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  1. I would be put off by 3600₺. I know it's almost equal to 1300 australian dollars or 800 american dollars but it's more than avarage engineer salary here. I wish I was born at some other country.
  2. Well, here in Turkey, monthly minimum wage is 300$...
  3. I missed almost all the prequel sets. Its really sad that they are overpricing those that they make recently. Last normal priced prequel set I bought was that jedi ship. 2019 is the worst year for lego star wars imo.(After 2013) But its perfect for those who start collecting recently.
  4. I don't mind 2-3 remakes per year. But the entire wave of a new movie has almost no new designs. Even han solo had 5 new ships. Or Rogue one. They could have made that new tie.
  5. Am I the only one who is bored by re-releases? They contuniously release y-x-a wing, tie fighters, mf and other classic ships. Entire rots line is just remastered sets and some bike thing. Lego needs to stop this and release new sets. Sets from rebel fleets or prequel trilogy.
  6. ı am sorry about that. Seems like ı shouldn't judge people by their writing style. And if its not a star destroyer it could be some kind of tie fighter
  7. ı don't think he is saying the truth by the way he is talking he is like a 9 year old kid. he just says throne room and copies it again and again. And if its a solo set it could be the star destroyer we saw on the trailer. Maybe its the chimera and there is Thrawn in the movie or it's just the code for a star destroyer.
  8. yes ı have done everything you said but it isn't opening
  9. when ı try to open it on windows 10 it opens a command screen and closes ı am not familliar with coding can anyone help me
  10. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/fafc0ef2-21e4-4734-bd3e-961c8237833e ıt's my second ldd design. Please take a look at it and tell me how can ı improve myself, I want to improve myself so ı can make more detailed and bigger designs. Don't forget to support if you like it!
  11. Wind jets are commonly used by the federation council in Dearghtaigh galaxy. Made in Sanaria by sanur specialists. 3 antennas on the front creates electricity with wind like wind turbines. And when fully charged it releases the electricity from the front antenna.
  12. wow. from what ı saw it was the same size as the resistance ones that's just too much
  13. Exactly! The price tag is just normal for an undersized republic gunship(like the republic tank) maybe the third wing is just a misunderstanding and about the folding wings: the wings may not be stuck like the old versions maybe you can fold them up but not as an intentional thing ı don't think they are going to release a starfighter model at a price like 100 dolars
  14. Mizyaz

    (moc)metal wyvern

    I can't upload any more pictures because of the size limit...