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  1. Akbalder

    Instructions: Paper vs. Digital

    I don't like building a set by watching the instructions on a phone. Lego is an activity during which I should be able to rest my eyes. I'm more likely to rebuild a model that has paper instructions. For example, the B model of 42055 is a great model that I would have built multiple times if it had a manual paper. I think that Lego is wrong to force people to use their phone to play Lego (ie: hidden side). They should embrace the fact that they are a manual game that doesn't need to watch a screen.
  2. When will it be available elsewhere than in the official Lego shops?
  3. Akbalder

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Next Ultimate car could be the McLaren Senna to match this year's Speed Champions set.
  4. Akbalder

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    I don't think that the Huayra is really less known than the Chiron. The Huayra would be quite interesting with the special doors, and the rear openable to show the engine.
  5. Akbalder

    Technic General Discussion

    I already didn't like that there was no paper manual for B models in most sets, but no B model at all is very bad. I don't see any reason at all to not have created a B model for 42099. For 42100, Liebehr may have smaller machinerie which could have be built as a B model.
  6. Akbalder

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    Having the '+' on the left side could mean that it has been decided later to invert the gearbox.
  7. It also seem to be at a smaller scale than the UCS cars.
  8. Akbalder

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    Why do they say that it is the most complex gearbox if it almost the same as the chiron's?
  9. Akbalder

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    Is there a 3rd seat at the front in the Lego version?
  10. Akbalder

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    Sorry to say that: It's more than 5 days! Sariel said that his review won't be ready the first day.
  11. Akbalder

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    Does this set have the new planetary gears?
  12. Akbalder

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    I'm interested to know if the build is interesting. With each motor close to each functionality, I guess that there won't be a lot of gears to put in place.
  13. Akbalder

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    The gear "something". I don't really understand what it will look like.
  14. Akbalder

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    It would be nice to see a picture of this gear stick and of the other selectors.
  15. Akbalder

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    There seem to be a lot of functionalities in this relatively small set. If the price is reasonable, it may be the best 2H set.