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  1. Gorilla94

    DC Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Captain America's cowl mould? https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=19303&name=Minifigure, Headgear Helmet Mask&category=[Minifigure, Headgear]#T=C&C=77 That one would look great on a Black mask Minifig if the Faceprint adds teeth to the mask :)
  2. Gorilla94

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    Maybe we are lucky and Lego already made some moulds that will be used in other themes... i could imagine the shoulder armour working wonderfull for an Orc or evil knight. To me it seems that Lego is completely unable to put a fitting price tag on digital content. There are wonderfull videogames with hundreds of hours gameplay for very few bucks and free music on youtube (yeah, sure, in theory you are paying by watching commerials, but everyone uses add blockers) ... with a well made minifigure worth 4€ Lego tried to charge 16€ for a hand full of cheap little animations and music. Lego Dimensions offered much more value for the money and failed... I think Vidijo would have benefited from more parts usable outside of the Vidijo theme. For example the punk pirate really only works as punk pirate. He doesn't fit into a city as a generic punk nor does any of his pieces work for a regular pirate. The most popular figures seen to be mostly the ones like the vampires that are still working with classic themes.
  3. Gorilla94

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    Oh boy... that monster metal poster looks cool. Especially the shoulder armour is just awesome... It is very sad to see the lost potential. The axe guitar is by far my favourite Lego piece of the year. I wish Lego would have started with stuff like that...
  4. Well... I probably was a very strange kid but the largest appeal to me back then was that minifigs were superior action figures. They had all the same scale and were able to use each others helmets and accessories. I build quite many castles and so on but never saw that as the main fun. It was just the preparation for the roleplay part. If I had a great Batmobile like the Tumbler or the Mystery Maschine I would have build less and played much more with the original model. Never changed anything about the Green Goblin vehicle from the first Spiderman wave because it has been perfection to me.
  5. Gorilla94

    Updating Your DC Minifigures

    Ah :D Thank you :)
  6. Gorilla94

    Updating Your DC Minifigures

    Oh, those legs on Bane are woderfull. May I ask where they are from? :)
  7. Gorilla94

    Dream Lego Licensed Themes

    Warhammer fantasy. Of course it won't happen, but the world has potential for gorgeous sets as some mocs have already shown.
  8. I am happy for you and I know if my experience was average Lego would be pretty sure bankrupt by now. I don't know why I have such an overpropprtional amount of bad luck, but to me personally it is irrelevant. I also had for example a Simpsons house with 3 errors: Flander's brown beard colour went down over his lower lip down to the imaginary chin, Homer had a big gap in the mouth printing below his nose and a plate was missing. That is just not good. Most problems where in the first few serieses after Lego moved the production to China. If there was no Lego store where I get a replacement If something like that happens I would have stopped buying them.
  9. Stuff like this is the reason I would not buy a single cmf anymore if I didn't have a Lego store in the city. Had a Catman unable to stand upright, German soccer players with smeared print, Hades with the face print not in the right place... one time there was a part missing but I can't remember which figure it was. No printing at all is something new xD
  10. Gorilla94

    Hello From Max's Mom

    I made a lot of characters Lego didn't release in physical form. That includes custom printing, new 3D-printed-parts, parts created by cutting and gluing stuff together as well as painting. I can't help you with doing the printing yourself. I just know flat surfaces work well with pixel grafics, too. If the surface is curved you need vector grafics which is just annoying at the edge of painfull to do. Metal colours seem to be a problem for every printing service I talked to. One Eastern Europe printer solved the problems by painting a piece for example silver by hand and then print on top of that. There are some 3rd party companies offering printing your designs on minifigs. Their prices and quality varries very. I never researched about the American market. If you want to glue Lego you will have to look some time for a glue that works with ABS-plastic.
  11. Gorilla94

    DC Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    UCS-Dark Knight-Trilogy Bat-Motorcycle? Maybe with Bane/Catwoman-Minifig? Less than 1000 seems like a price we could expect for 100€. Well, we will see...
  12. Gorilla94

    Future Castle Sets?

    Hard to say. I never played Zelda, but to me it looks like there would be very little usefull stuff for me coming from that IP. I won't use for example a Hyrule Shield or sword with blue handle. From the moulds I would expect to appear only Link's hat could be cute for my generic western fantasy characters. World of Warcraft has lots of gorgeous designs. A little hut with Orcs could be gorgeous for example. A Lich king would rock hard, too. But it could also be strange stuff with neon colours and Pandas so I'd say it depends on the individual set, if i'd be interested... Right now I am pretty happy with the constant releases of new minifigure weapons and accessories from other companies - especially the amount of gorgeous dwarf accessories we got in the last few years. At least Lego gives us printed bricks with wooden patterns and other stuff usable for Castle trough bricks&pieces. The average moc is in my opinion better than the ideas blacksmith anyways.
  13. Gorilla94

    DC Super Heroes Wishlists

    I think it is also not that unlikely that we will get another popular vehicle from the past. At least at my place the minifig Tumbler seems to be more than successfull.
  14. Gorilla94

    DC Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    To me 2021 with this awesome minifig Tumbler was the best DC year since the Lego Batman Movie. To be honest I'd love to get no DC movies for years if it means more nostalgia sets. They could make Schwarzenegger Mr Freeze or Sets for the Arkham Games then (there was a Moc not long ago showing how great the Arkham Knight Batmobil would work as a minifigure model)- maybe with a well executed Azrael, Hush or Mad Hatter. They could also milk the Teen Titans fanbase and give us an updated Deathstroke.
  15. Gorilla94

    Lord of the rings sets returning?

    I'd say one of the problems were terrible sets that needed to be done to include certain characters. Weathertop is bad to a degree that hurts. If they put for example Merry, Pippin and Ringwraiths into a cmf and focus on sets that are good playsets in general, it would be certainly more successfull.