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  1. I don't get what the middle section of the first sentence means ("that are on same right now"). I know there is no Vader in most sets. Because of that he is a selling factor to those who don't have one. I know that you can buy old ones with a bit of luck on flee markets - some in terrible condition, some very overpriced... i got most of my cmfs second hand. It makes some time finding what you want, but you can. Because of that Lego tries to update the figures from time to time - like my Han solo example with the red stripe. That is the reason why i dont think there will be a cmf. If it isn't a very poorly done cmf the quality will be much higher than standard sets will ever get- printed arms and sides of legs, fitting moulds. Except something like the printed Boba with printed arms most sw-minifigs are below the quality of cmfs. Think about what type of obscure characters were used. Giraffe suit Guy, "Where are my pants?"- guy, villain in a calculator-suit or the Pencil-Eraser-Guy from Batman 1? Compare that for example to Shmi Skywalker or Owen Lars or the two gangsters from the cantina scene.
  2. I don't believe there will be a Star Wars cmf line. Lego Star Wars became more and more about the figures. If Lego releases a good selection in the cmf - including Vader, Storm Trooper, Maul, Yoda, Clone Trooper and so on - it will effect the set sales dramaticly. Imagine a standard set like Yoda's hut standing next to a cmf bag with him. Or the most pathetic SW-Set ever released - the Walker with Phasma as it's only selling argument next to a cmf with her. I was shocked when heared Afols owning the slave 1 with Bobas printed arms already say they bought even cloud city just because of the red sripes on Hans legs while hating the whole build. (Good) Battlepacks or Micro Fighters sell. But they have lower detail, no Cape or Kylo Ren without helmet. So there will still be People buying a larger set with the deluxe version. The cmfs are superior to most of the "deluxe"-Versions. If they make a series just with random unreleased side characters like some AFOL fan lists these AFOLs will be happy to be able to complete their collection. But children wont be interested as well as the "i don't play with Lego anymore but love this character, so i want to put a small Figure of him on my desk at my workplace"-buyers that bought lots of Disney cmfs.
  3. Gorilla94

    Cancelled Lego Batman Movie 2 sets

    I think Lego movies are different. Of course Lego had a short time producing for example the hobbit sets with only a few artworks avaiable. But if i understood it correctly from an Interview to tlbm1 most of the stuff like the Batmobil or eggheads Mech was actually build in the beginning. So i think, it is indeed possible.
  4. Gorilla94

    Cancelled Lego Batman Movie 2 sets

    I think it could be real. The names sound like something Lego would write. It also sounds like they could be somehow connected by a movie plot and not just random set names. If there was a Lego Batman Movie 2 we can assume there will be a Batmobil. Deathstroke is a logical choice not beeing included in the first movie. Riddler is one of the most well known characters. I see some potential if there is a new Robin (Damian i guess) and the one from the first movie becomes knightwing. Becoming the older brother and so on. But if this list is real it's maybe a if not the reason why we didn't hear anything from the movie for a while. The closest thing to making babies in the lego movies was holding hands until now. If Bruce now has a baby without being in a relationsship with the mother (seems to be Damian and Talia from the amount of Ra'as in the list) - probably back from the days when he wasn't able to connect emotionally with anyone before the first TLBM... or cheated on the creepy Alienmonster it would be quite different from what we saw until now. I especially can't see something like this produced at the same time the Billion brick race privilege and gentrification movie was.
  5. Gorilla94

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    That is in my opinion the biggest problem with todays minifigures in general. 2019s Catwoman is by far my favourite design of that character, but her face isn't looking good with the pathetic print quality on a black head. I think the Lego Batman Movie's designs were mostly great because they were making "minifigure versions" to beginn with taking isome inspiration from different versions and not trying to squeeze an actual costume into minifig form. For example the lovely Killer Croc with an retro krokodile head.
  6. Great review! I think it is a good set for Ninjago fans and sci fi builders. Personally i am dissapointed. Ninjago was the last theme except Harry Potter and the CMFs that delivered good castle parts. I made a bunch of very cool Orcs with prints and accessories from this theme. This time there is nearly nothing for me. The only thing i could maybe use from this set is the new bodywear piece for holding 2 swords... I´d wish it was at least dark bluish grey or brown instead of black or white...
  7. Gorilla94

