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  1. I am definitely going to get 42069 which seems like a reverse of 42038s a and b models and will get the other two based on their b models. I reckon the other two will be a standard fire truck like 8289 ( even though the wheels are wrong) for 42068 and 4x4 rock crawler with a spare wheel for 42070
  2. Hi Guys. After doing my Pannier tank engine in 4 stud scale I decided to put it in some context with an Auto coach and 2 GWR carriages at a typical Branchline station. The layout is 12x4 large (16*16) plates in size (or 184*64 studs if you cant be bothered to do some maths). The hardest part was trying to get the windows on the Autocoach but I think I have done the best I could do at this scale. Flikr Album
  3. Sir Nigel Gresley

    [MOC] 4-Stud Wide G.W.R. 47xx

    I'm working on a layout (well just a station really) with this and an autocoach. Thanks for all the positive comments
  4. Sir Nigel Gresley

    [MOC] 4-Stud Wide G.W.R. 47xx

    Thanks might try to do an autocoach
  5. Sir Nigel Gresley

    [MOC] 4-Stud Wide G.W.R. 47xx

    Thanks didn't think about using technic holes and will try and sort out that link Flickr account
  6. Sir Nigel Gresley

    New MOC: Union Pacific 4017 "Big Boy"

    I think those pistons and connecting rods might be hypnotising me. There really smooth and the model is so big great MOC
  7. Sir Nigel Gresley

    [MOC] 4-Stud Wide G.W.R. 47xx

    Hi guys. I'm quite new to Eurobricks and this is my first MOC. I'm from Britain so have done a quite recognisable Great Western Railway pannier tank. I've experimented with 2 liveries a British Rail black (post 1948) and GWR green (pre 1948) I have never used LDD that much so any hints are tips will be appreciated. Thanks