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  1. Mylenium

    Licensed Themes VS Original Themes

    I wouldn't know because I haven't cared much for LEGO until three years ago. So I'd consider myself unbiased on that subject and only judge from what I see currently. That doesn't change that it's in my view still not great as it appears there are basically just five or six different LEGO ads on German TV at all and stylistically they are all over the place: a generic Star Wars one with some kids playing (wrong target demographic IMO) a BF ugly City CG ad for the new Air Police sets an ad for last year's City Arctic sets a Technic one for the Rough Terrain crane with kids (again wrong demographic; also funny enough often runs on DMAX, regardless) a Friends one advertising last year's racing sets (which already totally bombed on the German market, so it's completely pointless) the "this is not a brick" generalized ad they first debuted on Facebook (way too obviously targeted at and created for the American market) You see, in terms of what's actually running on TV around these parts there's not much that I think would motivate to even go to a toy store and look for LEGO sets, even more so given how weirdly and inconsistently the ads are placed in the TV schedule (as I already mentioned) so that some people may never even get to see a single one of them. Mylenium
  2. Mylenium

    LEGO vs. Held der Steine

    Completely wrong. No such thing ever happened. He's a total LEGO loyalist and never has even reviewed a third-party set until know. Only now that LEGO are after his scalp things are going to change and you can think what you want about it - it's just the stupidest thing LEGO could have done to go after one, if not theeee most prominent LEGO advocate. Despite his dislike for the company itself (which, let's be honest, isn't much better than any big cong-glo-mo and shares the same problems and shortcomings of any big organization) he has done a lot to advertise sets, even if he disssed them for being rubbish. So again, this is grade A stupid and a major SNAFU. Mylenium Sure, in that LEGO's "fair use" is in no way legally binding and thus practically useless. Incidentally that is part of the problem - those policies are not compliant with a lot of legal regulations not just in Germany. Whether you make any money of it is ultimately not even the first consideration in legal terms, so with all respect, I would not assume that Eurobricks would be safe just because they're not making a penny. On a bad day LEGO could just change their mind and then what? Mylenium Far from it. You should watch the video. Apparently there's a bunch of secondary trademarks registered by LEGO (for apparel etc.) that can affect lookalike logo designs in that it may be illegal to represent any form of a brick e.g. on a T-shirt. which of course ironically brings us back to that argument about people being "safe" when they're not making money of such stuff. Wrong - a simple fan T-shirt could constitute a breach of the rules under those conditions. Weak argument that likely wouldn't hold up in court, especially since as per my previous comment the "fair use" rules wouldn't hold water. Even the dumbest expert would likely be able to discern that the similarities are not at all in any way a threat to LEGO's brand integrity. And in German legal terms you would first have to prove that actual damage has been done, which might prove difficult for a YouTube channel that is proactivile advertising for LEGO products, not against them. Mylenium
  3. Mylenium

    Licensed Themes VS Original Themes

    Sure, it all depends on individual tastes. I'm not saying anything else. Still, to me the LEGO TV ads look less than great for a million reasons. Mylenium
  4. Well, you need to unpack a ZIP, don't you? Given the limitations due to the security mechanisms in mobile OSs preventing you from arbitrary file handling and picking custom storage locations even something that trivial can be a pain, so I'd definitely avoid it. Mylenium
  5. Or you could just optimize the PDF files themselves? I mean the PDF format has built-in support for RLE/ ZIP compression and Acrobat et al will gladly optimize the heck out of your embedded images. Just saying. Also, why would you complicate file handling on mobile devices this way? I find the suggestion quite puzzling. Mylenium
  6. Mylenium

    Licensed Themes VS Original Themes

    Nope, I have to disagree. Point in case: LEGO's ads look quite rubbish next to those of their competitors. The difference is painfully obvious if you e.g. have a Playmobil ad next to a LEGO one. And then I can't help but feel that LEGO are playing it cheap. I've never seen LEGO ads on "big" channels (public TV or the top private TV channels) and even on the kids channels they appear to only be booking time when it's cheap, i.e. early in the morning, around noon or late in the evening - when most of their target demo are in school or in bed. In fact you can count yourself lucky if you get to see any LEGO ads and I like to think that I'm watching quite a bit of kids TV for specific reasons. So regardless of your other points, which are all good and valid, as far as I'm concerened LEGO are doing a crap job in that department, at least here in Germany. And of course as someone who has worked in the media industry I could still go on endlessly about the stylistic shortcomings, but that's beside the point. Overall my point remains - LEGO's TV advertising is probably not very effective and not doing much to get people in stores in the first place. Mylenium
  7. Mylenium

