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    Hog warts Cadtle

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    Lego (obviously)
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Hello! My name is Jason, I'm a Lego marvel/DC fan who likes making Lego mechs and transformers that don't actually transform because I don't have patience for that. Well,one of them did. I am literally on the verge of broke-ness and therefore don't buy as many Lego sets as I'd like, and very often don't buy the sets that I have my eye on. I work minimum wage in England, which is awful. But, we're not here to talk about my bank account. Basically, I can't build to save my life and I buy average 4 sets a year. If you need anything, feel free to pm.

Basic and random Facts About My Lego (not that you care lol, feel free to skip this)

my first Lego set was the 2012 Batcave. I sold it a few years ago though

my favourite set (as of August 2019) is the 76125 hall of armour set. 

I have 12 shelves of marvel/DC lego sets and minifigures 

My first moc was a very very bad (even for my standards lol) lizard mech thing from The Amazing Spider-Man 

most of my parts have come from bricklink 

Thanks for reading! Not that anyone is reading this.......