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  1. Gorilla94

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Ah, thank you :)
  2. Gorilla94

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Sorry for the stupid question, but can we get a Spiderman in the series? I thought he was a property of Sony?
  3. Gorilla94

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    In German there is a saying: The hope is the last one dying :,D I am not 100% sure that it will never happen after the bald bandana headgear and some other hairpiecces. To me it seems more like a tactic for saving money... like the orcs without hairpiece or headgear, which looked just terrible next to the ones with ears. There was even a bald hairpiece with pointy ears exclusive to the Goblin king set. Oh I don´t doubt there will be well-made figures. Every single dc one was really well made into minifigure form. I just doubt there will be a classic spiderman and similar iconic characters/versions. I´d expect stuff like Peter in his wrestling outfit or another not that well known spidermaan suit to be includet, that makes hardcore fans collecting variants cheer up and is "fine/ok" for many average customers... just like it wasn´t classic superman with dual moulded printed legs and a printed cape in the DC wave.
  4. Gorilla94

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Well... The only thing I hope at least a little bit for in the Marvel cmf is a bald "hairpiece" mould to hide the stud... It would be such a usefull part in pretty much any setting from Dwalin in the Hobbit to any Superhero with a Spiderman-like mask. But I doubt Lego will do "the perfect" classic Spiderman with printed dual moulded arms and legs or similar stuff... Such figures are enough to make some people buy even an in every other aspect terrible 100€ set like the gorgeous Arkham Knight Batman has proven a while ago.
  5. Oh boy... That tells us much about the quality we can expect Middle Earth never needed that to keep the reader/viewer/listener interested :/
  6. Gorilla94

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    That sounds interesting. could you share a link? I looked now several sites of google Images for "english timber framed houses". Also read over the Wikipedia article quickly... Didn't found any Information about round shapes inside the walls. The wooden stuctures on the outside look pretty straight in every single case except for a piece of decoration at a balcony.
  7. Gorilla94

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    I am sorry if I didn't articulate it very well. Yes I mean the curved timbers in the walls. Isn't the outside of a building called "fassade"? In German there is a style of building called "Fachwerkhaus". Google says it is called "half-timbered house" in englisch. It looks like that. https://www.google.com/search?q=fachwerkhaus&client=ms-android-samsung-ga-rev1&source=android-browser&prmd=inv&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwingJHHxI7uAhU3ahUIHdoXBhMQ_AUoAXoECBcQAQ&biw=320&bih=586 This style of architecture can't be represented with round tiles. It goes beyond the historical accuracy problem. A toy Castle set is always a bit fantasy. In fact I am even fine with the roof which most seem to hate, because of that. The thing is: the round tiles are meant to represent wood and serve as something giving the building stability. You have to bend wood to achieve such a form. And even if there is a tree big enough so a lunatic can waste that much material cutting that shape out of it in one piece that size without having to bend it, the shape itself still screams desperately "I am a structural weakness and about to collapse soon" when looking at it. I know the round tiles are there for quite a while. Used them in some of my projects where they are really usefull. I like that piece. What I said about stupid new moulds was not meant about the pieces used in the blacksmith specifically but in general. With a new parallelogram tile you could do insanely beautifull stuff for medieval as well as pirate themes or rural City sets... I'd even have a lot of ideas for Friends with such a part. Or let's imagine the Mines of Moria where normal tiles where used in the background with Tiles designed for such an angle. I could also see them as great upgrades on Star Destroyer surfaces if you want so see less studs. Instead of such pieces we get stuff like: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=66956&idColor=86#T=C&C=86 A piece with so little advantages over 2 1x2 modified curved Slopes that would have exactly the same shape like the new mould, that it becomes ridiculous... and the main one is that Lego can put stickers on it better and save money not printing 2 1x2s which is in fact a disadvantage for customers. I zoomed in on the box pictures. They show the interior quite well. The cooking plage isn't to bad... the Rest is "meh"... if Lego isn't hiding lots of stuff in a secret treasure box not visible on the pictures- which is unlikely from a marketing perspective-, then there is pretty much none when it comes to forging in the inside besides an anvil and another fireplace. Well... I think the historical accuracy train left when there was a female knight wearing a crown put into the set, the other female figure got pants and that pirate shirt. Not to mention the roof and a lot of other elements like a knight wearing only one shoulder protection. This is pretty much a castle fantasy set - again I am perfectly fine with that - but then it should be executed better. A reddish brown version of the helmet would have been perfectly fine in such a setting. The blacksmith even has the beard that fits the helmet. We also got a brown version of the series 20 pirate hat in Barracuda bay so it gave many people hope for a recolour. It would also have given Lotr fans a great way to do Eowyn. Guess it is personal taste. I don't army build clone figures. In my little Orc Horde as well as in the other fractions every figure has a unique face, a unique armour, weapon and so on. The only thing a few characters share are the Rohirim legs that were already used for Theoden and Eomer. A recolour of the sword would have been indeed a cool thing for me as well as for many others and it is pretty easy to do. The awesome thing about a Non-silver sword is that you can paint everything that doesn't need to be grabbed by a minifigure hand. There is a reason why so many people order black Brickwarrior custom weapons. The hilt looks great in black, when you paint the rest of a sword and it stays completely playable. All my custom figures are made in a way that keeps them fully playable. They just look better.
  8. Gorilla94

