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  1. I don't want MAX limit. Over 100$ set is enough for this theme.
  2. If you limit sets such as mini-class exileon, it will be no different from the existing contest of up to 2 sets and up to 600 parts(TC5). I would like to have no limit on the selection of sets or limit to sets over 100$.
  3. I have already one of set but maybe I will buy second set just for this.
  4. Exactly. Hardest part is choose one set and second hardest is choose what to build from choosen set.
  5. Here it is. For simple, easy-creating, popular theme, I still suggest one-set alternative contest. Build anything from just one set. Can't add ANY other which not include in selected set.(like wire, rubber band, etc) Maybe we can limit spare parts too.
  6. Talking about contest, my idea is still on 'idea' now. I don't start actual build yet. Talking about vote system, how about use google form? It may be hard if contest entry is to many like small car contest but it will useful for easy vorting. P.S - @Jim I voted too.
  7. 4: 10 2: 6 8: 4 11: 3 10: 2 9: 1 It's very hard to choose 6 entry. Well did everyone!
  8. It did not mean other entry is bad. It just means it's not my taste. I don't know what you're building, but unlike most motorized models that can work function even manually turning the motor shaft, mine is just a pile of bulk without the motor.
  9. I didn't vote because there was only 1 interesting model, so I couldn't decide on the other 5. Unlike @Ngoc Nguyen, the model I am considering has electronic functions as a core function, and there are even parts that cannot be used as a poweredup app, so I am thinking of using an RI hub.
  10. I think it's okay to allow it if the original set already had the electronics included.
  11. I worried it because we already banned electronic when doing studless contest.
  12. I haven't placed an order yet, I'm just thinking about it. Because electronic parts are allowed or not is very important to me.
  13. I already select set. Hope to finish this time.
  14. In Korea - There is no community specializing in technic here. All Technicians are spread out across all different communities or have a team of only a handful of acquaintances.
  15. Finally finish front bumper and fully tested. So I made box art. This is original model's box art. Without bumper, I added ARE YOU HOT plate on backside of wing. Final model spec 2 Buwizz 3.0 2 Buwizz motor with 4WD drive 1 C+ L motor for front steering Monoshock both front and rear like original model 3 speed gear ratio can choose while building(include in instruction) 4.2:1, 1.96:1, 1.4:1 Instruction link
  16. I have both but first one is to hard and second one is to rare
  17. I already heard 3x5 doublecross beam will come in future set. I don't know what set will be but I think this is that set.
  18. I bet on this. And like 5L double joint in ford GT, I heard 3x5 cross hole beam will come in future set.
  19. For modular theme, I think this will be easier?
  20. For car theme, I pulling up this again.
  21. If we doing shrinking contest, electronic is allowed on this time?
  22. I don't expect a gearbox and at least wish it had 4 wheel drive. Who know? Maybe this set include new gearless hub comes with a compatible with new CV joint.
  23. Facebook Front box shot Looks like thing on roof is to big. Other that looks good but I hope it has other function without just engine, suspension, steering.
  24. How about just one-set alternative?