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  1. And a plain yellow torso... i am always fascinated thinking about the fact that he was in the same set as the incredible green goblin with Golden eyes :D
  2. I think it´s just combining everything, that increases the price. - It is a incredible pretty historical figure - you can use it for army builing (i wouldn´t want a clone army if they don´t wear uniforms, but i am maybe just to much of a perfectionist... There are mocs with 300 clone series 2 spartans, too. ) - it has an insane amount of usefull parts. - It has the licence bonus because it is basicly a Rohirim from lord of the rings (and the dual moulded arms can be used to update Legolas). - Corona limiting the possibility to feel for the bags in many places are great circumstances for every scalper who is able to hoard big amounts of vikings. - On the other hand everyone can get these figures in Lego stores now, where employees feel the bags for you. But it is limited to one of each... So many children will get the cool wiking they want and army builders can only buy one.
  3. Gorilla94

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    Does anyone have a clue where we could get sails printed on both sides?
  4. The tank is quite iconic. I don't know how many hours I spend in it playing the old Pandemic battlefront 2 game. It is the kind of little model that creates new AFOLs, who wouldn't buy a 200 or 350€ set but still stay loyal customers giving Lego money on a regular basis. I think our chances are higher to get more old EU-sets after the "success" of Disneys own productions (except Mandalorian of course). If it wouldn't be kicked out of the competition because of the existing SW licence i'd put a Ebon Hawk Set on Lego ideas... would sell like sliced bread among video game nerds as well as Star wars fans :/
  5. Gorilla94

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I think that is mostly personal taste. I prefer Captain America with mask instead of just a printed head, too. Don't know why i dislike the stud on the head so much.^^'
  6. Gorilla94

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=19303&idColor=77#T=C&C=77 It needs a custom headprint with Black teeth to make it a skull.
  7. Gorilla94

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Oh, sorry^^' I wasn't sure about that. Never understood the "I only collect official purist figures"-thing. I only prefer official ones because making my customs is an insane amount of work so that I only make them when I give up hope on Lego delivering missing characters... ^^' If it was more about the ability to do customs on a official quality level, this custom figure would be great for beginners.
  8. Gorilla94

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Cmf Jokers suit, the weird pearl dark grey mask from an alien space theme and a custom printed head making a skull with teeth out of this mask should work well.
  9. The knight really is a great figure. His Torso and legs combined with different Brickwarriors helmets is going to be my castles royal guard :) On top of that the sword mould is gorgeous and perfect for Boromir from lotr, if you cut of the round thing at the end of the sword and glue a more fitting end from a custom weapon on it :)
  10. Changing licences to flesh colours was the beginning of my dark ages, because the prisoner of Askaban flesh figures would have looked stupid next to my cartoonish yellow ones from book 1 and 2. If it wasn't changed i'd probably have bought Lego for a few years more... I doubt it would have a positive effect in the short term... at best it would be neutral in the long term sales.
  11. Gorilla94

    Dream Lego Licensed Themes

    To be honest I'd pur him quite low on my list, because he is just in the intro and would require at least 3 Moulds (helmet, shoulder armor and Mace) as well as a reuse of the old toy story limbs ... which doesn't mean i wouldn't like to get him
  12. Gorilla94

    Dream Lego Licensed Themes

    Hehe... just recognised they are named different in German :) Thought this was only the case with Dagobert/Scrooge McDuck and some other Disney ones.^^' Thanks for the clarification :) ... I think you can't get too much or even just enough different orcs. There is no clone in my little horde... even the 6 elite ones wearing Uruk hai armor have different facial expressions and skin colours.^^' A Middle Earth line has potential. The Dwarfs would be so much better with printed medium sized legs and a few prints on their already existing beard pieces (like Gloin or Nori). Boromir needs Dual moulded arms so badly... a few other characters like Thorin would benefits from dual moulding extremely, too. the few missing Characters like Eowyn, Witchking or Thror and Thrain don't require many new moulds. Eowyn with a armoured Torso showing no female outlines would be easily as popular as the Cmf20's Viking.
  13. Gorilla94

