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  1. Boba-Fett-13

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    This is really nice. I am planning to mod mine with thrusters/engine turned off like it would be landed and then hopefully make a Hoth or Tatooine home for it and recreate one of those two scenes.
  2. Yeah I would say so. Bit annoyed i still got carded an intentional fee on my credit card though.... Though mine arrived just after lunch today. So took less than a day after it arrived at Auspost which I am pretty happy with.
  3. I got an email this morning saying mine will be delivered today after been processed from Chullorra yesterday. I do not beleive that Alexandria is accurate from the lego tracking. They tell you to only look at Auspost tracking after 8-10ish days. I am inclined to believe the Alexandria thing is just Auspost accepting lego's shipping information and not actually taking delivery of the parcel. Unless they came from an Australian warehouse it was never going to arrive from Europe that quickly.
  4. Yeah, I have been checking Auspost and nothing has are indeed lucky.
  5. Has anyone in Australia seen any sign of theirs been close. Nothing has changed on tracking since the day it shipped on mine?
  6. I got the ucs x-wing as a gift a few years ago. Bought myself a ucs Slave 1 and now this. They were all too far apart to make the whole vip thing worthwhile. In saying that I will probably buy the Saturn V rocket with the help of the points i got off this.
  7. True. I made a vip account purely to buy this.
  8. Look at Auspost tracking site using the number. They have not arrived is Alexandria, they have had their shipping details approved and processed. They wouldn't have even arrived yet It says as much in legos shipping information to Australia. You won't know where it is until it arrives un Australia and gets into the Auspost system.
  9. Boba-Fett-13

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

  10. Boba-Fett-13

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    This is superr nice and looks accurate. I really want to make a minifig scale acurrate x-wing now to go with ucs skave 1 and millennium falcon.
  11. Mine says the same for Australia, but when i checked om Auspost tracking it just says that they have recieved shipping details and provided a tracking number. Nothing about the actual shipment.
  12. Just so you know the $1000 tax free threshold doesn't start until next finicial year. This is the last 9 months of no tax under a grand. This is fast from Italy. Ordered Monday morning and arrived Fridau the same week with free shipping with something that was around same size and weight as ucs slave 1. I was impressed. I think this will be a bit of a wait, and with no tracking unitl it reaches Australia is a bit frustrating.
  13. If it is anything like the motorcycle parts i got from Italy last week it will get to Australia faster than it takes to move it 5 suburbs.
  14. Well my order just shipped after sitting at in warehouse all day and after receiving my confirmation email 12 hours after i ordered. Now the waiting game as it makes it way to Auatralia.
  15. so does in warehouse mean you got one?