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  1. Mylenium

    [Poll] Do you like LEGO as a company?

    Seriously? Granted, I never understood some of the craziness of collecting minifigs and UCS nor am I financially in a position to play the game, but I like to think that when you buy a 2500+ pieces set that minifigure only represents a fraction of the value even if it may be sold for 20 Euro on Bricklink. Even assuming I actually had the money and was into chasing down exclusive figs that would be the least of my considerations and my stance on the matter wouldn't be much different: It feels like a scammy ploy to get people to buy stuff. It's as shady as loot boxes in games, rare cards and whatever you can imagine along those lines. Mylenium They absolutely are and continue to be. Just look how many designs they registered in recent months, including their much laughed-at attempt to do so for the five-studded plate some of their competitors had for years. A lot of it feels like they are merely doing it out of spite to force their competitors to invest extra effort and work around what otherwise would be straightforward "obvious" technical solutions. Mylenium
  2. Mylenium

    [Poll] Do you like LEGO as a company?

    Certainly No. Ultimately they are just as good or bad as any other big con-glo-mo. They can beat about the bush all they about being a family company, their traditions and values, environmental activism, inclusivity and whatnot, but at the end of the day this is just a nice list of buzzwords that looks nice in a shareholder report. Every big corporation does it, but at the same time they all still make hundreds of dollars for every single penny they donate to a benevolent cause. It's just how it is with these things. Big companies are not what you would want as a "friend" if they were real people... Mylenium
  3. Mylenium

    When logic and design collide.

    I'm sure Amazon has some books on it, but the basic gist is that as a designer you should never worry about logic. Once you do, you create "bad" design. That's where engineering has to take over to make it work and then the whole iterative process back and forth to adapt the design to the tech specs and vice versa. And that is probably what you need to do in the most literal sense as well. Do not work on the same two sides of the coin all the time, but set yourself achievable goals and milestones on individual aspects only, then force yourself to get off the project and only work on it again under a different hat the next day, next week or whatever. also consider working on multiple completely different projects to get your mind off. Not saying you should become a master of the eternally unfinished like I am with a graveyard of projects in various states, but taking a hint from my creative work as graphics artist/ 3D animator it really helps if sometimes you get a little distracted with other things. and of course if you have a family, buddies and colleagues that may even extend to the physical world of letting them in on your work and occasionally steer you. Mylenium
  4. Mylenium

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    I tend to disagree. The bigger a company becomes, the more it creates its own reality and this may just be a case of bubbles inside bubbles. Seen it happen elsewhere more than once and actually LEGO is terrible in that regard due to that weird self-pollination process of RLUGs, RLFMs and the company being utter control freaks who want to inject their view of things into everything. I would assume their focus group testing and other processes are equally biased. Combined with their greed and seemingly not having mangers with balls, I find that a dangerous combination and such failures are inevitable. It's basically similar to what happens when a blockbuster movie bombs: In trying to replicate their previous successes they limit the potential for other things and in my view LEGO are also simply trying a bit too hard to bend it over their knees. And they also seem to be drunk on their own success elsewhere and have lost touch with some realities, thinking they can get away with anything. And that's probably the sad reality of VIDIYO: Someone very high up in the decision-making chain was too keen on making it big and cashing in his annual bonus without really knowing what he was doing. I doubt the designers and a lot of other people could be blamed for this disaster. Mylenium
  5. And so has plastic-based art in museums that's now beginning to crumble and decompose. See where this could be going? A few years down the line it may not be anything but a worthless pile of plastic dust rattling in a box. The rest I never understood, anyway. I might covet a ten year old set that I missed out on, but anything beyond that just to relive some childhood nostalgia or whatever? The whole notion just is weird to me on so many levels. Even if I had that kind of money and couldn't be bothered. And in some ways Thorsten's comment may even be true, even if it may have been meant tongue-in-cheek: That whole collecting thing (of brick sets, not minifigures) feels so contrary to what I understand LEGO should be about... Mylenium
  6. Sounds like the old "A solution looking for the problem", only it's the wrong solution. It's not that most "leaks" ever came from some deep underground shelter. They were simply mistakes by sales personnel and openlyvisibly processes related to logistics and distribution. I mean, what do they expect? Some poor sap at Walmart who's been tasked with stocking the shelves to really give any consideration to their "Do not put on shelf before XX" stickers when he's simply following instructions? Similarly, all IP-based "leaks" are just some pretty good guesses or third-parties having prematurely released info or clues. Can't exactly blame a film studio for putting out trailers and then people speculating about sets. This seems for all intents and purposes just weird and as a consumer-oriented organization LEGO should just learn the opposite: Open and effective communication, not playing the hush-hush game and then falling into panic mode with half-assed statements every time something hits ze Interwebs. Mylenium
  7. Mylenium

    Review: 10290 Pickup Truck

    A bit ambiguous about it. Based on your images I have a few concerns about the building techniques. A few too many large gaps and some parts only seem to be connected by a few studs. May not be as bad as the T2 bus, though. Mylenium
  8. Mylenium

    Is Lego pure ABS or with additives?

    You can't avoid some degradation, but the key point is to avoid high energy light types like UV. That's basically the same problem as when conserving paintings with synthetic pigments. Even "wrong" interior lighting can make them fade. Overall you should be fine, though, if you don't abuse your window sill as a shelf all the time. The most exposed item in my household, a custom black Technic frame construct used as a picture holder for photography, does not show any signs of wear that can be attributed to sun light despite being near a window all the time for a few years... Mylenium
  9. Mylenium

    Is Lego pure ABS or with additives?

    Sure, and likely tons of it. ABS being based on three monomers alone is reason enough to necessitate extra substances to influence where those chains fuse and those would also act as overall stabilizers. Similarly, different colors may require different chemicals to integrate pigments. And then of course there's a whole host of intermediate auxiliary process chemicals. Point in case: While LEGO certainly go out of their way to keep things simple as well as customer and environmentally friendly even they can't avoid some of this... Mylenium
  10. Mylenium

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    I've seen this reported for Amazon UK, us here in Germany and Canada. No idea if it's on in the US, but it may be worth to simply try and look up a 25 or 30 USD LEGO set and see if there's a small "special promotions available" link under all the info blurb, offering to add the set and an extra free BeatBox. At least that's how it's set up here. Mylenium
  11. Mylenium

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    Amazon is dumping them as free gift just as well... Just got another Pirate BeatBox. Mylenium
  12. Not the point. If your monitor uses a specific color profile, the skewed colors are already baked into a screenshot, hence any such representation would look incorrect on other computers. That would even apply to a plain dumb sRGB profile as commonly assumed by most devices. It even matters for how the colors are transformed in the textures for the viewport shading. Point in case: If you do such stuff without proper CM, it's pretty much only valid on your own system. Don't get me wrong: It's better than nothing and most people won't care, but personally I'd be extremely wary to use this without knowing a few of these parameters. Mylenium
  13. Well, we could surely endlessly discuss the merits of color management for printing and the limited usefulness of 8bit hex values are, with no source profile no less, in this context... See the problem? Mylenium
  14. What CM settings are they based on, given that you mention correcting for on-screen display? Mylenium