    Dream Lego Licensed Themes

    Oh, I forgot Tom and Jerry I agree. Would have been a great pack much more interesting than for example the 2016 Ghostbusters :/ I´d love Asterix. I know so many teachers that would buy sets from such a line for making photo montages as a introuction for latin classes... and an insane amount of parents boykotting Scifi-Mechs and tanks, who would buy Asterix for their children day one. Comic fans would buy them, history nerds would army build the roman legions and fantasy/castle fans would be interested in the village sets and civilian torso and leg pieces... With the large beards Asterix would be one of the few comics that work without moulded heads. You could just give the figures the existing moustache piece, introduce a second slightly different beard (for example for Automatix), a special one for Miraculix and a few new helmet pieces and it would work. I am sorry, but English isn´t my first language. What does "had a good run" mean exactly? I know the Hobbit line wasn´t very successfull... In my opinion the problem was (besides the unpopular third film) that the sets were mostly really bad... especially the laketown sets and the battle of the 5 minifigures :/ An iron hill dwarfs battle pack or the entrance to Erebor with a few dwarfs defending it against the orcs (in armor, not the ugly version without even hairpiece) would pretty sure sell well.
  14. Gorilla94

    Dream Lego Licensed Themes

    Disney- not as costumed humans but real Comic characters with medium legs for the adult ducks and mice. A big money bin, a small 313-car... something with Goofy including long arms and legs and especially Pluto as animal like Scooby Doo was done and not as a costumed guy. Garfield - one small set with Odie and Garfield using moulded heads. Looney toons cmf. Simpsons as a real theme with smaller playsets reusing the moulded heads and introducing the handfull of missing ones. Any fantasy theme delivering orcs and dwarfs. Wow, Warhammer, Dwarfs, ... i dont care about the title in the box.
  15. Gorilla94

    Why Ancient Rome never became an official theme?

    There was no historical human vs. human-playtheme with existing fractions (and one of them being clearly the evil ones). Desert expedition was about a scientist, a journalist and an adventurer with evil treasure hunters as enemies and depicted nothing from ancient Egypt but graves and loose inspired temple ruins. Surely something like that would work well with Roman ruins, too, but that isn't what you want or am i wrong? With the second adventurers theme including maschineguns and so on they completely went the fantasy way with undead monsters chasing the heroes, which won't work with Romans because there isn't the generic mummy Pop culture horror stuff. Lego Playthemes are always good vs. bad. There isn't much of that in history and even then you are on thin ice with depicting it that way. Lego made vikings a fantasy theme with horned helmets and fighting evil dragons and werewolfs. They are clearly pop culture vikings, not historically accurate ones. That works. I could imagine them do this with Greek mythological creatures and generic hoplits, too (and honestly hope they will do one day). Roman Legions were just an army. There are no myths about a handfull of roman soldiers making a journey like the hoplits around Jason and the Argo. There is no other pop culture Image about them fighting monters. Who would be the "barbarians", which only means "those with the strange language"? The design will tell who they are depicting or at least from wich enemy the Designer took inspiration. Hannibal could maybe be used as a villain without offending too many people with Carthago being completely erased after the Punic wars, but Lego would never put a war elefant on shelves in a time when animal rights are such a hot topic... Vercingetorix, who is still a national hero in France, used as a cartoonish villain with a face like the series 15-evil knight could trigger some negative reactions, too. Or will we just stay with fictional halfnaked savages from Germania, a country and culture completely invented by Ceasar? I am only proud about who I became by my own work. My nationality really couldn't mean less to me and i'd in fact be happy with every usefull Castle print or accessory we get from such a line. But there are enough people that think very different about that and I can't imagine Lego taking that risk of offending them, if there are other potential themes to make sets. No. The cmf offers potential for every character depicting a certain group of people being a good guy. There is no bloodthirsty looking savage Eagle Warrior in series 7 and no plundering greedy Spanish Conquistador with angry face in series 8. In a playtheme one side would have to be evil. Thats the difference. To make it more specific: why don't we have a butcher like from series 6 in City sets? Because of that stuff like a realistic Viking will stay a cmf or just appear in a museum city set.