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  1. Title says it all. Someone please refresh the certificate. I'm getting SSL warnings all over the place. Mylenium
  2. Mylenium

    The Eurobricks Flower Show: Winners!

    What has this to do with anything? I'm merely commenting on the technical and procedural shortcomings of the contest. Whether I actually like any of the winners is a whole different matter on which I simply choose to not comment on and that is that. Mylenium
  3. Mylenium

    Quantity over quality?

    I fail to see your point. If there's any irony in your original post and I missed it, then so be it, but ultimately it doesn't matter what the actual reason is. And it still wouldn't matter if LEGO factualkyl were unable to outfit their testing crowd with pre-production models of new components. It has been and remains one big shit show thus far. Mylenium
  4. Mylenium

    The Eurobricks Flower Show: Winners!

    QFA. And to add one more: It might help if the powers that be actually promoted the contest across all sub-forums via respective mod posts instead of relying on people clicking on a banner. 36 votes is pretty laughable, all things considered... Mylenium
  5. If you're using JPEG, the pin holes and other smaller elements will get in the way. They produce lots of "noise" and reduce the efficiency of the compression because more smaller blocks are being generated. I would definitely try PNG in such a case. Just doing a quick & dirty conversion of your image in PS reduced the file size to 100k and that doesn't even account for the unnecessary noise you introduced via the JPEG compression. Rendering directly to PNG and optimizing this could easily yield half of that size with the added benefit that you could even ramp up the DPI/ dimensions a bit without adverse effects. Getting this to be under 50 MB is absolutely feasible. Mylenium
  6. Aside from the built-in PDF exports in both LPub and being rather shitty, the key point is how the PDF's "objects" are generated. More "editable" objects, more data. It is typically much more efficient to flatten your PDF, either by rasterizing your pages in tools like Acrobat or rendering image-based pages right away and assembling them in a PDF creation tool. Unfortunately even that isn't as simple as it sounds, as the effective file size is determined by the internal encoding of the PDF and what options you use for image embedding. If you have well-optimized PNGs for instance, you would need to set the PDF options in such a way that your images don't get converted to JPEG or even TIFF data inside the PDF. In contrast to @supertruper1988 I'd stay away from transparencies right away in such a case, as having the layout program generate a fill color for the background automatically means that it's re-flattened and the image data may change. As to your specific predicament - it's impossible to judge without understanding your model structure and in turn how the PDF data has been generated. Providing sample PDF pages or at least some screenshots might help to clarify and put this in perspective. Mylenium
  7. Mylenium

    Quantity over quality?

    You know, there are consumer laws and that, even if on a general level it will always remain an open question what actually counts as a "working" product. Point in case: Inside our own AFOL bubble we can of course fix such things easily because we know where to look, how to do it and have the spare parts, but imagine some uninitiated person building this, shredding it on the first day and wanting a refund from his generic store where he bought it.... And given how LEGO keep beating about the bush about their high standards, things just don't mesh here. So no, consumers can't be Beta testers, especially on a material product with limited options to fix things after the fact. LEGO need to get their act together and avoid such debacles at all cost regardless whether they are construction issues or just fluctuating shades of colors... Mylenium
  8. Mylenium

    I want a new pastel Color inspired theme

    Funny enough I have a series of MOCs in my head that would probably make for a good series along those lines... Now I only need to find a way to sell those ideas to LEGO. *lol* Agree, though. the demise of Elves is cramp in the gluteal muscles. Many interesting parts in those pastel-y colors. Mylenium
  9. Mylenium

    Are "Big Bang Themes" a Bad Strategy?

    Utterly irrelevant IMO. It simply comes down to people's expectations and things having moved on considerably. What worked only 10 years ago may no longer work today other than some people getting nostalgic over the good old days. Mylenium
  10. Mylenium

    Quantity over quality?