    Disney Princesses 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    It is a stupid question, but what would you use as material for minifigure play sets? Princess sets are mostly Friends sets with a licence put over them. That works. But minifigure playsets for boys and girls seem different to me. They need a more specific scenery or a brickbuild creature. Most include a villain and play features. A Scrooge money bin and Donald's 313 would be nice. Maybe Gyro Gearloose's shelter? What else? I was crazy about Donald's Comics as a kid and love them still today but they offer very few well known buildings. Disney's Hercules is a cool movie. A Playset with him, Pegasus, Meg, Phil and the Hydra would sell, if it is done well... but that means: New legs and hair for Phil, new Hairpiece for Meg, new mould for Pegasus if he is supposed to look not awefull... plus a new one for the Hydra. I doubt Lego will be able to make good one with standard bricks. There aren't many good scenes for sets in this movie so i really doubt you could reuse them. Oh and Lego would produce a Set for a movie released long before their core consumer base was born. Mulan: Probably possible with one new mould for Mushu and a new hairpiece Shang You. A scene from the palace would be possible. Maybe one of the training with Tent and the arrow climbing challenge. Maybe Stitch could get the escape pot? I can't think of a good Tarzan sceene...
  8. Gorilla94

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    I don't think it's really "too political" but a kind of politics you can't put in a good childrens movie. The Simpsons episode "Last exit to Springfield" handles for example the concept of unions, striking and health care in a very good way (i know that the Simpsons isn't mainly targetet at children. Even in the beginning of the episode there is a very violent Schwarzenegger parody. I just meant that these politic themes are presented very understandable offering potential for discussion without becoming propaganda. It is even usable to talk with the kids about oportunities and problems of technological progress in the workplace. Like "what do you think would have happened if the robots replacing the striking people would have worked fine?""maybe some could work IT-Experts? But that needs a higher degree"). I won't write a word about my personal opinion about identity politics. This is just meant as a comment about movies. The classical heroes journey, which was the main plot in every kids movie i ever saw, is about overcoming his internal and external challenges. I don't see how identity politics can be integrated into that. This is just an example. If a company offers a product for most people and a minority feels discriminated because that product isn't what they want, a classical heroes journey would be the heroes making their own company selling the product they want successfully. But if they do that they would prove that there is no systematic oppression and everybody with enough talent can be that successfull. So if the Movie makers really want to show this privilege it has to be a real tragedy or use a big part of the film to show that the other company owners don't deserve their position, which they just have because of their privilege. I never saw a tragedy movie for children and i can't imagine the second option becoming an entertaining movie. I really don't want to offend anyone. If someone has an idea to make a working plot with this political content i'll take back what i wrote.
  9. Gorilla94

    MOC: The Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop

    There are some really nice ideas put into that Moc :) I really like the print designs and the way the window is done. And i love the way you present it like an official set! I hate the fact that there are still no dark green Bricks with wall design available in 2019... It is the only Piece without any acceptable alternative for when building an Androids Dungeon Moc :/
  10. Gorilla94

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Ok, that explaines the skin colours.
  11. Gorilla94

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Thank you for the clarification :) I am a bit confused why they aren't yellow 🤔 Are these some licences i don't know?
  12. Gorilla94

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    I don't know much about that project. I read somewhere Billion Brick race became TLM2. If it is a completely canceled project that indeed speaks for an end of this movie line. Do you have to own a licence to use a characters name? In that case they could let Bruce be somewhere with his alien queen (it is so awefull they made him marry her... ) and make a new Movie with Finn as an adult playing with his own kids - i hate that idea but could it imagine as a possible movie.
  13. Gorilla94

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    I think Jurassic World should be discontinued. It is all about the dinosours. You don't need a licence for that. Cavemen or an adventurers reboot with Johnny Thunder would be just as nice or better and both could be done without the licence costs.
  14. Gorilla94

    [Review] #75267 Mandalorian Battle Pack

    Like it was said before: I wouldn´t use the price per piece count of regular sets on this one, too. These battlepacks are more like 4 cmfs in a box - without special dual moulding on arms and legss or new accessory. This level of quality was 2€ for each bag. If we add to the 8€ minifigures the licence costs, the few cents the buildings costs, the infation and the fact that we know what we get (something many cmf-collectors pay for) the price of 14€ still hurts but for the first time since quite a while it is still enough value for me to buy it for that price, which means it is by far to me personally the best star wars set of the last years. How good it is also depends on what people want. I loved the fact, that we got Ki Adi Mundi in a cheap pack. Army builders hate the set for including 2 unique characters instead of just 4 clones. In this pack we don´t have something generic like storm troopers. But at least you can combine the parts to new mandalorians quite well. As someone who doesn´t army build at all i love this set. Are the capes shorter than normal? It seems so on the box art.
  15. Gorilla94

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Thank you :) Hm... "How to Train Your Dragon" could be interesting... New castle parts