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  1. Wahahahaha... Thank you x'D I think it wouldn't be that much of a problem to introduce medium Legs now. We dont know which characters will appear. I dont think Wendy is that popular. You can use Peter and Hook without her. She is pretty useless without them. A rerelease of Peter Pan is quite unlikely. He is flying half of the movie. I could not say anything about his size difference to Wendy. To be honest i think he is actually a bit taller than her... and much smaller than hook. The scales of the figures are already completely wrong. I guess the potential of selling an army of the little Aliens for Mocs of the Pizza planet scene in the first Movie or at least three of them instead of only one Woody was also a reason. It also saved Potential fĂĽr series 2. With which character would you team up any side character if the two Main protagonists aren't included?
  2. đź‘ŤI am quite optimistic with that. She ist just too adorable to be left out. And to be honest... there aren't that many possibilities for brilliant costumes anymore.
  3. Gorilla94

    [PRESS RELEASE] 21316 - Lego Ideas Flinstones

    It looks like the final set is a medium quality ideasproject and the fan Moc was the real set made by professional designers, who live from that and have access to all the bricks they want. The final set is so incomplete and poorly done. There is no love at all. The Mail Box without "the", missing Dino&Kids, Barney with long legs(this is unforgivable badly done). I could go in and on. If i was the original Designer who put so much love and effort in this project, this insultingly bad set would make me cry. It is unbelievable. I love Lego bricks and minifigures. I live for Comics drawing 90% of the time i don't have to work. My childhood was Lego and Cartoons. You can't find someone more forgiving (i would even pay the 60€ just for the figures of the original Ideas project) but Lego really manages it to produce that bad products for Toy Story and the Flintstones that i wont buy them. If i had to give a grade it was a F. Just because there is no lower one. Everything which isn't bad is not made by Lego.
  4. Gorilla94

    Toy Story 2019

    Looks like...
  5. Gorilla94

    Toy Story 2019

    You should. It is such a great set - the best Toy Story Set in my opinion ond one of my favourite ones in general. The only bad thing is the spoiler connected with only 2 studs, so it will fall off very often while driving. If you just put it on your shelf without interest in playing with it, it is perfect for you. Are there pictures of the army men? These could at least be something interesting to me. Right now i am just dissaponted by these new sets. They are so poorly done... Boo Peep with normal legs and arms is useless for my existing Toy Story collection. I have the old Rex. there is a difference. The new one has printed eyebrows which are unbelievable ugly in my opinion. The duck is made ok, i guess. The bunny is terrible to me... Maybe the most terrible Minifigure i know. His size doesn´t fit (which is a minor problem because every scale is broken) but also doesn´t represent the character at all. He is fat like Lotso so he needs a mould like him. It looks like making Jabba the Hut a friends doll... The only positive thing i can see right now are the two new hats for Wild west Mocs. The worst thing is how much i love the licence and lego. I tried so hard to look for something positive in this sets :( At least i was hoping to get a good Boo Beep and printed arms for Woody. I have to search for a custom solution.
  6. I think, it is very likely. For those who don´t care about something being custom made: Brickforge has (in my opinion) a better mould with more fitting proportions.
  7. I don´t want to annoy you or be off topic, but could you please tell me where the right ones torso is from? It Looks fantastic combined with the arms and legs :)
  8. Gorilla94

    [MOC] Dark Lord

    If there were no studs on the base i would not recognise this is build with bricks. it looks so much like a regular action figure. I really admire your talent!
  9. Gorilla94

    [MOC] The Earth

    Impressing! :D
  10. Gorilla94

    Favourite Minifigure

    I got the Lego Oasis Ambush 5938 with the tape when i was a kid and listened to the Story of Johnny Thunder hundreds of times in my childhood. When i was 6 years old i got the Sphinx 5978... These Sets made me search for books about history. I wanted to become a archeologist, get a job in a Museum or something comparable since that time. It motivated me to get good grades to be able to study history. Now there are my final exams soon. There are no minifigures that could come anywhere near to that level of emottional Investment i have with Joe Freeman, Prof. Articus, an Linda Lovely (thats the way Johnny Thunder, Prof. Killroy and Pippin Reed were called in the german version). I made a lot of custom printed Minifigures to complete my collection Lego left unfinished (Simpsons and Lord of the Rings). They are the ones i am most proud of having them in my collection. Just looking at the design i can´t really choose a fair favourite. Licenced and unlicenced Figures are a comletely different thing. If you create your own lego Knight, you can make everything perfectly fitting with the style of a minifigure from the first scratch on. Making a licence character means to transfer a existing and in most cases much more complex design into Lego. Making an Uruk-Hai or Spidermen with web printing araund the head and the red Stripes on his arms a good lego minifigure is a much bigger achievement than making a cute costume cmf. Lego Theoden in armor is a gorgeous little guy, but legs and arms without Armor don´t represent the character perfectly. that is something that stays in my head and what unlicenced figures dont have to care about. Beauce of that i would separate them in the two categories. From the licenced minifigures i would choose Gimli and most of the dwarfs in Thorins Fellowship. The only thing that was done pretty poorly was the hairpiece of Kili used for Torin and Fili, which don´t hae quivers... The Lego Batman Movie Riddler is outstanding in my opinion with printed question marks on his Arms and the two new moulds for him. One of my favourite minifigures of all time will also be the Green Goblin from the lego studio sets. I got the one with golden Eye Patterns when i was a kid and love him till today, He is even more impressing thinking about how early he was produced. Between the unlicenced minifigures my favourits by design are the outstandig Anubis guard, some of the costumed minifigures (GORILLA, Dragon, Elephant, Lizard, Unicorn, Giraffe), Shakespeare from the Lego Movie Series and some other historical Figures like the Caveman from Series 1. I love what they represent eaqually and they are done in perfection.
  11. Gorilla94

    Toy Story 2019

    I hope we get that legs and arms in other Themes too. Goofy and Sauron would benefit from that, too.
  12. Femen is the Feminist organisation which is running around nude to demonstrate against objectifying women and doing similar stuff like that. Hahaha :'D Thanks for the last one!
  13. Thank you all for your responses. My thought was maybe the rumored D2C vehicle could be the Akrham Knight Batmobil. I mean we got heigh Ledger Joker that way with the tumbler and later a small set with Bane from the dark Knight rises... They are both way darker than Jason in the game. I also can imagine it would sell quite well.
  14. I think Lego wont do stuff like that because it isn´t kidfriendly. The cmf is made for figures who would not be released in a set like some designers said.in Interviews. The butcher has a steak. I think we can all agree Lego won´t produce a modular building slaughterhouse or even a shop for meat with some working space in the back, don´t we? The arktic sets, the cmfs and the rerelease of the cmfs in different colours Show that Lego knows how popular stoneage stuff is, but the company isn´t willing to make sets with a caveman who hunts down a Mammoth or a cavewoman collecting vegetable and being chased by a sabertooth. Both of them would drive Peta- and Femen activists insane. So they put his stuff in separated packeds. Lego isn´t responsible if Kids Play this way by themself. The hunter with duck would be inviting to play "killing the duck", so i would say certainly "no, there will never be such a cmf".