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  1. There was an interview a while ago. It was said that Lego learned during the crysis that their bricks need to be filled with stories. I agree with that. It worked perfectly with lego adventurers, when they put a free audiobook in the cheapest set. Today i have my doubts if Lego can fill their bricks with stories without a licence that does the job. Both in their ability to write a good plot and to reach children with it. Nexoknights wasn't good and the idea of selling the audiobooks for a high price instead of putting them into sets or making them free downloads was a mistake that shouldn't happen to a company.
  2. Gorilla94

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    There was a canceled Simpsons house project a short time before the official Lego set was released. I wouldn't give up hope. To be honest i think it can be objectively said that the flintstones figures were really bad compared to the way Lego did the Simpsons and now the Minions. I know the "no moulds for ideas"-rule. But in that case there should have been an exception for Fred and Barney or the set should not have been made. The worst case happened with less characters and designs of a much lower quality than the original creator did. There is no excuse for Barneys long legs. The guy responsible should be ashamed. Do we know how long an ideas set can be in production between anouncement and release? I can only imagine Winnie Pooh reusing cmf moulds like Steamboat Willie did.
  3. In that case you should probably wait for the turtle to be reused in sets or the build a minifigure stations. I mean it is very likely if not a sure thing it will reappear cheaper in a slightly different colour.
  4. Like every figure with a poncho ever released except for Emmet. So i am 100%sure it will be without a print this time, too.
  5. Can someone tell if the power ranger is dark or bright red?
  6. The Lama is just awesome The girl with the bunny Is adorable. Love the hairpiece in that colour. The viking is quite nice. I was hoping for chainmail. The helmet is a pretty mould. A bit more gold and a brown plastic instead of dark grey would look better but it's still nice. I am pretty sure it is a separate mould. ...OMG! I just saw he has dual moulded arms :o These are perfect for Legolas! The knight is ok. The old helmet is dissapointing. The sword looks like it has potential for Boromir. With a more accurate picture of the sword and the shield he gets better maybe. The female pirate is terrible... looks like from before 2000. Maybe it would not be that bad if i did not know Roberts great design. I hope the hairpiece comes with white hair in a Minifigure building station. All in all the series is not very impressing compared to older ones like Series 13.
  7. That's unexpected... Sounds like a figure that could be worth the 4€ Could you maybe show a picture with a similar sword like you did for the wikings helmet?
  8. My idea was that this would be an apologize to completionists, who don't own the old version 😅
  9. The best way to celebrate series 20 would have been a Mr. Gold in every box.
  10. Oh, no This has to be a cruel joke... the helmet without Beard is just the one Eowyn uses. I have custom Erebor and Iron Hills Dwarf helmets and need separate ones...
  11. That would be very nice :) I have just one: is the vikings beard printed on the head or a (new) mould? With dwarfs as my favourite fantasy race this is the most interesting news from Lego since a long time
  12. My guess for the animal costume would be a Kangaroo. Maybe with red boxing gloves.. They are cute, popular and the brown colour would look good next to the other Animal suits. A reuse of the rat headgear seemed very likely to me until it was said it is no animal we ever got... P.S. funny, i didn't read 1Panda's comment while writing mine
  13. Thank you for the clarification. I am very happy that i got that wrong I am sorry. English isn't my first language. What does "provide the head as a mask" mean? A Mould like the gammorean guard? We know that the cmf will be including lots of city figures. So historic/fantasy ones wouldn't be my first guess if there are more possibilities.
  14. I guess we should wait with that figure until we have a list of the others. We know it is just one historical figure in this series and many of these could be it. For example a new viking king with beard instead of a viking kid. 15 could be everything Roman. Or it could be a cheese seller who works on a market with the butcher... or a got who had a visit from the alien. I guess speculating about 15 isn't possible until we know more
  15. 2 Mexican minifigures in one series? I doubt it. I'd say yes, but the terracotta warriors have faces. It would be very strange if there is none.
  16. There are female centaurs as well as male ones. One is described at a wedding scene. Titans can be male like Atlas or female like Gaia. Satyrs are always male. I don't know about cyclops. Are there any descriptions saying they are only males? I just know that the blinded Polyphem screamed for help against the "nobody" and the fellow cyclops were confused. I don't know other texts with them that would clearly say something about that. In Latin groups are allways male, if one male is in the group. So his fellow cyclops could be 1.5 million females and one Guy and the group would grammaticaly be treated like men. Are number 1-16 the same figures like the first time? Ok, then one is the leaked boy with sombrero.
  17. I doubt it. There are no female Fauns. I don't want to go into detail about stories absolutely inappropriate for children in this forum. Let's just say: I don't think Lego would invent new mythological creatures. I'd love that. And it would be a city minifig. I'd say a Lego collector with a printed display case showing some Minifigures.
  18. Thanks for the information one historical fig and one animal is really dissapointing. Will the costumes be at least animal suits or something like the pencil and melon suits in TLM2?
  19. Gorilla94

