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  1. Versteinert

    [MOC] White Rabbit

    Thanks :) The transparent 1x1 tiles modified are attached to minifig hands that stuck into the holes of the snot-brick that also holds the nose of the rabbit. To get both hands in, I turned one around, so they could fit next to each other in the brick.
  2. Versteinert

    [MOC] White Rabbit

    Thanks. Unfortunately I damaged the tire a bit, because I had big problems getting it out again. And since this one is almost white, it is my favourite one ;) Thanks. Caused by the limited piececount, I had to be creative :) Thanks :)
  3. Versteinert

    [MOC] White Rabbit

    I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date... ...from "Alice in Wonderland". This is my entry for RogueOlympics 2022 round 8, themed "time". I used 75 parts. I don't know if "Action Figures" is the right section for this model, but after all the white rabbit always has got quite a lot of action ;) I'm late... by Versteinert, auf Flickr
  4. Versteinert

    [MOC] Pizza Taxi

    @gotoAndLegoI guess, if the pizza is delivered with this pizza rod, it will be the CEO who brings it anyway. It's a poorly kept secret that most employees do not take care of their company cars ;) @brickhead_07Thanks a lot. That's exactly what I think. Imo the small but detailed mocs are often the better mocs than the ones that impress with their sheer size.
  5. Versteinert

    [MOC] Pizza Taxi

    @Lyichir @Maxim I @Feuer Zug @Grom Knight Thanks :)
  6. Versteinert

    [MOC] Pizza Taxi

    Absolutely. There's only pizza industry in Heart Lake City ;) Thanks. That brings up an idea for my next rod moc. I'll fix Lego cherries at the inner side of the windshield to simulate dices. As far as I know this originally showd readiness for any race :D Thanks :)
  7. Versteinert

    [MOC] Pizza Taxi

    Long since I built a Hot Rod or Rat Rod. So it was time ;) 101 pieces for RogueOlympics. Theme was "Bon Apetit". Hope you like it :) Pizza Taxi by Versteinert, auf Flickr Pizza Taxi by Versteinert, auf Flickr
  8. Since I recognised that I wasn't able to display this corner building in the shelf properly, I modified it to a non corner version - of course again only with parts from the set 10278. This new version is built a bit less tricky than the original building, but nevertheless I think I like it a bit better than the other one. Don't know exactly why – perhaps because I don't have to choose between the two facades but have them next to each other. Of course there are also building instructions available 10278 Police Station - alternate build by Versteinert, auf Flickr
  9. Versteinert

    [MOC] Classic car inspired by 1949 Mercury Coupé

    Bit too late, but nevertheless thanks ;) Yes, It just would have been nice if one could see the curving of the hose from the diagonal view better, too ;)
  10. It was time for another car moc. This time I was mainly inspired by a 1949 Mercury Coupé. I built this moc especially for testing the 27965 flexible hose as a styling element. And I wanted to try a new idea for chrome hubcaps. Actually I'm not really satisfied with the result regarding the flexible hose. I wanted to integrate it better, but my original idea didn't work. And for a better integration I would have had to change main parts of the front design. Since I already designed the frontbumper and grill, I thought this would be no good idea ;) There would be space for a sitting minifig in the car, but this would have to be a bald, since the head-stud already touched the roof of the car. So I finally took the pictures without a minifig. As always, I only used original LEGO parts, no custum or alternative parts, no painting, no cutting, no glue. I hope you like it :) Classic car inspired by 1949 Mercury Coupé by Versteinert, auf Flickr Classic car inspired by 1949 Mercury Coupé by Versteinert, auf Flickr
  11. Thanks a lot. Although I think that without the limitation of the parts a lot more would have been possible. But the limited parts also have benefits. It leads to some creative ideas that perhaps would not have come into mind with unlimited possibilities ;)
  12. Thank you all :) @scottwb2010 Actually, to build it I roughly studied the technology of printing presses. Just to make sure that no expert, who possibly would take a look at the moc, has to start to cry ;)
  13. You're welcome ;) And thanks, I'm glad you like it :)
  14. Thank you both very much :)
  15. FB_IMG_1638124471031 by Versteinert, auf Flickr This is my newest moc, "The Daily Press - Modular Newspaper Print Shop" It's an alternate build for the LEGO 10278 Police Station. I used 2735 of the 2903 parts of the original Set, no extra parts. The ground floor of the main building contains a press room with an old newspaper printing press, in the first floor there is the editorial office and on the second floor lives the owner in a small apartment with roof terrace, which is build onto the roof of the neighbouring building. In this smaller building there is a flower shop on both floors (with room for growing and caring the plants upstairs). As usual, I made building instructions for this b model, which can be found here 10278 Police Station - alternate build by Versteinert, auf Flickr 10278 Police Station - alternate build by Versteinert, auf Flickr 10278 Police Station - alternate build by Versteinert, auf Flickr 10278 Police Station - alternate build by Versteinert, auf Flickr 10278 Police Station - alternate build by Versteinert, auf Flickr 10278 Police Station - alternate build by Versteinert, auf Flickr