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  1. [MOC] 'Kampung House'

    Hi everyone. Today I'm proud to present the latest MOC from Mr. Ng WY aka Toycrazy, 'The Kampung House'! It had been approved by LEGO Ideas and please support if you want this gorgeous piece to become an official set! 'There was a time when all that you could care about are the friends that you’re going to meet again tomorrow and carefree days of fun and laughter void of responsibilities. If you’ve ever wanted to be transported back to a time when life was worry free and evoke the very same feelings and memories one had as a child - the Kampung House is meant to elicit those nostalgic memories. The "Kampung House" is a Village House in South East Asia, is built from wooden panels resting on piles all round as the foundations of the build. This unique yet universal themed abode will allow LEGO fans all over the world to not only build a setting but have a complementary surrounding play theme catering to both the young and and young-at-heart.' Lets enjoy some pictures below! The cozy village feel which brings you out of the hectic life in big cities! What a stress reliever! The side view of the set. So many details inside the building structure! You can see the air vents on top of the front, the wooden planks of the windows and perfect use of those sand green bricks and tiles! I liked the coconut tree. This is the back of the house. What a beautiful scenery! Did you spot the cat? This is a very nice set and if you want it to be released as an official set, please click on the link below and support! Thank you very much!
  2. [MOC] Star Wars Episode II - Battle of Geonosis

    Thanks mate! Thanks, this is a quite messy battle scene in the movie.. haha Late, Yoda is. Haha Thanks!
  3. [MOC] Star Wars Episode I - This is the Pod Racing.

    Thanks guys! Glad you guys liked it.
  4. Good day folks, we proudly present to you another massive diorama from talented Mr. Ng Wen Yeh aka Toycrazy from LUG of Malaysia (LOM). This is a fine day in Tatooine where young Anakin Skywalker is racing Sebulba to escape from slavery. Lets get popcorns and watch. The rocks and mountains are not blocking their path as they have the skill to race pass them! Sebulba is falling behind but some dirty tricks is coming from his mind, careful Anakin! Finally Anakin won the race. Phew! Hope you enjoy the race. Thank you!
  5. Hi, today I'm going to introduce a very massive MOC of diorama from Mr. Ng Wen Yeh aka Toycrazy from LUG of Malaysia (LOM). Star Wars Episode II - Attack of the Clones was a movie dated back in 2002 as the second movie of Star Wars prequel trilogy. In this massive battle between a group of Jedi and the battle droids of Count Dooku, he managed to put in all the details into this MOC. Lets have a look. Count Dooku: 'You are outnumbered my fellow Jedi's.' The droids are surrounding them! More coming out from the pit under the massive stadium wall! Young Anakin and Padme fighting off the droids. They have escaped from the pillars chain and he had his light saber at hand! More droids! The pit is magnificently designed with brown slopes and pillars. You can see Plo Koon fighting the Geonosian fighters at the stadium wall. Ki-Adi-Mundi in action. Oh no Barriss Offee is surrounded! Help her! Lets look at Count Dooku and his viceroys at the tower watching the battle. The dark tan curves are nicely placed! Bye bye Jango Fett. You are no match of Mace Windu's light saber. Obi Wan and R2d2 pulling C3po to safety. Eeth Koth. So many Jedi in this action! Luminara Unduli with her green light saber. Here you can see Kit Fisto, Aayla Secura and Even Piell fighting. The captive pillars. The overview of the stadium wall. This MOC captures the scene very well and the stadium is very nicely designed. Do leave a comment. Thank you very much!