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    In an old interview the sentence was said "We learned, that we have to fill our bricks with stories". The audio book with Johnny Thunder included in the cheapest orient expedition set worked great in it's time. Today it is more difficult. "Free audiobook" was special. Today children are drowning in commercials and free content on youtube. Licenced themes are a possibility to avoid the risk of failing. What i experienced is, that children are more and more crazy about brands, too. When i was small it didn't matter to me or my friends from what brand my clothes came. Today i hear children very often discuss stuff like that. It isn't just "i adore this character. I want a toy of him." It is about "this franchise is popular. So it is a status symbol to show you are a fan". There seem to be so many girls out there wearing Star Wars merchandise without knowing who Luke Skywalker is, since it is "cool" to be a nerd. The sand crawler is a moving fortress and beside of his more rusty design it is the same idea Lego had with the Nexo Knights castle. The Non-ucs-version works as a toy without licence. This way we can get neat sets. The problem is the way themes are treated. Of course sets like the one with Kylo VS Rey with some plates and a half tree are terrible. Many sets of the Lord of the rings line were really bad, too. A Uruk battle pack would have been insanely successfull. We got a huge ork forge set with very few orcs and and overpriced building, which would have been still overpriced, if the build was something interesting and well executed - which it wasn't. Batman for example has so much potential. A modular Arkham Asylum like Hogwards would be great even for people that don't like Superheroes. Or a cool clocktower including Mad Hatter... or a pretty Wayne Manor including Hush. Something like ninjago City with Gotham would be perfect for City Fans, too. A good minifig scale batmobil would sell insanely well. Besides the one in the retro batcave we never got a really good version. Of course nobody wants the seventh "meh" version with 2 boring versions of Batman and one of the again and again reused villains.
  20. Gorilla94

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Are we now talking about the wave after the next wave? I thought we already have the set descriptions of the next wave.
  21. Gorilla94

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I think the problem of TLBM2 and Simpsons 2 was the selection of characters, not the release date. The second Simpsons Series included 5 much less popular variants of the family and characters like Frink instead of Skinner. In my opinion the parts selection was weaker, too. TLBM series 2 was for a lot of people the worst CMF series ever (sounds like the Comic book guy :'D). I played all the Arkham games 100%, watched a lot of Batman movies and read a bunch of comics. So i know more about the theme than most of the average buyers... But i never heared of a lot of these obscure characters. The part selection was extremely bad except the batman with nude Sixpack Torso, Swimming pants and Dolphin.
  22. Zeus: the existing lightning bolt in light blue. Print with white robes and golden ornament on his Arms. New hairpiece with golden ornament and new white beard. Hades: the old Dumbledore beard. New headgear with black ornaments. Orc warrior: new hairpiece with orc ears. Inspired by the Warcraft orcs. Dwarfen Guard: octagonal shield like the Erebor dwarfs have. Recolor of Zeus'beard, recolour of the old castle dwarfen helmet without wings in gold. Elven adventurer. Leather armor. Recolour or Hyperion's (?) small Cape. New cowl with elven ears. Orange Uthan-suit guy with Zurg's long arms. Kangaroo suit with new headgear and tail piece.
  23. Gorilla94

    Potential LEGO Scooby-Doo comeback in 2020?

    You are 100% right with that. I think there is a lot of potential for cool playsets, top. The reason I doubt we will see a Scooby line in the near future is a different one. Lego wants to maximize their profits. That means it isn't about satisfying collectors. They take a licence, bring a few sets including some popular characters and go on to the next one. We already had a Scooby wave not long ago. Lots of children own the whole gang already. Some because they got them on their own, some because of older brothers and sisters. Most adult collectors own them probably, too. The Ghostbusters on the other hand had one ideas set long ago, three dimensions sets (not counting the one for the Reboot), the HQ no child was getting because of the prize and a Ecto 1&2 for the terrible reboot. There is a much higher chance to reach buyers that don't own an older version. Especially the UCS Ecto1 is something completely new.
  24. Gorilla94

    DC Super Heroes Wishlists

    1) Azrael - Arkam Knight Version 2) Mad Hatter 3) Hush 4) Bigfig Solomon Grundy 5) a good Wayne manor. Similar detail in the interieur like the one room in the old batcave set had... just more rooms. At best with details from different batman movies. Would be popular for people that only collect modulars. Would be popular for girls playing dollhouse even if they dont like superheroes (if the price isn't above the 200€ point where it becomes a pure collectors item)... I know, it won't happen :/
  25. Gorilla94

    Monkey Kid (“Leaf”) Theme Discussion

    I think it is important to be precise. If someone says "that's racist" he should be able to say why. Is the word monkey racist now even when used for a gorilla or chimpanzee? Then i take everything back and apologize. If not there is nothing to critisize in the design. There is a theme called monkey kid about a little monkey. The artwork shows an ape... another animal would be strange, wouldn't it? It was said the ape is a blackface. That's what was concerning me and it has in fact to do with this period of history. The blackface depiction with big red lips and a certain type of cheeckbones is no monkey. Here we have a little cartoon monkey without any cheekbones, lips or nose which happens to be red and black in a completely different way. It is just no blackface so i wouldn't use the term. When we say it is still racist because it is a monkey in these colours and monkey can be used as an insult for the same group which is discriminated against with another depiction in the same colours, we reach a point where you can call nearly everything racist. As far as i know from a TV Show about prison inmates "Toad" is another racist term for black people. Would a black poison frog with red dots on his back be racist then, too? As far as it seems to me this discussion is all about bias. When I - as a gamer and historian - see a unicorn i think about Witcher 3 and some mythological stories inappropriate for children first. That doesn't mean that unicorns are inappropriate for children. When racism is quite present in my thoughts and a childrens toy reminds me of it that doesn't mean the toy is racist.