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    <p> Star Wars is my favourite licence but I'm also fond of Modulars and other Creator Expert sets. </p> <p>   </p> <p> The last set I bought is Hogwarts Great Hall at a discount, though. Last SW set is the CCBS Scout Trooper and Bike </p>

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  1. Somehow I managed to order from B&P from Belgium! When I checked the list of countries in the dropdown menu this morning, all countries were available, so I picked a few items to try out the system (because I had never ordered from there before). The order has successfully been processed; I just hope it's not going to be cancelled… Just a shame I did a quick pick, because I would gladly order some more parts ;) However, now only a handful of countries are available in the dropdown menu; I guess I took advantage of a temporary glitch…
  2. 75267 Mandalorian Battle Pack 75271 Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder Just bought those at a 10% discount (Dreamland store in Jambes), I just couldn't resist having a couple of sets early. A few other 2020 SW sets were already available: 75265 T-16 Skyhopper vs Bantha Microfighters, 75268 Snowspeeder and 75269 Duel on Mustafar. Also, I bought Darth Vader's Castle last weekend in Köln, because it was probably my last opportunity to get it, and I got both the mini Gingerbread House and Christmas Tree GWPs :D
  3. 75248 A-Wing Starfighter at €18.36 (20% off €22.95, Belgian RRP: 34.99) 75257 Millennium Falcon at €95.20 (20% off €119.00; Belgian RRP: 159.99)
  4. Went to the Cologne (Köln) Lego Store — great place btw, e.g. some past GWP polybags were sold, as well as exclusive minifigures (e.g. a soldier with the new blue and red shield). Purchases: 75256 Kylo Ren's Shuttle (hadn't bought the original one) 75262 Imperial Dropship – 20th Anniversary Edition 75230 Porg (reduced to 55.99 euros, which is still expensive but it's being retired soon) Therefore got 2x 40362 Battle of Endor as GWPs, but no 30461 Podracer polybag, despite what was announced in the mailing campaign — luckily I had found one at Target in America.
  5. It's listed for 29.99 euros on the Belgian, Italian and Luxembourgish S@Hs, what a bloody disgrace! I also see 24.99 euros in Finland — this is totally unjustified! On a positive note: I went to the Köln Lego Store today and got Kylo's Shuttle; it was smaller than I expected but a good build. Didn't get the Podracer polybag, though :(
  6. 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer + 40333 Battle of Hoth GWP 75243 Slave I – 20th Anniversary Edition for €77.25 — luckily there was a nationwide 25% discount on all Lego sets!
  7. Two parcels were sent (one for the ISD and one for the GWP + Ghost Brickheadz); they arrived together 26 hours after the order, which is the fastest a Shop @ Home order has reached me! The tracking via the DPD website was efficient and I was given a one-hour timeslot for the scheduled delivery, which fit perfectly. The larger package was very slightly dented, but not to the extent that the contents would be damaged — I haven't checked yet, but will report if it was indeed damaged. Back in 2017, my UCS MF package had been severely dented, resulting in a small dent on the MF box, which was disappointing — customer service proposed to send me a box within a few months (due to the shortage), but I declined.
  8. I was able to order the set successfully, with the 40333 GWP. It eventually went live at 10.15 a.m. CEST instead of the predicted 10 sharp, but other than that the site seemed to word okay (unlike two years ago) — maybe the fact that there was a limit of 1 per customer helped. It still seems to be available right now. Now I wonder how many days it'll take for it to be delivered, but I would be surprised if it were on Friday already!
  9. All right, I've waited until the official reveal to see the pictures and here's what I think: – it's impressive, most impressive! It captures the ship perfectly in Lego form – Accurate shaping, though I think too many studs are visible; making it sleeker like the Aggressor MOC would have been preferable, though I guess it would be easy to mod myself (but I won't do it since I keep my models as the designer(s) intended them to be) – I don't really like the way the cockpit pieces form the engines, but I guess it was the only way to get the right scale — this is something I'll have to judge when I see the model IRL – nice-looking stand – the number of figures is extremely disappointing; I was ready to settle for five or six, one of which would be an exclusive Vader or a named officer, especially when you think about the following point – the price is ridiculously high; I thought the unfavourable PPP might be due to the use of lights or an engine of some kind (cf. Vestas wind turbine), but so far there hasn't been any visible element to justify the price — I'm curious to see the price-to-weigh ratio, which then could decrease my disappointment. – I'm happy to see that there's no Benelux tax on it (unlike the MF, which cost €849.99 against €799.99 in Germany or France) — at least so far: I think the Benelux pricing for the MF had increased between the announcement and the release :s – I'll see if I buy this on day 1: I've always wanted to get the old ISD, but the price is a concern, though I have €200 worth of VIP points to redeem — i.e., if the site and coupons work on 18 September.
  10. I can't wait to buy this awesome set when there is a nice GWP or double VIP points. I'm also looking forward to see a built set with my own eyes — it must be even more impressive than I thought, just like the JP T-Rex set (which I like but do not feel compelled to buy as quickly as the Tree House).
  11. Found the 30384 (Snowspeeder) and 30461 (Podracer) polybags at a Super Target while on holiday in Denver, Colorado — which I was visiting to get the Bean There, Donut That exclusive set. I'm glad I got them, because I think they'll never be available in Europe, unfortunately. There were also copies of the 30383 (Naboo Starfighter) polybag, but I had already found one in Stockholm :D
  12. No, I did see it, but what I mean is I'd like a sort of wooden cabin set whose walls can be knocked off easily by the push of a button or something, only to see a scared Gennaro on the throne… Another idea for a GWP (or other regular sets?) would be the Jeep used by Muldoon to drive off Elie and Malcolm, which then would be an opportunity to get Muldoon. The Ford Explorer could work as a $50 set, I guess — or even better, as a Creator Expert vehicle, just like the James Bond DB5! I would have settled for an Assault of Hoth kind of approach, with a gate, Nedry's Jeep, the T-Rex enclosure (which would only be two grids…), a goat, a velociraptor, an electricity bunker… The best approach, though, would have been to make a Visitors Center like a dollhouse, cf. what they did for the Simpsons house.
  13. I think this is a massive letdown in that everyone was expecting a Visitors Center. I was prepared to accept an open-back version (even though I don't like them, but I did buy the Orthanc and Disney Castle sets), but this is disappointing. Mind you, I think the T-Rex is built in a clever way, but it's too large. The gate looks good from the front but the inclusion of vignettes is stupid. I guess I will buy it if there is a unique GWP with it (e.g. a Speed Champions-scale Ford Explorer or Jeep, or Gennaro's toilet), otherwise I'll wait for a significant discount at another retailer.
  14. I wish for more Back to the Future Brickheadz, e.g. the second and third films' versions of Doc and Marty, plus supporting characters (e.g. Biff, Lorraine). Other new themes I'd love to see are Indiana Jones, Gravity Falls, The Lord of the Rings…
  15. 75244 Tantive IV + 40333 and the May the 4th poster :D I bought it directly because it was included in the double VIP points promotion — unlike the Y-wing last year — and also because it cost as much as in Germany — also unlike the Y-wing and most D2Cs… I guess it was a mistake because it costs €219.99 in France…