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  1. Was he, though? Funny that you mention him, as I pretty much feel like him on some days - I rarely get things finished because I distract myself with too much other stuff and am constantly unsatisfied with my own work. I would probably take 25 years to finish the M.L. just as well and then technically it wasn't even finished. He just died. :-) Yeah, sure, I fully agree on that with you, but that doesn't mean that everyone will reach a certain level of skill no matter how hard they practice. And that is kind of the point. You have to recognize your limitations just as well or else you just end up being a hack. That's like those many "aspiring VFX artists" I regularly encounter in my other life. They may be able to create a certain effect on the technical merits, but many of them never evolve to a point where they could be truly great simply because they just don't put in the work to learn stuff like image composition, camera techniques, lighting or how to generally produce stuff plus the quirks of their favorite graphics programs. That's basically what I mean: You can't forever oparate at a certain level without making progress and I feel the same about MOCs. Mylenium
  2. Dunno... Not meaning to be a party pooper, but to me that sounds a bit like the claim that anyone who can hold a brush is painter. Bob Ross may have said so, but it is far from the truth. Some MOCs just aren't good or at least interesting, so them not getting much attention strikes me as perfectly normal. Call me a snob, but I expect a certain level of sophistication and excellence in any medium, be that just on the technical merits or the artistic expression and I just can't help but sit here and feel "Yeah, a bunch of stacked bricks. So what?" on some MOCs. I don't mean to discourage anyone, but to me this is a matter of "If you're not committed and lean into it, why even bother?". I can totally get behind a MOC if I just "feel" that someone had fun doing it, even a random thing bashed together by a kid, but I just don't like many lazy jobs that simply feel uninspired or all too obviously play on that "Look what I have here!" kind of attention grabbing. It's what keeps me from supporting many LEGO Ideas projects, BTW... Mylenium
  3. Mylenium

    Looking for ideas - brick build chain

    You could probably borrow an idea from the Super Mario Sets: This could be modified/ enhanced with this part: Otherwise, if it just needs to be a static illusion consider things like bucket handles, Minifigure helmet visors/ protective glasses, scissors, or tools or even something like the claw bar: You will need some clips and otehr stuff to secure things in place, but when arranged meticulously this can look like chains. Mylenium
  4. Mylenium

    Assembly Help.

    This will never work in this simplified fashion. You're simply not operating within the grid of the LEGO system. It most definitely would work with some brackets, you just would have to insert additional plates to get the correct spacing and that's probably where the wheels fall off your plane, in a manner of speaking... Mylenium
  5. There's certainly a ton of MOCs, but even within this sub-set there seems to be a divide between those doing it just for fun and those trying to get rich & famous off it. Other than that there's certainly a trend of commercializing hobbies or your skill set everywhere. I definitely notice it in the graphics industry with everyone selling stock art and many neophyte's primary motivation to even learn programs being to make a buck or two. As for LEGO specifically i think it simply has become very mainstream-y with the company actively pushing in a certain direction and the mere flood of commercial sets also simply taking a lot of attention away from MOCs. Point in case: If you just want to build stuff, you'll always find something without even digging into MOCs and outside specific interests and communities this simply has been gnawing away at the merits and popularity of custom building. That and let's not forget that competing products have also become more widely available, further dividing the user base. There could be a nice MOC out there that you're never going to be interested in because the creator licensed it to some Chinese company that you have no interest in... Mylenium
  6. Entirely depends on the complexity of the project and its respective requirements. This is the old gag I've seen so many times doing my animations as 3D artist or working with engineers and tech-doc people. Everything is nice and easy if you're working on a simple static view, but god forbid people need to rotate a view in Acrobat 3D or navigate around their model... I guess ultimately that's one of the reasons why a lot of such stuff is still done "on paper" with fixed perspectives and all sorts of text explanations and auxiliary callouts. Your example pretty much only works because there's nothing obstructing the view, but things could be infinitely more complicated e.g. on a complex Technic model. It's one of the reasons why I can't get behind LEGO's interactive instruction apps, perhaps simply because I know the limitations all too well... Mylenium
  7. Mylenium

    Do you only buy lego?

