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  1. Just finished this build with my kids last night. Took the same amount of time to build as it took to watch all 10 star wars movies. :) Impressive model to say the least. Worth the purchase without a doubt! Now to find a place to display it with my Falcon and Slave 1 ucs models. Looking forward to seeing mods. Added a number of 2x2 flat square tiles in various spot around the engines and a few other areas around the bridge.
  2. ds760

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Lego store in Vancouver area got 22 in this week. Not sure how many are on the waiting list but thats it for this year. I have a feeling they will never be able to keep up with the demand and they will likely lose the license in a couple years never catching up with production. The new han solo movie coming out in the summer will only sky rocket demand even further.
  3. Thanks! No worries about heat or melting. Some high power LED's do put out lots of heat, but not these little strip LED's, mine are cool to the touch after hours of use There's no UV being emitted by these lights not to worry unless you get uv bulbs
  4. Ohhhh nooooo Don't have a stroke guy you'll piss away that giant profit on nurses feeding you pee soup! Hope you quit your job and retired on those massive profits. "Aggron444....Set for life reselling kids toys....winning!"
  5. Good luck. You already overpaid on Ebay likely by a hell of a lot and you think you'll resell them in a week for even more when the same morons have been trying to sell on ebay for a couple weeks and can't find a sucker? Keep those 9 boxes taking up space in your house or some storage locker you pay $50 a month for for the next 15 years and hope lego does't build yet another or the market isn't so flooded with these for so many years that no one on the planet would ever need another. You want to make money in life work hard or learn how to invest in real investments like stocks. These guys have been trying to sell since the last shipment came into the local lego store and still can't find any inpatient idiots willing to overpay for something that will be widely available for years. I can't stand individuals always looking to profit in any stupid way they can think of. There was a clown here who bought 2 on Sept 14th. He listed them on craigslist for $3000. The following week 5 more got released thats when I got mine he dropped to $2500. The week after that 8 more got released he dropped to $2000. The same idiot is now trying to desperately sell the same 2 for $1100 just to get his money back. People like that deserve to be stuck with it for years. Some other person that wanted to build it could have received those 2 instead you have a tool who trys to make a quick buck and now karma bites him in the a$$. Soon he'll have to sell it for what he paid and keep the vip points he got for his asshattery! He likely will never manage to sell them as people want their own vip points. I exchanged some emails with this guy. His job? "Toy reseller". How's that working out? Get a real job!
  6. I love idiot scalpers! There's a bunch selling locally on craigslist stuck with them. Can't even give them away for $100 profit. Now you got some clown overpaying by a lot on ebay thinking they will be worth $5000 some day in the near future. Good luck guy!
  7. On mine its a gentle twinkle not overly fast or slow but feels like the engines are powered up. The don't go from dim to full power they just go slightly dimmer then back to full so it' s nice easy on the eye effect. As for Leia and 3PO don;t they just stand in the movies behind the seats? Don;t forget to add a smooth round button trans red button between the consoles. "Whats that flashing!"
  8. Looks really good. I doubled my strand up because my LED's are a bit further apart but it has a slight twinkle setting which makes it look like the engines are really on. Try that if you have that feature on yours. Really brings it to life rather then just a static glow. Nice work.
  9. Check the online manual should be at the end
  10. I have han chewy in the front seats and 3po and leia standing behind the, no problem.
  11. The LED's are a flat string from costco I bought last week off the shelf.
  12. Looks amazing on the stand. I wouldn't be concerned about the stand bending I'd be more worried about the internal structure of the falcon bending and parts coming apart.
  13. My local shop had 20 on the 14th then 5 the following week and 8 this past week and now thats it they say. They are doing the waiting lists. Looks like Lego is doing the wait list to see what the demand will be and how many they need to make for round 2 novermberish
  14. Makes good use of the landing gear anchor points. Lets you keep the middle torrent. All a plus! The other stand in the center point was also good and realistically you're not displaying the back since its got a stand in the way. Has anyone thought about hanging for a ceiling with fishing line? 50 pound test perfect for the job.
  15. Mine comes up from the gun turret into the empty back right area then goes to the right turns around in the that empty space there then doubles back to the other side then into that empty space in the far left turns back to double up the left side and ends in the center back. Your back being custom might be different then what I was able to do.