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  1. Count yourself lucky! All those sets had been pulled from shelves in the LEGO store here in Leipzig (Germany) when I was there yesterday for Triple Force Friday, so "getting stuff overseas" may no longer be an option, too. Mylenium
  2. Not to make a stink, but a script that works based on tall slopes then perhaps is not the right approach in the first place? It also seems to me that in case of almost perfectly vertical tidal/ fluvial erosion one would emphasize the colors of the sediment layers rather than the physical structure of the cut surfaces, basically meaning you'd stack this up with colored plates with occasional protrusions rather than building it with large 2x and 3x height slopes. Just sayin... Mylenium
  3. Agree with the others - your image actually has perfectly normal spherical distortion. It's just that it uses a very "flat" perspective. As suggested, you need to tweak the FOV settings in or move on to a real 3D program if you want really fancy camera stuff. Mylenium
  4. Mylenium

    75217 Conveyex Mod - full length train

    I concur with the others - nice to get a "real" Conveyex. It's really too bad that the commercial set doesn't even contain a second and third carriage. If it did I'm sure more people would have bought it... Mylenium
  5. Mylenium


    It seems these days nothing is impossible. Lately LEGO have revived some molds that hadn't been available in over a decade. However, I don't think that the old style masts and the palm trunks are on the table. It's more likely they will substitute them for standard stuff built from other elements rather than produce a ton of hunky, costly pieces just for this set. Would be a different story if there were more ships and such, of course. The cannon and trapeze pieces should be less of an issue, as they have been used occasionally even in recent years. i also suspect once they have rediscovered their value, LEGO may use them more often again elsewhere, too. You know, it's those distinct phases where you just can see what colors and parts are popular from year to year because a good idea get's re-used across different products... Mylenium
  6. Mylenium


    I'm pretty sure they are going to introduce tons of Medium Dark Flesh, Dark Orange, Dark Tan and Dark Brown pieces for color variation just like they did on the Treehouse. The real trick will be to not make it look too ridiculous then... Mylenium
  7. Mylenium

    Do you have the same feeling? 

    Well, in Europe a lot of cities consist of large chunks "downtown", so the situation is quite different. Even regular residential areas are full of villas and large block buildings. In the end it's a case of YMMV, funny enough. Modular buildings would be quite adequate to replicate entire quarters of many German towns, but you'd need tons of them. This even applies to suburbs and rural regions to not such a small degree. Of course there's also single family standalone homes, but even those fall under different rules and styles than would be appropriate for other countries... Mylenium Not that I care that much, but of course a lot of those chunky parts used in those old sets have been retired. That and to me this seems more a case of contemporary models feeling kinda flimsy due to very, very obvious cost cutting. If you get my point: Today's model's could easily live up to that old stuff if they weren't that stripped down... Mylenium Not sure about that, TBH. To me it's sort of a "If only..." thing, as sometimes I feel parts are simply wasted on pointless awkward construction techniques. I could perfectly live with smaller models if the detailing actually paid off, but a lot of times it doesn't, which I guess is a point in itself. Mylenium
  8. Mylenium

    LEGO half year financial report

    Yeah, sure, but that doesn't make the whole situation necessarily better for TLC themselves. It feels kinda messed up for all intents and purposes... Mylenium
  9. Mylenium

    LEGO half year financial report

    Sure. I never said anything different. Any company does it, even small ones.Though I have some serious doubts about how much they actually have to "toss around", given how literally every Cent is gobbled up by their fast expansion already... Mylenium
  10. Mylenium

    LEGO half year financial report

    In so many words: Corporate BS. Sorry, but you need to read between the lines. LEGO aren't actually growing at all. All they are doing is invest a lot of money and in contrast to your claim, harvesting short term grosses from China in fact is the only thing that makes their financial report look kinda okay. Whether this will even pay off in the long-term is anyone's guess. And don't even get me started on this nonsense about traditional privately held family businesses. Those times are long past us. It's not like the Christiansen holdings would be small mom & pop shops to begin with. Their recent investment in Merlin, co-financed by Blackwater, alone should be proof enough that they are just as entangled in big finance as any other company out there with all the good and bad sides that has. Just because they're not trading publicly and the family is a majority stake holder doesn't mean anything in times such as these... Mylenium
  11. Yeah, sure. As I said a few pages down - "shelf bricks" here in Germany and the retailers know it. They'll be glad it's EOL and they don't have to buy more stock from LEGO just because of foolish contractual commitments they made before the movie actually came out... Anyway, at least despite my concerns we seem to have gotten the complete final wave here, if only in official LEGO stores. Bought the Mayhem Flyer on Monday... Mylenium
  12. Mylenium

    LEGO half year financial report

    Regardless of how the company is incorporated, it should show some organic growth, not what can only count as stagnation. To use one of my favorite quotes from a TV series: "Stable ain't sexy." (and shrinking even less) ;) That's basically all I'm saying. Ultimately the point is that a floundering US economy hasn't had that much of a negative impact on LEGO in the past, so I would argue there might be something up, after all. Not much use debating the finer details. In the end LEGO is likely too expensive a hobby for many of us to begin with, regardless of economic status... :D Mylenium But then again, at the most basic level it's not even about the tariffs. Mr. T. will only use them as a punitive means to achieve his personal goals and what his gang of lobbyists tells him. In that scenario LEGO are simply not important enough nor are they economically particularly relevant in the grander scheme of things. Compared to other markets, selling plastic bricks is peanuts... Mylenium
  13. Mylenium

    LEGO half year financial report

    Kind of a bubble effect. The rest of the numbers doesn't really look that sexy. If I was a shareholder, I'd begin to worry. This is the third year in a row with no substantially positive results so far and shrinking markets in Europe and the U.S., which in a thriving economic climate is not a good sign. Mylenium
  14. No offense, but as I use to say on other technical forums: This is useless without even a hint of system info or for that matter even telling us what program you are actually using. That aside, your issues pretty clearly indicate a poorly maintained hard drive or a drive at the verge of dying and/ or external processes such as indexing and syncing functions, security tools and so on interfering. As a start definitely check out this stuff, do a little disk maintenance and if the issues persist please be so kind to provide info people actually can make sense of rather than just stating that something isn't working. Mylenium
  15. Mylenium

    Rotting Leviathan

    Brilliant idea! Mylenium