the LDD available that is if you made one?
  6. Bricksan

    Modular Madness: Ollivander's mens clothes

    Wow it is awesome with a touch of HP thrown in for good measure. Question after the contest will you be making the LDD available that is if you made one?
  7. Bricksan

    The Old Lifeboat Station

    What a fab MOC have you done much to the inside or not?
  8. Bricksan

    REVIEW: 850449 CMF Beach Set

    I probably would not have bought this set, had I not needed the 3 minifigures for my beach layout as part of my City Project. I already had them for my CMF collection and the chance to buy all 3 for £9.50 was too good to miss. I got it yesterday with 5% off as well. The BBQ is really cool but not sure about the rocks and leafs though. Nice review as well.
  9. Bricksan

    REVIEW: 10224 Town Hall

    Not sure but the Ge will be discontinued before the pet store, so if you can get that one first.
  10. Bricksan

    10228 Haunted House

    Yes it was as part of their celebrations but all sites got an embargo on the news till Saturday, June 9th @ 1 pm EST (6 pm GMT)
  11. Bricksan

    2012 City sets

    Here are two vehicle screenshots from the game, what you betting that these are 2013 sets: WiiU_LegoCityU_3_vhcl05_E3 WiiU_LegoCityU_3_vhcl04_E3 More screenshots here:
  12. Bricksan

    2012 City sets

    We covered that a few pages back, at the same time as we did Friends and Star Wars :P
  13. Bricksan

    Snow Plough and Salt Spreading Truck

    That is really good, hope to see a brick built on in the near future.
  14. Bricksan

    Website of Lego Pirates and Castle Collection

    Not a bad little site, I like the maps you have done.
  15. Bricksan

    Lego City Project - Update Oct 2012

    No If you look at the LDD images you will see how the whole thing will come together I had thought about raising the road but in the UK you have plenty of seaside towns where the water is roughly the same height as the road with the dock, pier and walls protecting it, mine will be the same. ;)
  16. Bricksan

    San Francisco Stick Style House

    One really nice MOC, would fit onto any modular street
  17. Bricksan

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I have heard all sort of rumours but I don't care what we get, so long as we get one as I like building something to display over the festive period.
  18. Bricksan

    Lego City Project - Update Oct 2012

    Cheers you 3, it might be a while till next update, due to lack of funds. As besides the actual marina set, every other part is bought via Bricklink brand new, so it ain't cheap
  19. Bricksan

    Lego City Project - Update Oct 2012

    Layout Update number 3 and the biggest so far, you can keep track on my site as well by clicking here. It has been nearly a month since I brought you the last update from my City Project. Since then a lot has changed and the project has progressed really well. In my last post, I brought you images of the Marina set with the extended dockside at the back and the baseplate layout. Since then the beach section has been re-designed and built. In the original LDD Design the beach had less detail, a different surf shack and the changing rooms were also different. Here is the completed beach section, here you can see the entrance to the beach, along with the female and male changing rooms, the new surf shack, here you can hire surfboards, go wind surfing and more and you can see the beach towels, sand castles and sun shades: Here is a view of the outside shower and a closer view of the changing rooms, notice the grill for the water to drain away has gone rusty: The Surf shack has had a redesign since the LDD and has now got loads of extras, such as the surfboards on the side of the shack, inside has a till and life jackets and a few more tools, on the outside you have the boards etc for windsurfing and also a fuel tank to refuel the jet skis that can be hired from the hut as well (these will be added with all the other vehicles) : The Marina set itself has been update, on the bottom the front has been filled in with double doors, also the whole building has been moved forward 2 studs so the back extension is of equal size. In the shop downstairs, the till area has been doubled with a clear d head with helmet on, you can also buy wet suits in the shop, the rack the housed the life jackets has been moved and is now inside the building, this is due to to me moving the building, had I left it in the original place it would have blocked access. Here is the front image of the bottom of the building: This is the back of the building: Here is the downstairs shop from above: You can now access the cafe via the stairs, inside you can now have cold drinks and pay for you drinks, plus there is seating inside, outside the seating area has doubled in size as well. The roof had to be tweaked so both green slopes fitted, as there was a gap in the roof I added the 2×8 bricks and 2×2 white tiles, here is the stairs: The outside area: Inside the cafe: Here is an overview of progress so far, you can see the foundations for the coastguard building on the left and construction of the boat launch ramp in the middle. Since My last update, the coastguard HQ building has been designed and has over 3,500 elements to it but I won’t reveal it till it is built. Also the original stages I listed in Update 1 back in April has changed, below is a plan of action, along with the dates completed: Stage 1: Build the LEGO City Marina (set 4644) – Completed 28/3/12. Stage 2: Concept design on LDD - Completed 8/4/12. Stage 3: Construct the Baseplate layout – Completed 6/5/12. Stage 4: Build the extended dockside of the marina – Completed 6/5/12. Stage 5: Add the beach, surf shack, changing rooms – Completed 3/6/12. Stage 6: Add the extension to the shop and cafe and add the stairs – Completed 3/6/12. Stage 7: Add the boat launch ramp and security gates. Stage 8: Add the security building and trees. Stage 9: Add the foundations to the coastguard HQ. Stage 10: Construct first floor section A of the coastguard HQ. Stage 11: Construct first floor section B of the coastguard HQ. Stage 12: Construct second floor section A of the coastguard HQ. Stage 13: Construct second floor section B of the coastguard HQ. Stage 14: Add the roof to the coastguard HQ. After that is all done, I still have to decide a plan of action for the minifigures, vehicles and pavement area. In my next update I aim to have stage 7 and and 8 completed and more progress made on stage 9. I should also be in a better position my my places for the finishing touches. For more images of the progress so far click here.
  20. @Calv, thanks for spreading the word via my site. I was told of this via Brickish. So long as you have a VIP card you should be ok. In the past you just knock on the door and they let you in. I was going to go to Liverpool but what I would save I would spend on petrol getting there, so no point.
  21. Bricksan

