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  1. Akbalder

    42130 - BMW M1000RR K66

    Could this set "replace" the 2022 1:8 car?
  2. Akbalder

    42130 - BMW M1000RR K66

    I hope that it will be real collector model. Not just an empty shell as the Ferrari.
  3. A Formula 1 car would be strange because the design of the cars will change next year. I guess that it would be an outdated car because the new cars won't be ready soon enough to let Lego create their version.
  4. Is the gearbox built directly connected to the motors? Even if it is a simple one, it would nice to be able to move it (without the motors) to see what it does.
  5. I had to reset the data of the model to be able to select the first test. The app is badly done if the only solution to select a building test is to reset all the data of a model.
  6. When I do that, the app asks me to switch on the second hub instead of the first one. It doesn't let me select the first building step.
  7. How to redo the building tests of a model? The app seems to try to connect to the full model (the 2 hubs of the Liebherr) instead of letting me select the first building step!
  8. The track parts are very different from the old one. It seems that their shape could be useful for gbc.
  9. Having only 1 hub is nice (a gearbox is more interesting to build than putting many motors) but the price must reflect that. The official price should be 100€ cheaper.
  10. Does it have the planetary gear of 42099 in the wheel connectors?
  11. There are a few pictures on https://www.ottosimon.nl/nl-nl/lego-technic-42128-robuuste-sleepwagen-411--3354
  12. When will you be able to talk about them?
  13. I like the new design. The picture of the giant with the car looks more japanese than american. We can see the pneumatic pump behind the cabin. I hope that they will include instructions to use a motor instead (like 42053). Is there more functionalities than what is shown on the 3 small pictures? - There seem to be a gear or turntable under the crane. - One of the sticker seems to show that we can move a wheel axis up and down. - The blue part at the back seems to be able to move up and down but I don't know what is its usage.
  14. I don't see what other functionality it could control.
  15. Why is there a pneumatic control valve next to the outrigger? I thought that the outriggers were using linear actuators.