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  1. I haven't seen anything about that, but there's clearly more sets in circulation recently (as evidenced by the pulmmeting prices on Ebay!). I assume TLG are still clearing backorders at the moment from September, although a few sets are appearing in stores (as mentioned by @Robianco above). Once the Christmas rush is over they should be able to significantly increase production of it so hopefully it shouldn't be much longer
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    75204 Sandspeeder REVIEW

    Thanks for the review @MKJoshA I'll be interested to see the RRP for this set; if it follows 75176 which is a similar size it will be around £40 in the UK! At that cost it will be an easy pass for me, but I might grab one if I can find it at a significant discount. The speeder looks very similar to the Hoth designs and is a little disappointing if I'm honest, although I'm quite impressed by the moisture vaporator.
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    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    @Shadow_brick - I've merged your thread with this general Q&A one to keep the forum tidy 10212 is a beautiful model and I'd highly recommend it!
  4. I'm really impressed by the Tatooine Battle Pack (75198); definitely one to buy in multiples. Even at full RRP it looks like good value with a Tusken Raider, Jawas, plus a cute little astromech. The crane is well designed and isn't totally wrecked by the inclusion of the, clearly essential, stud blasters!! I think the potential for a new UCS Star Destroyer just increased a little, following TLG's latest email.... it's definitely one that's overdue a re-design and it would be welcomed by the vast majority of AFOLS. If they follow the recent trend, I'd imagine that it would be a minimum of 4,500 parts and £500. Hopefully, they'll manage the release of it better than 75192; ideally with a pre-order so they can manage production accordingly!
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    10143 UCS Death Star II

