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  1. I confirm that I myself run 12 to 14 devices with BAP at once without issues.
  2. Option 1 is made this way because sections can be be freed even if a train has not fully left it. As soon as a train is allowed to move to the next section, a cool down is trigger. Once this cool down is over, the current section is freed and the next train can enter it. This is made in a way to fluidify traffic and also allow to run 2 trains with as little as 3 sections. Without it you would need more sections and traffic would be stopped all the time. Option 2 detects if the next section is free or not. If not, we can prevently slowdown the train before it stops completely when hitting the end of the current section. Option 3 is to deal with different battery level. If a battery is getting low, you can punch this coffecient up to achieve the same speed accross by just virtually increasing speed. Hope it helps.
  3. Then it is another form of hardware limitation from your built-in bluetooth hub I am affraid. Try with a dongle! As for your message, the way this works is simplified. Basically as soon as you enter a new section, there is a cool-down set at the configuratuion level of the train to define such value.
  4. Hi TuxTown! Thanks for trying BAP. What you are experiencing is due to your bluetooth dongle and you are simply seeing the limit of BLE device yours can connect to. I found a dongle that can connect up to 14 simultaneous devices. The original link below shows that it is not available anymore, but maybe you can find it somewhere else? The best option is always built-in bluetooth because the only limitation to the number of device you can connect with is linked to RAM consuption of the dongle. Don't worry guys. I am still here. Just hardly available, but even though I don't comment often here, I do answer most of my PM. My company has grown from 6 people to almost 20, and that keeps me busy way beyond the usual 9-5pm. I guess it's a good problem to have, but it's not super compatible with hobby time :) However I recently kinda find a new pocket of time and I am looking at spending some time again on the software. So I will be more active here as well as on the FB group. Cheers!
  5. Are you simply looking at the display on screen? If so, it does not necesseraly refresh in real time. However, try to create an event trigger and see if the event is captured there. Maybe my software is too strict in detection to avoid false positive. I will give it a look tonight.
  6. Sorry Speedy, I looked at this SDK 7-8 months ago, have not opened it since and will not have the time to do this for you. I encourage you to downlowd the SDK, start it up and start playing with it. It is fairly well documented.
  7. Actually lego has one! That's how I started this project! It is specifically for WeDo 2.0 and is in C#!
  8. Oh did not know about the feature. No idea yet then. Will let you know.
  9. V1.5 is out - 08/21/19 ---------------------------- - Control+ Hub - Implementation complete, including new L + XL Technic motors - Fix a bug with EV3 preventing the use of more than one sensor at a time - Fix a UI bug related to the Section part of the Self-Driving Module. That section now properly redraws after window resize. You can download the build here:
  10. Hi Didicas, So the fact that you have 4 all the time is the main issue here. The program believes a train is passing by when the value is below 5. So basicaly the program is confused because sensor triggers where he believes no train should be at. I could try to create a custom build to validate this theory with you. Will write you on PM.
  11. This was SUPER useful! I only have a single sensor, so you playing around totally put me on the right track. Given what you describe, I believe I have found the source of the issue. Will send you a private build for you to test.