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  1. @Carsten Svendsen Hah - look at all that sistema! Mine is the same, but I've used the sistema storage range (comes stackable from 175ml to 60l - I have a heap of 1.7l and 820ml/3.8l ones bought when the Warehouse has them 50% off, with a few 7.9l for tyres/wheels, one 14l and a 30L - these two are great for just dumping parts in when building). They stack well, and the 810ml, 1.7L and 3.8L are the same height, so I'm building a cabinet for them where they act as drawers (without lids). I love seeing shots like this as it gives me more ideas for organising - love placing all bevel gears + straight gears together. I've found you can often have a bunch of similar parts together in one place and it's still fast to find things, as long as they're different enough to make a quick comparison. e.g. I mix all black + blue pins together, and also mix even/odd axles (e.g. 2/3 in the same container) excluding the few I have of different colour (black/yellow 3L). It's always a tradeoff between similarity in colour (e.g. beams 2-5L long of same colour grouped) vs similarity in part (all beams 2L long, all beams 3L long etc) for efficient packing and retrieval!
  2. General Part Discussion

    It's weird, as from the picture there's no reason this couldn't have been the existing 2L with cross axle part? Or is the second pinhole used for something on the gun??
  3. The forklift mechanism using the inner piece from the sliding racks is genius. I wonder if LEGO will use a similar thing at some stage? Really cool little models. I have them bookmarked for when my son gets old enough! :)
  4. Great review - thanks! It's a good parts pack, and also a good introduction to technic for younger people that are more used to system I think. The main disappointment is the use of LAs for the ramp which makes it tedious (I note that 42069 used LAs and a worm driven winch, but was fun to use by gearing them up more) and that the crane/truck interaction needs more room to work better. I reckon the B-model looks more interesting than the A, for maybe a slightly older audience. Still, if I can pick it up cheap I may well just as a parts pack.
  5. Would it be enough to maybe swap the 5L thin lift arms for 2x 4L, joined by 2x 2L?
  6. Hah, this is awesome!
  7. Built this one yesterday. The instructions were superb. It's not often that you find a MOC that has instructions to rival LEGO ones - at no stage was anything at all unclear. Great work!
  8. Need help with triangles

    Basic thing you need to know is a brick's height (excluding the stud) is 6/5ths of it's width. And there's 3 plates to a brick, so a plate is 2/5ths it's width high. Technic holes are the same distance apart as bricks are wide, thus to get pinholes to line up you stack 2 plates between 2 bricks. Then the holes are 2 'widths' on center (2 plates plus a brick is 2/5+2/5+6/5=2 'widths' higher). So 8 bricks and 2 plates is 8*6/5+2/5 = 10 units high. So an 11L beam will be exactly vertical on that height. There's no Pythagorus triangle to match that, but there's probably an approximate one. What is the angle needed?
  9. Lego GBC Cardan Lift Miniloop

    The action is mesmerising - nice work!
  10. There are dark green (possibly standard green like 42008?) beams on the base as well. eg 9L for the steering arms, 15L along the top of base where the turntable is plus 5x3 L shaped beams.
  11. Very nice! Excellent improvement over the original.
  12. That is a handy tip! A cheap and simple way to protect the weakness of the U-joints - thanks for sharing!
  13. If you're purely after the pneumatics, you'll probably need more than either set offers longer term. They both have the same number of cylinders (2 large, 1 small, 1 small pump) but the 42053 also has the large manual pump which 42080 doesn't (it's PF only). 42053 also has 3 valves, while 42080 has only two. 42053 also has a nice B-model, and good modding potential if you're interested in the excavator itself (e.g. see the nice ultimate version by @Ivan_M on the forum here). So, if you can pick up 42053 for cheap (it'll start getting expensive to find new now that it is retired), I'd go for it no question. You can always pick up 42080 later on once it's been out a while (i.e. on sale) should you decide you want more pneumatics :)
  14. 42082 Rough Terrain Crane

    I think it depends on the configuration. e.g. while 42042 first introduced the reversible gearbox, I think 42054 improved it by making it more compact via use of the bevel gears for the reversing? So I think it's possible for the gearbox to contain interest even if it is 'just' reversible and multi-function. I'm looking forward to it both as a parts pack (4000+ parts, for a good parts/$) and as a model. I suspect there will be a bunch of C-models built out of it, particularly if it has suspension (my guess is it won't?)