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    Final images may change my mind, but I'm not as excited by this wave as I thought I'd be. I own 41172, 41175, and 41176, but not 41178, so this new wyvern would round out the four elements . . . but I worry about the wings being too different to fit in, and it especially doesn't make sense to me for a wind dragon to have the smallest wings of the lot - which is why the original, larger version, with its extra pair of wings, worked so well. Now that the price of 41178 has tripled on the aftermarket, though, I'm somewhat regretting not buying it. Oh, well. Three dragons with one larger than the others corresponds well with the brood of a certain popular fantasy heroine. The completionist in me just feels a little weird about considering a set like 41187 (Rosalyn's Healing Hideout) when a more important element (no pun intended) of the collection is missing. The new white-haired elf that comes in the wyvern set looks promising, though, so depending on price I might still go for it. As for the rest of the wave, I don't know. The fire lion looks neat, but I worry about it being redundant with my dragon of the same color and size. As for the castle, the possible return of dark turquoise is intriguing, and I like those feather pieces on the fox, but I don't think I like the fox as a whole. Nice to see (in multiple sets) the new spider mold in another color. Can anyone tell if that's standard yellow or the spring green of the Goblin King's castle? It's also in white in the city miners sets. There's a lot of neat ideas on display here, just none that work particularly well with my finite budget and limited collection. I really hope 2018 has a second wave, but the lack of any obvious gaps doesn't give me much hope. 2015 held back on the wind key; 2016 held back on the adult wind and the baby earth & water dragons; and 2017 didn't have any obvious collectibles so it was hard to say. But this time we have all four animals and all four magic weapons. Unless the second wave is a different concept entirely, I'm not optimistic. I think it's a new piece - all of the animals (except Emily's eagle) have it on top of their head, and if you look at the castle it looks like the new villainess is collecting them, much like the Monster Fighters castle and those moonstones. (Also, yay first post! I'd been reading various forums without an account for a few years now, but I finally got around to making one.)