    Licensed Themes VS Original Themes

    Yes/ no/ perhaps. I guess it's once more a case of different markets, but I don't see TV ads for LEGO as something that would get people into stores here in Germany. The placement of the ads is way too inconsistent and many people probably never even get to see them... Mylenium
  8. Mylenium

    Licensed Themes VS Original Themes

    Should that even matter? LEGO's TV ads are a joke. I don't think anyone even takes them seriously, regardless which theme they are for. In-store POS marketing is no doubt much more important. Just saying... Mylenium
  9. Mylenium

    Licensed Themes VS Original Themes

    ...but then again, there's more to this than how it's presented on the store shelves. The IP holders want their piece of the pie and I'm pretty sure when Lucasfilm/ Disney are breathing down your neck, it's not even much fun to design a Star Wars set. also one mustn't forget how much money LEGO have sunk into licensed themes where the movies totally bombed or were mediocre at best. "Angry Birds" or "Lone Ranger", anyone? In the end this is pretty hit and miss and out of five licensed IPs only one may turn out as a hit, while the rest only cost you money. I'm pretty sure that if LEGO invested that money in their own IP we'd have at least better sets on that front... Mylenium
  10. Mylenium

    Licensed Themes VS Original Themes

    I'm pretty sure everyone who buys LEGO is aware that you couldn't possibly re-create e.g. the Battle of New York in its full glory without ending up with a 6000 pieces set that nobody can afford. Simplifications are always part of the game and do not only apply to licensed themes. In the end even Ninjago City is just a trimmed down representation of what it looks like in the movie as are many Ninjago Sets based on the TV series. As far as I'm concerned, the actual complexity and "realism" of a set isn't what makes or breaks this. Once you think about it, many production designs aren't that great, anyway, and just look boring. Some stuff indeed just works on-screen when it's drowned out by explosions and obfuscated with tons of CG motion blur. ;-) And there's of course the other side: Some designs never translate(d) well to LEGO since specific parts don't/ didn't exist. Things like the 1x1 bracket have only been introduced last year, so in a way due to their reluctance to introduce new parts to emulate all those bits and bobs and ways get them attached to your models LEGO may have shot themselves in their foot for a long time. I'm pretty sure many models could have looked a ton better in the past had those parts been available, in turn making them more attractive. So as far as I'm concerned, there are also hard technical reasons why some stuff may not be attractive and re-capture that feeling of a movie or whatever. Regardless, I still think the biggest issue with many licensed sets is that they are not "crafted with love". Either they are rushed to the market to meet release dates, not allowing designers to make them as good as possible or they are hopelessly micromanaged by the IP holders. That combined with LEGOs odd pricing policies surely often is to the detriment of licensed sets (along with a ton of other factors that could be discussed endlessly)... Mylenium
  11. Mylenium

    Licensed Themes VS Original Themes

    Agree. Way too often you feel that licensed sets were either thrown together quickly at the eleventh hour to make it in time with the release of a specific moviue/ series/ game or whatever and the actual buildable parts appear rather unsophisticated. You could of course argue that they are targeted at kids and inexperienced people to begin with, so they are simplified intentionally, but that seems a somewhat lame excuse, considering that LEGO isn't rocket science overall. Mylenium
  12. Mylenium

    Licensed Themes VS Original Themes

    Agreed. Beyond that generic consensus the finer points can of course be discussed endlessly. Mylenium
  13. Mylenium

    [MOC] Modular Clock Tower Square

    Lovely stuff! Mylenium
  14. Mylenium

    REVIEW: 80102 Dragon Dance

    I would love this set to be available in Germany/ Europe. How LEGO even thinks this would need to be region-specific totally eludes me, given how generic those sets, are after all. It's not that by now we haven't heard of Asian/ Chinese traditional festivities, Dragon Boat races and so on... Mylenium
  15. Mylenium

    [MOC] A Tale of Two Cities

    Looks lovely! Mylenium