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  1. Of course I can. Actually, it shows that my instructions work ;) link to the video I'd like to leave a comment under the video but unfortunately the videographer has turned off the comment section.
  2. Thanks :) @Redhead1982The boulevard with the other modular buildings could end in an old harbour. Perhaps I should design the fitting harbour pub next :) In a facebook Lego group a user had the idea, my moc could fit into a scene from H.P. Lovecraft. He thought of a video game set in such a scene, but I instantly thought of Innsmouth :) @electropieAfter reading your comment, I wondered what others may write about the moc. So I searched for it on google and I found a speedbuilt video of my moc on youtube
  3. Thanks again :) @zulfadli2112I'm glad you like it so much. And yes, I hope this was not my last b-model ;) @SvendpSeems I was too slow. I just took some (not very good) pictures of the house next to the dusty detective's office. But as you already are building the model yourself, I think you don't need them anymore ;)
  4. Thank you guys :) @paupadros It was one of my goals to create something as different as possible. That's why I used the "brick-bricks" to build about half of the front of the house. As a result I had to include tons of sand green tiles on other sections of the moc ;) @Agent 86 Yes, these are only parts of the original Old Fishing Store. @JonathanM Thanks a lot. This really means much to me. I don't have much experiences with fan instructions - neither made by others nor made by me. So it's especially nice to hear that my instructions are in any way well made :)
  5. Thank you all very much :) @Svendp No, I don't. But I'll see if I find the time to make one or two. I only have one other built modular house here (detective's office) and it's very dusty ;)
  6. Thanks a lot :) @Merlict I think Anton's neighbour did a great job. He painted the lower wall in the colour of his trousers :)
  7. Last year, when the bookshop was not yet known (at least for me), I assumed that TLG would completely switch to younger modular houses in the style of the Diner and the Corner Garage. As e.g. my mother only collects modular houses in the style of the old Art Nouveau buildings, I thought about how her and comparable collections should grow further. That was the moment as I decided to build a modular house out of the parts of the Old Fishing Store. This is not only one of the biggest projects I built so far, it also was the first time that I started a project in order to make instructions and provide them to a wider audience. And... I definitely underestimated the work ;) It is much more difficult to build a good b-model than I thought. And it is much more difficult to create (in my opinion) good building instructions for a project this size. It was quite a challenge to use as many of the original 2000 parts as possible in a somehow creative way ;) In the end I managed to use 1995 of the 2033 parts (without minifigures) of the original set. I hope you like it :) For those who are interested, building instructions can be found here: Old Fishing Store - Alternative Build by Versteinert, auf Flickr Old Fishing Store - Alternative Build by Versteinert, auf Flickr Old Fishing Store - Alternative Build by Versteinert, auf Flickr
  8. Versteinert

    [MOC] Castle/Fantasy Figbarf

    @Hammerstein NWC @Thomas_w Thank you :)
  9. Versteinert

    [MOC] Castle/Fantasy Figbarf

    Thank you all, I'm glad you like it :) @ramofont @AmperZand Wassertr├Ąger by Versteinert, auf Flickr Doppelkopfoger by Versteinert, auf Flickr Hope you can see the construction of the ogre. My explanation wasn't right. In an earlier version I used two rod 1L with clip to attach the heads, in this final version I used the plate, modified with clip.
  10. Versteinert

    [MOC] Castle/Fantasy Figbarf

    First thank you all :) @AmperZand Actually I first built the figures with yellow heads. But due to a discussion in another forum, I changed them to light nougat ;) @Hobbythom @MAB @Kai NRG Main part in the ogre (no orc! ;) ) is a black sausage with three bar 1L with clip fixed to it. One positioned in the middle with the rod pointing down (connecting to the stomach and lower body), the two others positioned next to it as near as possible pointing up (heads attached to them). To each end of the sausage there is one arm attached. To the left leg (the one that isn't bent) of the bucket carrier there is a plate, round 1x1 with handle (25893), attached. This holds a droid arm, which again holds the droid arm you can see above the figures shoulders. @Kai NRG Yes, the bucket carrier needs a bit more training. Best for these arms would have been if I at least had stuck a cut rigid to the hands. But as I am a purist I couldn't do this ;) @Frike I'd love if Lego would produce something like the armour from BrickWarriors. I would buy it instantly. My ogre isn't as fragile as it might seem. Only problem are the short sausage ends that hold the arms, so they can easy fall off. @UsernameMDM This was the reason I began building this figbarf ;)
  11. This is my first Figbarf. Hope you like it. This started when I thought of how a Falcon Knight would look like if Lego would produce it now with now available figure parts and accesories. Once I started building, I thought of making a figbarf with only classic Castle figures. For me these are especially Falcon- and Lion-Knights, since these were the ones I played with when I was a child. Since I somewhere read that a figbarf has to contain at least five minifigs, I had to add some further characters. So I extended my two-figure-classic-castle-not-figbarf with some figures that could be settled in fantasy era, to not deviate too far from my original idea. No custom parts or cut rigids, only original Lego parts. Castle / Fantasy Figbarf by Versteinert, auf Flickr
  12. Versteinert

    [MOC] Aedelsten oldschool

    At last I managed to also upload the pictures of the red Aedelsten. Besides the main colors this version differs to the original design just by two parts: The tile on the hood and the bracket at the rear end (dark grey instead of red). This version is a bit more simple then the white one since it features only regular wheels. At the other hand, this makes the car more stable, playable and it's much nearer to the original design that became grand prize winner on Lego Ideas. Aedelsten Deluxe by Versteinert, auf Flickr Aedelsten Deluxe by Versteinert, auf Flickr
  13. Versteinert

    [MOC] Aedelsten oldschool

    @Minifigleaf, @Paperinik77pk, @Reaper, @SteamSewnEmpire, @imvanya Thank you :)
  14. Versteinert

    [MOC] Aedelsten oldschool

    Thank you both :)