    There's a few of them in the Chinese New Year sets for 2022 and I vaguely remember having seen them in some other instruction PDFs. They'll be commonplace soon enough. Mylenium Yeah, that ultimately is the point. You can buy some cheap re-branded Chinese OEM set at Lidl and the quality is just as good as LEGO was a few years ago already. It's really about those five percent extra that makes a difference, but most original manufacturer sets from COBI, Xingbao and so on have pretty eliminated that small gap, also. The only real difference is the building techniques and that's what usually puts me off with some sets such as the ones from Bluebrixx @Toastie mentioned - if I pay money for it, I don't want things to feel like a hacky MOC with single stud connections and similarly atrocious stuff. Mylenium
  8. Mylenium

    Lego colors - coming and going

    Probably irrelevant, anyway. Unless you verifiably know the actual manufacturers production numbers or can correlate that to an existing color reference system like Pantone, FS or RAL it really doesn't mean much to most people. Mylenium Probably even more complicated than that, as printing certain color combinations might require to compensate for degradation when fine details get overwhelmed by other colors or the occasional semi-transparent printing... Mylenium
  9. Mylenium

    Angle elements losing clutch?

    What exact elements? What color? What else? A photo certainly might help. Perhaps it's just a bad production batch, perhaps something else... Mylenium
  10. Mylenium

    Lego colors - coming and going

    *lol* Too true, unfortunately... Mylenium
  11. Mylenium

    Do you only buy lego?

    Not at all. I try to keep my LEGO collection clean & pure for MOC building and such, but I've had my share of Mega Construx models and one or two COBI. I'm also constantly tempted by some other stuff, but since I neither have the money nor the space to e.g. keep around a ton of modular buildings, that usually goes nowhere. Mylenium
  12. Typically it takes two months before new pieces become actually available and aren't constantly marked as out of stock. The first few weeks LEGO are clearly holding them back for customer support cases. Mylenium
  13. Mylenium

    Terrain - how do you build it?

    Not necessarily. You can build terrains wafer-thin if you know how they are supposed to look. They'll still consume tons of elements, but you can pretty much express a lot with a stack of three to five plates thickness. The problem here only is that unlike bending chicken wire for model train landscapes, building robust Technic frames to plug on your plate sheets is anything but intuitive and the slightest change of heart has major consequences and may require rebuilding large sections. The scaffolding for instance for your Hoth example would likely be quite a headscratcher, but i think ultimately it would be perfectly doable as a lightweight hollow structure rather than the heavy slope mountain it appears to be built as. Mylenium
  14. Mylenium

    Lego colors - coming and going

    You're kind of defeating your own point, though. We live in 2021, after all. Even if you're allowing for tolerances, there are simple ways to measure and calibrate these things within reason, not have these completely whacked out (mis-)representations LEGO uses. Point in case: It would indeed be perfectly possible to get "photo lab consistent colors" and quite easily so. Just sayin'... Mylenium Why would you that? Ignorance may be bliss, but there's always the chance that even the biggest jerk might have something valuable to say one day that you might miss by blocking/ ignoring people. You know, people just have to get along with one another even if we don't always agree and occasionally shout at each other. I can't remember ever having blocked anyone (except for obvious scammers/ frauds/ criminals) in 25+ years of roaming forums. In fact I find it often questionable when people are so quick to use such functions and retreat even deeper into their own bubble... Mylenium
  15. Mylenium

    Lego colors - coming and going

    It could be for a car, so in theory it could be for LEGO as well. Agree, though, this would be a tough case to win on any court in the world or even get a reasonable out-of-court settlement. Still, I'm totally with @Maple on this one - LEGO's mis-tweaking of colors and in turn misrepresenting them in their marketing and packaging has gone off the rails. To me it's unfathomable once you assume they could easily pay for the most expensive Hasselblad cameras, costly wide-gamut monitors and all that. Either they have completely untalented people doing this stuff, they really don't care or they intentionally screw with this. A good example for instance are the promo photos for the new Friends sets like the houseboat or the "glamping" scenery. The Medium Azure and Orange in some of the pictures look like completely different colors... Mylenium