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  1. The original Kotor is a mile stone of video game history with a huge fan base that partly isn't even much into Star Wars except for that game. If it is a good remake with the same plot in new technology, it is pretty much guaranteed that the SW fans both old and young will love it. The children, who grew up with it are now adults able to buy for example an Ebon Hawk for nostalgia. It would be a set that works perfectly fine alone on a shelf as a nerdy decoration object. There also never was an Ebon Hawk, so many collecters screaming for new ships would be happy, too. It would not surprise me at all to see one such big set aimed towards adults. I mean, there is not even any need for any new moulds except for HK 47's head. Real children toy sets will pretty much completely depend on what Disney is planing with the old republic. What do you guys think about the rumor of a Mandalorian Beskar helmet in the helmet collection? I could not be less interested in such a set but the possibility to get lots of metallic silver pieces makes me really excited.
  2. Gorilla94

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    Funny. I was going to Post exactly the same. My dream SW Set would be an Ebon Hawk with a new Mould for HK47's head.
  3. To be honest my hopes for future cmfs are pretty low... To me it was always about getting "special" minifigures, we would not see otherwise. Stuff like Ceasar is just great and I am more than willing to pay some money for such a figure that requires moulds that are useless otherwise... In Series 21 there was just the Aztec-Warrior that felt this way. There were allways 14/15 out of 16 figures I really liked or loved. The one or two "ok" ones for the complete set were fine for that price... Now the distribution between "love it" "really like it" and "ok" ones changed drastically. I especially dislike that we get more and more boring random city characters that offer nothing I could not expect from a cheap standard set figure... like the biker or firefighter from the newer serieses. The female police officer hairpiece was introduced in a city set, too. If Lego wants 4€ per figure I expect more than for 1,50€ where a skateboarder as filler is perfectly fine. With series 19's carebear and 21's Singer there were even the first figures I think are really ugly. I don't want to own them even If someone gave me the money they cost, if I pur them on my shelf. So Lego made me stop collecting complete serieses. Congratulations. I expect not more than one cool animal suit (frog sounds great) and one cool historical/fantasy character from now on... My dream figure would be a dwarf warrior with a reprinted octagonal "stop"-shield like it was used in one Lego movie 2 set.
  4. Gorilla94

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    If cmf bags don´t count (I still can´t believe how gorgeous some of the Looney Toons are) the minifig tumbler is my favourite set of the year. It is beautifull to a degree that makes me buy it even with the use of stickers. Does anyone know a good custom printer who does metal colours on curved pieces? The tumbler is worth the effort of making the grafics. Do I see it correctly that the Joker has a white head now?
  5. Gorilla94

    Disney Properties 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I just got the new Pluto mould :) He has a hole on top of his head. I am pretty surprised. Any ideas what headgear he could get in future sets?
  6. Gorilla94

    Literary minifigs?

    Do you mix fleshies and yellow figures? I'd put Caesr and Shakespeare into the store. They could read each others work :D
  7. Gorilla94

    Disney Properties 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    There are in fact some I did not think of. Sure. Zoomania for example would certainly be popular. Cruella on the other hand... I think it has a reason she doesn´t appear in many of the 101 Dalmations toys.^^´ I´d personally love to get a completely out of scale minifig version of Archimedes with no other use than that I can put him as my favourite Disney character on my desk (as long as he gets a nice headpiece with belly like Big bird) but I am aware he isn´t that well known and has little value for Mocs, so he would probably be a bad choice to include. I think back when they started planning series 1 it would have been easy to fill 4 serieses. I see the problem in getting such a mix done again, because the first two serieses were extremely cherry picking in three ways. It was in both cases a well sorted mix of different Disney eras (classic Mickey Mouse Comics, Pixar animation, really old classics, 90s Disney Renaissance... something for everyone). So the quesion is not only, if there are any Disney movies popular enough movies left they could make figures of (which there certainly are), but if there are enough for the different periods, if the concept of the series is supposed to stay the same. Otherwise the target group would shrink. On the one hand they also took very, very strong/popular IPs. I think it isn´t just my personal taste, if I assume that for example Baymax can´t be compared to Frozen at all. I doubt that it´s chances get better years after Kingdom hearts 3 was released, which gave some lesser known IPs (like hercules) some new spotlight in 2019, when cmf 2 came out. On the other they also took just core characters. Like DBlegonerd7 wrote some quite popular characters are now kicked out because they would not work alone like Lilo. Then there are characters that work bad as minifigures (like Ralph, but if Mr. Incredible was ok, than Lego won´t mind with Ralph, too.) and characters that simply can´t work. Imagine the donkey from Winnie Pooh as a minifigure not an animal mould. To be honest the picture I have, if I think of Pumba as a minifigure, is terrible at best... and with just one character per bag there can´t be a Timo accesory. I hope that, if the new Mickey Mouse sets sell well, we will see more Disney Minifigure sets delivering characters like Pluto.
  8. Gorilla94

    Disney Properties 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I doubt there will be a third one. What could they include? They released for example Hercules and Hades together. Meg and Phil in a third series won´t be very popular without those two. Sure, some easy ones like Pete, Belle and Beast are there, but I could not fill a series of just 12 even if I put really bad ideas into it like a ridicoulously oversized Mushu as a minifigure to come with Mulan and her Villain, Timo without Pumba or less popular stuff like Big hero six... I hope we will see more Disney sets like the one introducing Pluto. It´s not like that you need to be a genius to predict the success of for example a lion king set using the new lion moulds with a few new prints.
  9. Gorilla94

