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  1. Cosmik42

    Stopping a train at an exact spot

    Great idea! Share with us a video implementation if you can!
  2. Cosmik42

    [MOC] Powered Boxcar (Power Functions)

    Very nice!
  3. Anti-Collision => Will make it optional. Your own program => You can rename it if you click on the tab. First field on the left. Maybe!
  4. Thank you so much for trying. I really need to find this hardware. Though I am not sure the usage for a train scenario.
  5. Make sure to unpair the device with windows by removing your SBrick from your paired list. Let me know if this fixes your problem! @Toastie, @Lok24, noted. Will prepare something.
  6. Actually the best approach is the following : - Prepare your project at home in a normal way. Save it. This way the program knows your device id. - At convention, click a button in settings that says 'Attempt to connect only to devices from this project'. This way you don't even need to know what a bluetooth address is and the scenario is covered.
  7. Cosmik42

    Stopping a train at an exact spot

    Thanks for both suggestions! I use PUP trains and managed to use the fast brake from @Mr Hobbles suggestion. Now I wonder how to build such braking system in Lego. Thanks for showing such real-life system!
  8. Does anyone has a PF tilt sensor and SBrick Plus? If so, could you tell me if the sensor works and if the output makes sense? (I don't own a tilt sensor).
  9. Cosmik42

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Do you see similar crashing behavior with The Lego Train Project? I have tons of device and have never encountered a crashing of a Hub.
  10. But what is the usage scenario? Oh I think I get it. During convention if others are turning on their Hubs and we pick it up? I think I have an idea on how to manage this elegantly.
  11. I think this works well for you, but it is also less user friendly and requires a lot more tech knowledge.
  12. Really excited to share with you V0.5! Full support of SBrick Plus and PF Sensors. Introducting an Anti-Collision system that works with simple distance detectors Bug fix: Code was executed twice on sensor event Bug fix: Better handling of faulty device connection You can download the build here:
  13. Oh this was extremely useful! It looks like you have some weird bluetooth device around you. I just added an extra test to avoid this log. I will share a new version later tonight!