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  1. The Firefighter Aircraft is the only one that makes me want. What size can we expect for 100€? I've bought 3 of the previous monster jam trucks and planed to buy the fourth one. But if the collection keeps getting bigger, I'm not sure that I will keep buying them.
  2. A battery is something "dangerous". I'm only interested by an official one.
  3. If you don't like these videos, you could just not talk about it.
  4. A Lego page shows the 4 existing monster trucks: https://www.lego.com/fr-lu/service/buildinginstructions/66712
  5. Akbalder

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Has it been confirmed that there will be instructions for the alternative builds? The Lego shop page says nothing about it.
  6. More neutral faces allows to put the minfigures in a fight or not. When the minifig has a very special expression, it's harder to do it.
  7. For me the, problem with the minifig heads isn't having female soldier but having smiling/funny faces. The female soldiers in the 3 in 1 castle and the blacksmith sets were very good. They were ready to fight. Here, many minifigs (male and female) have funny / big smile faces which aren't believable in the middle of a fight.
  8. It controls the 2nd portcullis which is at the back of the castle. A lot of the minifigure have "fun" heads. I hope that they will be 2 sided faces to be able to build a serious army.
  9. Akbalder

    40567 Forest Hideout (GWP)

    Is there usually enough GWP to place an order in a few days?
  10. The description also talks about a moving engine.
  11. On a photo, we can see that it isn't the same yellow as the one of the Yellow Four Knob Gear.
  12. It seems possible to use all the functions at the same time.
  13. The description also talks about a spining engine but I don't see where it is.
  14. Even if it has 400 more pieces, 200€ seems a lot compared to the regular price of the Osprey (140€).