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  1. Hi. I bought the instructions for your Mazda RX-7. I want to built it, but I don't have functional part list. Your part list don't work with Rebrickable. I got "Could not determine file type" message. It is possible to get a part list working with Rebrickable? I am not allowed to send PM so I have to post it here. Thanks. Michal
  2. Hi. I have exactly the same situation. First gear is almost unusable. Did you find any solution for this? I am sure I have everything right and without friction. I noticed one more interesting thing. If I lift the car a little bit (all wheels are still on the ground) than the gearbox works perfectly. If the car lays all the wight on ground it is almost impossible to move it on the first gear.
  3. I also vote for left one. It looks cleener. I am glad you are making instructions already. I followed your work from beginning and I really looking forward to build this. Is there more non-lego parts beside mudguards?