    Prologue: When I was very young I bought a copy of the ROTJ novel. I hadn't seen the film at that point, but the first two paragraphs got me immediately hooked: ‘The very depth of space, There was the length, and width, and height, and then these dimensions curved over on themselves into a blending blackness measurable only by the glinting stars that tumbled through the chasm, receding to infinity. To the very depth. These stars marked the moments of the universe. There were aging orange embers, blue dwarfs, twin yellow giants. There were collapsing neutron stars, and angry supernovae that hissed into the icy emptiness. There were borning stars, breathing stars, pulsing stars, and dying stars. There was the Death Star. At the feathered edge of the galaxy, the Death Star floated in stationary orbit above the green moon Endor – a moon whose mother planet had long since died of unknown cataclysm and disappeared into unknown realms. The Death Star was the Empire’s armoured battle station, nearly twice as big as its predecessor, which Rebel forces had destroyed many years before – nearly twice as big, but more than twice as powerful. Yet it was only half complete. Half a steely dark orb, it hung above the green world of Endor, tentacles of unfinished superstructure curling away toward its living companion like the groping legs of a deadly spider’ I know that as a child I was supposed to side with the rebels, but I’ll admit that I had a quiet admiration for the Empire - the sheer size of their command ships & the efficiency of it all. Perhaps it was also due to my rabid hatred of ewoks......whilst I’m on the subject I’m still waiting for my sister to paint my version of ROTJ on one of the walls of my study; the Death Star in the blackness of space, the Shuttle landing on the illuminated platform, the patrolling AT-AT, the dish and a few Stormtroopers happily drumming on the heads of a dozen furry....... Current: Anyway, the UCS Deathstar II (10143) has been on my ‘wish list’ for several years. I'd always intended to buy it at some point, but other (UCS) priorities kept getting in the way! Unfortunately the Ebay price has gradually crept upwards and a new MISB version is now around £500, so I had almost resigned myself to never owning it. However, a couple of threads about ‘Bricklinking’ a UCS Falcon this year got me thinking, and I was intrigued about the possibility of building one from scratch. I only had 211 parts I needed from my small pile of spares, which wasn’t the most promising start. However, a limited amount of research on Bricklink suggested that the project was viable, and I estimated that I could source all of the parts for between £225 - £250. Could I build the Death Star on a budget? Only time would tell (and perhaps in doing so I would finally discover how it managed to travel across the galaxy despite having no obvious means of propulsion)... So during the last two months I’ve spent a lot of time trawling Bricklink for potential suppliers. I hadn’t used it much before, and certainly not for anything of this scale. I worked on the assumption that the postage would be a significant amount of the eventual cost, so I was determined to source most of the parts within the UK and to make the orders as large as possible. I wanted to buy only new parts (as I’m OCD about such things), but I quickly found that most individual stores didn’t have sufficient quantities of the necessary parts (e.g. the 231 x ‘Black Technic, Brick 1 x 2 with Axle Hole’, 458 x ‘Dark Bluish Gray Brick 1 x 2’, 271 x ‘Dark Bluish Gray Plate, Modified 1 x 2 with 1 Stud (Jumper)’ and 259 x ‘Light Bluish Gray Plate 2 x 8’) so ended up grabbing whatever I could, and making up the numbers from more than one supplier. Before I forget I’d like to thank the following Bricklink stores, who unknowingly provided parts for it, via a plug: gizmocom, Kram, Byggeklodsen, Yellow Farm Bricks, AFOL Supply and Kamino Supply Post. They all provided an excellent service and are officially Lobot recommended! Special thanks also to cavegod for his help and encouragement!! Total price per part, to date, has ranged between £0.01 - £1.46. Some proved to be very reasonable, but others seemed ridiculous. The worst value was the 30 x ‘Light Bluish Gray Minifig, Neck Bracket with Back Stud’ @ £0.18 each (which doesn’t sound much but they’re tiny!! ) and the most expensive was the ‘Light Bluish Gray Dish 10 x 10 Inverted Radar’. So after a total spend of £225.30 I’ve ended up with 3,251 parts (94.34%) with 195 left. I’ve made 10 orders (7 from the UK, 1 from Ireland, 1 from Denmark & 1 from the Netherlands), summary below: Order Parts cost (inc P+P) Cost/part (£) 1 979 £59.90 0.061 2 311 £24.62 0.079 3 314 £22.40 0.071 4 296 £16.49 0.056 5 210 £14.85 0.071 6 66 £9.96 0.151 7 159 £16.95 0.107 8 473 £29.87 0.063 9 130 £19.13 0.147 10 102 £11.13 0.109 Total 3,251 £225.30 0.069 So what does this look like? Well, see for yourself: And what can I build with them so far: "We can dispense with the pleasantries, Commander”. Vader’s words echoed as from the bottom of a well. “The Emperor is concerned with your progress. I am here to put you back on schedule” Jerrod turned pale. This was news he’d not expected. “I assure you, Lord Vader, my men are working as fast as they can.......” Unfortunately, I’m currently missing some of the key parts, most of which I now have on order. As they arrive I’ll be posting updates. Do I regret taking this on? Well, it’s certainly been rather challenging and frustrating at times, but perhaps I’ve taken it a bit too seriously!! Cheers, Robin
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    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    @star wars geek - you're welcome. I hope that your 10188 works out, but I'd plan for the worst! I forgot to mention that there was another scam a few years ago (and pre-Lepin) which involved UCS Falcons at ridiculously low prices. These were either from new(ish) Ebay accounts with a few feedbacks (often for items with virtually zero values) or from dormant accounts (1+ years) that had been hacked. The buyers eventually received a padded envelope with a USB cable (or similar) but it was sent tracked.... I think the sellers were hoping that a signed delivery would be sufficient to prevent claims, so be careful for what you accept (especially if it's unexpected, or from China where most originated from).
  7. Lobot

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    @star wars geek - There's a lot of fake sets around so it's likely that 'if it looks too good to be true, it generally is'! Hopefully you'll be able to get a refund, but I'd strongly recommend taking lots of photos of the package etc, before it's opened as evidence - it might be an idea to only partially open it (e.g. making a small careful cut!) to look for the set number.... that way you should be able to demonstrate that you don't receive what you'd ordered! In terms of sets, I'd strongly recommend the UCS Slave 1 - it's interesting to build and looks stunning on display. It's been around for nearly two years, and based on previous life-cycles there's a chance it could be retired in the near-future. That said, the UCS TIE is pretty good as well, and there's been several indications of late that it hasn't been a best-seller so, perhaps it could be next in line to go....
  8. Lobot

    10143 UCS Death Star II

    I totally agree with your comment about the quality of the instructions, the 'city' is particularly challenging to build correctly from the .pdf version, but it's possible. I found that switching magnification, and regularly checking my part placement against later steps in the instructions helped a bit. It's a great looking model once finished, and well worth the occasional frustrating moment, although it's extremely delicate!!
  9. So, the rumours of a Sandspeeder were correct.... It doesn't look too bad, essentially a re-colour of the latest system-scale Snowspeeder plus decent-sized moisture vaporator. I could be tempted, but get the feeling this could be in £40 RRP territory based on 75176 which has an almost identical part count (albeit with 3 minifigures). Is this the first time that a snake has appeared in a Star Wars set; I don't recall seeing one before?
  10. My guess is that they didn't want to overshadow the new UCS Falcon this year, and I think it's also evidence of a new marketing strategy. If you look at the last couple of years, they've released a (relatively) low cost set for May 4th (e.g. Insult on Hoth & Snowspeeder) followed by a more expensive version for the winter (e.g. DS 1.01 & Falcon). If that follows into next year, both of the new rumoured sets could be possible. Personally, I think it's a good move, as I can buy both each year without feeling too guilty!
  11. CC..... Cloud City? That's interesting, although the release dates don't seem to correspond with the standard pattern of the last few years. Apart from Slave 1, which was delayed if I recall correctly, they've followed a near-constant May & October cycle (below). It seems a bit odd that TLG wouldn't have anything scheduled for the May 4th, but perhaps they want to concentrate on the production of the UCS Falcon to catch up with the backlog of orders. I've seen a couple of comments elsewhere about a Cloud City for 2018, but it didn't seem to have any substance so I just accepted it as wishful thinking.... it would be great though! 10225 R2-D2 May 2012 10227 B-Wing Oct 2012 10240 X-Wing May 2013 10236 Ewok Village Sept 2013 75059 Sandcrawler May 2014 75060 Slave 1 Jan 2015 75095 TIE Fighter May 2015 75098 Assault On Hoth May 2016 75159 Death Star Oct 2016 75144 Snowspeeder May 2017 75192 Millennium Falcon Oct 2017
  12. Lobot

    [REVIEW] 75192 - Millennium Falcon

    An exceptional review @Jim - for a truly stunning set It's just a shame that it's been totally overshadowed by the fiasco of 14th September, and I don't think I'm alone in my opinion. I'll never understand how LEGO made such a hash of it; they created such a ridiculous level of hype around it, and then allowed buyers to order three at a time in the UK, although they clearly had a very limited stock available. Just looking at the viewing figures of the 'teaser' trailers it should have been blindingly obvious that there would be a exceptional demand... to me it was a perfect example of how not to release a product, or make genuine fans feel valued. I just hope they learn from it; and that I'll be able to actually build one at some point!! It does look amazing, although possibly a little too colourful overall. Hopefully TLG will be able to dramatically ramp-up the production after Christmas, and it will be freely available next year.
  13. Interestingly, the 75149 X-Wing has been retired on the S&H website, whilst Poe's older version is still available In reality, I can't imagine that 75102 will be around for much longer unless it appears again in Episode VIII, presumably following an extensive re-build!! I didn't expect that at all and, as most system-scale sets have a sub two-year lifespan, I'm wondering if they'll be another X-Wing of some sort for 2018? They seem to be a near constant in the SW range; personally I'd like to see a new OT version as 9493 does look a little dated... and that would tie-in nicely with Yoda's Hut.
  14. I'm actually quite impressed by the new Luke minifigure; it's instantly recognisable and we've certainly had far worse! I've seen both of the official trailers, but I'm not that excited about the film yet, it just looks a bit generic somehow. I much preferred Rogue One to Episode 7, and it looks like Episode 8 will be more of the same.... hopefully I'll be proved incorrect.
  15. Prologue: Following the countless hours I productively wasted last year building a 10143 UCS Death Star II (link here), via Bricklink, I’ve been looking for another project. Next on my list was the 10030 UCS Star Destroyer, but after sourcing about 50% of the parts I admitted defeat as I couldn’t obtain several of the rarer ones inside Europe. I briefly debated building an Endor Landing platform, using instructions which I’d purchased from Ebay, but it wasn’t going to big enough for my UCS shuttle so that was the end of that. Back to the drawing board, ho hum. To be honest, since I’d ‘Bricklinked’ the Death Star, normal sets (the ones that come in a box with all of the parts in numbered plastic bags) seem a bit too easy somehow... and I like a challenge!! I considered numerous options, but kept circling back to the idea of a UCS Falcon. I would like to say that I did try to stop myself from starting this for several weeks, but finally gave in. My wife gave me her, classic, disappointed look when I mentioned my plan to her and, to be fair, she did have a point as I already own one! My logic: My current Falcon is the third one I’ve owned (long story) and I paid £750 for it MISB a couple of years ago just before the prices got really silly. I built it once and displayed for a week in a darkened room before my irrational fear of dust & light damage made me disassemble it and return it to the safety of its packing box. Hence, there was some logic to this project after all....if I could build one (relatively) cheaply I could then display it long-term without any fear of i) daylight ii) dust or iii) one day finding our cat asleep on it!! Now I know that this project has been well-documented before by BobBongo and jFox but I thought you might like to see how my project develops, building it my way. Firstly, I’ll admit that I’m rather OCD about Lego; it has to be new! Secondly, I wanted to see how cheaply this could be done, keeping to the original colours wherever it was sensible to do so. Some of the costs I’ve seen for building one seemed ridiculously high and I was determined to do better, at least that was the plan.... My Strategy: Firstly I checked the Lego PAB website to see what parts were readily available to set a ‘benchmark’ cost. Next, using a spreadsheet, I recorded the cost of the parts which were available in four of my favourite stores, not overly scientific but it was a useful starting point. Using a few formulas I estimated that I could do this for about £550, give or take some postage. Before I forget I’d like to pass on my thanks to both gizmocom and KRAM who supplied a total of 1,541 parts, in 50 and 67 lots respectively. Their excellent service deserves a shameless plug; both sellers are 100% Lobot recommended! Bricklink: I’m not an expert in Bricklink, but if you haven’t sourced a lot of parts before, I can offer the following advice: i) Buy within your own country wherever possible; the cost of long-distance postage really adds up after a while. If you’re in the UK also be very wary of any potential Import taxes so try and order from the EU if you need to go further afield; I got stung a couple of years ago and it resulted in a cheap purchase from the US being a very expensive one!! ii) Don’t get too obsessed about saving the odd penny here and there; it’s far more important to minimise the total number of orders. During my searches I set myself a minimum 100 (ish) parts per order; otherwise the postage gets prohibitive. iii) Having said that, I’ve adopted a policy of ‘grabbing’ parts wherever I could. For example the Falcon requires 243 x 3021 ‘Light Bluish Gray Plate 2 x 3’; these are £0.10 from PAB, so that’s £24.30 unsurprisingly. However, if you can buy 20 @ £0.07 from a seller, as part of a larger order, you’ve just saved yourself £0.60. Now that doesn’t sound much but if you manage to source all 243 for that you’ll save £7.29, as long as you don’t incur any additional postage charges. I’ve found that most sellers use weight bands (0-250g, 250-500g etc) so provided you keep a careful eye on the total weight of each order, via the shopping basket, you can make significant savings. For my orders I estimated that the weight of the packaging would be a maximum of 30g, so kept all 250g orders below 220g. iv) PAB can look expensive for some parts, but for some they’re unbeatable (for example the 3069b ‘Light Bluish Gray Tile 1 x 2 with Groove’ & 3068b ‘Light Bluish Gray Tile 2 x 2 with Groove’); also they have a fixed shipping charge which can be very helpful if it’s a large order. You need to bear in mind that lots of plates will be heavy, and even if you can get them slightly cheaper on Bricklink the cost of postage may eliminate any potential saving. v) Don’t automatically disregard sellers with only a small (ish) parts inventory or feedback. By using the Bricklink filters I used several with 50-150 feedbacks; their service was at the same level as those with 1000+ and frequently their price per part was significantly less. Progress to date: I managed to find 414 new parts from my own collection before I started ordering. These were mainly small Technic connecters etc and realistically they were probably worth £15. During the last 6 weeks I’ve made a total of 13 orders for 3,747 parts at a cost of £374.74, excluding my own stock. 6 orders were from the UK, 3 from the Netherlands, 2 from Germany, 1 from Denmark & 1 from Belgium. Including my own stock this adds up to 4,161 parts, or 80.42% of the set which I’m quite pleased with, breakdown as follows: Orders Parts Total Cost (£) Cost per part (£) Source Own 414 £0.00 0 N/A 1 873 £46.99 £0.05 UK 2 668 £36.52 £0.05 UK 3 443 £42.68 £0.10 UK 4 343 £37.40 £0.11 Denmark 5 311 £34.46 £0.11 UK 6 147 £28.35 £0.19 Netherlands 7 103 £20.56 £0.20 Netherlands 8 100 £30.22 £0.30 Germany 9 111 £15.70 £0.14 UK 10 96 £12.30 £0.13 Belgium 11 206 £24.76 £0.12 Netherlands 12 98 £13.82 £0.14 UK 13 248 £30.98 £0.12 Germany To date 12 orders have arrived, totalling 3,913 parts (75.63%). So, what does this look like? Scroll down to find out: A large box: Han in part heaven (insert the music to American Beauty here): And what can I build so far: “She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts”...Han paused and then, with a deep sigh, continued...”Ok kid, I’ll admit it’s total rubbish” I’ve just made two orders for another 457 parts, including the technic beams, so I should be able to make some tangible progress soon. I add another update soon. Cheers, Robin
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    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    @medu - I've just merged your thread with this one to keep the forum tidy. And, welcome to Eurobricks!
  17. @Grizzlygreeno - I've merged your threads with this one to keep the forum tidy. We don't generally encourage discussions about resellers as it can be quite a contentious topic, but I'm equally frustrated myself with TLG's dismal handling of this launch. Hopefully it won't be repeated anytime soon
  18. @will - I've embedded the photos for you. Click on the image you want to use > The address bar will then show the actual photo address (e.g. ending in '.jpg') > Copy and paste it into the post and it will automatically add the photo. Great work by the way; I might do something similar once mine arrives (presumably sometime in November....)
  19. Yes, I think LEGO have realised that they've made a total hash of this The Supervisor I spoke to yesterday was acutely aware of the upset it had caused amongst their loyal customers (me included!) and I got the impression that they'll do their utmost to fix it. I followed up my call with an email complaint which relayed my considerable annoyance at the situation, and I'll be interested to see how they respond. As far as I'm concerned they've caused 90% of the problems with their decision to overly-hype it via facebook etc... and then not being in a position to cope with the inevitable buying frenzy that followed. Perhaps next time they want to release something similar they'll seriously consider a genuine pre-order (e.g. 2-3 months prior to release); they could then manage the production accordingly..... At least, if the pre-ordering window is spread over a couple of weeks the website might stand a chance!
  20. Usually they'll take a few days to appear on your account, but it might be a little longer considering that the website was in a near-meltdown over the last 24 hours. If they don't appear within a week, just call Customer Services and they'll be able to add them for you
  21. Lobot

