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  1. Akbalder

    Future Castle Sets?

    You can do as in one of the promo picture: put an armor over the pirate torso.
  2. There are many sets being officially announced in other themes for releases in june. Will the technic sets be announced too or will they come later?
  3. Akbalder

    [RUMORS] 6x6 Mercedes Zetros

    I hoped that the price was wrong too. 330€ seems crazy even if it has one more motor than the 42099.
  4. Akbalder

    [RUMORS] 6x6 Mercedes Zetros

    It doesn't seem to be a finished model. For example, the green part on the hood doesn't look like the real vehicle.
  5. Akbalder

    42131 - CAT D11T Bulldozer

    The leaked price may be wrong for a set like this.
  6. Akbalder

    [RUMORS] 6x6 Mercedes Zetros

    Since this set hasn't any additional functionality, it should be focused on off-roading. I guess that this set will have 6 planetary gears. Will it also have a gear box?
  7. Did anyone succeed to read what's written on the truck's stickers?
  8. Thanks for the review. What's happening with the tire rubber? Is it the quality of the piece or is there too much friction? I think that the comparison with set 42076 which is more than twice as expensive isn't very fair.
  9. Akbalder

    42120 Hovercraft

    Are the reviews supposed to be available tomorrow?
  10. Akbalder

    42120 Hovercraft

    The set is now on the Lego shop.
  11. Akbalder

    42113 Reconstruction Guide

    Why did you buy it at this price? I thought that you had the Osprey.
  12. Akbalder

    42131 - CAT D11T Bulldozer

    The 42100 is fun to play with but it isn't the most interesting to build (the gears are only here to increase torque). If this set is fully RC with a gearbox to switch between functions (as the Volvo truck), it could be a good mix. With 4 motors, I guess that it will be 2 motors for tracks, 1 motor for powering the functions, 1 motor for selecting the functions. Almost 7000 pieces seems to be a lot. Didn't they say that 4000 was about the max possible. That it would be too heavy with more pieces?
  13. It's very nice to see some B models. Next step should be to restart putting printed instructions in the box for these B models.
  14. Akbalder

    [MOC] Buggy (42104 C model)

    I've created the model in Studio (first time using a Lego digital designer) and created the instructions. They are available for free on rebrickable.