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  1. I don't know about the battle pack... The Specialist visor needs printing. The Commander is "ok"... the Heavy troopers are the only ones I really like. With a custom pauldron and gun they will rock.
  2. I really like your Balrog! The sword, whip and legs especially. There is the perfect face for a Balrog from Bionicle. The piece is a mix of black and orange plastic. Only problem is that it is difficult to integrate into a brickbuild figure. I have it somewhere but had no time trying to make it into a Balrog yet xD the latest Ninjago Fire Dragon has those printed cloth wings that would work well, too. The only thing missing for a perfect Balrog until now are the latest horn pieces in black.
  3. I loved Galadriel and Saruman with those slope pieces. Looked gorgeous and made them a bit larger then other characters. The limited movement was no issue in my opinion because they are standing in pretty much any sceene. Not much movement needed. Gandalf on the other hand moved quite much, climbed mountains took steps in Moria, rode his horse, sat on chairs. That is a character that needs movable legs in my opinion... of course the best way would be to put both into such an expensive set for adults, which won't happen, of course. I say the figure will have legs so he can sit in the council. Oh my gosh... just saw the brickheads... I don't want to be rude but those are just pathetic :/ Another member made such gorgeous Mocs a few weeks ago, so it is certainly possible to make good ones. Whoever is responsible for these products should go to his room and think about what he or she has done. It reminds me of pupils who forgot their homework and made up some rubbish within 2 minutes. If there are several designs from which the best gets chosen, I am really scared of the others...
  4. What would you change? Legolas looks great with viking cmf 20 arms. Gimli could use Arm Printing, too, but looks good without it. I'd like to see him with printed medium legs, but that won't happen. Maybe side printing or Dual moulding for Aragorns legs? He doesn't have the Gondor armour piece until Amon Hen. Except for the Dual moulded legs the Hobbits are just perfect in my opinion.
  5. The shards would certainly be a sticker on a tile xD But no, it isn't too much to ask for at that price point. And Dual moulded short legs for the Hobbits as well as a new hat-mould with hair for Gandalf. Besides that the old minifigs are fine.
  6. Thinking about it... If Lego puts the cmfs into boxes next autum - which is a terrible idea -, the chances for a Lotr cmf series could in fact rise at least a bit. Most of the figures are generic enough so Castle builders would buy a whole box just for torso prints, flesh faces and some cool accessories. On the other hand few people want 3 Zombie Captain Americas.
  7. Dual moulded Hobbit feet as well as Dual moulded printed arms for Boromir. That's two of the 3 things I really want and can't make myself. The third is Faramir with silver belt buckle. Personally I think Rivendell is likely. Winnie Pooh was a huge success. The tree house seems to sell well until this day. The ewok village was a hit and exploded on the second hand market. Well made trees/nature sceenes work. The sceene also features the whole fellowship, which would not be included in Minas Tirith.
  8. Well, he has this new jaw piece and arm printing. I can't see much difference to the cmf 13-Goblin, which pretty much everyone liked back then. To be honest that is why I like him. In my opinion the Middle Earth Orcs looked terrible. Especially the mouths are really creepy, so they compelety lack the goofy/cute vibe a minifigure should have to some degree in my opinion no matter what character it is supposed to be. Nexo knights had in my opinion great orcs. I'd have preferred them in olive green, but they still work in red. They are quite cartoonish, but well... like I said: minifigs should be like that in my opinion^^ They look good next to Castle trolls. If the chima aligators die not have these strange blue or yellow symbols ok their chest I could see them as pretty orcs, too. My little orc horde consists of completely unique figures and not a single one shares a piece with the next one - except for a few elite Uruk-Hai. I will certainly add that little guy. For people less picky than me It is a great chance to combine him with different chima legs, which are very cheap and get at least a bit of varriation. There are also some olive green heads available to give him different eyes. That was a huge problem with the Sand green Castle Trolls.