    You keep reading about "focus group testing" and such nonsense, which is purely a marketing level thing, but I doubt there is any actual technical testing happening on a broader basis. Too many things went wrong in the last two years to let me believe any such thing even exists. Mylenium That just sounds like a made up excuse. From what I can tell, the construction is fundamentally flawed, no matter what. And seriously, you wouldn't climb into a car that had such fundamental issues and uses untested parts. It was simply a dumb move to even release the set in this state, at least for those actually using the motorized functions, which of course in itself is a bit ironical: If LEGO wasn't so bent on pushing PoweredUp onto people in every set to inflate the prices, they could have created a more conservative, simpler mechanism and nobody would have even noticed... Mylenium
  11. Mylenium

    Are "Big Bang Themes" a Bad Strategy?

    ...and then the High Republic comes along. See? I find such statements at best premature and you just need to watch the various "Making of..."s to see how many ideas are still out there that never made it to screen. That's actually my point - as Karl Lagerfeld once said "The (design) trashcan is my best client.". Great design means scrapping a lot of ideas before arriving at one that actually makes it out there. Unfortunately people seem to have the mistaken impression that design is a self-fulfilling promise and that's just not the case. Many things you may take granted as great design, be that in architecture, car design or even everyday utilities were birthed on heaps of wasted sketch paper... Don't get me wrong: I agree that Disney/ Lucas are control freaks and not least of all the forced reset with the latest trilogy about what's canon and what not has nixed many great ideas and concepts, but at the same time I don't think the situation is as bad as you seem to think. Again, a lot of stuff simply doesn't make it out of the labs and specific to LEGO it's only natural that they cannot do unapproved/ unreleased designs that conflict with the powers to be... Perhaps, perhaps not. Personally I don't care for these schlock-y B-movie designs, neither as a sci-fi and science nerd, nor as a graphics designer from an aesthetics point of view. The rose-tinted nostalgia is lost on me, anyway, being that I do LEGO only for four years now. And, grand statement here, those designs look backwards as in the system having dictated how they look, not the design having been applied to the system. Either way, the original point also sticks: You have to "design" a ton of drafts before one makes it and I can't see LEGO being able to do that on a level that I would find competitive. LEGO just doesn't have 20 people that just scribble spaceship designs all day while the other designers take care to convert them into models... Mylenium
  12. Mylenium

    Are "Big Bang Themes" a Bad Strategy?

    ...which at this point only 3% of the world's population get to see. Unless they expand their viewer base by allowing their series on other services and traditional TV stations, this will be insignificant, at least outside the US. Disney+ launched in February here in Germany but I don't know anyone who has subscribed beyond the first three months you get free on some cable and Internet providers, so the user base is probably laughably low. Based on that LEGO could fire out all sorts of sets for those exclusive Star Wars series, but at the end of the day it would be another Freemaker disaster waiting to happen because quite literally nobody ever got to see the materials that put the models into context. Mylenium
  13. Mylenium

    Blue and black pins

    Definitely not LEGO, but I think some Asian knock-off brands may have alternate product lines. There are "micro" brick formats, so it stands to reason a micro Technic line could exist somewhere. Mylenium
  14. Mylenium

    Are "Big Bang Themes" a Bad Strategy?

    "Done well" would mean they would likely have to invest so much design effort like Star Wars itself, which is the critical point and the reason I don't think it's going to happen. People are spoiled by every movie, TV series and video game being elaborately designed to a T and unless you are willing to invest those same hundreds of millions, you'd end up with something that would possibly not sell that well other than for nostalgia's sake. Disney and Star Wars licensing may figure in somewhere, though I think they wouldn't even care. It's just that there are serious creative/ technical hurdles that would make establishing yet another sci-fi space theme extremely difficult. Mylenium
  15. Mylenium

    Are "Big Bang Themes" a Bad Strategy?

    Same here. I have bought multiple sets and never used the app. I also like the graphical fidelity of the comics and what they hint at was planned like the much touted Newbury Zoo with the ghostly animals ( A pity to see it all go to waste... Mylenium