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  1. Thank you for this compilation! I completely forgot about the large 4529 Iron Man However you at least missed Iron Man Mark 43 Armor (Trans-Clear Head) from the 76105 UCS Hulkbuster set
  2. q_159

    MOC: Empire State Building 1:400

    Thank you for your kind words Making it look realistic was the major goal. It's the reason I do those "looking up" photos as you were standing right next to the original tower Thank you very much
  3. q_159

    LEGOLAND non-production parts

    These unprinted legs in Bright Light Blue [BL] / 212 Light Royal Blue [Lego] came with the TRU exclusive figures: https://www.bricklink.com/catalogItemIn.asp?P=970c00&colorID=105&in=A
  4. Hi there, last year I presented my Willis Tower here. Today I want to show you my newest MOC Name: Empire State Building Scale: 1:400 Height: 110cm + 3cm pedestal Bricks: 17.000 (from which about the half are 1x1 trans-black plates and bricks) Planning time: 2 months Building time: 1 month In the meantime I adapted the Willis Tower in scale from 1:410 to 1:400, so they fit together now :) ESB - Looking up ESB - Close Up W34th St. & 5th Ave ESB - Looking up ESB - Close Up Skydeck Bigger photos, more photos, Work-in-Progress-Shots, ... are in my Flickr Album. I hope you like my newest tower If you want to see it in person, it is visible from now on to May 25th in Kaiserslautern, Germany (Dinopark). Then it will be on Comic Con Stuttgart on the first weekend of July. I hope to see you there :) kind regards, Sebastian
  5. Thank you for the awesome review! It's always a pleasure to read and helps me to decide whether I buy those figures or not. Is this torso Dark Turquoise [BL] / 107 Bright Bluish Green [Lego] / Teal?
  6. q_159

    LEGOLAND non-production parts

    some new parts arrived :-) Yes, trans-clear minifig arm
  7. q_159

    [MOC] Willis Tower 1:410

    Thank you Thank you! Yes, sooo many of them. My fingers still hurt
  8. q_159

    [MOC] Willis Tower 1:410

    Thank you Yes, I love these details too! Thank you It's not a green house but the southern entrance
  9. Hi, I'm proud to present you my newest MOC: The Willis Tower (formerly known as "Sears Tower") Facts: Scale: 1:410 Height: 132 cm (52″) Bricks: 16.000 (from which 10.500 are clear 1x1 plates) Planning time: 3 months Building time: 1 month Full tower The base was very challenging. It is not plain but has slopes in different directions, which leads to many complicated levels. There is a lot of SNOT and offset work going on to represent it at this scale Everything was planned in MLCad before I began building More pictures and WIP photos can be seen at my Flickr photostream. - Sebastian
  10. q_159

    LEGOLAND non-production parts

    I know there should be no risk, but given how rare they are, I don't do it anyway. The hands are actually connected to white arms, which are so common that I don't care about them if they really get damaged. I hope at some day I will have a complete Trans-Clear minifig, but for now I have not even seen arms in this color. By the way, there is also this test-run minifig somewhere in a drawer at Billund (photo from Derek)
  11. q_159

    LEGOLAND non-production parts

    They are identical in shape, yes. A bit harder to push into a minifig arm, but the arms didn't break yet. I did not try to stick something into the hands from the front (I fear the "fingers" break when they are spread apart), but pushing a bar into them from the top works fine
  12. q_159

    LEGOLAND non-production parts

    Just came across this awesome topic! I also got some non-production parts some years ago. I was told the seller bought them at Legoland Germany. The orange pieces are "Very Light Orange", according to Ryan Howerter (eldeeem on Flickr). I personally haven't found a piece that matches them. The purple 1x2 and 1x3 bricks are Medium Violet (Lego calls this color 112 Medium Bluish Violet). The wing plate is "Medium Lime" The 2x3 brick is Light Yellow All other parts are not that rare, I just did not know when I took the photo. And I have these awesome Trans-Clear hands