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  1. I think that, too. If the theme continues, one of the scene with centaurs in the forbidden forest would be a decent little set appealing to non Potter-Fans as well. Was the centaur teacher in the movies? 🤔 I have 3 problems with the cmf picing. The first is that non licences ones should be significantly cheaper. That they cost the same shows that there is no thought about "how much money is required for good quality figures? Ok, Disney wants that much. We have to increase the price to give our customers a good product while still earning enough money" behind the price tag. It's just "how much more can we squeeze out of the consumers per bag before they completely stop buying?". And this becomes even more offending combined with the second thing. The second thing is the kind of new moulds. Dragon suit guy with great exclusive pieces so specific that they are useless for any other figure is one of the few figures that are worth the 4€ to me. I see they are putting a lot of effort into this figure (even if it's not so much per figure thinking about how many of each one is sold) and they have to make the profit they want (even if it's really much profit... Disney series one showed there is enough profit in 3€ even with highly non reusable moulds and costs of the Disney licence) with this one Cmf line instead of reusing a new hair piece over and over for years. But in general it seems to me that the cmf line is - while still wearing the allways increasing price tag for special figure parts - more and more abused to finance just most of the new moulds lego would do anyways for the regular sets. An extreme example is the hair-helmet- combination from series 19. The police woman got her even printed hat-hair-combination in a set. Ignore all the new pieces the Harry Potter series introduced and compare the amount of new moulds in the Lotr-Sets with the ones in new Potter sets. With nearly every piece reused except for Hermoines and Dumbledores hatless hair, the sorting hat and Hagrid they are probably more expensive compared to what Lego invests in the beginning. The third one is decreasing quality. It gets better again, but when the production was moved to China, the quality became worse than many knockoffs. I have a Catman that can't even stand because his legs are so loose.
  2. We could get one for 4€ already. The Satyr from Series 15 was 3€ with 2 exclusive moulds at that time. Only Stranger Things and Gremlins reused the legs. The Dragon has two extremely specific moulds that will likely stay exclusive if there won't be a recolored version like the blue unicorn. On top of that tons of printing. 4€. The biker from series 19 included dual moulded arms and legs, a new bike and hairpiece for 4€. We can ignore the exclusivity at the moment because the bike and hairpiece will be reused again and again in the city theme for sure. But it shows how much plastic you can put in a bag. A centaur needs just one new part: a hip piece, that is compatible with a horse body the same way the neck of a normal horse head is. He doesn't require more than this one simple mould, even i could easily design in a 3D programm by combining the horse neck with a regular hip piece. The only problem for a private customiser is that you can't separate the horse head from the figure without destroying the body. Otherwise i wouldn't need Lego. The new mould could even be reused for Harry Potter. No dual moulding is required. More than 4€ is just greed.
  3. Gorilla94

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    Maybe it's because i am not very deep into the Comics or TV shows😅 i am just a huge Nolan Trilogy-, Arkham Games-, Batman Telltale Series- and the Lego Batman Movie-Fan. Characters that aren't included in any of these won't mean anything to me😅 Cheeta is very cute. Don't know her but i just like this figure 🙂 Just wish that the money bag would be brown with black print. I hope it will appear in sets or minifigure building stations. Would be a perfect accessory for my custom Mayor Quimbi and i can't print on such objects. I'll probably get Aquaman. Very usefull Fantasyarmor, a nice bearded face with long hair for a Rohan soldier and a cool Claw-Hand for an Orc. Never ever heared of Mr. Miracle... I was hoping so much for Mad Hatter or Hush. I hope there will at least be one of them. I am quite surprised we didn't get an Arkham Knight with the new Firefly/Series 19 Bounty Hunter headpiece.
  4. Gorilla94

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    Oh, ok. I guess we'll have to wait then :/ Are d2cs always big sets? I mean... this is a batmobil.
  5. Gorilla94

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    Do we know what the limited edition - writing on the batmobil box means? Will it be a Comic con exclusive or is this just marketing like the regular sold ultimate collector series star wars sets? It seems to be minifigure scale, isn't it? Never liked any Batmobil Lego did except the one from the Jokerland set, but this is really pretty. Until now the cmf is a dissapointment for me and becomes worse with every figure. I can't help myself but cyborg looks like a pole dancer in that outfit... The only piece i could maybe use someday is the black hair from the woman in purple outfit. I wouldn't want the rest for free.
  6. A rerelease of Mr. Gold would be too smart and customer friendly. It could even make the few left collectors of whole serieses keep collecting when they raise the price again - the "ok, i have the complete collection. I can't stop now" is a strong factor that was destroyed by Mr. Gold. I can't imagine that happening. A renaissance artist and a marmor statue would be cool figures. The statue would be perfect for the people who already bought many statue monsters from series 14 for their buildings and the artist could include a new medieval headgear and outfit.
  7. Gorilla94

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    If you are open to mild customisation you could easily paint one or two colours on an existing hairpiece. I did that a lot for my orc army.
  8. Gorilla94

