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  1. Are you simply looking at the display on screen? If so, it does not necesseraly refresh in real time. However, try to create an event trigger and see if the event is captured there. Maybe my software is too strict in detection to avoid false positive. I will give it a look tonight.
  2. Sorry Speedy, I looked at this SDK 7-8 months ago, have not opened it since and will not have the time to do this for you. I encourage you to downlowd the SDK, start it up and start playing with it. It is fairly well documented.
  3. Actually lego has one! That's how I started this project! It is specifically for WeDo 2.0 and is in C#!
  4. Oh did not know about the feature. No idea yet then. Will let you know.
  5. V1.5 is out - 08/21/19 ---------------------------- - Control+ Hub - Implementation complete, including new L + XL Technic motors - Fix a bug with EV3 preventing the use of more than one sensor at a time - Fix a UI bug related to the Section part of the Self-Driving Module. That section now properly redraws after window resize. You can download the build here:
  6. Hi Didicas, So the fact that you have 4 all the time is the main issue here. The program believes a train is passing by when the value is below 5. So basicaly the program is confused because sensor triggers where he believes no train should be at. I could try to create a custom build to validate this theory with you. Will write you on PM.
  7. This was SUPER useful! I only have a single sensor, so you playing around totally put me on the right track. Given what you describe, I believe I have found the source of the issue. Will send you a private build for you to test.
  8. Just refreshed the images which expired a long time ago.
  9. Also, I just refresh the tutorial for the self-driving module. Check it out:
  10. Ok, so you have fixed the first problem. 2 reasons why you have issues: - 3 sections for 2 trains can be problematic. Try with 1 train first. - Unfortunately I was never able to have WeDo 1.0 work properly with SBrick. First ensure a super fresh battery. The number 4 when no train is here is too low. It should much higher. Ultimately I recommend you use WeDo 2.0 hubs if you can.
  11. This seems to be your problem. Click configure on your train, switch to Train Motor. If it is already like this, switch to something, close, reopen and switch again to this setting. Let me know.
  12. Alright V1.4 is out! - Includes a way to limit the devices capable of connecting : * Only devices from a project. * Only devices from a global list. - I fix the latest Boost Hub firmware update issue by fixing the correct port Ids for that version. - Self-Driving Tutorial images have been fixed. Link to the latest version: