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  1. brickverse

    [MOC] 356 outlaw

    So hard to recreate 356 using Legos =)
  2. brickverse

    [MOC] Mini Cooper

    it somehow gives a feel of a modern Mini Countryman. It's like Countryman version of a classic Mini
  3. brickverse

    [MOC] Porsche 911 (964)

    Thank u. Btw, set 75888 has got decent 911 too
  4. brickverse

    [MOC] Porsche 911 (964)

    Here's my endeavour to model Porsche 911 (964). I wish this could be done in yellow, though there's one specific part forming headlights that is absent in this color. Hope in the future TLG will release it.
  5. brickverse

    [MOC] Dodge Charger '69-'70

    Here's my endeavour on creating this famous vehicle, one of the pinnacles of US automotive industry. Uses some funky technicues to be built, though is enough sturdy. But is more a display model, and lacks a bit Speed Champions models playability, as is more fragile, but not that much. Enjoy/hate/ignore, but for sure - comment! Every and each comment is highly appreciated by me. P.S. Y'all can support it here on Ideas, if u wish to help me and like the model. Everyone is welcome, thank you!