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  1. Mylenium

    How big is the LEGO community?

    Technically irrelevant. You see, in the past I used to run blogs/ web sites on some very specific topics and had a lot of behind-the-scenes knowledge on some of that stuff, wrote literally thousands of forum posts to help out people and had thousands of visitors each week on my sites. None of that, however, meant/ means anything in terms of "decent knowledge". There's always something you're missing about the community at large and even if you interact with a gazillion people, chances are there's an even larger fraction that you're missing out on. There is also a lot of random noise like e.g. occasional users that don't participate in the "community" other than getting their immediate issues resolved and questions answered. To put it in simple terms: There may be billions of LEGO consumers and within that group many might consider themselves part of some sort of community, but very few will care about these things beyond a certain point and might never meet your threshold. Even I myself would not fit most likely because there are too many things about LEGO I just don't care for... Mylenium
  2. Mylenium

    How big is the LEGO community?

    Well, you could always argue that they are not the ones buying the stuff. ;-) In any case, it's probably a moot point. Surely you could measure sales or people being organized in LUGs and other fan organizations, but it will simply be impossible to determine the overall volume of people who might perceive themselves as belonging to a specific community. Mylenium
  3. Mylenium

    [REVIEW] 41404 - Emma's Play Cube

    These cubes are garbage. Just another way to dump surplus Friends stuff that nobody wants. The new 6 wide brackets are pretty much the only useful thing here. Mylenium
  4. I wouldn't hold my breath. They didn't produce additional lots of the Dragon Dance and New Year Eve's Dinner, either, even for the Asian market way back when. This could really be a "On(c)e & done" thing. Mylenium
  5. Yeah, sure, but what's actually your point? Not meaning to be insensitive, but the mere mention of 6 to 8 month delivery times would ring a ton of alarms and make me consider if I even wanted to pay a fraction in the advance... Mylenium
  6. The baby rabbit/ hare definitely works both in size and appearance. The pug might also be acceptable as is the seal... Not too sure about others, though. Indeed they are a bit too cutesy for more generig uses. Mylenium
  7. Not really. I picked up my sets yesterday at the nearest store and they sell like crazy. It's in fact not too hard to imagine that they will sell out quickly and many people waiting for the special Rat GWP will be disappointed not being able to buy the Temple Fair or Lion Dance. The Dragonboat Race is not a valid comparison, as its somewhat lackluster appearance and absence of something truly unique turned many potential buyers off. Mylenium
  8. Mylenium

    How big is the LEGO community?

    Well, this is a "Go big or go home" thing. You are way, way underestimating the numbers IMO. You could assume that there are several hundred million people that identify as LEGO fans and out of that crowd at least ten percent might actively participate in any kind of organized communities. Just take LEGO Ideas - some contests over there have 10000+ participants and those are just the people who are a) actually follow LEGO Ideas proactively and are registered, b) are interested in a given subject and c) have time to join the competition. Any text book on statistics can tell you how to extrapolate from there. Of course it's an open debate what qualifies as "community", but suffice it to say that anything LEGO-related is potentially huge. Mylenium
  9. Mylenium

    General Colour Discussion

    Interesting, though to me it still looks like they are actually just coatings on top of the base colors which now look brighter due to the new transparent materials behaving differently. In any case, it's probably safe to say that those parts are the most useless ones I can think of, so one could hope that - assuming this is real and persistent - they will come up with better use cases. Mylenium
  10. I mean mesh-based intrinsic UVs with Atlas mapping and all that good stuff. Just using projections is so 1990. ;-) Mylenium
  11. On a good day, yes. But considering what effort it took me to get my Octopus instructions together, I'm always willing to be prepared for the worst. Perhaps it's just my own perfectionist OCD as a graphics person getting in the way, perhaps I'm just too pessimistic about these matters, but doing an instruction for a 2000 pieces building, no matter how simple, is not going to be a cakewalk one way or the other. Mylenium
  12. It's not really this simple. Most of the brick CAD softwares are so unsophisticated that it barely takes any advantage of e. g. multi-core processors, let alone advanced GPU acceleration features. You could have the latest AMD Ryzen and things might still feel slower than on an older setup. You know, that old thing with per core efficiency, threading, asynchronus I/O and all that good stuff. Mylenium
  13. Mylenium

    70840 Apocalypseburg retired

    They have pretty likely. After the initial rush a lot of them were glued to the shelves. E.g 70825 Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi’s Build Whatever Box! was sold for 12 Euro in several places November here in Germany, making for a slightly above 60% discount because apparently retailers were sitting on growing stockpiles. Arguably nobody wanted this Magenta abomination. Similar observations could be made for several other sets from this line - they were fired out for cheap to sell at all even before the pre-Christmas EOL rush. It's only natural that Apocalypseburg would be dragged down along with them. It was released too late, anyway, too few people saw the movie in theaters and the ones that did had forgotten it quickly again. LEGO also barely made any effort to actually promote the sets, so there's a lot of circumstances against it. Personally I also think that Apocalypseburg wouldn't have had "legs" on its own. It simply lacks the appeal of e.g Ninjago City. Mylenium
  14. Probably -1 just means embedded, 0 would be disabled and 1 point to an externally linked image in the future. The rest is just kinda baffling news. I've never bothered using textured parts in either program and for me as a 3D artist this seems pretty lo-fi. Has the thought of proper UV-mapping even ever crossed anyone's mind? Mylenium
  15. I'm sure there are people out there that would be able to do it, but unless you really throw money at it, of course nobody will take it up. This could easily take up three full work days at least and I'm sure you have some idea about hourly rates for average work in your area. This could literally end up costing you one buck per brick or more... Mylenium