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  1. I was using it to check complete inventory of the sets, but stopped doing that, as soon as I burned my brain one entire afternoon because of some "missing" pieces I had on an Wall-e set. I realized that the inventory on bricklink was the "wrong neck version" of this set, so I just picked up the instruction manual, and did it like that. Nowadays, I just use the instructions manual.
  2. After you add the stickers on the car, it's impossible not to think, why Lego didn't add them in the first place. They change the car completely!
  3. Marinho

    10264 Corner Garage

    I like it. Could be better in some aspects, but I think overall the design is nice, and it will fit good with the other modulars. Only think I quite don't agree, is with the price.
  4. Marinho

    [MOC] Modular: Metropolitan Courthouse

    I love it! The exterior is very nice, and the interior is packed with many clever details. Also, when you see the photos, It's like seeing an history folding in front of your eyes. Good job!
  5. Marinho

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    Bought 42043 - Mecedes Arocs, 42054 Claas Xerion and 42038 Arctic Truck for 120 CHF (more or less 100 euros). Only had to spend 20 something euros on missing parts.
  6. Marinho

    Any worth keeping polybag bags

    Usually I keep the boxes and bags, but just because I like the artwork on them. But for me is reaching the point, that I will throw them away, they are starting to take some needed space for the Lego. :)
  7. Marinho

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    Delivery times here in Switzerland vary quite a bit according to my experience. I had orders arriving in two days, but now for example, I'm still waiting for my order from May the 4th. Think it will arrive today. Regarding the fairground sets, I thinks they would be awesome in a city, I would do just like a fence between the city and the rides, like Jangbricks did with his harbor area to separate it from the city! Anyway, I'm lacking the space even for 5 modular....
  8. Marinho

    [MOC] Modular: Arsenal Block

    It is very nice indeed! I love the interiors, that copy machine is awesome.
  9. Thanks! I will have the same problem, was planning to put it in a 35cm cabinnet, but no luck then..
  10. @Jimthanks for the review, this stand look great! Can you check the depth of the stand when the Falcon is mounted including the minifig stand?
  11. Great work! I loved the market, and the vending machine, it is pretty cool! I'm a Portuguese living abroad, and watching this, made me home sick... I'm also courious, how did you "elevate" the Bait Shop baseplate, in order to align with the bricks you have on the blue baseplate?
  12. Marinho

    MOC - Modular based on Corner Deli 31050

    Thank you all for the feedback. This was my first "original" creation since I came from the dark age. I have modded some set's, but only small things, with this one, took me months of trial and error, and to gather the parts. For now it will sit like this, but maybe in the future, I will separate the "dinner" from the upper floor, and also add another floor to the building.
  13. Hi all, So I decided to buy 3 Corner Deli set's, and turn them into a modular building. It was built using this 3 set's, plus some parts from my very limited parts collection. Hope you guys enjoy, it was a fun build for me! And yes, it's not a "Corner" Deli anymore... It was my first adventure in the "Moc" world, and my very first modular. 20180304_141732 by Pedro Marinho, no Flickr 20180304_141751 by Pedro Marinho, no Flickr 20180304_141811 by Pedro Marinho, no Flickr 20180304_142435 by Pedro Marinho, no Flickr 20180304_142422 by Pedro Marinho, no Flickr 20180304_142319 by Pedro Marinho, no Flickr 20180304_142345 by Pedro Marinho, no Flickr 20180304_141940 by Pedro Marinho, no Flickr 20180304_141851 by Pedro Marinho, no Flickr And here, a small sample of how it sits in my city. I'm waiting now for new tables, so I can expand it: 20180304_143031 by Pedro Marinho, no Flickr 20180304_143021 by Pedro Marinho, no Flickr
  14. Marinho

    'Milky' window

    Shame you receive just one like that, it would be great to use them in a winter theme house.
  15. Marinho

    Lego Shop Queries

    From my personal experience, they will get combined, both at S@H or at a physical lego Store. But bare in mind, that the stock of one of this "gifts" might run out, and of course, this way you will not get it.