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  1. New suspension, or is it the one from the BMW?
  2. JonathanM

    [MOC] Kiwi

    The laser kiwi FTW. Love it!
  3. Hmm, does this mean the infamous 42053 review will not happen? More seriously, have thoroughly enjoyed reading your reviews - the photography was always top-notch, and the reviews a pleasure to read. Enjoy building (of all kinds!)
  4. Apologies if this has already been mentioned. My son just got the city stunt plane 60323, and it contains two of the frictionless 2L pin 3673 in yellow. The element ID is 6331822. Apparently this is not new - it's in 10 system sets now from 2021 and 2022. I wonder if we'll see it in Technic as well at some point.
  5. Yeah, I think I would do that next time, though ATM having the studs is useful has Mr 4 still does a bunch of building with Duplo, which ofcourse doesn’t clutch tightly. Usability for a 4 year old is the key for now! The base plates are stuck down using carpet tape, so I can get them off again fairly easily. With the new city sets having fairly stable plate bases, and new road plates tying things together I agree that leaving it smooth would probably be more useful longer term. The best of both worlds is a baseplate with studs only every now and then (maybe ever 4-8 studs). That way things stay in place but can be easily moved about when needed. Could 3D print one maybe, or chamfer studs slightly to reduce clutch.
  6. Yeah, I thought of that, but also thinking of a 4 year old using it who is unlikely to have as much forethought, unless I put enough 1x1 plates down to begin with :) Hmm, will experiment. I haven’t had much luck when they’re really stuck down, but maybe need to alter the technique. Thanks!
  7. I’ve built Mr 4 a lego table for Christmas. It’s just two 48x48 base plates, so not huge. But, with all the city sets coming with lego road plates and other large (8x8 up to 16x16) plates as their building base, am wondering how I’m going to get them off it. Fairly sure brick separators work with 4xN plates, but 6xN, 8xN and 16xN are gonna be no-go. I tried and couldn’t get a road plate off without resorting to carefully using a knife to help get up a corner, and roadplates don’t have as much clutch power as a 16x16… Have been thinking of drilling holes through it every 8 studs or so (centered between 4 studs) for an axle to be poked up from underneath to help get large plates off. Thoughts?
  8. I do this as well. My system is that the end slots on 2L or 3L pins are horizontal if the pin is parallel to the ground plane, and lined up with the main longitudinal axis if the pin is vertical. Typically this means the end slots are aligned with the beam they’re going into (though not always!). The bush slots then line up with the internal slots of 2L/3L pins (i.e. generally top/bottom). I sometimes make an exception to bushes where they line up with other bush’d components (e.g. 2L perpendicular connector with axle hole/pin hole) on a common axle. It is annoying sometimes when a subassembly is assembled in some different orientation :) I don’t do it because of any OCD tendencies (at least I don’t think so!) rather as it just slows the build down a bit, and I enjoy it a bit slower :)
  9. Outstanding photos as per usual @Jim Great work! I really like the ‘new’ style of the review - I do think that you writing your thoughts as you build really gives the review a natural feel. The build looks great. A little pricey for me I think, but if I can get it for a good discount then I’ll look forward to building! I expect a fair few B/C models as well (possibly even from the designer, eh @grohl ?) :)
  10. Just to say I really enjoy your reviews! The way you hit the highlights of the build is really great 👍
  11. To be fair, the 42029’s B-model competes with 42070’s...
  12. Could be a change to a different type of plastic? Possibly easier to recycle or plant based plastics may require a redesign for the same properties?
  13. Agreed. The 42042 gearbox on the other hand is a delight, released same year. I’m surprised that there hasn’t been a reversing gearbox proposed for 42043 as it seems there’d be plenty of space, and it’d be relatively easy to do it within the gearbox and outrigger module I think. The technique used by 42054 for example is quite compact.
  14. There's a City version of this too, complete with 'tilt to steer'.
  15. Distance between track and beam is different on top compared to ends, which suggests pulley wheels rather than 16T on top.