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  1. Jade124

    MOC: Es. Co. Steam-Mono-Tram

    I'm loving this design, a great use of single rails (I have so many of these somewhere). Ever attempted a switch design for the tracks?
  2. Hi, I had to do: Hub[0].SetLEDColor(Port.Colors.BLUE); LegoTrainProject.Port.Colors makes me think that the context for the Colors is port - this is where it is used for reading a port color. I'm very very new to C#, trying to learn...
  3. TLBAP Or perhaps "Lego Bricks Automation Project" LBAP? Or even shorter "Brick Automation Project" BAP?
  4. Or even the poor old RC Tracked Racer - 42065 For me it will be to control the Train Crane Car MOC I'm currently working on
  5. @Toastie I understand your point of view, and I hesitated even suggesting this to start with. My position is that I intend on using LTP to control my entire city layout - which is very heavily train based - and this software is the missing link. For me, not everything will be fully autonomous, so having forms of input is important. IMO it is of benefit to have an input that has variable speed, multi direction input controls, so this is why I decided to suggested this. Xbox one remotes are very common, made by Microsoft, so the chances of easy integration via an API hopefully would make the job easier than it otherwise would be
  6. @Cosmik42 another random idea for the project, using xbox bluetooth remotes could add an interesting dimension to the control capabilities, so many buttons on just one device :)
  7. Well done! After visiting their website it sounds like they are very busy working to get orders completed and sent out.
  8. Jade124

    [MOC] NCS Security Sentry

    Makes me smile just thinking about this
  9. Once we have support for this I'll be buying some for sure loving the idea of 3rd party lights
  10. I'm excited Imagine being able to display text on the EV3 brick (nice back-lit screen) - it could be built into a train station as a "display board". Audio would also be possible Colour sensors Touch sensors - great for "detecting" the end of a rail yard "parking spot" Ultrasonic distance sensors This list goes on for a while so I'll stop now I have the same problem, but they will be great to operate switch points for example Oh yeah @Toastie I totally forgot about these! I have a couple of them somewhere - this would be SO excellent being able to then control IR gear. Perhaps even turn on the TV
  11. @Lok24 I'd try using some white light and see if it changes the results. Also perhaps slight change of angle to help with reflections.
  12. Thanks Cosmik42 for v0.9, this project has come a long way in a very short time! A few questions: Is there a function exposed to get/set the remote/hub colour? Is the list of functions/properties in the code editor window complete? Perhaps at one point we should start a Wiki for them. Any chance of supporting EV3 via Bluetooth? I have several of these and would love to be able to use sensors / motors - 4 of each is possible on each of these bricks!
  13. Very impressed so far, detects and connects to the hubs so very quickly. +1 for BuWizz support - very much looking forward to this! Happy to help with testing. +1 for Tilt Sensor - My usage will be to increase train speed up hill, and decrease down hill, as well as derailment detection. +1 for Powered Up Remote support +1 for battery voltage display I'd like to be able to set the LED colours on the hubs, I believe they accept a value between 1 and 10. So much could be done with this! Imagine if a hub could indicate the colour of the train it has detected :) Cheers