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  1. They can't, for the same reason that they can make parts similar to Lego in the first place: The patents have expired and they can't be patented again. They could, of course, try to invent some novel way of connecting parts, but that's hard (both in the sense of making it actually useful and getting it patented) and also requires a lot of resources, which they might not have.
  2. Same here, the part itself is surprising, but appears to be very useful. Must get a bunch of those as soon as they become easily available.
  3. Looks like a treasure trove of recolours, along with some interesting new parts. Other than that, I have about this much to say:
  5. Very nice, I love how smooth and realistic the door operation is. Though I agree with the above, it would be good to have the cables hidden better. The bulge of the battery box reminds me of the natural gas-driven buses around where I live.
  6. I checked one gear with a microscope and couldn't find a part number moulded on it.
  7. The small car contest had bounding box limitations, I'm not aware of any contest with part count limitation. For polybag scale the part count limitation shouldn't be too hard to judge though, as there can be a requirement to have the parts laid out on a table in single photo.
  8. Yes, the small car contest already had many dozens of entrants and I suspect this might have even more. Allowing for multiple entries per user would explode the amount and make judging really hard so I'd stick to one entry per contestant. People who have experience in particular skill will always have a huge advantage, this is applies to every contest ever.
  9. I think an additional requirement here could also be the making of building instructions (either as a digital instructions or a photo sequence) and including them as a part of the judging quality of the entrant. This way people would have to think not only the model, but the assembly process too, and it would also allow for easy checking of the part count requirements. Also, it would reinforce the spirit of sharing and learning as the purpose of having contests (in addition to the fun aspect of it).
  10. Sounds like it's time for you to contact the customer support and tell them everything you've told us.
  11. I actually got the first set with the new gear (8024) at the time and thought "what a strange new gear, but appears to be pretty useful here"... Never noticed the clutch properties though, as that was the last Technic set I ever got before my years of darkness.
  12. I'd put my money on perspective issues or other visual artefacts, but I guess we'll know in a month or so. Any new gear size beside 32T would be a really strange addition though, as every other size up to 40T and fitting the existing geometry already exists.
  13. One has to wonder why they are doing these orange gears though...
  14. Quite a strange place to introduce a new part though, as there's no functional value and aesthetic value is minimal. But maybe the new parts are required for some other set later this year, such as the Ferrari - similar to the large sprockets which were first released with 42095 but really intended for 42100.
  15. I'm not sure that's possible, considering the width of the chassis. But if it is, I'm expecting some MODs to show it's done
  16. I think B&P limits the number you can buy though. Not sure what's the limit (might depend on the part) but I'm quite sure the limit is well below the hundreds or thousands you'd likely need for a project like this.
  17. I'm probably not going to buy this, but I'm curious to see how it works and performs. Gotta see the reviews when they come out.
  18. That's my hope also, but I'm not holding my breath.
  19. A while ago, I wondered why TLG has never released a Technic bus model, and concluded that it might be a somewhat boring from the marketing perspective, perhaps not looking good enough at the shelf or maybe without enough interesting functions. I see now that my train of though was completely wrong, your model proves that a bus can look great while having some quite interesting functionality. Well done!
  20. There's another software, called LeoCAD which is optimized for large models with many parts, so you might want to check it out. Not sure how much further it can push the limit though, as it might very well be that your computer is just not fast enough for the amount of bricks you want.
  21. What will this thing stand on? Should it also be made of Lego? Should it be separate or could it be an integral part of the build? I think that would affect a lot the design.
  22. I was kinda curious if they might change the old frictionless half-pins to the new ones with friction ridges, but apparently not, as the headlight plates appear to connect to blue half-pins. I can't really think of a reason not to use the new pins though.
  23. Agreed! This one is a sure buy.