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  1. Since we're only getting one Night Trooper figure this year, we can expect a battlepack in future years. Captain Enoch will probably be placed in some larger set based on Ashoka Season 2. It would also be cool to see him in the Imperial Patrol Transport set with additional night troopers and Sabine with printed arms.
  2. Just because LEGO is releasing the Cal Kestis figure from Jedi: Fallen Order as an anniversary figure, it doesn't mean that the character will never appear again. I'm still hoping for a Stinger Mantis set, which could include a Cal Kestis figure with BD-1 and the rest of the crew, but their versions from Jedi:Survivor.
  3. I am planning to play the game with this set and I have a question for people who have already played the campaign related to the Dungeons and Dragons: Red Dragon's Tale set. In the physical set, on the right side of the meadow at the entrance to the underground, there are monstrous tentacles sticking out of the water. There's not even a word about them in the script. While playing the game, did you introduce an additional fight with a monster in the style of the Battle of Durin's Gate from LOTR? Or maybe you simply removed these items from the set for the duration of the session so as not to provoke questions from players?
  4. I hope that Lego will release a battlepack with Purge stormtroopers in the coming years. Personally, I prefer airborne troopers helmets, but I can imagine that Lego releases them with recolored supercommando helmets from 75373, as versions from the Kenobi series. If only we could get a set with new inquisitors, e.g. a Marrok in undamaged armor, Lyn Rakish or an inquisitor from Tales of the Jedi. Like the knights of ren, lego should release at least one figure of each of them, or at least those who appeared on the screen.
  5. This year's leaks are so misleading that I wouldn't be surprised if, instead of the dark Millennium Falcon, we got a normal Millennium Falcon from the OT or anything other than a set based on a non-canon series that wasn't even made.
  6. In my opinion, the new ISD is fine. It may be a little smaller than previous versions, but the overall look and construction is good. The figures are a bit disappointing. In a set of this size, the selection and quality of figures could be greater. Darth Vader is a cool figure, but has been heavily overused in sets in recent years. An Imperial officer in a black uniform is quite rare, so it's nice to see him here too. Gunner, Technician and Imperial Navy also don't appear often so I'm glad they were included, although they could have doubled some of them. It's nice that chin-strap heads are available in other skin tones. Extra stormtroopers are always nice, you can never have too many of them. Cal Kestis is a very basic figure. BD-1 and the poncho were as integral accessories to him as the lightsaber. It would also be nice to see maybe an Imperial astromech or a mouse droid here. This is not a purchase for the first day, but maybe for May the 4th 2025, if there will be a nice promo or discount.
  7. The recent reveal of the lego ninjago 71818 set features a new mold of a small dragon, although I'd say it's more of a baby wyvern. Perhaps this is the part we will see in D&D CMF. It's hard to imagine LEGO releasing two new little dragon molds in one year.
  8. I don't have the adventure in file form, but as I wrote, I checked what it looked like in one of the early reviews.
  9. I checked out this adventure available for download on one of the early reviews and I must say that it is a missed opportunity. Overall, the plot is interesting, fun and coherent, but to play it according to the rules of the latest edition of D&D, players need separate access to the rules. I was hoping that they would do something similar to the starter set, i.e. include statistics of these few monsters, skill descriptions and basic rules in the campaign. The adventure is about 15 pages long (including player character cards and NPCs) and I think if they added another 15 pages it would fit easily. There is supposedly an alternative way to play the adventure, but if they want to encourage new players to get into D&D with this set, they are doing a poor job. P.S. I have the necessary books and I will definitely try this campaign, but I am thinking about new players. You can probably find the missing rules on the Internet, but it would be more convenient to have them in one place.
  10. The elf mage also has a brooch with this symbol on her robe. In the video promoting the set, you can also see that the spell scrolls have symbols of the school of magic they belong to. For example, I can recognize spells such as Shield (abjuration), Resurrection or Animate Dead (Necromancy) or Fireball (Evocation). In general, you can see that there are more pages in the set, but I would need to see them in a better resolution to recognize them. I think it's safe to assume that the set includes one spell from each school of magic.
  11. Fun fact for people not familiar with D&D lore. On the shrine of Tiamat (the five-headed queen of evil dragons) there is probably the Orbs of Dragonkind (a powerful artifact that allows you to summon dragons). They were key items in the Dragonlance book series, but are also featured in the Dungeon Master's book.
  12. You can notice that in the inn, the door leading to the "back room" leads straight to the beholder's cave. Perhaps the innkeeper's story is deeper and darker than we think ;). By the way, I counted 5 new door molds in the set and it's great.
  13. Many people complain about everything: colors, details, size, price, etc., but I will say that I like it. I like the color scheme more than the original because it's not so boring and immediately catches the eye. It's more fairy-tale-like, but that doesn't mean it's for children. Also, the red dragon is more iconic to D&D than the green one, and I like this change. I also don't understand complaining about details. For example, the trees in the original are either old casts of conifers and a large tree built like in the old Forestman sets from the 90s. In the new version there are cool conifers using fern parts from 10316 and a larger tree built in the style of 10305. Not to mention such things as the great Tiamat's shrine, nicer dock, etc. Many people also complain that the set is smaller. Maybe they're right here, but when I look at it, the width is similar, but the whole set is a bit lower. I would say that the tower itself is the same size, but the rock on which it stands is set a little lower, which makes Beholder's cave also a little lower. The dragon is also a bit smaller, but I like it better. In addition to being a better species of dragon, it has more organic shapes and fabric wings. the green dragon from the original looks a bit like a set that could have been released by the Creator series, but had a better range of movements and posing. As for the price, it is indeed a bit expensive, but you should remember that licensed sets have their own rules. The price increase is also influenced by the large number of new prints(love beholder Shield), large fabric dragon wings and capes for the minifigures. Additionally, the set includes many more iconic monsters. Apart to the dragon and Beholder, we will also get an owlbear, a displacer beast, a gelatinous cube, skeletons, Black Puddings, myconids, kraken tentacles and something else may be hidden. I wonder what's hidden behind the door of the little tower. Overall, if I use my insiders points and add a GWP mimic, I think it's worth it. P.S. It is worth noting that the set is also accompanied by an exclusive campaign, which probably also affects the price.
  14. I was a little wrong. This is not a new Gith figure, but rumor say that the hair piece will also be used by the CMF Githyanki figure. Here it will probably be some elven magician. The final product will probably different in details from the leak image. By the way, the party looks quite balanced. An elven mage, a human cleric, a gnomish warrior, and probably also a human rogue.
  15. This is supposedly a githyanki from the CMF D&D series