    LotR Rohan Army Building

    My sincere advice would be to reduce the number of figures you want drastically (10 Rohirim with horses take a bunch of space on display, too) and let the hope for any reasonable prices go or go for another project. Otherwise you really wont be happy in the end. What is important to you? Personally I don´t want clones, if they are not supposed to be clones (And if they are supposed to be clones, they have to look exactly the same, so I would not mix Storm Troopers with different helmet moulds, with and without legprinting etc. ^^´). Rohirim do not wear uniforms and are not from Karmino. They have unique appearances. I don´t get what many people like about a bunch of original rohan soldier copies... If you are fine with that, it makes things a lot easier. Do you want them accurate to books and movies? Then for example the cmf 20 vikings torso and legs are out because the blue cape doesn´t work because of the blue cape printed on the torso and It will be very difficult to get good heads, beard- and hair-pieces. Are you willing to modify pieces? If you paint some beard pieces in orange, tan and dark tan, it opens completely new possibilities. Can you switch arms and legs on a minifigure? That will do wonders, too. How important is leg printing to you? What do you need the figures for? Sitting on/in horses makes leg printig pretty irrelevant.
  10. There are great custom ones available. Combined with printed arms from the UCS-Sets and an accurate gun mould it makes Boba one of the prettiest minifigures I ever saw.
  11. Can I be honest to you? I can't see how this is relevant to what I wrote. As far as I am informed Kennedy got a supervisor from Disney after the Solo movie and was told to keep her hands from the shows. So their success is not her achievement and it would be wrong to give her any credit for it. The high republic seems to be one of her projects and would have been canceled, if there was no information leaked already. But i don't care about that so much. If all this stuff are fake news and Kennedy just recognised one fine day that pretty much everything she did was terrible and said "hey, let's give quality writing another chance. Maybe it could save the IP", I'd happily shake her hand. I love incompetent and/or bad people growing and changing themself for the better. It doesn't change the fact, that she is without any doubt responsible for everything from her getting the job until the Solo movie. So it is important that the Mandalorian has as much success as possible for anybody, who likes classic storytelling. And with that I am out. I won't discuss this any further because it becomes off topic.
  12. I hope so much, that this wave will succeed for many reasons... I love how there is - as far as I can see - no needless filler stuff in any of these sets to artificially increase the price. The new slave one is just awesome. It works perfectly as a toy, has two cool figures and there is arm printing for characters, that really need them, while keeping it at a reasonable price. If the roumors are correct, there will be a Mandalorian forge, so lego saw that there are 2 not that central but really beloved characters that could be made with one new mould (blacksmith and Maul trooper)... Ok, there are stickers, but they are used for irrelevant stuff and not like the people in carbonite from the razor crest or essential elements from Harry Potter. I hope this can become a lesson of how to make future licence sets. Star Wars was such a huge thing to me in my childhoood and teen years. It made me sad, when Disney took over and announced, that what I loved most about it was non-canonical now. The hope to get new awesome stuff declined with the announcement of EA doing all video games from now on... When I saw the IP got butchered by Kathleen Kennedy in the most malevolent way imagineable, I finally lost interest completely. I don´t get emotional easily, but seeing Mark Hamil having his heart broken by the destruction of Luke Skywalker in a way that makes children cry when they see Hamil on the street, hit me. Dave Filoni´s Mandalorian is in my eyes a resurrection of what Star wars once was. Simple Stories about characters that made me care about them by going through the classic heroes journey in an interesting sci-fi-setting. The last episode of season 2 made me tear up. If the sales of toys connected to it succeed, it does their part of proving that the classic elements of good story telling matter. Maybe then we will get cinematic masterpieces again like the original Mulan or Tarzan. I´d love to get Kuiil, but I understand why they didn´t make him. The Mandalorians and Baby Yoda are cool figures even for children that don´t know the series. Shand will be most likely quite relevant to the Bad Batch series and they can use the mould in more than one set. Cara was meant to get an own show and stay relevant in the Mandalorian... also she is cheap to produce with this random hair piece. The old ugnaught piece is out of production, isn´t it? Kuiil would need to come with a Blurg... and I don´t know how popular a brickbuild one would be... A mould for a Blurg would be quite an investment, if we can´t predict how often they will appear again. We didn´t even have a Bantha until the micro fighter brick build version.. I´d just wish I hadn´t bricklinked an expensive Cara on bricklink when Disney canceled her role and stopped the merchandise production involving her.^^´
  13. Gorilla94

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Is it now 15 or 25 figures? I can't imagine it being 25 to be honest... Can anyone see the Punisher in the pictures? I mean, if the leaked figure was no fake it has to be somewhere. I also can't imagine this set not including JJJ... will be interesting to see the backside. To be honest I have little problem with the same characters being often reused... my problem is that the figures are mostly pretty poorly done (I have the old Green goblin from Lego Studios with Golden eyes and the vehicle using printed wedges... pure perfection. Still can't believe it is so old. The Doc Ock from back then also looks better than all newer versions.) I need a: Regular Spiderman with dual moulded arms and legs, which are also printed in a quality that the blue doesn't shine through the blue. Lego was able to do it once and Chinese knockoff figures are still. It is nothing too crazy to expect. If he comes exclusive in an expensive set: fine. Venom as a Big fig. I won't buy the minifigure version no matter how cheap it is available.
  14. Gorilla94

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I am not sure about the appeal to new collectors. This version is much less present in the movies and and barely iconic. It's like a UCS Version of po's (or how the guy is called) X-Wing from SW Episode VII...
  15. Gorilla94

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Scale matters. Donald, Mickey and so on should have medium legs (which would also represent the characters better) to be smaller than Goofy. Tweety, speedy Gonzales as well as Chip&Dale should be 1x1 accessory pieces... If a licence has to be done, do it justice and don't let big empty spots open... Like Moe from the Simpsons or Eowyn and the Witchking from lotr. Especially leaving central characters away because they could be "controversial" is just annoying and I'd prefer if the theme is left untouched then.