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  1. [MOC] Mini Skull's Eye Schooner

    Last but not least the last one of the three best (imo) Lego pirateships Skull's Eye Schooner by Versteinert MOC, auf Flickr Skull's Eye Schooner by Versteinert MOC, auf Flickr Skull's Eye Schooner by Versteinert MOC, auf Flickr
  2. Mini Caribbean Clipper

    I guess this one would be too big for the bottle. The bottleship set should arrive here soon, then i could try it ;)
  3. [MOC] Some aliens and truths - Lego Ideas "moments in space"

    Yes, it's the die. I don't know any sets with this part which of course doesn't mean that it wouldn't be possible for the future ;)
  4. Mini Caribbean Clipper

    Some months ago I posted a mini version of the Black Seas Barracuda. Since that one actually should have been the Caribbean Clipper (I didn't have enough blue bricks for the sails) and one or another asked me to build the Caribbean Clipper as well, now I did it and here it is: Caribbean Clipper by Versteinert MOC, auf Flickr Caribbean Clipper by Versteinert MOC, auf Flickr Caribbean Clipper by Versteinert MOC, auf Flickr
  5. Hi there, I just found out that obviously it isn't against the rules to share Lego Ideas projects or in this case contest entries. I know, I'm a bit late, but I nevertheless want to show you my entries to the Lego Ideas "Moments in space" contest. You know, I would be very glad if you vote for them and perhaps could leave a comment. Thanks in advance :) My first one is the Rocket-catching alien . As I decided to just build an alien from simple bricks, there were most spaceships and rovers submitted and I thought it was something different to add just an alien. As I'm not native english speaking, I didn't understand the rules completely and thought that every special brick (like minifig tools and so on) would be denied. That gave the alien this mixel style ;). Well, and to give it something to play and tell a short story about it, I built a tiny rocket as well... My second entry is the Dark side of the moon. It's a rotatable model of the moon with an astronaut (Neil Armstrong?) on one and an alien on the other side. I started building this few days before the submission period would end. This time I got, that minifigs and some tools are allowed. I originally built it with a tiny lunar module instead of the rocket, but unfortunately this first version was denied by the Lego Ideas team just few hours before the submission period would end. So I had to fast change the entry. Though I didn't have time to build a completely new spaceship or something, I just added the rocket of my other entry. Unfortunately it was too high to turn the rotatable moon. Therefore I had to enlarge the stand a bit. Meanwhile I built a lower rocket and therefore could lower the stand a bit again as well. I updated my entry, but the update function isn't really implemented yet. So I'll post a picture of the updated model as well. And the updated version: And just to show you, what I'm talking about: The lunar module out of the first version of my "Dark side of the mooon"-entry. I had the US-flag removed, but it was nevertheless rejected. After asking I was told that the lunar module would be the problem. Mond2_astr by Versteinert MOC, auf Flickr
  6. [MOC] Historic truck

    They are the "big" tires from 60s and 70s steering trucks. bricklink
  7. [MOC] Historic truck

    Well, if I show you the undercarriage, you'll see that it's all just a fake. I cant't do that DSC03071 by Versteinert MOC, auf Flickr Do you see the pic? I'm not sure if it works since it is set to private on flickr.
  8. [MOC] Historic truck

    A friend of mine commented on a photo on facebook which was showing a Lego truck, that this would even be better if it had dual tires. This inspired me and I began building a truck around a dual tired axle. And this the result. historic truck by Versteinert MOC, auf Flickr historic truck by Versteinert MOC, auf Flickr historic truck by Versteinert MOC, auf Flickr historic truck by Versteinert MOC, auf Flickr Edit: I had to replace the pics by new ones. While cleaning up after cooking... no, after building the truck, I found a brick which actually should be built in the truck. It was then when I realized that there was a hole in the truck which could be seen on the pics. I tried to take the new photos with the same szene and the same angle of view but without the hole. In another forum I was pointed to the fact that brown was the wrong colour for the bars on which the rear lights are held, so I changed them to light grey on the new photos.
  9. Giant boar

    Ah. Thanks for the hint. There will be more pics with some orcs for sure. I'm still not sure how to put the orcs on the back of the boars, since I don't like them just sitting on animals like on a chair. I prefere them standing in the animal like in the original Lego horses, but I still didn't find the right technique to change the back of the boars, since they are too small to just remove some bricks ;)
  10. Ballista

    Thank you very much. The cattle horns were the inspiration for the ballista ;)
  11. Ballista

    And as if the boars wouldn't be enough, the orcs also got a new weapon to upgrade their attack skills :) Ballista by Versteinert MOC, auf Flickr Ballista by Versteinert MOC, auf Flickr
  12. Giant boar

    Ok. It isn't exactly a historic theme, but there isn't an animal section and since these boars are ment to be hunted and tamed by my orcs, and these are kind of historic... here it is: My giant boars Some giant boars by Versteinert MOC, auf Flickr
  13. Schrödingers cat

    Schrödingers cat by Versteinert MOC, auf Flickr And suddenly I had to build this... I think this moc will help one or another to understand Schrödingers theory, since it makes the hole thing kind of grabbable (can you say something like this in english? ). And if not helpful, the moc is still nice to look at
  14. Eleanor / Shelby GT

    Thank you all for the compliments
  15. Eleanor / Shelby GT

    Actually I think the roof is a little bit too low. However I didn't change it, because it would have meant that I had to change the whole construction and therefor risk that the entire proportions would not have fitted in the end. Perhaps I will change it anytime in future..