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  1. Thanks for the excellent review. Superb pictures as usual. Milan has done an awesome job at designing this. The B model also looks really well thought out.
  2. Storage and Sorting LEGO

    First off, I tend to build mainly off instructions, rather than design my own MOCs at this stage, so my main thing is grabbing out all the bits I need for a project from a list. That's quite different from designing+building, where you'll want a range of common parts at hand most of the time. Still, I think that basic principle still holds for my case as well, though the categorisation might be a bit different - usually I'm pulling parts off a rebrickable list, so sorting someone close to how that does (which is a not really consistent aside from broad categories) works best for me. I initially sorted very granularly. All axles separate by size (and in a few instances, colour), pins separate, and pretty much every other main part (connectors/liftarms etc) sorted on their own by type (all colours combined). I used the tray with bins similar to Leonardo da Brick above. I find them too small generally - each little box is too small to get my fingers down into easily to pry out the bit I want, and particularly for some things like 1/2 lift arms, they get stuck next to each other on the bottom of the bin and it's hard to pry them out. It might work better for those with smaller hands maybe! Plus, you typically end up with hundreds/thousands of some parts (connectors/liftarms/pins/smaller axles) and few of others, which can mean unbalanced bins. Now I've started mixing stuff together into larger bins - I use sistema storage containers (common brand in NZ), with sizes from 1.7L up to 28L. Mostly I use the 1.7L and 3.8L ones - two of the 1.7's fit in the same space as a 3.8, and same for the larger bins. They come with white bin trays, but usually I don't use them for storage, though they are useful for sorting while tearing down. I then just group a bunch of parts together in them. Sometimes it'll be just one part (e.g. all 7L liftarms) others it'll be a selection (a bunch of large panels) though I'm thinking of doing panels by colour, as that tends to be how they're used. 2L and 3L perpendicular connectors together in one, black 2L and blue 3L pins mixed together in another. I still have a bunch of smaller trays, but find I much prefer the larger boxes with a mix of items, still roughly grouped by type. As Erik Leppen says above - group common stuff with common stuff - don't mix in rarely used things, as you'll constantly be moving them out of the way.
  3. This is looking great - top work! The improvement to the spray arms really helps.
  4. Great review - the pictures are really incredible, and show off the bright colours superbly. I don't really mind the colour use internally - many of the recent sets do it, and I can see how it might help those that are perhaps less careful when building. After all, Lego has been doing this for ages, though usually with just black/light + dark bley mostly. I think the chosen colours here are just brighter than usual which kinda works given that it's bright all around. The orange 2L beams are a bit odd though given there's no other orange in use. I like that the colour range is expanding, though ofcourse we'll need a number of other parts to make these colours more useful for MOCs. The gearbox here is interesting. How is the connection from the switches to the clutch ring made? Is it with a liftarm or via gearing? I think it strikes a reasonable balance between remote control and the switching required, though could see that operating the crane might get tiresome if you need to rotate it. An extra motor for that would make it more playable so that you could completely use the crane from the remote, but I don't see an issue with a separate switch for outriggers and going back to drive mode. Will unlikely be purchasing this one, but that's OK - plenty of other sets to spend $$ on! (42069 definitely) Thanks for taking the time to do an excellent review! Can't wait for 42069 :)
  5. I notice the red 3L pin with stop on 2L perpendicular block on the right behind the front wheel is not inserted properly in that video.
  6. [MOC] Ford Focus ST

    That steering is a thing of beauty. Great work!
  7. Pretty sure it's 99781 as it's sitting on an angle. Nice work compiling the parts list!
  8. Edwin Korstanje scaled custom construction kits

    Wow - must be tricky to make sure you have enough parts sourced for however many sets you need to do! Looks awesome.
  9. Interesting that there aren't that many of the newer parts pin with pinhole 15100 (18) and axle with pinhole 22961 (6). I think there's quite a different use of these parts between the different designers. There were more of each in both 42066 and 42054. I wonder if there'll be lots of them in 42069 given it's higher part count.
  10. The thing I loved most from the 42069 video was the fast winch. So many Lego winches are so damn slow. Realistic, maybe, but not fun to use. This one seems a decent speed. Also, Milan is clearly (and rightfully!) proud of his creation. Both A+B models look like they'll be fun to play with.
  11. Confirmed - this is correct.
  13. I reckon most of the reason is that the builds are getting denser. I feel like there's much more structural form-locking being done in newer models compared to old. The CLAAS and 42066 are recent builds that showed this quite strongly I think - part of it is no doubt the new pin-hole with pin/axle parts that allow tighter form-locking. Having just taken apart the CLAAS B-model I often had to look from a few angles to figure out which was the next bit that should come off to get it apart! I suspect the reason 42068 and 42069 have such high part counts is just that they're quite dense. 42069 also has the tracks, rubber inserts, and no doubt quite a few system parts in the jerry cans. 42070, on the other hand seems quite sparse structurally in comparison (e.g. quite open rear end), thus the lower part count.
  14. Page 116 seems fairly straight forward... Try going here: and copy the link to the page you're having problems with.
  15. It's on the box.