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    To be honest I don't like the set very much. The work place is cute and a great Inspiration for MOCs. I'll bricklink the printed Tile for sure. The horse is cool. The flat silver version of the SW-Guards' armor is awesome. The female head with golden ornaments on the forehead is great for many kitbashs. And well... that's it. That's all i like about it. The round Tiles at the fassade are just awefull. There are so many stupid new pieces intruduced. Why didn't we get 2 Tiles until now which have a parallelogram shape? It would improve so many sets so much. I never expected the goat in the first place but it is still bad to not get her. What I indeed expected was a recolour of the tournament knight's sword and the viking helmet. The sword is the same colour and there isn't even a viking helmet in any colour. In fact there is such a ridicilously small amount of tools, weapons and armor, that it is not funny anymore.
  9. To be honest I'd be pretty annoyed by a lotr remake. Spend too much time and money making my custom Thror, Thrain, Faramir, Eowyn, Sauron and Witch king in legolike quality with custom printing, 3d printed parts, painting and so on... the quality of koruit lotr-Figures makes it pretty unlikely that too many people get tempted to start armybuilding Cmf-Uruks^^'
  10. Gorilla94

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    The hobbit book is just gorgeous. It hurts, that it most likely won´t be chosen.
  11. Well... My point is this: "Castle" litterally means immobile and I don't speak just about the building of a castle but the whole era. The whole society behind it with limited resources which is structured in a way that keeps everything running anyhow. Where one dude is working for months at a chainmail armor and the question "can we really afford a visor for our knights helmet" is a serious question to consider. Where you wait with war until spring or summer because your troops will die by large numbers just because of the weather, if you don't. Let me put it that way: would you consider the Death Star a Castle? After all it has a dungeon, Throne room, weapon chambers. But there is also Vader's Castle and Jedi Knights. So would you consider Star Wars a Castle theme? In the modern classic fantasy universes as well as in legends and myths I know a dragon is something supernatural if not diabolicannd not a common thing... just like magical plants breaking walls. A castle isn't designed to fight back this rare and ridicilously overpowered creature most medieval texts see as the devil himself or at least a very high status servant of him. The idea of a castle is to force the average joe opponent into a long siege that makes it basically an economic battle between the food ressources of the defender and the aggressor's insanely high costs... A Castle was the gamechanger in that scenario. A peasant throwing rocks down the wall became a real threat while a trained knight who would ride just trough/over the infantry became in a moment just another footsoldier trying go climb up that wall... in fact real siege battles were pretty rare in history. Pretty much every fantasy I know handles their castles that way, too. A bunch of orcs that could slaughter a village is no threat if you have a few bows on top of the wall. The siege battles are always a big event. The ridiculous amounts of Uruk Hai, Saruman sends against Helm's deep also giving them explosives, the undead army in Markus Heitz' "Dwarves"-Novels... the support of a Dragon in Eragon. A Castle is not supposed to be one option in a fair rock-paper-sissors game. It is like Indiana Jones bringing his gun to a swordfight (and a Dragon would be a tank vs. Gunslinger in that example). A scifi-setting where flying vehicles are standard is because of that not a Castle theme even if there is a horse head on the vehicles as decoration. The core of what Castle means is missing in my opinion. I also don't say that an armored motorised vehicle cant be usefull even in certain scifi settings. It just isn't a Castle. They have a robot cook and a service robot. If they reached the point where it is cheaper to let them take care of the kitchen and have them as buttlers, it should also be cheap enough to be used for protection in larger numbers... Never wrote the guards wear no helmets. I wrote they don't protect their faces. Yes, they are using the old moulds from regular Castle themes. In these themes it made sense, that the simple soldier has a cheaper helmet than a knight, which means less metal, so no visor. In this context some are wearing crazy scifi-armors and medieval helmet designs without any protection for the face. Yes, bandits and other characters from older themes wear clothes fitting the world they live in. A world where a Castle means what i described in the first part. The characters from the medieval market or the water mill don't wear any armor and they are still Castle characters in a Castle setting. Well... a knight had two jobs: keep the place efficient as local representant of the nobleman above them. and be the elite in warfare in case they are needed. These "knights" are in a mobile tank driving around with the king and they are simply not needed as units. Like I said you could replace Lance with a belt keeping the lance in place while the scifi-motorcycle flies around. I'd say my argument was fine, but of course you are free to have your opinion.
  12. Ah, sorry^^' Disney ownes the muppets, doesn't it? Then I'd say we probably get a Seasame Street cmf or a line of 4+ sets. One of those things will happen. Lego would never be so generous to give us 5 exclusive moulds for one set... especially in that price range.
  13. I dare to assume a Disney 3 series including Seasame Street Characters - The moulding budget for the Ideas set would be way too generous for Lego, if they don´t use the moulds twice. They could give Ernie and Bert arm pinting then.
  14. Gorilla94

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    I love the workplace and the shield (if that is a printed element). I´d have hoped to get the new sword mould in another colour. The 3 I can see are the same like in the cmf. I really hope we get a reddish brown viking helmet with gold or silver print, which would allow me to make a perfect Eowyn. The rest is not my cup of tea...
  15. Gorilla94

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Have you checked the pieces? I payed about 7€ getting torso, headgear and Legs from different stores a while ago. Wasn´t such a bad deal even with shipping because the stores had other interesting rare parts as well.