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  1. Well, if there is so much cheap surplus supply, then LEGO need to manage their resources better. Those sets are pretty popular here in Europe/ Germany, but can be a pain to even obtain. So I guess this may simply be a case of LEGO having a wrong concept of demand in certain regions and underestimating the regional competition from cheaper alternative manufacturers. I for one would have been glad if I could have bought the sets for those reduced prices. Since they are sold exclusively via LEGO stores in these parts prices never drop and chasing those sets is an expensive hobby... Mylenium
  2. Mylenium

    Lego declining drastically?

    Not really to blame on LEGO, but the complicated retail market here in Germany. Too many products competing for shelf space in relatively small stores. That and several retail chains have gone down the drain in recent years, either going bankrupt or massively reducing the number of their physical stores. This of course would affect physical availability of product. Other than that LEGO are just suffering from the same old issues that also affects product availability: Convoluted internal logistics, weird release dates, not enough production capacity, lousy web shop, questionable "exclusive" releases in their own stores and with select retail partners and so on. You could find any number of additional reasons, but suffice it to say that indeed buying some LEGO sets at times feels like more work than it possibly should have to be... Mylenium
  3. Mylenium

    LEGOcon - 26th June announcement

    Indeed that's the point. Nobody needs another lighting set with hair-thin wiring that tangles up and can't be controlled. That and of course we really need "good" lighting with controls for brightness and color (temperature) as opposed to those overly bright, cheap kits you can buy currently. Mylenium
  4. Mylenium

    Help Requested on Building Technique

    This perhaps? Mylenium
  5. Well, in most 3D programs you would simply enable global illumination and tweak the materials accordingly, but I honestly have no clue on how to modify Eyesight/ Cycles material presets. It should be possible, though, given that it's all XML and you can export node setups from Blender... Mylenium
  6. Yes, you would have to create an emissive material, but that in itself would not really "glow". Just not how optics work. "Glows" are either based on haze/ fog surrounding an object or lens artifacts. So even if you had the material, some post processing would have to happen. As for your PS issue, simply work smarter: Create an RGB matte or custom pass based on your model, meaning either assign a distinct color to your glowing parts that you don't use otherwise and can easily extract using color range selections or channel operations or create a duplicate of your model in glorious black & white (or for that matter other contrasting colors) from which selections and mattes can be gathered. You know, compositing how we used to do it 25 years ago... Mylenium
  7. Mylenium

    [REVIEW] 41683 - Forest Horseback Riding Center

    Again a bit too much on the steep price side to be worthwhile, especially since outside the horses it doesn't offer anything special. Mylenium
  8. Mylenium

    [REVIEW] 41693 - Surfer Beachfront

    I like how it looks, but the price is insane, especially when you consider that it's mostly built from panels and those dang elongated bricks instead of conventional pieces. Just doesn't feel right in terms of what value you get for your money. Mylenium
  9. Mylenium

    Lego's chemistry?

    Outside generic info that is too obvious to escape public attention like what @deraven linked to I doubt you will ever find exact info on what LEGO actually use. At the very least you will have to do some deep, deep digging on the B2B web sites of BASF, DuPont etc. to find out what their standard products are and what additives are recommended. At the end of the day it's likely that LEGO are using the same stuff that everyone uses and don't have a specific custom ABS mix or anything like that. Mylenium
  10. I don't think you can do this easily in Interestingly you could do it in LPub 3D by manipulating the camera and scene scale properties in the script. Anyway, as a long-time 3D artist here's a trick for you: Place some other objects around the model at known distances. We used to sometimes place invisible cubes around stuff to get "fit to viewport" functions to cooperate (back in the olden days, when redrawing a screen took several seconds and you couldn't swoosh around in OpenGL). In your case you could likely place some 1x1 tiles or round studs at fixed positions in each of your models to force the automatic camera calculations to produce an equal zoom and FOV. With your large models the should appear merely as easily removable pixel dots or disappear entirely upon rendering. Mylenium
  11. Mylenium

    Brick-built Animals VS Molded Animals

    Pretty much depends on the scale of the scene, what the animals are and how big they are. I for instance can't quite understand why LEGO isn't using this little guy more and producing it in all colors. Same for the "rare" seagulls and some others. Larger animals are okay to be built from bricks and can look quite nice, though when looking at the Fluffy triple-headed dog from one of the new Harry Potter sets I'm not too sure about that. So I guess it's still a matter of how well they have been designed. Mylenium
  12. Mylenium

    MOC Coral reef

    It looks lovely! :-) Mylenium
  13. But not at that quality level.... That's what? A bunch of stock rigs? Quick low quality render settings? Paying the voice-over artists probably consumes more of the budget than the actual visuals. Most LEGO animated series look pretty kack and I doubt that any single episode cost more than 100000 bucks and garbage like Friends is probably even cheaper - a lot. I mean some episodes of Paw Patrol look better and not to speak of slightly more advanced stuff like Miraculous or Star Wars... Mylenium
  14. That's a very relative term, though. Even Ninjago is technically just cheap filler programming for TV and I'm not sure whether it actually contributes that much to boost sales. At least here in Germany it's running at obscure times on third-rate channels, so the chance to even get to see it is limited unless you really proactively comb through the TV guide and take the time out of your day to sit down. Mylenium
  15. Back then a "good" series cost much more to produce than LEGO had to spare and the media industry was quite different then. It's as simple as that. Unless you had the goodwill of some exec from one of the big studios/ media companies it was simply not feasible. Producing such stuff is easy, but paying for distribution and syndication a whole different exercise. And well, let's be honest: A lot of LEGO's IP back then was quite odd with little merchandise potential. In an oversaturated market dominated my Transformers, He-Man, Turtles and the like it was inevitable that Galidor would come across as just another copycat/ rip-off and LEGO was in good company with many failed series of that era. One could go endlessly about this and belabor that point, but suffice it to say that until the early 2000s it may just not have been the right market and the right time for any of that to go anywhere.... Mylenium