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  1. [MOC] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    In the words of Director Krennic: "Oh, it's beautiful!" I love the way you've created a lot of texture!
  2. There was a 30% discount on the TLJ Rey Buildable Figure (€21 instead of €30), so I thought: "Why not, after all?" :D I hope there will be a discount on the Pretorian Guard and Boba Fett figures someday…
  3. VAT in France = 20%; VAT in Belgium = 21%. I don't think it justifies a 16.66% increase from a €30 set to €35… or 6.25% increase from €800 to €850… Actually, I should make another calculation: If the UCS MF is sold in France for €800 including VAT, that means that its price before tax is €666.67, right? According to your reasoning, I should use that amount as a reference price, so if I apply Belgian VAT to it, the price should be €806.67! However, we all know that the MF actually retails for €850, which means that it cost €702.48 before tax. Now, how can you explain a €35.81 difference on a before tax price? Sorry for being off-topic…
  4. The Cantina even costs €59.99 in the Benelux! That amounts to ± $72, which is an 80% increase in comparison to the American price! As if converting $1 to €1 was not revolting enough… TLG's overpricing strategy in the Benelux is just outrageous! Every new SW set (with the exception of Microfighters and Brickheads) costs at least an extra €5 compared to France… I'm planning to buy the Ach-to Training and Cantina sets, plus the Darth Vader and Boba Fett constraction figures because I really like them. I've been a frequent buyer at the Wijnegem (Belgium) store because I regularly go there for shopping anyway (let's say 4-6 times a year), but now I'm considering going to the Lille (France) store instead. If I did this for the above planned purchases, I'd save €25 already! It's such a shame! To go back on topic: I hope the rumoured sets become reality, although I would prefer to get an updated ISD
  5. UCS Jedi Interceptor

    What an impressive build! TLG should definitely release such a UCS set featuring both fighters…
  6. My MF arrived yesterday, eventually! The package was a bit damaged, just like the Lego box inside (the one with the logos). The set box itself featured a slight crack at the back, so it didn't arrive in a mint condition, unfortunately, but good enough for me because I couldn't wait to open it up anyway (and it's the back). The black box is not only heavier than expected, but also superb, and so are the four smaller boxes inside, featuring some quotes about the Falcon, as you know, but also the translation coming literally from the French dubbed version of the old trilogy films — while I've seen 'retranslations' being used on other occasions, as was the case in the rather unconvincing French dub of the "Blue Harvest" episode of Family Guy. (Contact me if you want to read more about that ;).) BTW, customer service called me this morning because I was worried about my package not arriving as quickly as expected; I was told that they had "thousands" of orders and that it took a little more time than usual to ship the ordered boxes — and they're still doing that, probably. The operator said he missed out on the MF but that he was hoping to get one as soon as it would come back in stock, Lego factories working at maximum capacity for producing more pieces for more copies so that they're available before Christmas. I wanted to reassure him by saying it'd be available for many years, to which he replied that he wasn't sure about that, but confident about 2018 at least. When I gave a comment about the condition of the delivered box, I said it was slightly cracked and I was told I had the option of sending it back and that I'd have to wait for them to get a new box printed and sent to me, but I can't be bothered. If I were to buy another one, I'd buy one from the store to make sure it's 100% mint — that's precisely what I'll do when I buy the Ghostbusters HQ some time in the future. However, no hope of getting a replacement Force Friday II poster — I had received the Saturday version instead of the Friday version (and I got the Saturday version at the Wijnegem Lego Store on 2 September) — all posters are gone, now… The operator told me that they had a huge demand because of the triple VIP points and the FO Heavy Assault Walker polybag. Too bad, but I understand. :( But hey, I've got the real thing and after a bit of bags sorting (that takes up a full kitchen table) I've started building the frame ;)
  7. I second that! Or in the words of Director Krennic:
  8. My MF, successfully ordered at 8:12 a.m., has been "in warehouse" since Thursday afternoon… I read above that another Belgian customer got his copy… Should I get worried? I've already contacted customer service, but no reply :s
  9. Hello everyone, First of all, I would like to say that I've been following several threads on this forum since I've heard of the rumour of a new UCS MF, and I would like to thank everyone who's been involved in the discussion. It's been great fun. I'm really grateful. Now I'm joining you at last so I can also take part in the discussion ;) So this is just to say that I've just successfully ordered an MF on the Belgian online store — even the (still unexplained/unjustified) 50€ markup did not prevent me from buying :D Luckily I could redeem some 90€ worth of VIP points. I'm wondering how many days it'll take for it to be delivered; normal Lego packages usually 3 to 4 days to arrive; maybe it'll be different due to this box's weight, let's wait and see ;). I'm looking forward to building it