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  1. Hi everyone, I have finally release the source code of this project. My life choices simply prevent me to engage further in this project, and it would be stupid not have the community take over and make it even better! You can download the full source code here: Feel free to upload some pull-request and help improve this software!
  2. I am affraid this is a tricky one. Not sure I can fix it. This module is certainly far from perfect. Rethinking train detection to actually know when a train leaves a section would be a huge improvement. For now it is assumed the train leaves the section within a certain timeframe. That should be doable! So very hard to say! :(
  3. Wow !!! <3 Very hard for me to find any time for this project anymore. But I will try! Do you still experience the issue? Thanks for all the kind words. Happy this is useful for more people :) I do not own the Wedo 1 hardware, which is why it was never implemented. But beyond that, the whole mindset was a BLE centric thinking.
  4. Amazing! It operates soooo smoothly! Well done Walt!
  5. @collectormania - If you manage to recode the LEGO protocol, then yes, you could attach any custom hardware and BAP will integrate it. However, I am not aware of any projects who have tried to reimplement this protocol. It is, however, well documented and could be a worty endeavour? If you do throw yourself on this, keep us posted! Otherwise no, BAP cannot communicate with any other custom protocols and do not support natively 4DBrix switches unfortunately. The lack of BT support from 4DBrix made it harder to integrate in the current BAP stack. You can set it like this : Hub[0].SpeedCoefficient = 1.0f;
  6. Hi Nivst - You have 2 arrays - the Hub[0]. This error could trigger if you did not connect your device. The second one State[] - I just verified and 99 should work, but to avoid any issue, start from State[0], State[1]. etc.
  7. Unfortunately what you get is what the API gives me! You can set it in the option of each hub inside BAP.
  8. Very good thinking forward! I would then not make a 'wait 5 second' but wait for the other wagon to reach another trigger.
  9. Hi Walt, you are going for an overcomplicated solution here, and unfortunately you cannot use Threads because they cannot access the Hubs which are not a static member. Watching your video, I think all of this can be accomplished with simple events like If train 1 arrive at sensor 1 => Execute Sequence. (Sequence could like this: "stop for 4 seconds. Then resume at speed s".
  10. Did you try to reboot your computer? This has solved this kind of issue for me in the past.
  11. Closer is what I meant. I am not 100% sure what you are trying to achieve, but you can check the option to allow getting into a section only if the very next is free to.
  12. Are you using PUP Sensors or PF Sensors? PF Sensors via SBrick are horribly difficult to use because their sensitivity depends on the battery level of the SBrick host! I would recommend to stick with PUP sensors. If you are using PUP sensors, then make sure the distance you use is high enough to trigger when the train passes in front of it.
  13. I confirm that I myself run 12 to 14 devices with BAP at once without issues.