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  1. It would be nice to update the first post with latest informations.
  2. It seems to be about the size of the monster truck pullbacks. How do they explain the price increase from 20€ to 27€?!
  3. The bump on the front seems to be here to let the direction axis go under it. It's strange that TLG did not find another solution. The pullback version looks better.
  4. I hope for a Pagani Utopia.
  5. It looks quite nice. When is it supposed to be released? The set number could mean that it was planed for january.
  6. Akbalder

    [OFFICIAL] 10320 Eldorado Fortress - Available NOW

    The set doesn't seem to be a lego store exclusivity anymore.
  7. Lego could buy instructions from amateur designers and release them as official B models.
  8. Rebrickable doesn't replace B models: - The quality of models don't always match the Lego standards. - They are often paying models whereas B models were included (and once upon a time had paper instructions) Buying something on rebrickable is a gambit.
  9. If the modules in the technic space sets are supposed to be connectable to the modules of the city space sets, does it mean that the technic space sets are supposed to be at minifig scale too?
  10. Do you see which part is "pluggable" with the other space sets?
  11. It's still acceptable. I think that there will be a bigger scale issue between sets.
  12. On the bottom photos, the tires seem to have some kind of camber.
  13. It would look better with real pirate flags.
  14. Is it supposed to look like a shark mouth?
  15. It isn't great. Even the minifig seems to be an existing one.