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    It seems like it be an even cheaper series for me than Harry Potter... ^^' Don't know any of them besides Sinestro from the DC-Comics-Special of Robot Chicken. At best i'll get one of these lantern pieces from bricklink to upgrade my tbbt- livingroom. I hope there will be a mad Hatter and Hush :/
  9. @MABI was hoping my worries were unneccessary 😅 Thanks for the response anyway 🙂 @Lego-fireI am working on a custom Moe's Tavern since about a year. I am sure this building will never be officially released by Lego because of two reasons. 1. I went through the whole series to find good eastereggs and there is nearly zero that Lego would use. Lego became quite open to violent things, but nearly every joke in the Tavern is inappropriate because of alcohol or sexuality. The few others are mostly not possible to put into a playset. 2. It is nearly impossible to realise it with less than 3000 pieces in a pretty way, and it requires unusal building techniques and new moulds . The Tavern is so different in the colours on the inside and outside it has to be build with 2 lines of bricks per wall. The windows are nearly impossible to realise and need techniques that will never be used in a set. On top of that you would need special moulds for the front or it will look just terrible. I'll modify 6 tiles for that problem. Lego would need 2 new moulds just for that. I can't imagine King Tut's Music store or the Krusty Burger because there aren't enough eastereggs to fill a building like the two existing sets. There aren't that many gags in total, lots of them can't be put into Lego Form - like Abes Teeth in a Burger or Lou destroying the seat to free Chief Wiggum - and Krusty putting people into burgers is too dark. At best there will be open buildings with very little inside like the background in the TLBM-Catwoman-Bycicle-set. Besides of that both buildings aren't that iconic. The school has much more eastereggs to offer but would be insanely big if it is done well. I guess the best way to do it (thinking about selling sets) would be one Class room combining Lisas and Barts class, a Teachers Room and principal Skinners Office connechted by a hallway. Instead of a car it could have Willie's Tractor. Exclusive Character would be Skinner. To be honest i would still feel like this is unsatisfying without cafeteria and music room but that way we can leave Doris and the music teacher away and keep it with one new mould. The schoolbus with Otto and some reused kids as well as a small set containing Jebbediah Simpsons Statue would have potential. The savest bet is an Androids dungeon with Marges car. It would be iconic enough and a new kid could be put into the Set as an exclusive character. This one set combined with a third series containing the missing core family members in standard outfits with new accessory for the old collectors could even work without a full reboot.
  10. Great review :) After seeing them in real life i like them much more, but i think it lacks charm, too. I don't get why the paper showing the whole series is now bigger than the old ones. Even when there were more figures than 16 in a series the pictures were printed smaller to keep the same size. It looked nice to put two of the DinA5-papers in a transparent sheet...
  11. To be honest? I buy what i need. I have some friends who study history or are Disney fans so i sometimes keep a few sealed figures like Donald Duck or Ceasar to have a little something for birthdays. Besides that i would never buy stuff and keep it sealed. If i sell something it´s because i don´t need it anymore. I will never be in the situation where i sell a "load" of sealed spartans. A single one is one thing but if you buy a big amount of a very popular figure just with the only intention to resell it with profit, i would already say that´s not the nicest thing to do with all the normal customers who would like to get one. If you say 6€ is not enough after buying it for 2€ and making 200% profit i´d say thats already very close to scalper behavior. I was often lied to on the flea merket ebay app about how poor they are and hooow much their child would want these figures... while they were so stupid that they were using the same account for their professional selling activity. Such people are on a moral level not better than confidence tricksters. But it´s easy to avoid them. If i sell something - and that doesn´t happen that often - i sell to people i know from forums a bit.
  12. I see my Lego collection both as a piece of art and a toy i use for my photo montages. It´s about fun. I buy what i think is worth it for me and i am willing to pay a bit more if there is a figure like the caveman from series one, that is out of store since years and in good condition. i don´t expect to get my stuff for free. If someone took good care of his figures for years i am happy to give him a few euros more than he paid back then, too. But there is a point where it is enough and you are just a scalper. I bought a lot of old cmfs for the regular price they were at their release date because other AFOLs knew i was still a university Student with small budget. When i am at a store feeling for the minifigs i want i often help others to get their favourite one even if i know they are rare and i could make a profit by keeping and selling them. If old cmf prices would collapse, i´d be glad for kids, that would like to buy for example a lizzard suit guy, and army buiilders searching for spartans, even if my collection looses market value that way. That´s the spirit a community should have. Investors buying tons of Millenium Falcons and boxes of Cmfs are one of the reasons why Legos prices explode that much and even if they aren´t terrible persons they are a bad influence on our hobby. I also experienced an adult ***hole punching children, that came too close to the cmf box where he felt for every single desireable figure and left only tons of non-rare and unpopular ones for everybody else. He even damaged a lot of them because he brutally grabbed the bags searching for figures without capes or fragile accessory. When Wall-E was released it was THE big Christmas gift. It was sold out at every Lego Store i have been at while hundreds were offered for double the price by local traders on eBay. I am glad, when this bubble collapses and i would be happy if it financially ruins people who punch kids or abuse the emotions of parents to blackmail them at Christmas.
  13. What do you guys think about the new rumour? It says Matt Groening answered a Fan it would be "likely" that there will be more Lego Simpsons sets. To be honest i doubt it. Even if Lego would do new Sets. With the old sets retired Lego would have to start again, wouldn't they? So it's quite unlikely to get much new.
  14. Gorilla94

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    I get, why people didn't like TLBM-Joker. Twoface is a funny idea but the result looks creepy :/ I really like his suit with his underwear showing at the leg where his pant is burned away. His meltet hair is also a funny idea but poorly executed. It looks just stupid that the melted side has so much more volume than the intact one. If the intact side had more structure it would look better, top. There should be a contrast not two smooth sides. Because of that the old twoface hairpiece is so much better looking than both newer ones. The face is a desaster. Minifigures should be simplified. There is much too much going on on that minifigure face. They should at least left the facial hair away. But the rest? The rest ist close to perfection in my opinion. Poison Ivy, Bruce, Alfred, Bane and Riddler are perfect in my opinion. Gordon would have been perfect without printing error on every arms i got :( If Lego did a Hush and Mad Hatter design in the series on that level i'd be very happy.
  15. Gorilla94

    Rotting Leviathan

    I love it :D