  9. Nope they are still bags (info by Promobricks). They will switch to boxes in Autum 2023, which is the day I stop buying them xD
  10. I need Baby Benny. I am not into classic space at all but I love that character in the Lego movie. I always wanted do build a modular Comic store. He'll be perfect sitting there on a shelf! Marie Antoinette is fabulous. The dog is boring and a printed air wheel ( is it called that way?) would be much cooler, but I am still amazed :D I also will get at least one archer. Gorgeous prints, usefull bow, awesome falcon! I don't mind the strange hair. It is easy to switch out the head. The news Boy is wonderfull. A bunch of usefull pieces, a cute figure we would not get in a set... I love the printed medium legs. Sadly the orc's accessories suck hard :/ the knight shield mould does not fit at all. Only the smaller knight shield would be even less fitting... a little round shield with damaged wood print would have been one of the most gorgeous and in general usefull accessories Lego could have done for him. Well ... the figure is still gorgeous. I really like the T-Rex. It is the kind of costume my little cousins would love. The Koala is great... i don't know where I could use him and the figure is boring... maybe, if I get the figure on sale. I need that rockig horse, but the minifig coming with it is a soulless filler even worse than the violin boy :/ A kid dressed in another knight costume would have been much more interesting and fit well with the one in the last series as well as the big castle. The carrot is funny. The shield can be usefull for a City moc. I don't need him, but he is nice The space monster is not my Cup of tea. If the head beneath the mask is black this piece could be very usefull. The referee is insultingly boring xD But I'll admit she is well executed. Lego should make a new soccer game - not that ridiculous kicker table, but like those old play sets. The potterer is one of the worst CMF-minifigures I've ever seen xD except for the bowl in dark orange there is litteraly not a single piece I'd like to get for free x'D All in all an "ok" series. Can't compete at all with stuff like Series 13 but it is getting better again after Series 20 being the worst numbers cmf in my opinion.
  11. Gorilla94

    DC Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    I haven't watched the Batman yet and am no fan of him at all, but in Pattinson's defense it must be said that he said several times he detests twilight himself. He said, he wanted to play a monster that struggles with all the people he killed, while the books writer allways just told him to "smile more" and was into the characters in a creepy way, which made him uncomfortable... I believe him that he suffered making these movies as much as me watching them with my girlfriend back then^^'
  12. There is s new Ninjago dragon for 35€. It has a new mould for horns... Those in black would be the perfect ones for a Balrog.... if they made the jaw piece black they could use the dragon head, too. It makes me quite optimistic.
  13. Gorilla94

    DC Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    They could easily make an evergreen modular building line based on super heroes. Add an exclusive villain in each set and it will sell like sliced bread. They could have given us after the minifig Version of the 1966 batmobil and the Tumbler an Arkham knight Batmobil. They already have the perfect helmet for the Arkham knight thanks to firefly. If they really do not want to basically print money, they should give us at least a D2C Wayne Manor instead of something like that pathetic Black Panther bust or ridiculous Hulkbuster one year, and a big Akham Asylum combined with a cmf series featuring characters fitting into it... then they can end the theme if they have really no interest and creativity left.
  14. I am thinking about that, too :)... one problem is the skin colour. Another is the shape with ears not allowing to combine it with at least 99% of hair pieces - which makes them quite similar looking and does not let me hide a second face print. I found a very good paint for red and light bluish gray parts, so I could use some Nexo knights and Zombi faces with the jaw piece if painted. With some polishing I am also able to remove face prints from the backside of the heads, wich allows to use for example Moria orcs... in the end it would be quite an effort and not cheap but there should be some cool orcs :)
  15. Seems like it is fixed now :D I just adore this jaw piece :D I really didn´t like how the Middle Earth orcs were executed by Lego. Especially their mouths were for my taste by far not cute/cartoonish/goofy enough. I build my very little orc horde of unique characters with parts from castle, Nexo knights and many other themes as well as custom accessories. This orc will fit in wonderfully. It looks in fact so great I was thinking about getting more than one, but I don´t want a clone army.