    UK Sales

    Smyths Toy Super Store are doing 20% off everything until Tuesday with free shipping on orders over £40, here are the best deals: City LEGO City Airport 3182 Was: £81.99 Reduced to: £69.99 Now: £55.99 LEGO City Police Station 7498 Was: £71.99 Reduced to: £63.99 Now: £51.19 LEGO City Passenger Train 7938 Was: £102.99 Reduced to: £99.99 Now: £79.99 LEGO City Fire Boat 7207 Was: £39.99 Reduced to: £29.99 Now: £23.92 LEGO City Fire Station 7208 Was: £61.99 Reduced to: £59.99 Now: £47.99 LEGO City Fire Plane 4209 Was: £39.99 Reduced to: £38.99 Now: £31.99 LEGO City Forest Police Station 4440 Was: £59.99 Reduced to: £43.99 Now: £35.19 LEGO City Harbour 4645 Was: £69.99 Reduced to: £59.99 Now: £47.99 LEGO City Heavy lift Helicopter 4439 Was: £34.99, Reduced to: £29.99 Now: £23.92 LEGO City Mobile Police Unit 7288 Was: £41.99 Reduced to: £39.99 Now: £31.99 Creator LEGO Creator Apple Tree House 5891 Was: £40.99 Reduced to: £37.99 Now: £30.39 LEGO Creator Lighthouse Island 5770 Was: £40.99 Reduced to: £39.99 Now: £31.99 LEGO Creator Log Cabin 5766 Was: £25.99 Reduced to: £24.99 Now: £19.99 Star Wars LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 7965 Was: £129.99 Reduced to: £110.99 Now: £88.79 LEGO Anakin’s & Sebulba’s Podracers 7962 Was: £79.99 Reduced to: £64.99 Now: £51.99 LEGO Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship 7930 Was: £40.99 Reduced to: £39.99 Now: £31.99 LEGO Star Wars Droid Escape 9490 Was: £19.99 Reduced to: £17.49 Now: £13.99 LEGO Star Wars X wing Starfighter 9493 Was: £49.99 Reduced to: £46.99 Now: £37.59 Super Heros LEGO Batwing Battle Over Gotham City 6863 Was: £34.99 Reduced to: £32.99 Now: £26.39 LEGO The Batcave 6860 Was: £69.99 Reduced to: £65.99 Now: £52.79 Best of the Rest LEGO Technic Bucket Truck 8071 Was: £40.99 Reduced to: £39.99 Now: £31.99 LEGO Technic Pick up Tow Truck 9395 Was: £49.99 Reduced to: £47.99 Now: £38.39 LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean The London Escape 4193 Was: £49.99 Reduced to: £34.99 Now: £27.99 LEGO Whitecap Bay 4194 Was: £71.99 Reduced to: £69.99 Now: £55.99 LEGO Queen Anne’s Revenge 4195 Was: £99.99 Reduced to: £74.99 Now: £54.99 LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Dojo 2504 Was: £30.99 Reduced to: £24.99 Now: £19.99 LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle 4842 Was: £102.99 Reduced to: £94.99 Now: £75.99
  22. Bricksan

    Bricklink down?

    I'm in the UK and get the down for Maintenance message.
  23. Bricksan

    MOD: My Grander Emporium

    I like what you have done so far, like the Hulk and LEGO sign. Question can you get another emporium for $80? as would snap you hand off for that price :)
  24. Bricksan

    850449 LEGO® Minifigure Accessory Pack

    It does it comes with everything on the image 63 pieces including 3 mini figs
  25. Bricksan

    850449 LEGO® Minifigure Accessory Pack

    With the set code I think it is safe to assume it is store/shop@home only.