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  1. JonathanM

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    My mini LAs are reasonably hard to operate (i.e. quite a lot of torque on them) but they are smooth - i.e. no gear grinding or weird sounds when operating. Are your universal joints aligned? i.e. the orientation on the axles should be the same, else it leads to uneven rotation, particularly when they're at large angle under load like these ones. I seem to recall the first crane (rear) in the instructions had the universal joints aligned correctly, but the second (front) had them incorrect in the instructions (it wouldn't normally make all that much difference, but in this case it could be it?) Only other thing is just making sure everything is as little friction as possible, but it seems you've already done that...
  2. JonathanM

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    The steering issue is definitely a problem. Not sure what it is, but definitely don't have that on mine. The trailer issue I'm not so sure - it is reasonably hard work for the mini LAs to lift the container, especially when the large LAs are at their lowest point as the U-joints are bending tightly then. Does it also happen when the large LAs are first fully extended before you move the mini LAs?
  3. Thanks for the review! Beautiful photos as per usual. By the looks the 16T and 20T gears where the outrigger modules connect can be swapped around pretty easily (just requires 2x extra 16T gears) which should make them 25/16 times faster than they are now. They don't seem to really lift the chassis now, so the reduced torque shouldn't be a problem?
  4. Really nice idea to do up this rally car. I love the transverse engine! Look forward to seeing the rest :)
  5. 42043 is a far more interesting technic model and a more interesting build by quite some margin. There are a ton of C models as well by talented designers to get more out of the set. It's a little frustrating to play with though as the gearbox is not bidirectional so you're constantly switching + going up to the battery box. The pneumatic crane works reasonably well, though suffers the usual faults of dropping too quickly if you're not super careful with releasing valves slowly. The valves on opposite sides are also a bit of a hassle (there's mods that put them on the same side). You get an L motor, pneumatics, a whole heap of parts including suspension, 12 wheels etc. 42030 is way more fun to play with. It's got a good B model, but few/if any C-models. But you do get the infrared remote gear, a motor of each type including servo, and the large bucket. As Jim says, they're both great but also quite different sets, so it really comes down to what you're interested in.
  6. Re 42066, it's a pretty good build - better than I was expecting. The functions work well - a bit boring though. The private jet build is pretty much the same as the A model build, but with one less feature. The CLAAS is a better set by a decent margin, even without a real B model. I dunno about Ocean explorer - it looks boring to me (few technic features) but might make a nice display piece? As for 42078 I've just finished that build: it was a great. Very good steering setup. The trailer has a unique function (side loading container) though it really need motorising as the container is heavy, and turning those linear actuators is harder than they need to be (they really need gearing down for more torque, but then would be more tedious to turn...) The B model is what sold me on that one. It's the best B model out of lego for quite a while. Re 42055/42082: I dunno. My concern of 42082 is it looks too damn big (same with 42055, but at least it's big for a reason!) I do really like the look of the 42055 B-model, so if I had to buy one of those two, I'd go for 42055 I think at this point as 42082 will be around for the next 3 years. To be honest, you can't really go far wrong with most of them :)
  7. For NZers: Toyco have 42079, 42081 and 42082 in stock at 20% off until Wednesday the 25th. They have similar discounts pretty much every couple weeks, so no need to hurry unless you really want 'em now. Prices at 20% off are 72, 199, 399. Weird to see them have them before proper release date - they also have 42083 in stock - no discount.
  8. JonathanM

    42080 Forest Harvester

    Wait, does that say 58 half pins??
  9. JonathanM

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    @Ngoc Nguyen That would be normal Ackermann, but different to the way LEGO models traditionally do it (8860/8865/8880 etc) My original post re this was to the query of 'reverse Ackermann', which was suggested as the rack is in front of the wheels. Normal Ackermann traditionally (in LEGO at least) has the rack behind the wheels with rack pivots narrower than the wheel pivots. But some people fairly recently have designed MOCs where the rack is in front of the wheels but the rack pivots are still narrower the wheel pivots, leading to reverse Ackermann on those models - the inside wheel would turn less than the outside when cornering, which is obviously bad behaviour. 42082 also has the rack in front of the wheels, thus the query about whether the Ackermann was reversed. But, LEGO (Olav?) also correctly made the rack pivots wider than the wheel pivots thus 'reversing' the problem of reverse ackermann - it's just plain normal Ackermann, just reconfigured to how it's 'normally' done in LEGO designed models (8860/8865/8880 etc. tl;dr 42082 is using proper Ackermann as it should be (4 wheel, which is lucky, as the turning angle looks pretty tiny).
  10. JonathanM

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    It's like this (source) Usually the track rod is between the wheels, so is of smaller length than the front axle between pivots. In the setup used in 42082 it's in front of the axle, so the trackrod is larger than the front axle between pivots.
  11. JonathanM

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    No. It's reverse-reverse :) The gear racks are in front of the wheels, so the pivot point for the rack has to be further out than the pivot for the wheels, which it is. Thus, completely correct.
  12. JonathanM

    Grum's Shed

    Really enjoying the updates. I like how they placed the XL motor down the rear - it helps balance the extra weight up front. Looking forward to the next instalment :)
  13. JonathanM

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Because one catch is used for 3 rings in the H style gearbox at the top.
  14. A few other great B models of recent times would be 42053 and 42055. 42068 was pretty good too I think. Further back, 42024 jumps out as one that was a bit unexpected.