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  1. Hi. This is one of the best projects I have found! To those who have already replicated this model: why don't they share their works (maybe with other colors or customizations...)? Thanks.
  2. happyhippy

    Hello everyone!!!

    Hello ... from a new member to another new member!
  3. happyhippy

    [HELP] Countach 1/18

    Hi Nathanael, I am very touched by your best consideration in helping me. I am really grateful to you! About previous attempts to contact, don't worry about that insignificance... I sent you an email to the address shown in the photo (I hope i didn't make any mistakes) - please confirm receipt. Thank you very much for all your attention!
  4. happyhippy

    Hello everyone!!!

    I haven't had the apportunity to introduce myself yet , so here goes. My name is Augusto Valente and i am from Portugal. I come from a very humble family so as a child i never had or played with legos. I am currently a collector 1/18 scale diecast miniatures (Lambos) and my interest (with your help) is to replicate all the cars in my collection in Lego. Thanks
  5. happyhippy

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Thanks I don't have a Countach Technics... yet, but i'm thinking of building one in the future (it could be perfectly that from skyliner, but i pref white)... But... for those who never built anything in Technics, even with the instructions, and on a scale of 1 to 10, what is the level of difficulty?
  6. happyhippy

    [HELP] Countach 1/18

    I have already contacted you through your website contact. I offered 100 € here to anyone who helped me build a similar car. If that person is the designer himself, the offer will be for you. Thanks
  7. happyhippy

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Hello, have you built or have a Countach Technic? Thanks
  8. happyhippy

    [HELP] Countach 1/18

    Hi NKubate, how are you? I really appreciate your best consideration and your interest in helping me. Unfortunately I still don't have 10 posts to be able to send or receive MP. I'll send you an email and then I'll confirm the sending here. Thanks In my collection (92 Lambos) i already have 31 Countach, kits (Bburago 1/18 ans Otaki 1/12) diecast (from Bburago to Kyosho and AutoArt), resin (GTSpirit, Looksmart) and 3 crystal (Hofbauer); now i would really enjoyed to have one in Lego blocks.
  9. happyhippy

    [HELP] Countach 1/18

    Hi, thanks. I have already contacted him several times... a few months ago... Unfortunately, he doesn't respond... On the other hand, I am interested in the car shape, not exactly in the robot transformation...
  10. happyhippy

    [HELP] Countach 1/18

    Hello everyone! I am a collector of diecast miniatures (Lamborghinis only). From Lego, I already have Gallardo Spyder (8169) and Gallardo Polizia (8214), but I would appreciate having a Countach! Unfortunately I don't have much experience to build one. Using the Gallardo instructions, I was able to build the chassis, interior, engine, doors and roof, but I can't make the front and rear. I'm trying to do something like the model in the links (just the car, I'm not interested in the transformation). If anyone is interested in helping me with information to build this model, I offer a 100 € reward (made by paypal)! Thanks https://www.nkubate.com/transformer-sideswipe/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/nkubate/albums/72157627154139648?fbclid=IwAR0NjjhCg73t9c70kr8sZOhbEMDA-bMgYGanSp0X2bZFav6o2NJVgFP1P-w