    [MOC] Yoda's Hut

    @MeMan75 - please be respectful of other members, thank you. There are already preliminary/confidential images floating around the internet of the 2018 set (75208) and it's shown as 'Yoda's Home'. It looks quite small and I'd guess it will be in the £20-£25 price range; it includes Yoda, R2 & a new Luke.
  22. Yes, I'm not impressed at all I had to work today, and by the time I'd tried to order it they weren't even accepting backorders. I called CS and they were a total waste of time; they couldn't give any idea of timescales etc, or any explanation of why the UK website allowed multiple purchases (3) if there was any issues with the volumes available..... I've emailed them and just waiting for a standard 'vanilla' reply. Why the hell didn't they allow pre-orders over the last couple of weeks, at least that would have given them an indication of the demand for the set; the manager I spoke to kept saying that they'd 'learn' lessons from this!!! I don't know who they're employing to manage such things, but surely the traffic they had on facebook was enough of a sign... they massively over-hyped this set and I hope that they fix this fast.
  23. My main annoyance with the old design was the feet; the combination of 1x2 Jumper plates & 4L Grey bars was incredibly fragile and I lost count of the times that I had to re-build them! The new design appears to be a vast improvement, so hopefully that won't be an issue. I'll be interested to see how the internal frame is constructed, especially considering the increased part count and partial interior. I didn't have any problems with the Mandibles, but I only displayed mine for a few weeks at a time.
  24. I'm really pleased with the UK pricing, especially considering the current exchange rates (plus the price-hikes across the SW range earlier this year). £650 is around the cost of a decent Bricklinked 10179 so, in that context, a 7500 part set with a shiny box etc seems like a great deal! I'm not sold on the cockpit, and the 'weathered' brown/green tiling is a little overdone, but they're very minor niggles. The minifigure selection also looks a little odd, and those penguin-things look decidedly out of place, but perhaps they'll make a bit more sense in a few months.... This is a truly exceptional set and I'm delighted that it's received such a positive reaction from the AFOL community.
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    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    @Spongebob456 - they've just been re-posted