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  1. Yap, I have the same opinion. Las week I got 75187 BB-8 and 75178 Jakku Quadjumper... At the same day, my girlfriend also gave me another 75178, so kept one as a set, and the other for parts.
  2. Brickton harbour

    Wow, it is indeed really nice! Did you build interiors for the buildings?
  3. Just finished building mine yesterday, and I can see clearly that the gap is wider as soon as I put it on the stand. It is a brand new set, bought it from Lego one week ago. Will go through my spare parts today, and try this mod. The set is amazing, it is my 2nd UCS, and I'm really happy with it!!
  4. MOD - Bus from Set 60154

    I cannot do it, I need the two extra studs in order to have the doors working. I am thinking to build it like this, and then if needed, I will try to come up with something on the roof. Thanks! I thinks the set is not so "interesting" but I have it, and it will be a good exercise in order to learn more on how to work with LDD.
  5. MOD - Bus from Set 60154

    Hi all! This is my first post and Mod done in LDD, so I hope I do everything right! Two days ago, I finally decided to download and try LDD, to see if I could do something with it. My first test subject, was the Bus from set 60154, as I really dislike the interior, and the doors lego used for it. So this is what I came up with: The roof actually would be done with 1x52031 and the rest would be 32739, and here is my problem: I added 2 studs on the length of the Bus, and Part 32739 only exist in 4x6. So now I have two options: add two more studs on the Bus and do the roof with 2x52031 and the rest with 32739 as the original set, or finish the back as per the rendering, the last two studs would be composed by 2x3020 and 2x85984. I really don't know what to do. Regarding the door mechanism, I tested with real parts, and it seems to work. Hope you guys like it. P.S. Sorry for the rendering size, but I do not have experience with Bluerender, and somehow the images are always small...
  6. Thanks! I think I have enough spares to do it.
  7. Thanks for your reply @Paknaloid. Yes, that is the part I refer to. It seems to me, that it is similar to the one in the front bonnet. I just want to be sure, because I need to order the parts before I go home. All my Lego is in my house in Portugal, and I live in Germany. Just don't want to go home, and have less parts than I need.
  8. @Paknaloid, thanks for sharing your improved version!I ordered the parts to mod mine as well, and I would like to ask you, to share if possible the list of parts needed to mod the trunk, and also were can I buy the door stickers.
  9. Hello everyone, my name is Pedro, and I'me Portuguese! (Living and working in Nurnberg) As a kid Lego was my favorite toy, but as I grow up, somehow I lost the interest in Lego. Let's say I always liked it, but didn't considered buying it, rather than that, I just spent all my money in my car... All changed 2 years ago, when I start buying some Simpsons minifigures, and latter, my girlfriend gave me The Kylo Ren Shuttle. I've been buying it ever since! My collection includes a bit of everything, and now I'm focused on start a small city! Thank you all for the great forum and information we have here.